Chapter 44 : Little Progress

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In a certain elven forest--------

Several days ago~

Sylphi stared at Reisha for a good minute before she asked “You...wanted to know about a strange man..?”

Reisha responded with a slight nod. Although Sylphi simply became wary. It wasn’t exactly a good idea to just blurt out that Lazarus had almost killed Princess Ana, neither the fact that she was also after his head.

Sylphi’s silence made Reisha tilt her head in confusion ”Is something the matter?” she asked in worried tone. Sylphi frowned, unsure of what to do and was somewhat hesitant.

“I’m sorry…. But I-… need to have a talk with grandpa first…. There’s something I need to know….” Sylphi spoke softly as she averted her gaze. Somehow afraid that the truth would truly meant that she had turned her back on the person who had tried to save her.

Although Reisha simply raised a brow. Sure enough that Sylphi knew more than the rest of the villagers, she couldn’t let her chance slip by but getting to greedy could be her undoing. So she simply thought that she should be patient for now. “Alright….. Please do take your time.”

Sylphi made an inward sigh before walking pass Reisha and Celine, but before she could get far. Reisha spoke “I am certainly looking forward to have a chat with you later”

Though it seemed like just simply few words, it had just cornered Sylphi into an appointment which she couldn’t just easily decline with the presence of Syrawi and the guards, declining a princess with such a reputation would simply be considered downright rude.

Sylphi frowned and wasn’t looking all too happy.

From what had just happened to her from almost drowning into the bottom of the lake and getting caught up in the crossfire between Ana and Lazarus, not to mention unexpectedly meeting her mother Sophia.This made her feel a surfacing headache from how she was selfishly being pushed into a corner.

“Haaaa-.........” Sylphi sighed, carrying a hint of irritation which was loud enough for the rest to hear and she made sure Reisha heard it.

The guards gulped and sweat ran down their spine, even Syrawi’s mouth was gaping from how rude Sylphi could get.

And just like that, Sylphi left without uttering a word.

The guards who felt that they were a bit responsible, approached Reisha, they felt as if they themselves had wronged her, even though they had nothing to do with it. Their shoulders tensed up when they were in front of Reisha.

But before they could even voice out their apology, Reisha simply gave them a smile and said “Please worry not, she may simply be tired and I do not wish to pressure her into meeting with me” At that moment, their hearts began throbbing and the guards simply averted their gaze while scratching their head “T-thanks for understanding….”

“Hmmm~ I’ve heard a lot about the Twilight Princess. But it seems that the rumours have fallen short on you.” Syrawi greeted Reisha with a smile.She was impressed how Reisha handled the situation despite the difference in position between them. Royalties were easily offended by those simply acts that they would stop at nothing to humiliate the offender.

Reisha greeted her with a smile and said. “Lady Syrawi… it is a pleasure to meet you. Never have I dreamed that I would meet the elven priestess herself in person.” Reisha did a curtsy and turned her gaze to Celine, urging her to introduce herself.

While the group decided to have a conversation. Sylphi had already arrived at her grandfather’s home where Lazarus had been interrogated.

Sylphi was sitting down at a wooden stool, facing her grandfather with a frown.

Helven being her grandfather, was already giving a nervous look. Sylphi had just suddenly barged in, and as he was about to ask about what had happened. Sylphi began giving him a glare, which made him nervous, somehow desperate to start a conversation, Helven glanced at her bow. “S-sylphi-... that bow whe-”

Sylphi suddenly slammed her fist on the table, making Helven jolt for a moment. “I want answers…… what happened to mother…?”

“S-sophia..? B-but why so sud-..” As Helven spoke, Sylphi simply cut him short.

“Grandfather…...” Sylphi sighed, before giving him a deep gaze “Please…. Just answer the question….”


Unknown forest---

As Sonia went ahead, Lazarus scanned the area for a moment, walking from one place to another. It didn’t take long for him to find what he had been searching for.

Beside a pile of rubble with a large boulder that had its upper half smashed to pieces, there was a thin silvery sword that was only an inch wide. This of course was Eris’ rapier.

The moment Lazarus gripped the handle, he felt a strange sensation. It was as if his hands became as light as air, no…. it was better to say that he couldn’t feel the weight on his arms.

Lazarus swung the sword around, and much to his amazement a silvery string of wind trailed down the path of his slashes. This made Lazarus curious and excited. “So these are enchanted weapons…. I wonder what I could do with it-....”

And just like a kid who suddenly had an idea emerge in his mind. Lazarus closed his eyes shut before willing the wind to gather at the tip of the sword. He focused his mind and tried imagining a cluster of wind spiraling at the tip of his blade, just like how he saw them in animes.

For a moment, he felt a light breeze passing through his whole body. When he opened his eyes, he was greeted with….


Enchanted weapons had passive spells in them which is why Lazarus could feel his arm become light, but he couldn’t do more since, like everything else in this world, he needed mana…. which of course, he doesn’t have.

“Haaa-.......... Well, I doubt there would even be magic that could rival a nuclear missile…. So I guess it isn’t that bad….” Lazarus muttered to himself, although it was clear that he was in denial. But he suddenly heard a crunching sound followed by a soft and feminine voice.

“Where have you been..? ” Sonia was staring at Lazarus with brows furrowed. It was easy to tell that she was somewhat displeased to look for a cold-blooded man.

Sonia’s gaze eventually fell towards the rapier Lazarus had in hand and it didn’t take long for her to realize what he was doing.

Sonia let out a sigh. Before she turned around and muttered “Let’s go...” in a relatively soft tone. She glanced back, although she wasn’t gazing at the sword anymore, she was gazing at the mysterious weapon Lazarus was holding in his left palm, which was a silver dessert eagle. But of course, Sonia had no idea what it was.

She was curious but she didn’t feel like asking Lazarus after what had happened, so she simply put the thought aside for now and continued walking away.

Jim who was silently watching the two, gazed at Lazarus for a few seconds before averting his gaze and following after Sonia.

Lazarus kept a decent distance between him and Sonia as they continued to move around the forest with trees stretching as far as the eye can see, searching for where they had hidden Eris. The three were silent, and it was simply the sound of grass crunching echoing throughout the cold and dark night.

Lazarus wasn’t exactly uncomfortable, considering that the silence is what he liked the most. While keeping tabs on Jim, he noticed that Jim was constantly stealing glances at his pistol.

Needless to say, Jim didn’t quite sit well with how such a small weapon could have eliminated all of his men, even though it wasn’t exactly the weapon Lazarus had used but he simply assumed it was since it made similar booming noises to the AWP.

It didn’t take long for them to arrive at a large tree surrounded by a thick wall of leaves that extended a few meters high, to Lazarus it was quite the sight since bushes that were as large as this wasn’t exactly common on earth.

“We’re here…...” Sonia muttered softly, avoiding eye contact with Lazarus. Although Lazarus didn’t seem to mind, instead it was Jim who was feeling the pressure of the atmosphere between the two. To him, it was awkward, as much as he wanted to leave, he couldn’t exactly leave. Especially if he had several pounds of C4 on the backpack that Lazarus made him carry.

Although he himself wasn’t quite sure what the contents were…. All he knew was that if he did something wrong, then he would be blown to kingdom come.

Sonia called out to Eris softly “Eris..? We’re back….”

Before pushing through the thick wall of leaves, making a rustling sound. And when she entered, she wasn’t surprised to find Eris staring at her with a frown, while leaning against the base of the tree wearing her pure white dress, drenched in sweat.

Pieces of her armor were scattered around her, but what caught Sonia’s eyes was her chest plate which had a large dent resembling a fist. This made Sonia downcast her gaze, knowing full well how she put Eris near death’s door.

Sonia was hesitant for a moment, but as soon she opened her mouth. Eris let out a sigh before calling out to her.“Are-... you alright..?”

Sonia was somewhat left speechless. She was expecting a bit of scolding from Eris but somehow after all that happened, seeing Eris worry about her made her a bit happy.

Sonia nodded with a her lips curving to a small smile. “Y-yeah-.... Thanks….”

“Where’s Rex…?” The moment Eris spoke those words, the leaves rustled and two men emerged, one was wearing rugged clothing with a green mohawk atop his head which was Jim, while the other wearing a brown hood with dirt all over, being Lazarus.

Eris glanced back and forth from Lazarus to Jim. She eyed Lazarus cautiously giving him a deep gaze before speaking “Are you really Rex.....?”

Lazarus gave her a brief answer of simply tossing her sword over, which made a clinking sound as it landed on the ground before Lazarus proceeded to sit down with his arms crossed. Eris was left speechless… although she knew that if Lazarus wanted her dead he would’ve already attacked her by now.

The only problem to her was that she still couldn’t accept the fact that the man before her was Rex…. simply because the Rex she met a few days ago had black hair and sky blue eyes, in contrast to that the so called ‘Rex’ in front of her right now had a crimson red hair and eyes with a taint of gold, needless to say she also wasn’t familiar with the concept of hair dying and nanites since it wasn’t exactly in any books in this world.

Some time pass by with nothing but silence….. While Sonia had already fallen asleep from fatigue, Jim was still to nervous too sleep while Lazarus was still wide awake constantly shifting his gaze from Jim to Eris…. It was silent until an unexpected voice broke the silence.


The moment Eris spoke those words, both Lazarus and Jim turned their heads and gazed at her.

“I….uhm...” Eris was fiddling around with her fingers that somehow made Lazarus raise a brow. Considering that it was completely out of character of her to do so since she barely shows her emotions to anyone.

“What?” Lazarus promptly asked.

“Sorry……” Eris whispered in a relatively soft tone with downcast gaze. She felt it was wrong that she had treated them with suspicion, despite their efforts to save her and Sonia.

Lazarus was somewhat surprised, even though it didn’t show on his face. He was just staring at Eris for a few seconds before Eris continued “ And thanks…..”

It wasn’t long until morning came and the sound of the birds chirping woke Sonia, she flickered her eyes before lazily stretching her arm.

“Mmhh-mmm….. Hmmm?” Sonia glanced around with eyes half-open.

The green leaves that surrounded them were letting small beams of sunlight pass through the gap between the holes. It was somewhat warm yet the winds were a bit chilly since it was still early in the morning.

Sonia let out a yawn and looked around, but this time she noticed. That Lazarus and Jim were both gone, her half-opened eyes immediately burst open.

“What the… where..?”

Sonia panicked for a bit but then she saw Eris, leaning against the tree gazing at her.

“Morning…..” - Eris

“Morning…!? Where are they?? ” - Sonia

“Don’t worry… they’ll be back.” - Eris

“But.. where did they go?” - Sonia

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