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Chapter 46 : Internal affars

Sylphi urged Reisha to follow after her, after mentioning that it was about Lazarus, Reisha didn’t give a second thought as she gazed at Syawi, then towards Helven with a smile “Please, do excuse us for the moment.” Before she gave them a light bow and followed after Sylphi who was waiting with her arms crossed.

Celine was about to follow since it was her job to protect Reisha, but Sylphi noticed and said.”Would it be possible for the two of us to be alone….?”

Celine stopped, before she looked curiously towards Reisha. “Princess…?”

Reisha nodded, because  it was matters pertaining to Lazarus that she couldn’t let the opportunity slide.

Meanwhile Helven’s mouth was slightly open, his face slacked and his eyes widened. He wasn’t sure what had just happened, since not too long ago, Sylphi was bursting with anger. He was somewhat worried and was also curious about why Sylphi wanted to have a chat with the Princess, normally if they had just fought Sylphi would’ve wanted to be alone.

WIth a sigh, Helven shook his head and gazed back to Syrawi, who in turn was also showing a curious look at the two who were already walking away from them. “Lady Syrawi..” Helven called out. “You needed to speak with me?

Syrawi nodded and looked towards Celine. “Celine… was it? You’ll have to excuse us as well...”

With a wave of her hand, Syrawi left with Helven and headed towards the large 10 story tree,  covered in moss from the base up to the branches. The moss had a bright green color making the scenery look clean and beautiful.

Celine could only watch as both Reisha and Sylphi headed further and further away.

As Reisha curiously gazed at the Elven homes, she was somewhat curious about the idea of living inside a living tree. It wasn’t her first time in an Elven village, but it was certainly the first time that she had time to take things slow and admire them.

As the two continued on their way, the bystanders would often gaze in awe at the two beauties. Some men who were staring intently didn’t know the wrath that they would soon face as their wives calmly watched their husband’s last few moments.

Some were even whispering amongst themselves why Sylphi and the Twilight Princess were even together.

Although Reisha could hear their whispers, she didn’t exactly feel the need to react to any of them, rather she was more curious why Sylphi was somewhat gloomy considering that just a few moments ago she was relatively rude to her.

After several minutes of walking, the two eventually arrived at a lake further out from the village, surrounded by hundreds of trees, from here it was like a desolated forest since the village could no longer be seen from the amount of trees that blocked their views.

The lake was crystal clear, and though it was several meters deep, you could clearly see the pebbles, stones and even several branches that had fallen into the lake. It was quite the scenery and Reisha couldn’t help but admire the view.

Sylphi on the other hand was glancing around, making sure that no one had followed them. They were relatively far from the village so it was quite easy to sense anyone near the area.

With an “ehem...”, she took Reisha’s attention from the scenery and said. “About Lazarus…..”

Reisha’s eyes sparkled for a  moment, but as much as she wanted to jump and get excited, she had an appearance to maintain as she knew how much she easily loses her composure when it was about Lazarus.

Reisha cleared her throat, and with her palm opened she said. “Please, do continue...”

Sylphi was somewhat silent for a bit, her gaze were downcast, her long elven ears were drooped down and she was constantly stroking her shoulder while stealing glances at Reisha who was already eager to her about her brother.

Sylphi wasn’t exactly sure where to start…. So she decided it was best to start where they had first met. When the thief had unknowingly plucked an Azalea flower, as she spoke, Reisha noticed Sylphi’s tone was relatively soft and she always looks down as if those moments meant something to her.

From there, Sylphi explained how Lazarus had used a strange object to blind them and escape, which of course was called a flash bang, but they didn’t know.

And then Sylphi continued where they had met on the ship.. And ended up trying to kill each other.

At first, Reisha frowned. It was quite clear that she was somewhat displeased by how Sylphi had treated Lazarus but the moment Sylphi had mentioned that she was barely even able to touch him during their combat, Reisha’s frowning face turned to a stunned look.

Curious and somewhat surprised, Reisha asked. “Did you use any sort of reinforcement spell…?”

Sylphi shook her head and said. “I didn’t feel that he used any mana…….so… I thought that…. I could take him on…… and I thought I could win without my bow…. “ Sylphi let out sigh recalling how Lazarus easily overpowered her in hand to hand combat.

Reisha was already frowning, but not because she was angry but because it didn’t make any sense, it made her ask. “So why couldn’t you beat him…?”

Sylphi thought for a moment. The only explanation she could think of was “Maybe he had an innate ability of strength..? He was quite strong even without any reinforcement spell

….. Probably as strong as someone with a tier 4 reinforcement spell….but…. I couldn’t sense that he was using mana… I’m not sure...”

“T-that’s…..” Reisha downcast her gaze, the only conclusion that she could make was that the person Sylphi was talking about wasn’t Lazarus. First of all, hand to hand combat could never be Lazarus’ specialty since she herself knew how weak Lazarus physically was, second the strength of a tier 4 reinforcement spell could only come from beastmen without a spell.

But the only reason why Reisha still continued to listen was because Sylphi kept mentioning how he was mana less. So Reisha decided it was best to listen to Sylphi and gestured for her to continue.

Sylphi continued how they got into the belly of a leviathan but the moment she mentioned an artifact… a sword which had a strange glow to be precise, was the moment Reisha’s expectation had plummeted down.

And when Sylphi mentioned Lazarus having a sort of mana bubble to go up to the surface, it was then that Reisha let out a sigh and said. “Then… how can you be sure that it was my dear brother…?” in a relatively soft tone, a tone filled with disappointment and a hint of sadness.

Sylphi noticed this and said. “Because Princess Anastasia herself confirmed his identity…..”

Reisha frowned. “Ana..? How’s Ana a part of any of this?”

Sylphi, suddenly stared deeply into Reisha with brows slightly furrowed. “Maybe she-...might’ve wanted to kill him...”

Reisha’s heart skipped a beat for a moment before it suddenly started feeling warm, then hot. She shook her head and decided it was best to keep listening for now. “Was it...really big bro-”

Sylphi cut her short and said. “There was no mistake about it…... She showed us a drawing of him when he was younger… and during dinner we suddenly heard an explosion. When we went there…… we saw him with my mother. I thought we left him in the island so... .. I’m still not quite sure how he got there.”

Sylphi shook her head. “No, that doesn’t matter. He also recognized Ana and he-” Sylphi stopped as she realized Reisha’s frown was one you wouldn’t normally see on her. Though she was somewhat calm, the mana around her was somewhat cold and chilly.

Reisha noticed that Sylphi had gone silent, staring at her with a stunned look. But right now, Reisha’s head was throbbing violently, if Sylphi was done talking, then it was her time to speak. “Do you have any idea why they’re after him?”

Sylphi sighed, before turning to look at Reisha with a slight frown. “Because…. They wanted you back home. But I’m not quite sure…… because Ana mentioned that she wanted to reunite your family but Lazarus refused… so she wanted to force him but-”

Sylphi then explained how she fainted before Ana and Lazarus fought.

Reisha’s fist balled but then Sylphi continued with something that suddenly made Reisha’s eyes widen. “All I know was that after their fight. A few mai-..... No, a lot of maids died with their hand slashed off of their arm. A-and… Silica…. She was split in half...”

“Silica...did..? By big brother…? He couldn’t have…. Even if he wanted to…..” Reisha was sure that Silica was at least Gold rank II as an Assassin so it was a big shock how Lazarus who couldn’t even win a brawl with anyone, would kill not one, but several maids.

It was relatively hard to believe. She felt bad for the maids but then she still wasn’t sure if any of this was true, it was then that Reisha thought for a moment and asked. “What happened to Ana..?”

“I-I don’t know...” Sylphi wasn’t quite sure, since Rei left the part out how Lazarus had kept thrashing her like a toy, it was important for Ana to keep up appearance so she had told Rei to never even mention her name.

With a deep breath, Sylphi then said. “He helped me escape……...” in a relatively soft tone as she averted her gaze from Reisha who had a stunned look.

Sylphi remembered the runes on her mother’s spell just before Lazarus arrived to free her. And now that she thinks about it, it was quite clear she was trying to kill her. Not to mention that she was pointing it at Sylphi and not at the iron bars.

Sylphi’s chest tightened. Then the memory of Lazarus saying.

“Go back to your mother if you want to die. I already did what I had to do.”

Lazarus image was burned in Sylphi’s mind, his eyes staring at her as if he had already been fed up with her nonsense. A sharp pain pricked her chest at that moment, making her whisper as she lowered her head.

“I’m sorry….. Lazarus...”

Reisha had a look of shock. She simply stared blankly at Sylphi, who hadn’t realized that a crystal clear liquid had trickled down her cheeks. She wanted to comfort her, but at this point, Reisha herself was somewhat overwhelmed.

But if Ana herself had confirmed his identity then there was no mistake. It could’ve been Lazarus, and he might’ve had an ability all along.

Piecing the puzzle together, the moment she had left the castle was when Celine had told her that Ana and Clovis had suddenly decided to head to Kratos and Gallia.

This made Reisha frown, the only person who could have ordered them couldn’t have been their her mother. There was no one else she could blame except, the King, her father, Veyron…..

Reisha’s blood boiled, her fist balled and with a sigh she said. “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to excuse me. I’ll be heading back to the Kingdom.” and without even waiting for a reply, she stormed back to the village, leaving Sylphi who was just staring at her reflection by the lake.

When she arrived, Celine asked her. “How did it go..?”

Reisha promptly said. “We’re heading back to the Kingdom. Right now.”

The Elven people who were passing by, stopped to look at Reisha. This was the very first time they had seen the Twilight Princess’ anger. “What happened…? Did someone offend her..?” whispers ran amongst the Elven people as Reisha and Celine immediately mounted their horses.

“Please, do tell the Helven and Lady Syrawi my farewell.” - Reisha

The Random Elven villager male nodded whilst having a stunned look.

Reisha whipped the horse’s rein, making the horse neigh loudly before dashing as fast as it could.

“W-wait! Princess!” Celine did the same as she tried to catch up to Reisha who had already lost her composure.

As the Twilight Princess burned in fury, Sylphi was still staring at the lake. Fiddling around with a stick as she hugged her knees while constantly stirring the water to avoid seeing her own reflection.

“Sylphiiiii!!” A young feminine voice called out but Sylphi couldn’t hear her, rather, it was better to say that she didn’t want to hear anyone right now.

The crunching of grass grew louder and louder before the young feminine voice called out yet again. “Sylphii!”

Sylphi replied with a soft. “What..?”

A young elven female that looked to be around 8 years old with ocean blue hair that reached up to her shoulder, stopped just beside Sylphi, her sky blue eyes sparkled with excitement as she said. “Sylphi!!” and proceeded to hug Sylphi who wasn’t sharing her sentiment.

“Why didn’t you tell me you got back? Ahh! Wait! You just missed the Twilight princess!”

The energetic young elven female was of course Sera, Sylphi’s younger sister who had also met Lazarus before.

With a sigh, Sylphi said. “Sera, can you leave me alone..?”

Sera frowned. “Why? What happened?”

“Nothing….” Sylphi continued to fiddle around with the stick as she wiped her tear with her legs to avoid getting caught by Sera.

But Sera could clearly see that her eyes were a slight red and said jokingly. “Don’t tell me you got yourself a boyfriend!?”

Sylphi frowned, before turning her glare to Sera who was somewhat amused by her reaction and was showing a childish smile. Since this easily riled up Sylphi, she thought it would be a good idea to continue to tease her, which wasn’t exactly a good idea.

“Ohh~ so did your boyfriend leave you…?”

“He wasn’t my boyfriend...” Sylphi stood up as her fist balled.

Sera had a stunned look and wasn’t exactly sure who Sylphi was talking about. She curiously asked. “Who’s he?”

Sylphi realized what she had done and simply let out a sigh. “Nobody…...”

“Did you smooch?”

Sylphi’s brows twitched, veins popped on her forehead as her fist balled.

“Erhmm-... uhmm.. I-it was a just a joke-”


“Oww!! Whad you do that for!?” Sera shouted as she covered the lump on her head. Angry, she continued. “Not like anyone would want to smooch you….”

“Oh…. is that so….” Sylphi showed a gentle and elegant smile but with her mana surging all over the place, it was obvious that she wanted to kill someone. Sera didn’t give a second thought and made a dash for it.

Sylphi’s figure turned to blur, as Sera blinked, Sylphi’s figure re-appared infront of her. Sera bumped into her and fell on her bossom with a thud. “Oww..oww….”

As Sera looked up, she saw the devil smiling as several hundreds of veins were already popping on Sylphi’s head and it was quite clear that Sera wouldn’t live to see the daylight of tomorrow.

Meanwhile Helven and Syrawi back home were discussing important matters. The two sat across each other on a wooden table, gently taking a sip from their cups.

Syrawi was the first to speak as she gently placed her cup down and gazed on Helven. “Have you prepared the flowers…?”

Helven took out a small leafy pouch from his pocket and handed it over to Syrawi, who opened the pouch and inspected the contents.

There were two transparent flowers making a subtle glow. A small smile appeared on Syrawi’s face as she looked towards Helven. “Thanks….”

Helven nodded. “How’s the Sage? ”

“Not too good. We have brought in several ability users but…. none of them could heal him….” Syrawi sighed.

“I just hope that the other races don’t find out about the weakening of our sage….. Especially those damn humans, who knows when they’ll plot an attack.” - Helven

Syrawi let out another sigh, before gazing back to Helven. “The truth is, the granddaughter of Mauris had asked the oracle for a divination…. ”

Helven raised a brow. “And?”

“Right now, she had found the person the oracle had been talking about…. But his.. Well, manaless and… a human” Helven’s brows twitched, he frowned and confirmed. “A human? And manaless??? Is that even possible?”

Syrawi shook her head. “I don’t know….”

“How can we even entrust the health of the Great Sage to a mere human??? What if he spreads rumours or even tell his King about the Great Sage’s health??? What then!?” - Helven

Syrawi sighed. “We have no choice…… ”

“What if that human tried to eliminate the Sage?” - Helven

“I will be there to watch him. So if he tries something then I can stop him….” - Syrawi

“What if the Oracle’s divination is false? She had failed everyone too many times in the past. It’s safe to say that her abilities are nothing but a hoax….” - Helven

“Don’t worry, Oraius had found Eve so if all else fails, then we will have no choice but to let Sonia bring in the human….” - Syrawi

“Eve? The last of the white fox clan? If she’s been found then there’s no reason to even bring the human in.”  - Helven

“Don’t forget…. Her ability still relies on mana, and the creature inside Mauris could simply just absorb it back….” - Syrawi

Helven downcast his gaze as he couldn’t shake off the feeling that it was a bad idea to let a nameless human get near the great elven sage. But if it was the will of the Elven priestess then there was nothing he could do but let out a sigh.

“I just hope nothing goes wrong…...”



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