Heavenly Divine War God

by Sabarinath Vk

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Harem Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Mythos Reincarnation Strong Lead War and Military Wuxia Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content

A tale of a god who fought up to his last breath against the heavenly demons. The god who died with his beloved in his hands. Reincarnated in his next life as a young city lord who cannot activate his god blood and also forgetting about his past life and yet it burns inside him. The World of terminus had people with god blood and it's purity determined their future. The world was vast and contains many species other than humans and demons. The story describes about our hero Helion who faces unimaginable odds against him but still struggles through them to killl his ultimate enemies.

The War god will resurface again and the bloody battle will be unavoidable.

An epic story of grit, romance, martial arts, magic, action and a whole lot of adventures.

My First story and i promise to update it as fast as i can.

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