“I wasn’t always a sailor. This career path wasn’t something I intended to take. It was a career I took out of necessity more than anything else. I was a young boy when I’d seen markings like the ones etched into that sundial.

My family were minor nobles who controlled a significant portion of land along the coast of the Endless Lake. They were certainly wealthy and they planned on passing down their estate to me, their only son. I had no other siblings so I often became lonely in my parent's estate. Both my parents were busy people so more often than not I was left by myself to find my own fun.

I was 7 years old when I went into the surrounding forest. It was the biggest mistake I have ever made in life and one I wish I could go back and fix every day. I was a curious kid and the forest hid many mysteries I wanted to uncover. The critters that I watched scurry about, the large streams with fish, and large moss-covered rocks became my playground.

The next six days were some of the best days I’d had since I could remember, maybe only my sixth birthday topped these days and both of my parents had been home to gift me a set of enchanted toy soldiers on that day.

I became intimate with the forest, learning about every crevice of the cursed place. On that sixth day, I found something I only dreamed of finding. After climbing on top of a large moss-covered rock, I saw a waterfall. It wasn’t very large but it was the coolest thing I’d found since my expedition started 6 days ago.

I rushed over to it with excitement. Mother would be mad at me for getting wet in my nice clothes, but this was an opportunity that was worth a scolding. Maybe even two. I dove into the river water with reckless abandonment and swam towards the falling water. The cold water felt good as it showered over my head. I slipped and fell backward.

Instead of my head being split open by the rock behind the waterfall, something far worse happened. I fell back into an alcove hidden behind the falling water. It was sloped downward so I stumble deep into the cave. A glow came from either end of the cave. One, being the sun coming from the entrance behind the waterfall and the other was an unnatural blue glow.

It was mesmerizing. There was no way I wasn’t going to check out the mysterious blue light, coming from the hidden waterfall. In my head, I imagined the glowing treasures that were hidden behind the blue light. I would make my family proud with the riches I brought back to them.

I shuffled closer and closer to the blue light. Its glow became brighter and brighter the closer I got to it, illuminating the walls of the cave. A language etched into the walls, glowed the same color. It is the same language written on that sundial.

I screamed as my body touched the wall of blue light. My body crumpled to the floor, unable to cope with the searing pain coursing through my body. I had never felt anything like that pain. I still shudder every time I think about it. I haven’t felt anything worse in my entire life.

By the time I had crawled my way out of the came, the changes had already begun to wither. I was a walking ghoul. All the muscles in my body began to decay and my skin turned a pale white. Eventually, my skin began to peel, dropping dry flakes wherever I was. I was dying.

My parents were desperate. With no other children, I was the heir to their fortune. I was to continue the family legacy.

They spared no expense to try and find a cure. Every snake oil salesman in the entire country traveled to my family home, to fleece my family out of the wealth they had. None of these cures worked on me.

Be wary of healers. People are always desperate to find someone to save them or their loved ones from death. Healers have the coldest hearts, able to let you go if you don’t meet their demands. Often times, they are con artists who have little experience in medicine.

My family wasn’t rich anymore. Every last penny went into trying to save me. I knew it was inevitable that I was going to die. They had heard rumors of a true monk travelling his way up to the King’s land. My parents bundled me up and carried me out of the small shack that my family had resorted to living in. I remember the monk, his calm demeanor. His serious expression.

My parents fell to their knees and begged for the holy man to help their child, me. My mother was crying at this point, her tears soaked the clothes wrapped around me. Monk told her to reveal me. I wasn’t recognizable at this point, I looked more like a goblin than a human.

A scowl appeared on the holy man’s face. A flash of light enveloped me and it was like I had never been sick. I got to live, but it cost my family everything.

I joined Captain Pickford to help pay my parents debts. They now work on a farm. I visit occasionally. I promised myself I’d never mess with that witchcraft again. I’m sorry, but I need to head back.”

Everyone in the group was solemn when they heard Eye’s story. It wasn’t particularly pleasant and it revealed that something was wrong with this place, something very wrong. It didn’t matter though. Malik was lost on here somewhere, we had to find him. The group decided it was best to avoid touching the sundial, just in case we’d be met with the same fate that Eye did.


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