Path of Divinity

by D.W. Belfield

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

The world has been assimilated by the Celestial Archives, a vast system designed to fight the forces that seek to destroy the universe. For most, it's a holy cause that rewards victory with stats, levels, and skills. For Hunter Gold, it's the start of a nightmare. Even in a system dominated by paths, he finds himself taking the road less traveled. 

This is a work in progress. Major editing will be done after the book is complete, so there will be egregious typos and parts that make no sense whatsoever. Please feel free to point any and all of these things out. Chapters WILL get edited, and that editing might break earlier chapters. I will attempt to keep readers apprised of all changes. As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated. 

This is kind of something fun I wanted to write after reading stories like The New World, System Apocalypse, and the Legend of Randidly Ghosthound. I don't know how serious I will be about this story, but I just want to try it out. I imagine that it will become a love child between Fable, Diablo, and Devil May Cry. Enjoy!

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D.W. Belfield

D.W. Belfield

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In the present day, there is something to be said about a character that struggles to find their place. Now more than ever, it is truly difficult to imagine what tomorrow will bring, and ever easier to simply fall into the trap of the day to day.


The main character of this story, who's last name is Gold, foreshadowing or a reference to the story's potential notwithstanding, is such an individual. 


Consider, a character who has a troubled parentage, missing father, and parental figures with expectations in the clouds for someone struggling to stand on their own two feet, and you have Hunter Gold. A man with successful grandparents that never approved of his actual parents. Such a story honestly speaks to a lot of people, and with good reason.


The story follows Hunter Gold in a World-Shift event. If you do not know what World-Shift is, it is effectively bringing a story to Earth/The-World instead of an Isekai or reincarnation flick. Needless to say, the new world heavily appears to favor the Do's, the people with strong mentalities that color their life, and discriminates the Naughts, those who struggle to choose and live in a world of grays, blacks, and whites. As such, the main character, a naught, is immediately cast aside by the changing tides, just like many who struggle and are abandoned by their peers today, and falls into actual depths. From there it is an upward climb of temptation that truly seems to encapsulate the struggle many face getting through that struggle, to achieve and do, and I personally appreciate that allusion invoked by the author. The modern underdog finding passion in life is a strong story foundation so long as it holds up.

As someone who often does not delve into the Literary RPG, nor the Game Lite, I often prefer my stories as light on the text boxes as possible. Each story element has its place, and I appreciate that the author knows better than to plaster a status screen, or a level-up window, every few hundred words. Instead, the author has chosen a more layered approach, preferring to have a more humanistic approach to investing into the system. The main character, Hunter Gold, only pays it much mind when he is thinking of what he needs, and sometimes prepares for what he will do with future levels, saving precious page space for more important elements such as action and proper character moments. While the story certainly does not meet my criterion of perfection, it needn't do so either. What you have here is a story which invokes both a close-to-home character design with the action & adventure that has seen the rise of the present Golden Era where Light Novels, Manga, and Anime progress further into the mainstream. As the story progresses, I strongly encourage the author to not lose sight of his roots and to continue to give the readers a proper portrayal of the story they started with: a golden story of a Naught that wanted to Do.


No human being nor machine is capable of perfection when handling spelling or grammar, as all have grown frustrated with automatic corrections, or simply used autocorrect instead of learning how to spell a particularly annoying word, and the author is quite human as well. Simply put, the document has an error or two, as is expected from any author. What one can instead appreciate is the willingness of the author to read every comment, correct errors that come up, and then thank each and every person that found an error. A small ask, but one that many authors tend to forget, and a strong demonstration of the difference in mentality that one might expect from an author that has already hit it big as an Amazon Bestseller with his last series. Perhaps that originates best from his military service—a strong sense of loyalty to those who support him—and it does indeed show best in the small things. Thus, I can forgive the small things in turn.


Overall, without giving too many spoilers, this story is iconified by its strong character foundations, and the growth of its main lead first, and cemented by strong moral choices in an ever-expanding world. I cannot foresee the road ahead any more than the next reader in line, however, so long as our main lead continues on his journey down that straight and narrow road, your Hunt is over, you've found Gold.


Overall | [5.0/5.0] 

Style: [5.0/5.0] 

Story: [5.0/5.0] 

Character: [5.0/5.0] 

Grammar: [5.0/5.0] 


[As of Chapter 37]


Yummy Junk Food, But Not Quality

Reviewed at: Chapter 46

tl;dr - It's a Ghosthound clone with an even duller MC. Decently written, so come and get your LitRPG junk food fix, but don't expect high quality material.

Story: 3/5

This story is, as many others have said, just another LitRPG. It uses a reskinned Gosthound system (which is a choice that is perfectly valid), a Ghosthound start of the MC being placed into a Rift/Dungeon as an error/special case, and a Ghosthound start of picking up skills, path points, and getting stronger in order to beat a boss. It's not unique or special, but it's also not bad and is slightly above average. 

The aspect of balancing two different forces, also Ghosthound-esque, is perhaps hte most interesting part of the story so far because there is a much more overt, obvious struggle involved, but at the point I'm reviewing it, the overt struggle has already been neutralized and the rest is likely going to follow wuxia/xianxia tropes of a solo warriar using factions to get stronger without committing to any group.

On the whole, it's a collection of tropes and already-done ideas that has so far been unimpressive.

Style: 4/5

The author's style is nothing special, but it is executed fairly well and allows for the story to flow.

Grammar: 4/5

Every chapter seems to have a minor error or three, but they aren't too bad. It's mostly missing possessives and/or words, and the occasional inconsistency with the Oxford comma. On the whole, it would probably get a high B, maybe a low A.

Character: 3/5

The MC is pretty much the only character for the first 35+ chapters, and he's solidly meh. His most unique feature is that he has no unique features, to the point where he's 1-in-a-billion special for not being special. That being said, we do see *some* character growth. At least he makes some decisions. What is the main decision? To not commit to any faction. Surprise. He's uninteresting and uninspiring, but if he's had *some* growth already, he may have more in the future. We can only hope. 


I would like to preface this by saying that this novel is great so far and I would recommend reading it if you are into the litRPG genre and a bit of a darker character. There is a lot more to offer than just that but I'll keep this review limited to the points I think are the biggest. The novel is still in its early stages and as such, this review will be more barebones than, say a review of a 500 page long novel. 

Style: In general, the style is not original. The litRPG sub genre with a past-haunted protagonist is not new and has been around for a while. I'm not going to fault the author for following this trend nor am I going to say it's a bad thing. The author provides his own unique twists and spins on the litRPG sub genre and all the other semi-cliches he decided to use for his framework. The four stars only reflects the fact that I wasn't, per say, wowed by any crazy, innovative ideas.


Story: What story there is so far, is quite minimal and is mainly told in the beginning few chapters. The majority of the chapters written after is a sort of mini training arc to get him ready to fight a big baddy to get out of the dimensional rift he is stuck in. Once he is out, I sense that the story will pick back up and some truly interesting plot will occur. I see this happening in the next few chapters as the author himself has expressed his want to get out of the rift in an end chapter annotation. I removed a half star because not much has happened yet and I will most likely adjust the star rating again in the future when more of the story is available.


Grammar: Absolutely no qualms. A few slip ups here and there but that is to be expected. No human is perfect and from what I understand, this man does not have an editor currently.


Character: Again no qualms. There is really only one character that we have met so far and that is our protagonist. I like the way he is progressing both mentally and physically and look forward to his exploits outside the rift.


Enjoying the story so far, the path sytem reminds me a bit of a few others I have read. This is a good thing, the main character and world seem well built and likable.

The only knock I have is the long term plot, but I feel like this is coming soon. Maybe when he gets to the town.

Reviewed this as of chapter 10.


Takes a bit to find its feet

Reviewed at: Chapter 47

You've read this story a dozen times on RR before, so I won't address the basic "almost literally Randidly Ghosthound again" aspect and just go into the divergent parts:

The good: the setting is newish, in a "it's weird that no one did this successfully before" way. It's the system apocalypse, but also very literally the religious apocalypse of american protestant revivalist Christianity's end times cults (albeit without quite having the balls to actually toss god, Jesus, etc by name into it). All classes come from either specifically-christian heaven or the Alighieri-style factionalized-by-deadly-sins hell, and people are forced to pick one or the other based on the balance of their deeds and faith when the apocalypse happens and fight.

The plot hook is that there are two different levelling systems: the aforementioned class-based one tied to heaven or hell, which is not particularly powerful and comes with lots of brainwashing that shackles the user in debilitating ways (e.g. greed affiliated beings have to hoard stuff). The other is a much, much more powerful neutral system that just gives you raw power for combat. The system is obviously set up to force you into joining the bad system on heaven or hells side, because no one sane would do that voluntarily and the factions obviously can't tolerate neutrals.

The story begins when a particularly cheeky angel decides to pull a fast one, picking someone neutral enough not to already be aligned when the apocalypse happened and intentionally putting them in a position where they can't get a class long enough for the neutral system to compensate and over-write the karma meter designed to prevent exactly that situation... and then leave the resulting overpowered, extremely dangerous illegal neutral coincidentally in demon territory like a bomb while the angel presumably whistles innocently and strums a harp. Nice.

The bad: the author is very good at writing someone you can believe has never committed to anything in his life that even god himself can't judge him morally beyond a bored shrug. Which is to say he's an annoying, clueless halfwit who's utterly convinced that his stupidity and indecision is the mark of a deep thinker and that he thus has no need to grow or address the clueless halfwit thing.

Like, the MC is the kind of guy who is so hilariously weak-willed that he's deeper in hock to Greed than the actual greed demons the moment he so much as lays eyes on a bit of treasure, and literally lectures the audience about how he's too strong willed to fall to this corruption even while he's literally curled up in a lair obsessively stroking his loot like smeagol. He had no moral alignment because he has no self awareness, basically, and I hate his stupid supercilious face.

He's also a bit of a pizza roller (all edge, no point) and equally oblivious to how much the angel is in his corner even when the whole "deny him the class system" scheme pans out and drags him out of the fast track to literal hell he'd weak-willed himself into by hard resetting all his stuff.  So, like... an ungrateful teenager stereotype, basically. A valid character but a very, very annoying one.

Also bad: the author at one point adds a note that a story where he literally makes professions he disapproves of automatically literal demon-worshippers is "not political". Blatantly gaslighting your readers is bad, quit it.

So basically the novel struggles to balance the interesting setup and setting against the extremely unlikable protagonist, as well as suffering the usual awkwardness of figuring out how much litrpg is too much, until a good thirty chapters in or so when things finally click: the skill stuff gets under control, the MC is still a git but stops trying to tell us to our face that he's something other than what his actions clearly show in his narration, a bird shows up to be the only sensible character, and it all finally flows.

So... it gets there eventually, if you're up for riding out the early chapters.



An interesting spin on these tales

Reviewed at: Chapter 41

The story so far is very interesting. I've been keeping up with The New World since it's initial release and have been binge reading Randidly Ghosthound the last month or so, so finding another similar story is a pleasant surprise. The story is very interesting and has elements from both stories that are interesting but also has enough of a difference to feel new and refreshing. The MC is very well developed, for how far the story is currently ( chapter 41) and the plot is coming along nicely, being revealed at a pleasant and comfortable pace. Definitely worth a read!


Walking the thin line between Heaven and Hell

Reviewed at: Chapter 28

An excellent story so far showing a man struggling to balance demonic power with the mandate from heaven. When choosing a side will get him killed or push him until a fate worse than death he must walk the line between. A man who has never chosen his own path is now trapped in a situation that gives him a great deal of support and absolutely no direction.

The story is interesting and the grammar is excellent. The main character is really well fleshed out, but I didn't feel that I could give more for character score until I see how the side characters are written.

Am now out of things to write, so please stop reading.

Why are you still reading this? 

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Can't decide on a title so ughhh MC relatable.

Reviewed at: Chapter 20

Alright so here goes. This story is really really good. Thats it. 

It's style reminds me of some of the greats, Ghosthound and Healer. 
It's grammer could use an editor but you show me one story without an editorial team that you go," You know what, this is so good grammar wise, i don't think it needs one." and i'll shit a brick. 
The story is a nice middle of the road, MC doesn't have some intense need to fight for good or evil, hell he doesn't even know what he wants out of life to such an extent essentially god said," Lol bro idfk what you want good luck finding it out." And dropped him in a hell hole
Character development is good, about average MC doesn't have a strong personality, but it's not weak either. Kinda like him very middle ground, generic MC, but he has a good background and building to him and the god-like character that was like a major priest or something was cool so good job. 

And the review has to be 200 words long fml. Author is great he does a really cool thing where he will release bonus chapters for full reviews and milestones in his journey writing. Seems like a laid back dude all around. Self-insert anybody????


Seems good so far, but time will tell... I just hope whatever path the MC takes is interesting. The only gripe I have is that the MC barely even reacts to being burned for 3/4 of his HP. It could've been adrenaline or somethin, but I feel like he should react a bit more to pain.


Can't Stop Reading!!!!!!!!

Reviewed at: Chapter 4

I read this story in 30 minutes, and I want more. I want to lock the author in a room, and trade likes for chapters until I pass out this is so good.


I love this kind of story, really like it. Rags and riches are just the best.


Story's 5, Style's 5, Character is my soul in the story, 5, and I don't know much grammar anyway, so take my 5.


Overall 5, like, comment, subscribe, now all chapters belong to me. 


Uh, since reviews need more words... The MC is a dude, but more than a dude, he's a really calm dude. I like that. But, the part that really speaks to me is the way he, like, doesn't know what to do in life. I've done a lot of soul searching over the last year, and a MC, especially in today, really helps me handle things. I don't really know much what to do,and I like reading about people who figured out how to get past it. Really hope this story turns out good in longer term since smart MCs that turn themselves around after being lost really is good to me. 


System seems good, like how the MC's character is shown in the stats. Curious what Faith is, but I like Mr. Jon's theory, which has gotten me more excited as of Chapter 4. The author says he can write FIVE CHAPTERS A DAY, like, what??? That's insane if it is true. Uh, hope this is enough words, writing even a hundred words is a lot...


Much love!