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A new world. A thousand threats. A mysterious new Race.

On the first day, Felix woke near an acidic sea, five moons hung in the sky, and a monster tried to eat him. It was a far cry from his normal life on Earth, and he soon realized he'd been transported farther than he could imagine.

Bombarded by a mysterious System that is changing him on a fundamental level, Felix must survive in a world not meant for the weak.

Welcome to the Continent. We hope you survive.

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Chapter One - 001 ago
Chapter Two - 002 ago
Chapter Three - 003 ago
Chapter Four - 004 ago
Chapter Five - 005 ago
Chapter Six - 006 ago
Chapter Seven - 007 ago
Chapter Eight - 008 ago
Chapter Nine - 009 ago
Chapter Ten - 010 ago
Chapter Eleven - 011 ago
Chapter Twelve - 012 ago
Chapter Thirteen - 013 ago
Chapter Fourteen - 014 ago
Chapter Fifteen - 015 ago
Chapter Sixteen - 016 ago
Chapter Seventeen - 017 ago
Chapter Eighteen - 018 ago
Chapter Nineteen - 019 ago
Chapter Twenty - 020 ago
Chapter Twenty One - 021 ago
Chapter Twenty Two - 022 ago
Chapter Twenty Three - 023 ago
Chapter Twenty Four - 024 ago
Chapter Twenty Five - 025 ago
Chapter Twenty Six - 026 ago
Chapter Twenty Seven - 027 ago
Chapter Twenty Eight - 028 ago
Chapter Twenty Nine - 029 ago
Chapter Thirty - 030 ago
Chapter Thirty One - 031 ago
Chapter Thirty Two - 032 ago
Chapter Thirty Three - 033 ago
Chapter Thirty Four - 034 ago
Chapter Thirty Five - 035 ago
Chapter Thirty Six - 036 ago
Chapter Thirty Seven - 037 ago
Chapter Thirty Eight - 038 ago
Chapter Thirty Nine - 039 ago
Chapter Forty - 040 ago
Chapter Forty One - 041 ago
Chapter Forty Two - 042 ago
Chapter Forty Three - 043 ago
Chapter Forty Four - 044 ago
Chapter Forty Five - 045 ago
Chapter Forty Six - 046 ago
Chapter Forty Seven - 047 ago
Chapter Forty Eight - 048 ago
Chapter Forty Nine - 049 ago
Chapter Fifty - 050 ago
Chapter Fifty One - 051 ago
Chapter Fifty Two - 052 ago
Chapter Fifty Three - 053 ago
Chapter Fifty Four - 054 ago
Chapter Fifty Five - 055 ago
Chapter Fifty Six - 056 ago
Chapter Fifty Seven - 057 ago
Chapter Fifty Eight - 058 ago
Chapter Fifty Nine - 059 ago
Chapter Sixty - 060 ago
Chapter Sixty One - 061 ago
Chapter Sixty Two - 062 ago
Chapter Sixty Three - 063 ago
Chapter Sixty Four - 064 ago
Chapter Sixty Five - 065 ago
Chapter Sixty Six - 066 ago
Chapter Sixty Seven - 067 ago
Chapter Sixty Eight - 068 ago
Chapter Sixty Nine - 069 ago
Chapter Seventy - 070 ago
Chapter Seventy One - 071 ago
Chapter Seventy Two - 072 ago
Chapter Seventy Three - 073 ago
Chapter Seventy Four - 074 ago
Chapter Seventy Five - 075 ago
Interlude - Volume II ago
Chapter Seventy Six - 076 ago
Chapter Seventy Seven - 077 ago
Chapter Seventy Eight - 078 ago
Chapter Seventy Nine - 079 ago
Chapter Eighty - 080 ago
Chapter Eighty One - 081 ago
Chapter Eighty Two - 082 ago
Chapter Eighty Three - 083 ago
Chapter Eighty Four - 084 ago
Chapter Eighty Five - 085 ago
Chapter Eighty Six - 086 ago
Chapter Eighty Seven - 087 ago
Chapter Eighty Eight - 088 ago
Chapter Eighty Nine - 089 ago
Chapter Ninety - 090 ago
Chapter Ninety One - 091 ago
Chapter Ninety Two - 092 ago
Chapter Ninety Three - 093 ago
Chapter Ninety Four - 094 ago
Chapter Ninety Five - 095 ago
Chapter Ninety Six - 096 ago
Chapter Ninety Seven - 097 ago
Chapter Ninety Eight - 098 ago
Chapter Ninety Nine - 099 ago
Chapter One Hundred - 100 ago
Chapter One Hundred and One - 101 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Two - 102 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Three - 103 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Four - 104 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Five - 105 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Six - 106 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Seven - 107 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eight - 108 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Nine - 109 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Ten - 110 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eleven - 111 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twelve - 112 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen - 113 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen - 114 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen - 115 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen - 116 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen - 117 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen - 118 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Nineteen - 119 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty - 120 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One - 121 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Two - 122 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Three - 123 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Four - 124 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Five - 125 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Six - 126 ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Seven - 127 ago

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I want to like this story but it's rough

Reviewed at: Chapter Fifty Nine - 059

I want to add this book to my favorites but I don't think I ever will. It will probably remain in my follow list until I get annoyed with it.

Grammar: Excellent 5/5

Style Score: This style of reincarnated to new world rpg has been done before but it doesn't come across as boring. Excellent 5/5

Now you've noticed I've given the character and story scores 2.5 and 3 stars respectively. It's a simple reason. The author has bad habits.

Multitasking storytelling: You're reading a fight scene. The action is intense. There are flashes and bangs and the MC is using cool skills. All of a sudden, at the climax of the fight scene, the author goes into the MC thought process. It's so offputting. You can't take people out of the scene to set future scenes. It's shoddy storytelling. If the present scene has to suffer just so you can give a glimpse of the past or the future then you've wasted pages.

The Main Character thinks too much but grows little. Show don't tell is a powerful tool. Except the author shows every thing that flows through the MCs brain. You're in the middle of one scene but you can't get into the scene because the MC interrupts to show us his thoughts and feelings about some shiny thing. I've grown to resent his presence in a scene. Yes, I hate when the MC is in a scene because I can't enjoy the scene. I'm given one sentence and then he comes in and you're on a tangent. One sentence, three paragraph long tangent, and then back to the scene. You can imagine how slowly the story moves.

Chekov's Gun: It's abused in this story. The switch from scene to MC to scene shits all over this mark of good writing. You're in a scene, gun one locked and loanded, and it's firing. Then the MC interjects to show you another shiny object, gun 2 appears. However, gun 1 is no longer firing. Gun 2 is loaded up and oops back to gun 1. Where is gun 2? Wait for it. Here comes Gun 3.

Edit: Nevermind. It's gone from my follow list. The split story is just too annoying. Split in scene. Multi perspectives. I don't need to see the same story in different perspectives. I don't need to see three differnt scenes in one page.


Misadventures of a glorious idiot

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty Seven - 027

I agree with pretty much all of the negative feedback this story has received.

The main character makes really stupid decisions. He should have died just from being dropped in an over-leveled zone as a level zero character. He should have died multiple times over from the (totally forseeable) results of his own actions. He definitely should have been struck down by the gods of cliche for acquiring a pet in the most trite way physically possible.

But none of that really matters. This isn't that kind of story; this isn't a powergamer figuring out the nooks and crannies of the system, or a soft modern person being flensed by a hardcore and gritty world.

This is an uncomplicated power fantasy, an adventure of the old and pulpy school. It's the kind of story that always has life-or-death stakes and therefore has no stakes at all, because of course the MC isn't going to die. The entertainment isn't "will the MC succeed?" - it's being along for the ride as he does, and by the skin of his teeth because that is what's narratively required.

This is not Evangelion; it's Gurren Lagann.


The start is a bit rough around the edges, and I can agree with a lot of the review about it being poorly written, but the bigger plot holes get shoted up. The plot armor at the beginning is strong, it's also strong throughout, but the story is still interesting and well written, if you can push through and stomach the first 30 chapters, it gets entertaining.


Plot armor and soon to be OP MC

Reviewed at: Chapter Eleven - 011

The MC has plot armor for days and a maxed out Luck stat. He triples his strength stat by doing push-ups for a day and then proceeds to trip over a waterfall that gives him a perk for surviving, while unconscious, due to the strength of his plot armor.

The grammar is good.

The character is mostly there to move the POV and be the thing that gains levels and stats and titles like beads at mardi gras.

The story is, at Chapter 11, entirely focused on the various Rare stats, titles, and whatnot that the MC can find dropped at his feet.

This is not a malicious review, there is promise here but if you've read 1 wuxia/xanxia story on RR, you've read this story. The only thing it's missing is an abusive female character, a doting female character, and the MC to bang his way through the entire female population.


Dread Kraken < Territorial Skink

Reviewed at: Chapter Three - 003

Giant Mythical Kraken < Territorial Skink.

In the first chapter he takes less damage from the "All-consuming" dread Kraken than he does from a territorial skink in the next chapter. He just bit the kraken and it ran away. That is not the level of strength one expects from a beast whose description is "run away."


Ding! Plot Armor skill leveled up to 9000!

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty Two - 022

So, the book starts with our hero being attacked by a literal Mythic-rank tentacled nightmare monster, all before he has any levels or skills to his name. He, of course, survives this and more so, gets an OP skill.

Expect his plot armor to go even thicker from then on. The main character will act rashly, act dumb, outright fail in his attacks or skill usage, and yet instead of meeting grizzly demise, will be rewarded with exta skills and levels for overcoming his out stupidity. His mana or stamina will run into zero, but he will muster on, somehow, because reasons. He will fall unconcious or asleep tired after hard battles and nothing will happen to him. This is that kind of a novel.

Overall, the book's "story" is a huge stats-fest. We get stats, we train skills, we get more skills, etc., etc. Its like a "Cookie Clicker" game, where the whole game play is just clicking a cookie on screen, for which you are rewarded with tools and bonuses that help you click the cookie even better. A very popular game, I heard, and if you are into this stuff, you will enjoy this book too.

The writing is terrible - grammar is fine, but the narration suffers greatly from "tell, don't show" syndrome. This is compouded by the protagonist being extremely blasé about any wound or suffering he experiences. It comes literally down to him feeling "agonizing pain" in one sentence and going back to "everything is fine" attitude the next one. Presumably, this is explained by his "WIL" stat, but i think its just a cop-out for not be able to write a convincing survivor psyche.

The one point when the novel becomes moderately interesting is an intermission about people who aren't the MC, who aren't OP and "too cool to be affected by emotions".


It reads like every other cookie cutter portal fantasy on this site. The main character doesn't develop and he survives on plot armor and stupid decisions that are obviously made because it's what the author wants to progress the plot, not because they make any sense for the character to actually choose to make them.

Honestly, it's just kind of boring.


It's well written, but if you've read any other litRPG then you've read this one. Maybe. It's an amalgamation of a lot of the "cool" stuff from other stories. Main character is also shaping up to be overpowered, and has a tendency to find the exact solution to whatever problem he's facing at the right moment.


Not bad though. Obstacles are still obstacles to the main character.


Levels and titles and other "number" things seem to mean literal nothing, though. If you took all of that out, and replaced it with "then he got better at X" the story would not change in the slightest.

Last Plan

The first part (up until he goes under the mountains) is fine, but a bit dry. It is mostly focused on the MC exploring, surviving, and overwhelming plot armor. There really isn't much characterisation that happens during this part, but it had potential. Good grammar, though.


The second half, though . . . is best summed up as a failure to launch. The entire plot is driven by idiocy, and poor communication. The MC appears to be dumber than Gilligan, and certainly seems to ruin his own (and others!) plans through mind-boggling stupidity. The second half should be scrapped and re-written entirely.

Reaper Hex

The ultimate deus ex machina story

Reviewed at: Chapter Thirty Seven - 037

Lets start by pointing out that the number of near death experiences, facing powerful creatures that he has no way of actually escaping, dropping off cliffs and instant skills to respond to his situations make this the most deus ex machina story I have ever read and I am not exaggerating.

As for story progession it reads very straightforward..."he did this and then he did that". You could say a lot happens but the character doesn't show a lot of personality throughout the story. The biggest recurring personality trait is him doing something stupid/life threatening and getting awarded and epic class skill for it. Not sure how to phrase this besides that it gives you that faceless insert power trip fantasy vibe. 

Lastly for a litrpg where people like to see the quantifiable stats that they bring the progression of the story all over the place. He repeats skill level ups for the same skills multiple times and even loses level. The stats are all over the place to the point that its not recognizable anymore. Understandable when the MC has 50 skills so far I guess it might be hard to keep track but thats what an excel sheet is for. Suprised he hasn't gained a skill for sleeping or walking yet. All in all the grammer isn't bad and some the world might be interesting but everything just lacking.