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Taylor has the power to copy powers. Only her powers always take the form of a new sibling, a little sister as it were. Will Taylor and her army of little sisters be able to take on the world, or will they drown in a sea of cuddles and headpats?

Cover art by: Zoufii

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I'll recommend it only if you've read Worm. It doesn't go into any details of the abilities so you''ll have to know it already to not be confused. It's a mess, but brings a smile to my face.

Pierce Daugherty
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I am not the best at reviews or stories but here is my attempt up to Chapter Five. I like the story so far, though it is mostly intro and world building. It lets the reader get a grasp of the Taylor's power, how the power can effect others, and try to set up the protagonist as bullied, though in a forced way.  So far a good read, if not particularly grand yet.

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I like this story. It’s a nice slice of live and the slow speed of the story reflects that.

Its not the overdone end of the world, or the OP power fantasy. And I can respect that. Though I suspect she will soon have armies of little sisters to call upon.

Taylor is practically a single mom with too many super-powered little kids. And they are all adorable.

The Characters are done beautifully. I love Cheshire´s antics, Crochet is sweet and deadly, while Remedy is a promise of fun body-morphing. With Poppu bringing in new character traits and Taylor being a good big sister, it is just fun to read.

The grammar is good. No complaints there.

The style is appropriate for a slice of life.

My only complaint is, that I don’t have the grasp of how the World differs from our own. Sure, there are Hero´s and Villains, but it is hard to picture how this affects the day to day life of the average person. I can´t quite figure out how often a random person would be subjected to Gun/Cape violence.

Though that is most likely by design, as the focus is on the Characters of Taylor and her little Sisters. It would be hard to build into the story.

There were hints as to how her Powers influence people whose powers she copied, but I can´t be sure just now. I look forward to more Chapters.

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an army of child soldiers

Reviewed at: Chapter Seven

the premise is interesting
-a worm fanfic
-what if Taylor herberts power was getting an ever-increasing number of little sisters

inconsistencies are bound to happen fx. we are introduced to a cape that wouldn't get their powers until later in the original. it is the only inconsistency I've spotted so far and it is relatively minor

Euclaid Galieane
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An amusing twist on the original work. I can only wonder how Taylor will survive the future.

Jonathan Turner
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The author had to get checked for master powers

Reviewed at: Prologue

Very fun and cute everyone needs an army of little sisters

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It is an ok fiction centered around a little sister harem and the big sis taylor. Otherwise there isn't much to say it has slice of life in the description which fits perfectly, nothing for me. Though later on in the story I believe there will be to many sisters, which maybe will indicate the end of this story.

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Could be Better

Reviewed at: Chapter Ten

You have a good idea, but you need to be careful while proofreading. Your writing needs some polishing, but there is nothing that practice can't fix. I also advise you to make a timeline to avoid inconsistencies.

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Tries way too hard to be funny, but it comes out as kind of obnoxious.