The Integrity of the Super Club [Beta version]

by Gerry Hines

Original HIATUS Action Comedy Contemporary Romance GameLit LitRPG School Life Slice of Life Urban Fantasy Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

The Super Club is the best thing to happen to Southbound Thugwood High School. Yet, it's shrouded in mystery. When hotheaded high schooler Rover meets its president, a girl named Quinn Integrity, his involvement with the Super Club changes his life.

After Rover is forced into the Super Club, he decides to use the club’s resources to help solve his city’s most annoying problem: All citizens must play 1 hour of the supreme ruler’s favorite video game each day. When the ruler announces a way to lift the daily mandate, Rover quickly accepts the challenge. However, Rover’s mind is preoccupied with Quinn after meeting her. As their relationship grows, he will learn of Quinn's overwhelming advantages and mysterious life, as well as the secrets of the mandatory video game.

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Gerry Hines

Gerry Hines

3rd Anniversary
Word Count (15)
Group Leader (III)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Vol. 1, Ch. 1: My Middle Name is "Ultimate" ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 2: Level Cap: BUSTED!!! ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 3: Over-Powered by Default ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 4: Limits Are for Babies! ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 5: "Impossible" is Another Word for "Dare You to Try" ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 6: Graduated from Supremacy ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 7: Improving Perfection ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 8: Every Song in the World on Your Playlist ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 9: The Highest Stakes for Maximum Epicness ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 10: The Universe Really Is Revolving Around Me ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 11: Survival of the Most Badass ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 12: Nuclear Reactor Heart ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 13: Curb Stomped by Deliciousness ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 14: Bulletproof Skin & a Soul Made of Galaxies ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 15: Make Your Maximum Your New Minimum! ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 16: Declare Your Confession to the Criminal Goddess! ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 17: Heart-to-Heart with the Sun ago
Vol. Ch. 18: Prodigious Jailbreaker ago
Vol. 1, Ch.19: Touch the Sky ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 20: 100 Pages of Stupid, Trolling Comments & Ridiculous Speculation ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 21: Kick Ass & Change Lives...FOREVER! ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 22: Raising Destiny: The Currency of All that Exists ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 23: Designed to Be Ready Before I Was Born! ago
Vol. 1, Ch. 24: History-Altering Talent Scouts ago
END Vol. 1, Ch. 25: The Famous Example ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 1: We Shall Forge Stars in Our Kitchen! ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 2: Win at Anything You Try to Do! ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 3: To Be a Rock Star among the All-Stars ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 4: A Dynamic Discovery of Wily Wonders & Wanton Woe ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 5: Rise Above the Sea of Odium & Naysayers! ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 6: Big Enough to Cover the Whole World ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 7: More Valuable than Life or Cake ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 8: Built with God's Programming ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 9: KABOOM!!! ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 10: The Infinite Internship ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 11: An Achievement of Achievements ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 12: Legendary Collectors of Unfathomable Treasures ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 13: My Mark on Society is the Birth of a Planet ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 14: Supreme Business of Maximum Importance ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 15: The Mightiest Bonehead Duo Ever ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 16: Heroics! Triumph! GAMING!!! ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 17: Oops! I Just Created an Alternate Universe, and Its Name Is "Hugh" ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 18: Dates & Carnal Chaos ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 19: The Precious, Delicate Balance of Funk Shui ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 20: The Exquisite Champion of Savage Annihilation ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 21: It's the Lingo of Our Eternal Selves ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 22: Ultra-Inconspicuous ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 23: Kick Logic to the Curb! ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 24: Conquering Each Trial & Avoiding Harsh Denial! ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 25: Magical & Out of this World ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 26: Shut Down ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 27: Living on Hard Mode ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 28: A Most Pretentious Affair Fit for Royalty ago
Vol. 2, Ch. 29: Next-Gen Hype ago
END Vol. 2, Ch. 30: Far Too Super Awesome to Be Caught ago

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