Next, everyone talked nonsense for another few minutes, and Megane-kun canceled his "curse" after hearing some unwilling apologies from the Bull.

"I'm glad that everyone could get along so well! If there is another crazy test like this, then let's trust each other as well! I think it is the whole reason why that Law Will thingie tried to scare us in the first place - so that we could start to be kind to each other!"

Hearing that Crybaby said the other could only helplessly sigh. But, maybe, Alex thought, she actually was right in this. After all, no one died in the end. The purpose of this place wasn't to harm them.

Then, unexpectedly, one guy out of Nameless Trio found the courage to ask that girl a question:

"Young miss... Could it be that you are a-actually Ellie ...the Innocent? I often watched yours...em shows... and actually a bit of a fan... "

Crybaby looked at him with a puzzled face.

"Mm? I'm not sure if you really could call me "innocent," and my name is definitely not Ellie... have you mistaken me for someone else, mister? Are you sure that Ellie looks anything like me? "

She asked him innocently, that actually fit the strange "title" of Ellie. But, instead, the guy's reaction was the opposite. He became pretty much sure that it was a misunderstanding.

"Now what I think about it, you just have a little bit similar face, but everything else is entirely different. Completely. Yeah, there is no way for you to be this person, haha, sorry. "

Someone interrupted their conversation, though.

"Hey, boy. It isn't the time or place to flirt with cute girls, give it a rest. "

Said the gaudy woman, Parrot, while looking at the poor guy with disapproval. Most others silently approved her words.

Eventually, everyone did what Alexey suggested and returned to their respective rooms. And sure enough, when he checked the hologram above the Red Button, the text changed.

As some of you already guessed - no one will die in this Assessment Test. After all, it would be an unnecessary waste of human resources. It seems everyone already met each other in the hall. The next stage of the Test would be started when everyone press and hold the button at the same time.
Buttons on hold:6


While he read the text, the number at the bottom changed.

Buttons on hold: 8


"It couldn't be helped, I guess. Though it would be a smarter move to talk things through with everyone, it could also create even more friction within the group."

Thinking so, Alexey Johnovich pressed the button without releasing it.

It seems that someone else decided to take their time, as it was only about a minute later that the change happened. The room became a confined space as it was when Alex first arrived here. And the hologram changed as well.

No one dies in this Assessment Test Space. But it doesn't mean that there is no reward and punishment system. All of your actions would be evaluated to give you the appropriate rewards. Those rewards would help you in the actual Tutorial stage and perhaps in the rest of your road as a Chosen.
Before, in the Test of the Red Button, there were three people considered winners by hidden rules. You win the test either by being the first one to press the button or by not pressing at all. In both cases, multiple people can be considered as winners at the same time. Someone with utmost determination or someone with a compassionate heart - both can become a Hero and guide humans to the Salvation. Each one of them will get 3000 Tutorial Points upon entering the Tutorial.
Next, in the second test, you should choose who the winners were and what choices they made. In your case, you only need to choose two other people. Those able to determine all the winners would get a bonus of 1000 Tutorial Points. Those able to decide right on both the winners and their respective choices would get 5000 Tutorial Points and also would be allowed to keep the memories of this Assessment Test as well. Anyone else will forget everything that happened here after entering the actual Tutorial.
Before the second test starts, you have a right to choose one person to contact and talk to them for five minutes. If someone else picked them before you, you would need to wait until they end the conversation, and if you both chose each other, then you wouldn't get a second chance either. So think carefully.

The given time to read the message and choose the conversation partner:






"So, the memories would be erased? I'm not sure if it would work on me, considering my Gift? Anyway, it is hard to say how vital those Tutorial Points would be in the Tutorial and if this amount is enough to give a significant advantage or not. "

He thought for a few seconds, considering whom he should choose as his conversation partner.

"Megane-kun would be an obvious choice, but if he picks me as well, then it would be a waste of opportunity. But, still, anyone else is really easy and not worth much attention either, even that Bulls. So the much biggest waste would be to miss the chance of talking to Megane in private. "

And so, he picked the holographic icon with the handsome Asian face and then waited. All other profiles disappeared from the hologram, but then a cute girly face appeared there again. It seems to indicate that he was chosen by Crybaby as a conversation partner. Unfortunately, he would need to make a lady wait for a few minutes because he made his choice faster.

"I expected you. "

A holographic video-image of a young man in glasses appeared before Alex and said those words.

" Can I guess that it means you chose someone else instead of me? "

"Yes, I did. Why? "

"Well, I'm slightly interested to know who it could be. "

"Make a guess. "

"Well, in this batch of people, the only two whom you would contact instead of me would be that Bull and, maybe that Crybaby. Right? "

"Heh, no. Actually, I would choose one of them, but one other person said something interesting. Contacting that person is actually more critical than contacting you. They are also much easier to talk to or manipulate. "

Alex thought for a second who it could be but didn't find a plausible answer.

"Yeah? Care to tell me about them? "

" You don't need to know. You have something else to ask, right? I can answer one of your questions if you promise me to answer one of mine. "

Alex guessed that Megane-kun was still pissed about his nickname, or has had something else in mind, so getting all the answers wouldn't be simple. But if he can choose only the one question to ask, then he already has it in mind.

"It is a deal then. Let's ask those questions first and then answer them step by step. "

Asian man approvingly nodded.

"Yeah, dealing with a smart person has its own charm, I guess. My question is - what is your allegiance? Or rather, who are your Looper friends? "


This question surprised Alex for sure. He already guessed that this man knew about the loop and Chosen based on how calm he was and how skillful he was at his ability. But, a guess was still a guess. Now he confirmed it and, in fact, this question gave more information to Alex than if he asked about it himself. So, he decided to be nice and answer truthfully.

"Well, I know about the loop and how Chosen can keep their memories if they work hard enough. You probably guessed as much, but just weren't sure, right? One of my relatives is Chosen, but that is it. I never was invited by any Guild or Clan. I just browsed some info online. "

Not a word he said was a lie. But it wasn't a full truth either. It could be misunderstood that his relative was a Looper who told him about everything. Understandably, Alex wouldn't reveal some stranger truth about his Gift.

"Yeah, seems probable. If you were genuinely knowledgable about the situation, you wouldn't do something as stupid as completely ignoring the button that could save your life. "

In fact, it was the other way around. If he didn't know anything and didn't have his gift, he would press the button the second he completely read the rules. Then he would need to just hold on it to the end, it would make him the first no matter what unless someone else did it as well. Of course, there was no reason to tell him.

"Anyway, you already answered my question, so do I have a reason to answer yours now? What about telling each other step by step? "

Megane-kun asked with a hint of suspicion.

"Well, just by asking this question, you already told me a lot. So I decided to be nice for once, Megane-kun."

"If you call me that again I wouldn't tell you anything for sure. "

"Fine, fine. You can answer my question or not, it doesn't really matter. Anyway. Would you choose to save your lover or one million strangers? "

"Come again? "

"As I said, would you choose to save your lover or one million strangers? "

"I heard you the first time, boy. What the hell does it have to do with anything? "

"It is up to you to answer me or not. "

Silence. For the most part, Alex expected two reactions - immediate answer, or a slow one. Of course, both times, the answer should be that he will save the lover. It would make perfect sense, considering his "opening speech". How fast the answer was given and with how much confidence would help Alex to determine how likely it was for Megane-kun to win by being the first to press the button. So, this reaction was somewhat unexpected. Only when there was almost no time until the conversation's time limit did Asian man said bitterly.

"I can't make such a choice. "

His form disappeared from the sight.


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