Rock Hard



Chapter 4 - Into The Woods


“I’m not worried,” I responded. No one had ever bested me in a fight so I wasn’t worried. Bog had come close but I was the strongest Golem in my tribe.

“Well, I better get going. You might be fine fighting the mayor but I’m not. I wanna be as far away as I can before his goons reach me.

“Come out with your hands in the air!” echoed throughout the building, startling the thief.

“They move fast.” said the very worried thief who was now sweating and frantically trying to barricade the apartment door.

I looked out the window and could see the soldiers gathered near the entrance. All their swords and shields were pointed at the door, waiting for either of us to open it. I charged forward at the glass window with all my force. The window was turned into dust and I was falling. In seconds, a mighty boom echoed out from where I had fallen. I had created a small crater beneath me.

My stone hands moved quickly, sending the two closest guards sprawling onto the floor. They laid on the floor broken, their blood oozing out of their mouths. One guard’s leg was bent in a direction that it shouldn’t have been. The other guard laid on the ground motionless.

I didn’t stop, as the battle consumed me. I let out a mighty roar, as I tore into the inexperienced troops in front of me. Spears and swords bounced off of my rock hard skin like they were toothpicks. As I slaughtered the sea of troops in front of me, I noticed many fleeing the battle.

“Cowards,” I thought.

As the troops in front of me cleared, the captain controlling the troops was in my eyesight. His clothing wasn’t something that should be found on the battlefield. His long cape was easy to trip on and his bright red colored garb made him the focus of the battle. This would be easy.

I charged at the fool with my hands out and ready to bludgeon the man to death.

“Weightizior!” shouted the ridiculous looking captain.

It took me a few seconds to realize I had stopped moving and had sunk into the dirt. I tried with all my strength to claw myself out of the hole, but I had no luck. I was just too heavy.

“Now you’ll pay for your insolence!” shouted the overdramatic wizard. I watched him point his wand at me.

“Prepare to-” were the last words that came out of the wizard’s mouth before the thief tackled him. Fist after fist crashed into the face of the troop captain and amateur wizard until he was out cold.

My weight was back to normal and I was able to pull myself out of the hole. As I looked over at the captain, I saw that his face had ballooned and turned a purple color. The thief sat next to the body. His breathing was erratic, suggesting he was exhausted.

“We need to leave.” the thief said. “They’ll just send more men after us.”

I nodded. While we had won the battle, it was too close for my liking. If the wizard hadn’t been distracted and the thief hadn’t sucker-punched the bombastic wizard, I would have surely ended up no more than a pile of rocks. I had watched my own mother get blasted to pieces

by a wizard, so I knew I wasn’t invincible. Sometimes that was just hard for me to admit.

Thud. Thud. Thud. The sound resonated throughout the town as I ran alongside the thief. We passed the well-built buildings, pushing through the crowds of people. Gradually the look of the town shifted as houses became more broken and sparser. People weren’t walking the streets anymore and the edge of a forest became visible.

“This way,” said the out of breath thief while pointing towards the dirt road in between the treeline. “It’ll take us down to the city of OrenCreek. The mayor will have less influence in a large city.”

I followed right behind the thief, hurrying down the path at a fast pace. The path was mostly dirt with sporadic stone placed to fill the divots created by the travellers who journeyed down this path. About an hour had passed, or at least that was what it felt like before we slowed down.

“I can’t continue,” complained the thief who was resting on the floor, trying to suck in as much air as he possibly could.

While I enjoyed staying within the forest, my master was in another city far away from me. I didn’t want to stop. I had plenty of energy to keep going down this road.

My arms reached down and lifted the thief.

“Hey, what’re you doing!” he cried out in a panicked tone. I stuck the flailing man on-top of my shoulder and began to move again. He was startled by the sudden movement and wrapped his hands around my head for support. I grumbled. I didn’t like it when people covered my eyes.

He quickly pulled back his hand and held onto my back for support.

“This was reasonable. I could certainly walk with him in this position,” I thought.

I knew the journey was somewhat long and I finally had time to kill.

‘“What’s your name.” I finally asked. It wasn’t a relevant question before now. I had only thought I’d stay with the thief briefly, helping him take his home back. I didn’t like growing attached to people I knew I wouldn’t see again. Now, I wasn’t so sure how long he’d be with me.

“Darryl” replied the thief who sat on my shoulder.

“What’s your name?” he replied.

“My name is Glomp, the mighty golem. But you can just call me Glomp.”

“Ok. Where are you headed? I doubt you’ll ever be allowed back to your manor now that we killed a bunch of the Mayor’s soldiers.”

“I’m traveling to reunite with my Master. He’s been gone for some time and it was my duty to protect him and his belongings. I’m sure he’ll be pleased to see that I’m still alive and doing well.” I said with glee.

“He sounds like a pretty good guy, based on how you talk about him. He definitely kept to himself. I’ve never met him before and I’m sure I’ve interacted with everyone in the village at one point or another.”

“He just gets buried in his studies. Always experimenting on his friends, trying to make them better and healthier.”

“He experiments on his friends? That seems a little strange. I, personally, wouldn’t want someone prodding and poking me with spells.”

“That’d change once you met him. He’s such a great person.”

“Well. If you say so,” said Darryl who didn’t sound all that convinced. He was quiet for sometime after that, probably thinking or maybe just enjoying the scenery. Whenever I asked him a question all I’d get was one-word replies packaged in a monotone voice. I wasn’t the most outgoing golem so I decided to let him have his quiet.

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