Chapter 43: Ordeals

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“Where are they..?” Sonia softly muttered to herself while glancing around. The trees and vegetation all around her made it even harder to see farther; the darkness made it even worse.

Sonia was surrounded by the sounds of crickets creaking and with each step, the grasses made crunching noises. It was somewhat silent for a bit, but suddenly a loud boom went off.

A powerful shockwave shook the trees, making the leaves rustle for a moment.

“An explosion!?” Sonia jolted and glanced to her side. Like a burning bonfire, she saw an inferno raging from afar. Without a second thought, she began making her way towards the fire. “I hope I make it in time...”




It didn’t take long for Sonia to reach the blazing inferno igniting the nearby trees, as she glanced from left to right, she suddenly heard another loud “Boom” followed by a faint but very familiar voice

“Hu-..! Arrghhh!!”

“That voice…. It’s definitely that bandit….” Sonia felt nervous for a bit but then she realized that the person in question was groaning. Sonia began running, and when she suddenly heard a scream, she jolted and lowered her head.

“I fucking tried!! I Fucking worked hard!”

Sonia placed her back against the tree and slowly took a glimpse of the source of the screams. Trying to say stay as hidden as possible from behind the tree.

And under the moonlight, she saw two men.

Her heart nearly jumped out in surprise when she saw Leo down on the ground with tears flooding down his cheeks. She simply gazed in awe, as she continued to stare at the two with widened eyes.

Rex…. defeated that beastman..??? How??

Sonia was taken aback as she somehow expected the situation to be reversed. When her gaze fell upon Lazarus guns, she unknowingly stuck out her head just to see better. Luckily she was behind them so there was no way they could see her.

Sonia furrowed her brows, staring at the Desert Eagle. But no matter how much she wracked her brain for answers, nothing came to mind. It was a weapon that she saw for the first time and the only thing that came to her mind was An artifact ?

Sonia shook her head, now wasn’t the time to be thinking about such things.But her thoughts were cut short when Leo suddenly screamed.

“But they still wouldn’t let me in their party....... I couldn’t afford an Azalea flower....The elves..... wouldn’t let me have it...... the humans wouldn’t lend me money..... the demons laughed at me.... and my fellow kin simply ignored me........ WHAT ELSE DID YOU WANT ME TO DO!?

“My daughter........ died........ all because I didn’t have the guts to steal....”

While gazing at Leo screaming and crying, Sonia felt pity for him.

Is that why he became like this…? she thought

Sonia turned her gaze towards Lazarus, expecting him to somehow show a bit of pity. But when she saw his cold and empty eyes, She jumped out from behind the tree and shouted. “Wait!!” before Lazarus could pull the trigger.

In a quick motion, Lazarus materialized the silver Deagle, almost blasting Sonia’s skull. “Elf..?”

Sonia continued. “You don’t have to kill him… right..?” she pleaded feeling sorry for the beast. Leo was dumbfounded, he couldn’t utter a word and was somewhat baffled at the sudden turn of events.

“Please…. Can’t we just-...”


With a brief flash of a bright light, Leo’s body jolted for a split second, blood sprayed across the greenery before him as his eyes darkened and his body fell with a thud. A pool of blood began forming underneath Leo.

Dumbfounded and surprised, Sonia simply watched with widened eyes, her body frozen stiff.

“W-what did you just..?” She asked in a broken voice, gazing at Lazarus in horror.“D-did you kill him?...W-why..?”

Lazarus thought up of hundreds of reasons, especially since it seemed like a plot that was reused in movies millions of times, but seeing Sonia, he couldn’t just tell her that with Leo’s knowledge on his technology, would’ve posed a threat. Not to mention the fact that he could’ve easily turned his back against them if he was left alive.

With a huff, Lazarus shook his head and calmly said. “He’s dead now so it doesn’t matter now does it? ”

Sonia simply stared at Lazarus like a blank canvas. Her instincts telling her that the man standing right infront of her, was a very dangerous man. Even more dangerous than the bandit who had almost killed her and Eris.

Now she was having second thoughts about asking for help from a man who could easily take someone else’s life without battering an eye.

A deafening silence fell between the two. The wind blew a cold chill as the two simply stared at each other. Sonia gazing at Lazarus with eyes widened, and the latter simply staring at her with a blank expression.

“Boss!” A familiar voice called out.

Sonia and Lazarus both looked towards the man with the green mohawk. It didn’t take long for Sonia to recognize the man who had fired an arrow at Leo “You….” Sonia muttered under her breath.

Jim approached Lazarus and came to an abrupt halt. His eyes quickly locked on to the corpse that was right in front of Lazarus. At this point, he wasn’t sure whether to be happy or not.

Sweat ran down his forehead and never in his life had he felt this scared, simply gazing at Lazarus who was unharmed from a battle against a platinum ranked adventurer.

From that moment he knew that he made the right decision to follow him. Jim’s voice was somewhat soft as he spoke “S-so...uhm…uhh…. wh-what now boss?”

Lazarus shifted his gaze to Sonia and said “How’s Eris..?” Sonia snapped out from her little trance and gazed at Lazarus foot, trying to avoid eye contact “She’s fine…..” she said in a relatively soft tone as she averted her gaze.

From how she was acting, Lazarus knew that she was scared of him. But he simply ignored it for now as he he didn’t feel the need to be understood. All he needed was the tower, his father, and technology.

Not the mother who simply averted her gaze when he was exiled, not the father who had detested his existence and not the siblings who had outcasted him. But Lazarus was still somewhat neutral about Reisha, after all he is yet to meet her. And for him, it was 100 years ago since they last met and his memories were somewhat vague of her.

Lazarus thoughts, were soon disrupted by Jim who said with urgency. “We need to get out of here soon, the monsters are already closing in….” Sonia simply stood there as if she didn’t hear a word. She was still somewhat out of it, although who could blame her? This was the very first time she had seen someone getting killed right in front of her.

Lazarus collected his thoughts, with a sigh as he said. “Elf go with Jim, he will be guarding you and Eris for now.” Sonia snapped out from her little daze and stared at Jim.

For a moment she was silent, but when Lazarus repeated his words, her gaze turned to a slight frown. “B-but….I-...uhmm..” Sonia gazed at Leo’s corpse, her heart throbbing in pain. “What about him..? Should’ve we at least give him a proper burial..?”

Lazarus sighed. “Look…… this isn’t the time for-.... Nevermind, just go with Jim for now.”

“B-but..!” Lazarus frowned. “If you want to get eaten by the wolves that’s fine by me.”

Lazarus understood that she simply meant well, but he needed to be harsh since she was already putting them in danger for a corpse who used to be a rapist and murderer. But Sonia simply felt dejected, she understood the situation but somehow the way Lazarus said it. Somehow made it seem as if he had little care for her life.

Sonia meet Lazarus gaze, stared deep into him with a frown and said. “I was wrong about you….” Lazarus frowned. “He would’ve killed you and thrown your body out like it was nothing, people like you…. Don’t last long in this world.”

Upon hearing his word, Sonia felt a burning sensation swelling up in her chest. But before she could even speak out her rebuttal Jim stepped between the two and said. “Sorry to interrupt but…. Can we go now? The shadow wolves are already heading for us…. Not to mention a horde of ogres…..”

With a deep breath, Sonia averted her gaze. Without uttering a word, she turned on her back and began stomping towards a certain direction.

Lazarus simply let out a sigh, but as much as he wanted to bang his head against the wall. Now wasn’t the time, although dealing with naive little girls such as her was something that he thought that he needed to give a bit of patience.


------Town of Lumia-----

Several days ago ~

A knock on the door made Ana sigh as she sat on an expensive looking chair paired with a marble table of grand design. She glanced towards Sophia, urging her to get the door.

Sophia responded with a nod and went towards the door. But when she felt a chill down her spine, she jumped back and formed a stance inciting Ana to stand up and say. “What’s wrong..?”

“This feeling....” Sophia took out the daggers from underneath her skirt and several glowing runes appeared around her body.

With a soft creak, the door opened gently.

“Oi oi, calm down beautiful. No need to make such a scary face.” In a deep and dark voice, a man emerged from behind the door.

The man had blue ruffled hair and he had a steel choker around his neck that had several red runes. He grinned showing his razor sharp teeth that was almost identical to a piranha. The demonic man opened his eyes revealing a glowing purple with dark runic symbols circling around his pupils.

Sophia felt her skin crawl at the sight of several scars and runic symbols around the demonic man’s purple-ish body. The man wore a simple leather short that had dust and dirt all over.

“And for what reason have you come here Glade?” Ana spoke, seemingly acquainted with the demonic man. With a grim look Ana spoke in an angered tone. “Did….father send you?”

“That’s right. Simply because you’ve failed your highness.” In a mocking tone, Glade remarked.

“Enough...That is no way to speak to her highness.” Sophia glared at Glade as she pointed the tip of her blade towards him. “Kneel for your insolence or else..”

Glade responded with a grin and took calmly stepped to the side, revealing that behind him. Several cat-girls were down on the ground, with eyes wide open but empty and dark as if they had just been robbed of their souls.

A strange purple static electricity kept on flickering and coursing around their bodies as Glade’s grin became wider. “I don’t think that’d be a good idea little missy….”

Sophia simply huffed, without a hint of fear. A bluish magical circle formed underneath her, but before she could unleash her magic. Ana stepped in between the two with her arms cross, seemingly irritated at the childish ordeal “Enough… the both of you.”

“My apologies princess...” Sophia let out a soft sigh and lowered her head. Glade silently clicked his tongue and clicked his tongue.

“State your business, I don’t have time for such petty little games with trash such as yourself.” - Ana

“Hmph…..If it wasn’t for these” Glade grabbed his choker and leaned in close to Ana, clearly irritated at her haughty attitude. He stared deep into Ana’s eyes and let out a menacing grin, making Sophia frown. “Your head would’ve already rolled on the floor you arrogant little princess…”

In a quick motion, Sophia thrusted her dagger towards Glade but Ana quickly raised her arm. Stopping the dagger inches away from Glade’s neck. As much as Ana wanted to tear him to shreds, she couldn’t as she knew that he was far more powerful than the both of them.

Ana simply stomached her burning white hot rage as Glade simply continued to mock her. There was nothing more she could do but blame the trash of a brother that had she blamed to be the cause of all of this.

Disappointed, Glade shook his head. If Ana hadn’t stopped Sophia then he would’ve ripped off her head then and there. Glade continued “Anyway…. Your father has a message for you...” Glade handed Ana a scroll wrapped in a red ribbon.

Without awaiting for a reply, Glade turned on his back and left with a slight wave of his hand.

Ana clutched the scroll, clearly showing that she wasn’t too happy with the sudden turn of events. As she began reading the contents, her gaze slowly turned to a frown.


In a certain elven forest--------

Several days ago~

“We’re here!” Syrawi jumped down from the wyvern. She took a deep breath and opened her arms. “It’s been a few years since I’ve been here...”

Several elven guards, wearing light clothing kneeled before her. “We welcome you lady Syrawi..” but when they saw another pair of legs drop down, they gazed up and their eyes widened “S-sylphi?!” they muttered in unison. Sylphi responded with a light nod, but from how she was looking down, they could easily tell that she wasn’t too happy.

“Why were you with...” One of the guards asked but then Syrawi dismissed him with with a wave of her hand. “Don’t sweat the small details now. Oh! and have you recieved my message?”

“Yes my lady, we have prepared a few Flowers but before that…. The chief wanted to meet you.” Upon hearing the guards words, Sylphi stepped closer towards the guard with a frown and said “Where is he?..Take me to grandpa now...!” her voice was somewhat energetic although it carried a hint of anger.

The guards looked towards each other. “C-calm down… as much as we’d like to do so, errrhhm” Sylphi’s fist began to ball. Syrawi simply watched in amusement as the guards were somehow dripping sweat while waving their hand.

“Where is he..?!”

“Errhmm…. He’s currently with a guest.”

Sylphi and Syrawi looked towards each other. “Who? Is it somewhat important?”

“Oh she’s important alright. It’s the twilight princess. Oh! And do you remember the Azalea flower thief..?”

Sylphi suddenly grabbed the guard’s collar who began sweating bullets as she lifted him up into the air. “L-lady Sylphi please calm down… erhmm I-...”

Syrawi simply watched, trying to stomach her laughter. She somehow found it amusing how the guards were trying their best to reason with her.Syrawi thought that at least now Sylphi was more energetic compared to the silence she was giving her the whole trip.

“Why is she here..? What about the thief..? Answer me!” Sylphi began shaking the guard, unaware of the fact that the the twilight princess was just right behind the guard, staring at her.

“S-she’s here to ask about a human-...w-who was just recently here… and there was no one else except that thief-..s-s-soo.. I-...”

“That is correct, and it has been a while Sylphy..” Reisha looked towards Sylphi with a smile, before shifting her gaze to the guard. “Though it may be presumptuous and rude of me to say so, but.. He doesn’t seem to be at fault here”

Sylphi dropped the guard who scooted away as soon as he touched the ground.

“Eh..?? P-princess...” Sylphi stared at Reisha who did a curtsy. In just a moment, she was flooded with thoughts. But before she could even open her mouth, Reisha politely asked. “And the elven men as well as your grandfather had told me, that you also have seen and met the strange man. May I ask in detail as to what happened?”


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