The Exiled Prince

by Blacky

In a world filled with magic and mana. Worth is determined by power, credibility is determined by ability and most of all, existence is validated through worth.

What worth is a person without mana? A person whom cannot harness magic?

Lazarus was born into the world of Valeria. A world with magic and swords but.... the child was born without mana the very energy used to harness magic. And because of this he was shunned by his family.

Left alone in the darkness of the world, he had nothing more to lose.

Nothing more to hold on to....


WARNING: Contains mature content such as but not limited to (Gore, Violence, Sexual Content)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch 0: Prologue ago
Ch 1: Prologue II ago
Ch 2:Disappointment ago
Ch 3: Dissonance ago
Ch 4: Judgement ago
Ch 5: A strange stone and a mad man? ago
Ch 6 : The power.....of technology ago
Ch 7 : Disconnected ago
Ch 8: A new beginning and first impressions ago
Ch 9: Ignorance in anger ago
Ch 10 : Journey to Celes ago
Ch 11 : A bland day ago
Ch 12 : Battle data ago
Ch 13 : A solemn wish ago
Ch 14 : A new goal ago
Ch 15 : Annoying upgrade ago
Ch 16 : A cold night ago
Ch 17 : Annoyance ago
Ch 18 : Distant past ago
Ch 19 : Fishy fish moments ago
Ch 20 : Sea Journey ago
Ch 21 : A small conversation ago
Ch 22 : Bonds ago
Ch 23 : Trust and Friendship ago
Ch 24 : Reunion ago
Ch 25 : True desires ago
Ch 25.1 : True desires 2 ago
Ch 26 : Unsettling smile ago
Ch 27 : Short connection ago
Ch 28 : Dispicable reality ago
Ch 29 : Howling Pain and Family matters ago
Chapter 30 : The Land of Kratos ago
Chapter 31 : Resolve ago
Chapter 32 : The great city of Garrion ago
Chapter 33 : Oh my god! ago
Chapter 34 : The Twilight Princess ago
Chapter 35 : The start of a beautiful friendship. ago
Chapter 36 : Ingots ago
Chapter 37 : Overhead ago
Chapter 38 : Habits ago
Chapter 39 : Tempting Offer ago
Chapter 40 : Quest 01 [The start of a dangerous journey] ago
Chapter 41 : Quest 01 [The strange noises] ago
Chapter 42.1 : Quest 01 [Sounds of Despair] ago
Notice - Not a chapter ago
Chapter 42.2 Quest 01[Betrayal] ago
Chapter 42.3 : [SuperSoldier vs Mage] ago
Chapter 43: Ordeals ago
Chapter 44 : Little Progress ago
Chapter 45 : A mistake ago
Chapter 46: Internal affairs ago
Chapter 47: New Toys ago
Chapter 48: Getting to know. ago
Chapter 49: A quiet night. ago
Chapter 50 : Bitter ago
Chapter 51: Collision ago
Chapter 52: Untrusted ago
Chapter 53 : Impossible ago
Chapter 54 : Walololooo! ago
Chapter 55 - All or nothing ago
Chapter 56: AfterMath ago
Chapter 57: Arguement ago
Chapter 58 : A walk with strangers ago
Chapter 59 : A little Journey ago
Chapter 60: The next step ago
Chapter 61 : Preparations ago
Chapter 62 : A peaceful day ago
Chapter 63: No Title ago
Chapter 64 : On to Business ago
Chapter 65 : Savior ago
Chapter 66: A recall of the past ago
Chapter 67 : A visit ago
Chapter 68 : Symphony of the night [01] ago
Chapter 69: Approaching shadows ago
Chapter 70: Missing ago
Chapter 71: Assessing the situation ago
Announcement ago

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It starts off really slow

But once you get past the worldbuilding and onto the actual story it gets a lot better.


Science-Man to the rescue!

My cup of tea, indeed :D Anyways, I'm very much looking forward to more chapters, 

my input would be, if he is going to be an adventurer make it only temporary like an arc or something where he is saving up money for materials or something, also Rex should come during the middle of the story or at the ending to the planet, it would be cool if he built his own village/hamlet/town full of robots in the beginning, 

and also since you wen with the science side of this story, you better make it believable :D 


I enjoyed reading it and hope you continue to consistently produce chapters and keep the current pace of the story.


Theres so much that is great about this story. Main character is super interesting. You can get your crafting fix. Plenty of fun action. Perfect dose of romance to keep it interesting. Finally you have some great family drama. The villainy is well done as well. 

Author, your grammar is impeccable and I appreciate your work. 


Ps. Moar chappies plz


I just wanna know if ESP gonna be there? Because you know It’s gonna be like To aru majutsu no index stuff might be awesome or something like the irregular at magic high school with the can cancel magic that all over all it’s good so keep writing. .............................. starts reading

now I have read it. all I can say is it’s awesome. keep up the good work


I love the drama and the interaction between the main character and other people.