The Exiled Prince

by Blacky

In a world filled with magic and mana. Worth is determined by power, credibility is determined by ability and most of all, existence is validated through worth.

What worth is a person without mana? A person whom cannot harness magic?

Lazarus was born into the world of Valeria. A world with magic and swords but.... the child was born without mana the very energy used to harness magic. And because of this he was shunned by his family.

Left alone in the darkness of the world, he had nothing more to lose.

Nothing more to hold on to....


WARNING: Contains mature content such as but not limited to (Gore, Violence, Sexual Content)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch 0: Prologue ago
Ch 1: Prologue II ago
Ch 2:Disappointment ago
Ch 3: Dissonance ago
Ch 4: Judgement ago
Ch 5: A strange stone and a mad man? ago
Ch 6 : The power.....of technology ago
Ch 7 : Disconnected ago
Ch 8: A new beginning and first impressions ago
Ch 9: Ignorance in anger ago
Ch 10 : Journey to Celes ago
Ch 11 : A bland day ago
Ch 12 : Battle data ago
Ch 13 : A solemn wish ago
Ch 14 : A new goal ago
Ch 15 : Annoying upgrade ago
Ch 16 : A cold night ago
Ch 17 : Annoyance ago
Ch 18 : Distant past ago
Ch 19 : Fishy fish moments ago
Ch 20 : Sea Journey ago
Ch 21 : A small conversation ago
Ch 22 : Bonds ago
Ch 23 : Trust and Friendship ago
Ch 24 : Reunion ago
Ch 25 : True desires ago
Ch 25.1 : True desires 2 ago
Ch 26 : Unsettling smile ago
Ch 27 : Short connection ago
Ch 28 : Dispicable reality ago
Ch 29 : Howling Pain and Family matters ago
Chapter 30 : The Land of Kratos ago
Chapter 31 : Resolve ago
Chapter 32 : The great city of Garrion ago
Chapter 33 : Oh my god! ago
Chapter 34 : The Twilight Princess ago
Chapter 35 : The start of a beautiful friendship. ago
Chapter 36 : Ingots ago
Chapter 37 : Overhead ago
Chapter 38 : Habits ago
Chapter 39 : Tempting Offer ago
Chapter 40 : Quest 01 [The start of a dangerous journey] ago
Chapter 41 : Quest 01 [The strange noises] ago
Chapter 42.1 : Quest 01 [Sounds of Despair] ago
Notice - Not a chapter ago
Chapter 42.2 Quest 01[Betrayal] ago
Chapter 42.3 : [SuperSoldier vs Mage] ago
Chapter 43: Ordeals ago
Chapter 44 : Little Progress ago
Chapter 45 : A mistake ago
Chapter 46: Internal affairs ago
Chapter 47: New Toys ago
Chapter 48: Getting to know. ago
Chapter 49: A quiet night. ago
Chapter 50 : Bitter ago
Chapter 51: Collision ago
Chapter 52: Untrusted ago
Chapter 53 : Impossible ago
Chapter 54 : Walololooo! ago
Chapter 55 - All or nothing ago
Chapter 56: AfterMath ago
Chapter 57: Arguement ago
Chapter 58 : A walk with strangers ago
Chapter 59 : A little Journey ago
Chapter 60: The next step ago
Chapter 61 : Preparations ago
Chapter 62 : A peaceful day ago
Chapter 63: No Title ago
Chapter 64 : On to Business ago
Chapter 65 : Savior ago
Chapter 66: A recall of the past ago
Chapter 67 : A visit ago
Chapter 68 : Symphony of the night [01] ago
Chapter 69: Approaching shadows ago
Chapter 70: Missing ago
Chapter 71: Assessing the situation ago
Announcement ago

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Mess them up! WITH SCIENCE!!

Ok so far it’s the prelude to what I think will be a GREAT story due to the authors writing style and pace. Gonna be a fun time with science VS. Magic!


Ok so another few chapters in and it looks like we get a technological OPness in this story butttttttt who knows how much. Sounds like he’s gotten through most of his education to the highschool level buuuttt he does have a crazy inventor dad sooo gonna be fun on the bun



I wanna tell yal why I love these science VS magic stories is because they’re both different sides of the same coin and seeing both elements in one place is extremely fascinating! In reality magic doesn’t exist( Not that science knows of yet…who knows the universe is HUGE, may be some unknown isotope or element that some sentiant species learned to manipulate using their minds or bodies) but in fantasy books the laws of physics change resulting in societies advanced in using the abilities to manipulate the world around them. Then on the science side of the coin, when something as convenient as magic doesn’t exist humans learn to manipulate the world around them using machines, tools and techniques on pace with magic. That’s why this mashup of elements in a story is so very interesting! It’s our reality VS another in a direct matchup to be the most powerful, efficient or badass!


What a emotional rollercoaster. quite refreshing

So I love how this story diverts from the mainstream themes and has some surprising plot twists. The complex story line shows that the author knows his stuff. The plot so far has always surprised me, just when I think someone will die, they don't. In a way he is really OP in another way he is at a disadvantage and the author uses this combination to keep the story very interesting. Had my full attention from the beginning. The grammar has been a little iffy. The author really knows how to play with my heartstrings. 


Surprisingly Good

It's surprising because I thought the story would be another poorly done science vs fantasy attempt. However, it's actually fairly interesting. Most of the characters are dumb, yet there is enough engagement that I strangely don't have too much of an issue with it. I suspect that a lot of the issues comes from the occasional poor grammar/spelling highlighting smaller problems and making them bigger than they really are. (When you trip over a section with poor grammar or spelling, you tend to stay and reread that section and notice things you usually would just pass over.)


It's weird, because while I read, I felt like I was reading a story with all the characteristics of a slightly below average novel, but after finishing each chapter it felt like I had just read a pretty well-done chapter. A little rough at times, but interesting. Very interesting.

Jacob parker

I love this novel... its Story attracts everyone to read it more... The touch of SciFi with a manaless main character... This realistic fantasy is what I yearn for.... 

To the author ,

Please don't drop this novel , I've been waiting every month for its's well written with unique idea ...

I hope you can get more free time to think great ideas and update this novel more often...  


I'm not good at reviewing things, however, I felt that giving this a review would bring it justice. This Story is severely underrated. Even though it has inconsistencies, some problems and mistakes, I never felt annoyed by them. This novel had a way to make me interested of what would happen, even in the first slow paced 10 chapters.


Give it a try, try to read until at least chapter 15-20

It has a lot of potential, and is probably one my favourite novels. I'm just saddened by the fact that it is on hiatus. Well, I can't do jackshit about that anyway. 

Good job author ! And if you ever read this, please know that if people like your novel ! (well, if you don't want to continue then do so. Just give some news already damnit ! I'm dying of hope to see the reboot or what's next !)


This is the story that brough me to Royal Road. The premise is very interesting and the main character is well realized. To the point where you really care of his deeds and issues. Some of the secondary characters are a bit weak at times and serve as plot progression more than anything, but they could be so much more with a little more attention.

There are some grammar issues here and there, but nothing serious. The style is consistent and the pace, albeit slow, it does a good work in keeping the tension of the moment and makes thing more belieavable.

Sadly the Author is a bit incosistent with the release schedules and all, which I am sure is because real life issues. The thing is, when he vanishes, I get really sad thinking he dropped the story because this is one I want to see it end, is not one of those you can just toss away.

I highly recommed it.

(Author san. Pls, give Lazarus plasma weaponry)


This isn't really a review more of a soft critic directly to the author on some aspects i think you can improve on.

First off let start be saying i like this story and this critic is in no way a rant(as you can see from the scores i gave). With that said it has, in my opinion, a few flaws. 


  1. His "hatred" towards anything mana related and trying to prove science is better. Of course i realize and understand why he hates mana, but his behavior is a bit to "racist" without the races(couldn't find a better word  to explain it laughing). Basically he wants t prove science is better then mana and shuns everything related to it(at least his behavior till now ch.57). Ironically that is not how science works. Science is to literally use everything at your disposal to experiment in search of new developments in a VERY SIMPLIFIED nutshell.
    So the MC isn't anything scientist like. Now it's not that bad yet, but i hope you can slowly make him accept mana(not use per say, i mean mentally accept it) and experiment with mana materials for wahtever come to your head( mana stone flamethrower, enhance his serum with mana, etc . your imagination is the limit) and try to figure out why he can't use even if he can't cure it. Not only will this behavior make him use science more but let's face it,
    HE is being a huge crybaby about that.

  2. Character. - well this is the worst one perhaps ? I mean it has been either enemy or friend. Not one elf is reasonable, NOT ONE. It's like they are bipolars, one moment they are calm the other sh*t hits the fan HARD.And pls do not get rid of of Silphi. Ironically she had the best development explained so far, sure she was a bitch at the start but you explained why, well. So don't get rid of over her just because she doesn't follow the mc around like an obedient dog because sure as hell the mc hasn't done SHT to deserve it , FROM ANYBODY. I mean he doesn't explain anything to anyone and resorts do deceit anytime anyone doubts himeven  if just for a second, so a her behavior was justified.

Well that is it. And don't take this critic to heart because i made this so you can improve. I like your story and would like to see it continue until it's finished.
Keep up the good work author-sanlaughing!!!!!!!


The story really evokes all kinds of emotions from the reader; anger, joy, sadness, etc. Each chapter is always something to look forward to.


Try it, it's quite a good ride !


this story is awesome keep up the good work