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A world that is similar to Earth exists. In fact it's almost exactly the same apart from a couple of key differences, the first of these being the emergence of powers in only those who are worthy. The second of these is the existence of magic, that can be learnt by almost anyone, and used to become more powerful than anyone who weilds only a power.

Of course deespite these diferences the Earth of this universe is the same otherwise. The same continents, virtually the same history, even the leaders of the countries seemed to bear no difference than that of Earth. In fact, one could almost say that it was guided to be this way by some unimaginable force, beyond the comprehension of mortals.


This is not going to have fast updates or be written particularly well, so be prepared for that. I am still learning to write and create realistic characters so a chapter may be edited several times before I move on to the next one. Other than that I do think that this would be a good story.

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