Numbers Continually Going Upward

Numbers Continually Going Upward

by argusthecat

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

The world has very politely ended in the most webfiction way possible.  Everyone is now leveling up in various things.  Problems are arising.  Some or all of those problems may be based around how to have a community barbeque when the nearest cow has been teleported to a few thousand miles away, along with the nearest supermarket.

Join our protagoinst as he attempts to be a cool person, while everything falls apart.

_____It turns out that any attempt to write a parody of the litrpg genre through overuse of the concept of leveling up inevitably fails when it turns out that *that is what the genre is based on*.  Still, this was a fun little candy project of mine, and I might write more of it.

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I intend to edit/extend this review as further chapters are released.

As of Chapter 003:

(Spoilers for chp 001)

An interesting start.  Cliche but aware of that fact (which makes all the difference).  The initial skillset manages to pique my interest.  The protagonist gains two separate magic skill trees that are:

1) not (yet) powerful - in fact one appears to be essentially useless initially and only helps others.

2) interesting/unique - he didn't snag fire magic or hand to hand or some kind of oooh-spooky void/death/dark/blood magic (as much as I love those, they're a trope at this point).  He got... Kindness.  Kindness magic.  That's unique and yet already seems like it could have endless potential for interesting skills/spells/traits and situations.

3) potentially powerful - so currently he just can smile, help people find lost objects, and deny things, but the wording of the "chant of denial" implies that it could become useful, and the lost and found power utilizes what appears to be teleportation (perhaps fate manipulation? Or somesuch) and these assuage the fear that these rewards are truly useless. 


What (IMO) makes a good litrpg is abilities and levelup gains that seem earned, relevant, and not OP, but that grow into something amazing with time, practice, increasing skill, or in combination with each other, and I think this story at least has the potential to be one of those.


I'll be awaiting more chapters eagerly, to see if further chapters live up to he potential.


We need more chapters!!!! Pronto!!!!!!

Reviewed at: Chapter 003

Yo people this is some good shit. I'm talking 100% pure columbian good!!!


This is quite funny so far

Reviewed at: Chapter 003

I was laughing out loud several times during the first chapter.  So far (3), so good; I hope the author sticks with it and can maintain this level.