The Last Loop



Chapter 2. Free nicknames for everyone!


When the Bull fell on his knees while looking extremely weak and sweating profusely, Alexey Johnovich Grand realized something essential to the situation.

"Aren't there are still three people without a proper nickname? "

One of his bad habits...

"Want to know why I talked about self-defense, doggy? The answer is easy. Anyone who dares to hurt me becomes cursed by my Gift. Now, you are at my mercy. "

"This girl, crying in a corner... Oh, it seems she isn't crying anymore and just staring at us from a distance. Anyway, she would be a Crybaby. Perfect. "

"Why I revealed that my gun is a replica even though I have no real reasons to do it? Obviously, because I have no need for the weapon in the first place. "

"That shrill woman? Well then... how about Harpy? Stop, aren't she then would be a level above the Parrot? Ah, nevermind then. Let's stop on the Shrill Woman then. "

"I'm the only one who can remove the curse from you, doggy. And I'm not a monster. If you apologize properly and ask for forgiveness... Then I will allow you to become my minion until the end of the Tutorial. After you serve me well, I will remove the curse. Sound like a sweet deal, right? "

"So, the last who remains is that talkative spectacled guy? I bet he has Japanese roots based on his looks. So, how about Megane (glasses)? Megane-kun, what a fitting nickname. I bet if he was a side character from some anime, he would be rather popular. Stop, wouldn't he be a rather interesting protagonist as well? Cool anti-hero. Much better than me, at least. "

"With how you are now, even that little girl who watches us from the sides would be able to do whatever she wants with you. As long as I desire for the curse to be active, you aren't different from the pig awaiting the slaughter. "

Megane-kun placed his hand on the Bull's head and strictly commanded.

"Apologize. Now. "

The Bull was smart enough to realize the hopelessness of the situation. He resigned himself to do what that bastard wants - anyway, he will find a chance to get his revenge on this Glassy later. But, before he could actually do something really humiliating, a soft voice gathered everyone's attention.

"P-please, wait a minute. C-can I say something? "

It wasn't someone from the group of "bullies" who supported the Bull. They were too afraid to even make a sound. It wasn't a frightened woman who wanted to disappear from this scary place as soon as possible. Alex, obviously, wasn't the voice's owner. Instead, it was a girl who seemed to be in her mid-teens. She timidly approached the group.

"What is it, little miss? Can't you see that adults have a serious conversation here? "

Megane-kun asked, but his tone wasn't too harsh. Instead, he was even a little bit gentle.

"W-why everyone is like this? We shouldn't fight against each other! E-everyone should get along and find a way out of here together! "

Her face was still red from all the crying, but her expression was resolute.

"It seems this Crybaby is rather brave, heh. "

Alex smirked to himself while observing the everchanging situation from the sides.

"We aren't fighting each other, though. I just discipline my subordinates. Is there something wrong with that? Or you are saying that a bunch of fools bullying a weak woman is acceptable behavior?"

Crybaby thought for a second before answering it.

"They are wrong, but I can understand them! You and this woman, aren't you pressed that scary button? What if it killed the rest of us? They are just scared of dying, and I'm scared too! And why are you so sure that those people are lying? Only because you never cared about killing someone for no real reason, doesn't mean that you can judge everyone else with your standards! "

While saying it, she looked really pitiable and almost started to weep again closer to an end. It looked as if she really believed those people.

"Yes? Judging by my standards? Look at them! Look at those people! Witness if someone can meet your gaze without feeling ashamed of themselves. It would be your answer, little miss. "

Monkey, Parrot, and Nameless Trio were unable to look straight at the girl. The same can be said about the shrill woman. They knew more than anyone else what kind of choice they did. And they also knew that if they were given that choice again, they would do the same thing. The Bull wasn't in a state to care about this in the first place. After looking around those people and seeing that no one argued against Asian man's accusations, Crybaby started to do the same thing that all crybabies do by definition. Well, almost started, because someone interrupted her before that.

"Hey, girl, You can look at me. I'm not ashamed at all. On the one hand, because I'm rather shameless (said someone who is way too easy to feel embarrassed) and on the other, because I really did nothing to be sorry about. I never even touched that Red Button of Betrayal, you see? So, how about it? Let's be friends and get along well? My name is Alex. Alex Grey. "

For the first time since entering the white hall, Alexey Johnovich Grand made his presence clear to everyone. He was also the first out of the bunch to introduce himself. Even though the last name was fake (you can never be too cautious), but still. After hearing what he said, the girl changed her expression to somehow surprised, but, at the same time, delighted. Everyone else, other than Megane and Bull, flinched when heard the phrase "Red Button of Betrayal". The Shrill Woman inadvertently blurted.

"Aren't this is the Red Button of Survival? "

She realized her mistake when everyone looked at her, most of those gazes were rather cold.

"No, it was obviously called the Button of Betrayal! I'm sure of it! "

Crybaby argued with confidence and some pride, seemingly not realizing that her words imply.

"It seems the name of the button is different depending on the choice you made."

Based on that piece of info and reactions of others, Alex made some conclusions, but he wasn't sure how accurate they could be.

"Anyway, the girl is right. We should think about how to proceed in the situation instead of doing some petty fighting. So you, Bull, should apologize to this Megane-kun, and you, Megane-kun, should cancel your curse or whatever power you used on him. Then, we should return to our respective rooms to check if the text above the buttons changed. After all, it seems there is nothing unusual in this hall. Any questions?"

Alex decided to take the initiative in his hands and suggested the most logical course of action.

"Yes, of course, I have a question. "

The man in glasses asked while frowning.


Alex asked with an innocent expression.

"How the hell you called me just now? "


Then he used the gun to shot Alex in the head...


Actually, no, there is no way that he will do something so absurd, even though he actually did, other people here wouldn't blame him.


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