Night Game

Night Game

by Krahie

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

In the city of Miyatama, Skye Devereaux finds himself fending off violent loan sharks after investing in his meagre home, determined to give his younger sister a proper childhood. But when a strange creature appears outside during a night shift at a bakery, his daily life quickly becomes twisted into a bizarre and dangerous game of life and death.

Meanwhile, the sudden emergence of the oft-savage, shapeshifting volons threatens to send the city into chaos...

Sequel to The Departure.

Krahie's AUU-16 series:

#1 – Soulless (Apparently)

#2 – Diamond People

#3 – The Departure

#4 – Night Game

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Kagan M Fallfield

Great start to a very promising sci-fi adventure!

Reviewed at: Chapter 6 – A Budding Partnership

Night Game takes place in Miyatama, a dark, futuristic dystopia where humans and robots live amongst each other. The author describes the city in vivid, atmospheric detail that had me immersed from the first chapter.

The story mainly follows Skye, a likable young man who just wants to make sure his little sister has a good life, but unfortunately gets caught up in some bad business in the process. It also follows a couple of Skye's friends, who may be robots but have very human-like personalities. Each character is unique and very well-written, with a few even having some very unique appearances (won't spoil it for new readers).

At chapter 6, the plot is really just getting started, but where it's going looks very exciting and can't wait to find out where it goes. Would definitely recommend giving this one a read!