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Chapter 45 : A mistake

Inside a large room, everything was made from wood, from the floor up to the rooftop and ornaments, everything. But instead of having the usual brown color, the room and everything else was a light yellow.

This was because, it was the inside of a living tree, a room made from carving the inside of a massive tree that would almost pass as a 10-story building.

And by the table, One female elf with a blue wavy hair was glaring at an elven man with wrinkles and lines riddled along his face, it wasn’t hard to tell that he had already aged quite a bit, not to mention the fact that his back was already arching forward.

Helven, being the elderly elven elf, was feeling an intense pressure from his granddaughter’s gaze.  

Sylphi was starting to get impatient, the truth about her mother would put an end to her doubts of Lazarus being crazy. At least, if it was that way then there was nothing else to to think about but… if it wasn’t..?

There was a bit of silence before Helven couldn’t stand the surfacing guilt he was feeling and decided to speak, although his voice was somewhat soft and faltering from age “U-uhm… err…. ….Sophia...well I-......”


None of what he was saying made any sense, Sylphi’s fist was beginning to ball, veins were popping on her forehead and her gaze was burning with a white hot rage from the pit of her stomach.

“GRANDFATHER!” Sylphi interrupted with a shout “ You knew that mom was alive didn’t you!? Why didn’t you tell me!?”

“I-.....” - Helven

“Why….!? ” Sylphi shouted again as she took a step forward, making Helven take a step back and avert his gaze. But the moment he gazed back at her, he knew that she wouldn’t let this one slide.

“Haaa-…......” With a sigh, Helven resigned himself and rubbed his wrinkled temples. “I guess… you’re old enough to understand…..”

Sylphi huffed while crossing her arms, she wasn’t quite done with her venting, but for now she decided to back off and listen.

Helven continued. “I know you’d never forgive me for what I did to her…. But I did it to protect you… to protect our people…...” Helven took a deep breath, as if he was bracing himself before he dropped the bomb on Sylphi who was somewhat hesitant to hear at first, but like him she had already prepared herself.

“I had banished Sophia…….”

Sylphi frowned and asked in a strict tone. “Why?”

Helven hesitated for a moment, he gulped some air before staring deeply into her eyes.

“She had tried to murder you…….”

The moment those words left Helven’s mouth, Sylphi’s anger vanished in a near instant from hearing just those few words, her eyes were widened and her arms began shaking. It wasn’t guilt she was feeling, but a surfacing regret.

“W-wha-? I-is… that the tr-”

Helven interrupted. “The truth….”

Helven continued. “But, it wasn’t just you. Anyone of the elven race she had tried to murder…..” Helven downcast his gaze, it was easy to tell that it was also a decision he had regretted but… the moment he gazed back into Sylphi’s eyes, he said “ I, as the village chief have the responsibility to protect our people. Even, if it is from the very daughter that I had loved...

Years ago…. When the Great War had ended. We had allied ourselves with the Imperial Kingdom led by King Leon and fought against Both the Twilight kingdom and the Azure kingdom of the humans. 

It was then that we had lost Sophia to the Twilight Kingdom, but several years after that….. She had suddenly came back… and when the guards welcomed her and brought news to the village, I was the first to run over…. Only to find that Sophia… had dismembered one of the guards with her ice magic….. “

“M-mom did..?” Sylphi, who was once in a fit rage, now gazing with eyes widened, arms shaking ever so slightly. Her mind felt numb.

But even when Helven saw this, he still continued. “Yeah… and that was when I had decided to imprison her… in hopes to see what the humans had done to her, and if we could heal her….. But all I knew was that she had grown a deep hatred for the elven kind and was blinded by rage……

That was when….. You had approached your mother, you were still so young back then, You even went there even though I had forbidden you to do so……It was then that Sophia had fired several ice shards at you and…. That was when I saw you…. Bloodied, and dying… I had loved you as much as Sophia….

So… left with no other choice… I had to banish her…. And I sent her back…. Back to the twilight kingdom, it was shortly after the exile of the second prince, Prince Lazarus Valheart that she had become his sister’s personal maid……..”

Sylphi frowned. “The exile of Lazarus..? ”Sylphi shook her head, now wasn’t the time to ask about Lazarus, since she knew that barely anyone knew about his existance, as she continued. “Nevermind, then why couldn’t I remember that it had happened..?”

Helven looked down for a moment, before he stared deep into Sylphi’s eyes. “Ariel……”

Sylphi sighed, of course there was no way she’d remember if one of the arch angels screwed with her memory. Especially since she was young at that time it was fairly easy to erase a recent memory.

Helven continued. “I….. I’m sorry…. Sophia seemed normal when she was with the humans… I couldn’t bear the thought of watching my beloved daughter… slaughter her own people… so at least there… she may be happy...”

Sylphi suddenly stomped forward, grabing Helven by the collar and before he knew it, he was already hovering above air. “You sent her back to the people who hypnotized her!? TO THOSE FILTHY HUMAN SCUMS!? ARE YOU STUPID!? Mother is-!”

Helven suddenly shouted, who in turn was also angry “You!!” as he smacked Sylphi’s hand away and gave her a glare. “I, am your chief first BEFORE I am your grandfather!”

Sylphi balled her fist, but as much as she wanted to punch him in the face. She knew, that Helven her grandfather would not be an easy opponent even with her enchanted bow. Sylphi clenched her teeth, though her head was already as hot as an inferno, she held back and simply let out an apology. “I’m sorry….. Please continue...”

Helven let out a sigh, as much as he was disrespected, he couldn’t exactly get mad too long at her granddaughter. After all, he knew that it might simply be overwhelming her, so he simply continued.

“Nevermind…. As long as you understand… then it’s alright….And, the reason why I had sent Sophia back was because I had found out… that it wasn’t them who put her in such a state…..”

Sylphi raised a brow. “How’d you know....?”

“Elysia…….” - Helven

Sylphi raised a brow and asked. “Who’s that..?”

“The overseer of the church in the Twilight Kingdom……. Well she disappeared a few years back though……So only Sophia herself knows…..but all I know, is that the humans played no part in this...” Helven rubbed his wrinkled temples and sat down at a wooden stool. “That’s all I know….”

Sylphi was somewhat silent, as a shadow loomed over her eyes. Helven noticed this and wanted her to get her mind off of it. “You should see Sera…. She had been waiting for you all this time… and, I have an urgent matter to attend to with lady Syrawi.”

With that said, Helven stood up and walked past Sylphi, who had stood still and kept quiet.

As the door closed with a click. Sylphi had a brief flashback of a grassy field painted in the golden limelight of the setting sun where young man with pitch black hair, with eyes as blue as the sky. The moment he opened his mouth, his voice echoed deep within her mind.

“Go back to your mother if you want to die. I already did what I had to do.”

And in the next moment, she saw herself, sitting down on the grass with chains locked to her arms and legs while tears flowed down her cheeks, as the image of herself screamed.

“YOU LUNATIC!!!” Sylphi felt her heart sting for a brief moment.  “Brute! Stupid! Idiot! I HATE YOU!”

Her very own voice kept echoing in her mind. “I hate you….. I hate you….” and at that moment, Sylphi had a shadow loom over her eyes as she placed a hand on her shoulder and bit her lips.

Sylphi lowered her head and fell silent, as she glanced beside her, she suddenly noticed that by the window, Syrawi was casually conversing with a black haired beauty with a tiara above her head.

“Weren’t they…… after him because of her..?” she whispered to herself.


Meanwhile, Syrawi and Reisha were having a simple chat outside while Celine was beside Reisha and simple just watching over the two.

“Lady Syrawi, may I ask as to what had happened to the great Sage? He had not attended the grand council’s meeting these last few years and so have you….” - Reisha

“Oh that….. Well we’re both kinda busy….” Syrawi forced a smile and was somewhat troubled by the question, since that was exactly the reason why she was here. Although she couldn’t tell Reisha about the affairs of the elves since it could spread. “Anyway, was there anything special about the meetings? Or was it the regular geezers meeting where they argue about lands and right? “

Unlike Clovis and Anna, Reisha had been recognized by the magic council and had been sent a few times as the representative of King Veyron and Queen Emilia Valheart despite her young age.

Since then she had been given permission to partake in the meetings since a few of her decisions had settled several amounts of disputes, and as such it was also why she had been given the nickname of the Twilight Princess.

Reisha shook her head. “No…. the meetings have all been about the events at the northern continent Gallia. Since I’m here, I might as well inform you. A new guild had formed who call themselves ‘ The Black Order’ which consists of only 5 people for now... ”

Syrawi raised a brow and was somewhat curious. “So what’s so special about them?”

Reisha downcast her gaze and said with a grim expression. “From what I’ve heard, one of their members known as Bladin, had single handedly taken out 50 adventurers just by himself… Needless to say each of their members might be as strong as the King’s themselves….. Their magic is unlike any other…. No, It’s better to say that they’re ability users who have abilities that could rival an artifact…..

Syrawi frowned. “Wait.. why haven’t I heard of this…?”

“Well, the council decided it was best to keep this from the people for now. And, we have already classified the Black Order to be a dark guild….. And-..” Reisha suddenly stopped and glanced behind her where the sound of crunching grass was slowly growing louder.

It was Helven heading towards them. The matters between the council were something that should not be discussed openly, especially to lower ranking individuals so Reisha simply said. “Let us continue this conversation some other time…. But I do hope that you would attend future meetings.”

Syrawi nodded. ”Then I will see you soon, since there is an upcoming meeting and I presume you will be joining..?”

Reisha suddenly forced a smile, which made Syrawi curious. “Was I wrong..?”

“Erhhm…. I won’t be attending further gatherings since I have-”

Celine suddenly interrupted. “She’s looking for Prince Lazarus….” Reisha shot a glare at Celine who replied with a simple “What? Isn’t it easier to find him if people who happen to find him tell us where he is?”

“Eh….? Wasn’t he exiled to a forest..? ” - Syrawi

Reisha shook her head, but before she could continue. Helven was already behind them as he said. “If I may interrupt, Lady Syrawi, what brings you here?”

Syrawi was still curious about the Exiled Prince as much as she was curious about the Black Order, but she had important matters she needed to attend to and so did Reisha. So she gave Reisha a wry smile and said. “Well, let’s continue this conversation some other time….”

Reisha nodded, but then a small smile appeared on her face as she turned to Helven. “I take it you and your granddaughter had finished with discussions?”

Helven paused for a moment, he was somewhat reluctant to refuse the Twilight Princess but, right now he was concerned about Sylphi. “If you could give her a bit of time princess, I would appreciate it….”

The moment he said those words, Sylphi was already heading for them. Although Helven couldn’t see since she was behind them and the group’s attention was on Helven.

Reisha’s gaze fell, it was quite clear that she was somewhat disappointed. “Very well, Maybe I’ll come back tomorrow….”

But to Helven’s surprise, Sylphi suddenly approached Reisha and said “Princess… we need to talk….” Sylphi’s gaze was down on the ground, her voice gentle and soft, it was obvious to Reisha that was as if she was guilty of something.

“It’s about Lazarus…and Princess Ana…..” - Sylphi


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