Chapter 42.3 : [SuperSoldier vs Mage]

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“I’m fine now...” Eris placed a hand on Sonia’s shoulder. Her wounds fully healed.

“Then I guess we could return this to Rex..” A smile formed on Sonia’s face as she held up the transparent glowing azalea flower.

Eris paused for a moment and hesitantly responded with a light nod with brows furrowed.

“What’s wrong?” – Sonia

“You didn’t see?” –Eris

“See what?” – Sonia

“That man had yellow eyes.....” – Eris

Sonia fell silent for a moment. She didn’t know why his hair and eye color changed but the only proof she had was the mysterious question mark above his head. “I’m not sure why but....... I know it’s Rex, even if his eyes were differen’t.”

“How..? ”– Eris

“The truth is.... I’m an ability user.” Sonia muttered in a low voice with a distant smile and downcast gaze. “I’m sorry I hid it from you....”

Eris had suspected it for a while, ever since the time Sonia mentioned her mana. She wasn’t exactly sure what Sonia’s ability was but more or less she had a hunch that it was related to sensing mana. She didn’t need to prove anything and Eris simply took Sonia’s word to heart. And responded with an “I see....”

They both fell silent for a moment. But Sonia kept on staring at the leaves that was covering them...... no, it was better to say that she was trying to look pass the leaves.

“Something wrong?” – Eris

“I-....” Sonia hesitated for a moment, her eyes fell towards the Azalea flower she held. She stared at it for a brief moment before meeting with Eris’ gaze. “I-... have to go help Rex”

Eris brows suddenly turned to a frown. “You’ll only be risking yourself..”

“I know.... but I’ve alread recovered a bit of my mana. I can at least heal him from a distance. I can’t let him face Leo alone...... that man has the same amount of mana a platinum ranked adventurer would, so I don’t think Rex could stand up to him....”

Eris stared at her. She glanced at her finger and tried moving them but a numbing static sensation coursed through her hand.

Eris let out a sigh. She couldn’t move, she knew that it was useless to try and help since she’ll only get in the way. She glanced back at Sonia and said. “How much mana does Rex have..? How can you be sure that his no match for Leo? ”

“Much lesser than Leo, that’s all I can say.” Sonia forced a smile knowing that Lazarus was manaless but she couldn’t tell Eris since she had promised to keep it a secret. Sonia knew that if Lazarus went out to face Leo then he would only end up dying.

“I can’t let you..... ” Eris said with a strict tone, staring at Sonia with a frown. “You’ll only get yourself killed..”

“I’m sorry..... b-but... I can’t just let Rex die...” Sonia shook her head and stood up. “I’m sorry... but I have to...”

“Wai-!” Eris reached out a hand to Sonia, but as she was about to give chase. She felt static coursing throughout her body.

“I’m sorry....... “ Sonia whispered as she turned and left.


*Huff huff* Gasping for air and clothes wet with sweat. Jim kept glancing around with widened eyes. With only the faint glow of the moon beaming down from the gaps between the leaves, he had a hard time making out the figures that was surrounding him.

He was tired from running away so Jim simply leaned against a tree hoping that Leo wouldn’t be able to catch him.

The trees that twisted in unnatural ways, the bushes and the boulders all looked like shadowy figures and nothingmore.

“God damn it.....” Jim clenched his teeth. His heart racing and his sweat dripping down from his forehead. He knew that Leo could easily break his bones however-

He didn’t have a choice, especially if Lazarus had placed 30 pounds of C4 on the green backpack he had with him.

All Lazarus told him was if he followed his order then he wouldn’t be sent to kingdom come.

Jim shook his head. Right now wasn’t to think about what had happened, since he had already caught his breath, it was time to move.

But suddenly a thunderous *roar* made Jim flinch for a moment. He looked up and saw a figure shooting down towards him.

Jim eyes widened for a moment, andrenaline shot through his veins, he jerked his bow upwards but before he could even load his arrow, Leo swung down his arm, smacking Jim’s bow away. Jim gasped as he paled for a moment.

“You backstabber!” Leo roared out as he landed on the ground and thrusted his beast like arms towards Jim’s neck. “Hukk..!” Jim whimpered as Leo gripped his neck and lifted him up into the air.

“L-let go...” Jim shot a glare at Leo. Even with his manabarrier the crushing force of a tier 5 reinforcement spell was just as strong as an elephant crushing down with its entire weight.

“Those girls escaped because of you! “ Leo roared out. Jim couldn’t voice out his reply, his face was starting to reden and his eyes were starting to bulge.

“Did you plan this you piece of shit!?” –Leo

“S-s-sto-...” Jim’s voice was barely audible, his tone was even lower than a whisper. His face as red as tomatoe.

Leo spat on the ground and released a bit of his grip. Jim coughed violently with his saliva spraying on Leo’s arm. He gasped for air as he felt andrenaline rushing through his veins.

“Talk you little shit..... did you think you could just become the leader if you got rid of me??? Is that it!? Huh!?” Leo screamed.

“N-no...t-there is....” Jim gripped Leo’s arm, struggling to lift himself up so he could breath better.  “A man... is hunting us....a-an.. ability user!”

“Ooh~ An ability user...sure.”  – Leo sarcastically spoke.

“He killed all of us because you.... fucking... went ahead and left us to die!” Jim tried to scream but his words simply sounded like helpless whimpers despite feeling his entire body burning up with rage. “If you don’t start running now..... he is going to kill you..!”

“Hhahaahah, that’s enough comming from you....” Leo huffed. “I’ll just get someone else to replace your miserable sorry little ass.”

Jim paled but then he heard a very familiar sound.

*Boom!* A bright orange beam of light suddenly shot towards Leo’s left arm. He felt a sharp pain in his wrist as his barrier flickered for a moment before his arm was jerked to the side. Jim fell to the ground, coughing violently, redened and gasping for air.

“What the..!?” Leo’s eyes widened. And when his gaze fell back towards Jim, he could see that Jim was gazing at him with a smirk.

“He’s here...” – Jim


Lazarus POV:

In a tree several meters away from where Leo and Jim were standing from, Lazarus was crouching down. Hidden inside the leaves that covered the branch, and the barrel of his rifle protruding from the leaves.

In his vision dyed in green, he could clearly see two figures. As if it were as bright as day, the only problem was that he couldn’t see any other color besides several shades of green.

In his vision there were two men, one was down on the ground with a smug grin and the other a lion standing on two legs with a large build. Lazarus exhaled  the air in his lungs and at that moment, his crosshair moved towards the head of the larger man, being Leo.

With a slight squeeze to the trigger, the muzzle of the L115A3 AWM let out a boom before firing a sharp small steel object, zooming through the air at several hundreds meters per second.

Splitting the air as it moves, the bullet spiraled violently like a drill, before emitting a small sonic boom which was muffled by the sound of the rifle going off. The bullet dashed through the air, while the world seems to have come to a stop.

Bashing the forehead of Leo, the bullet collided with the his mana barrier, that appeared as a transparent thin layer of blue light that coated his skin and caught the bullet like a net, his mana barrier was stretched back to his skin, the bullet had formed a small ripple on Leo’s skin before it was pushed back by the shimmering thin layer of light.

Leo’s head was slowly knocked back by the momentum of the bullet.

Everything.... in a split second.

“Grarrrgh!!” Leo took a few steps back and groaned in pain, covering his forehead.

Jim suddenly grinned, to him all that happened was a loud boom went off and Leo’s head was suddenly flung into the air as if someone had just smacked his forehead with a force, powerful enough to push the large man back.

“Grrrr.. what was that!?” Leo glanced from left to right, but all he could see was the vegetation. At that moment, a drop of sweat formed under his forehead when he realized that Jim wasn’t just bluffing.


“Grarrghh!!” Leo groaned as he fell down. Jim didn’t waste a second of it and dashed away.

“Come back here yo-!” Leo screamed and reached out a hand to Jim but another boom went off and his arm was thrown to the side. “Oww!” he immediately retracted his arm and clicked his tongue. Simply gazing at Jim who had smug smirk on his face as he dashed away. His frustration replaced with a burning white hot rage in the pit of his stomache.

“As I thought, platinum ranked adventurers are tough....” Lazarus muttered to himself.


Without a moments hesitation he sighted back on Leo. Trying to eye the damage he had caused, but the only thing he saw was that the beastman had a minor swelling where he had shot at. Lazarus knew that it had used up a bit of Leo’s mana, the problem was he couldn’t tell how much. Lazarus let out a sigh, dissapointed that it was simply just a swell.

Lazarus shrugged the thought, sighted back on Leo’s head and pulled the trigger.

*Boom* The sound resounding from the barrel created a sort of rippling sound, at that moment Leo knew where the sound came from. Narrowing down the ripple he heard, he could see where that rippling had start.

Leo’s head was flung backwards as the orange beam of light bashed his head. He took a few steps back to regain balance and let out a thunderous roar in anger, Leo dashed forward and began running on all fours. “I’ll fucking murder you!!” he screamed.



In a quick motion, Lazarus cocked the gun and fired again at Leo. “Seems like his already on to me....” he muttered as if it didn’t bother him all that much. Although deep down his heart was throbbing, no matter who or what he was up against, it was simply instincts kicking in. Fight or Flight.

*Boom* *Click-clak* *Boom* *Click-clak*

Leo let out a thunderous roar, veins popping on his forehead and rage burning in the pit of his stomache. Narrowing down where the sound came from, his nose began twitching, and the scent of burning sulfur made him turn his head upwards.

Leo’s eyes fell towards a hooded person casually revealing himself on top of a branch and holding on to a strange object emitting a smoke from the muzzle. “YOU!!”

Without a moments hesitation, Leo sprung up and clutched his claws on the bark of the trees to gain leverage before jumping up again.

Lazarus L115A3 AWM was suddenly engulfed in several cracking lights, Leo’s eyes widened when the object Lazarus was holding was suddenly replaced by another similar looking object.

The moment Leo was one jump away from Lazarus, he suddenly felt his instincts ringing alarms inside his head. A cold sensation crept up on his skin as Lazarus finger pulled the trigger.

*Rattatatatatatatata* Firing a hailstorm of bullets, the AK-47 rained down hell on the poor beast who was ignorant to the 21st century weapons.

“Garrrgghhhhh!!!!” Leo screamed as hundreds of bullets bashed his body. With the bullets forcefully pushing him back, he lost his grip and fell. The ground shook for a moment but even then the hailstorm continued.


“S-stop!” Leo screamed, covering his face with his boulder like arms while getting shot at with hundreds of bullets.

“Yeah right.....” Lazarus released his grip on the trigger and materialized a black cylindrical object, he pulled the pin and lazily dropped the object.

-= Cloak engaged =-

Leo slowly opened his eyes and blinked a few times, but then he suddenly heard a *clinking* sound. His eyes fell towards a black cylindrical object beside him. “Huh..?” he muttered as he gazed at the object with a frown.

*BOOM!* The grenade suddenly burst into a hellish inferno, emitting a powerful shockwave, the crushing force of the blast made Leo’s innards ripple violently, but before he could even scream from the excruciating pain, he was flung into the air by the seemingly invisible force.

The trees shook, making the leaves rustle as if a storm had just passed for a brief second.

“Grrraaaaaaaarrgghh!!” Leo screamed as his body was violently slammed against a humangous tree. Smoke emited from his body, had it not been for his mana barrier. He would’ve been roasted by the hellish inferno.

As Leo fell to the ground, ringing noises filled his head. As he opened his eyes, the scenery moved as if several images ran across his vision. His body ached all over and a crimson red liquid dripped down from his forehead.

“U-..urgh..! Haa-....Haa-...” Leo shook his head and pushed himself up, trying to muster some strength.

“Hngghh...... damnit” Leo felt as if every inch of his body was hammered. But then he wasn’t given time to rest as another *Boom* went off, followed by a beam of orange light zooming pass through the trees and bashed Leo’s skulll, flinging his head to the side.

Leo’s heart was throbbing violently and his instincts screaming for him to run away. His opponent was nowhere to be seen. And he needed time to narrow down the location of the booming noises.

Angry and desperate, Leo raised his humangous arms and a golden runic circle formed around his fist.

“Earth spli-!”


Leo was suddenly thrown back again before he could even finish his spell, the moment he pushed himself up another boom went off and he fell to the ground.

“Graaarrrghh!” Leo roared in fury. Engaging a supersoldier in a forest filled with trees made his spells worthless, his opponent always at an unreachable distance while constantly barraging him with bullets.

With bullets blasting him, he was flung to the side like a helpless animal. His barrier was the only thing keeping him alive but it was slowly being chipped away.

Leo clenched his fist and screamed “Come out and fight like a man you god damn coward!!”. It was frustrating. It was the first time he had met an opponent who fought in an unknown combat style, though to Lazarus it was common, he was the sole soldier in the planet of Valeria.

“Fuck!!” Leo screamed, his instincts were already telling him what he already knew. He couldn’t win, at that moment, his heart squeezed and the raging inferno that had been burning in his stomache was replaced with a chilling cold sensation.

Lazarus who was already cloaked up in the trees, simply stared at at the helpless beast in the center of his crosshair. Lazarus pulled the trigger and the rifle let out another *Boom*.

*Click Clak*

After firing a round, Lazarus jumped towards another tree and then aimed again at the poor beast who was now trying to run away.


“Show yourself! Fight me you bastard!!” Leo screamed furiosly, despite trying to run away. But no matter how many steps he took, he could feel the eyes of the devil on his very skin.

*Boom* Another beam of light flung Leo’s head sidewards, his barrier flickered for a moment and the bullet simply fell down on the ground.

“Grarghh..... Y-you pathetic excuse for a mage... you’re a fucking pussy!!” Leo screamed, desperately hoping that the assailant would face him, but to no avail. The soldier simply continued on firing as if he was hunting a helpless prey.

Leo shivered and regret filled his heart, the only thing he could hear now was the sounds of his own scream, the dreadful booming noises and the voice of the man he called a friend that had been warning him about an ability user.




*Boom* With another beam of light bashing his head to the side, Leo fell down. And at that moment he felt the hands of a demon gripping his head, his hairs stood up and he knew, that he was going to die.


Leo fell down as a shimmering golden light that was coating him suddenly shattered to pieces, the shimmer light danced in the air for a brief moment, before it had dissapeared into the darkness of the night.

*Boom* An orange beam of light pierced through Leo’s leg.

For a moment, Leo couldn’t feel anything. But he also couldn’t feel his right leg, and in just a moment he felt something warm drip down from his knee to feet. His reluctantly gazed at his leg and there he saw a small hole, that was oozing a crimson red liquid.

Grarrghh!” Leo screamed in agony after feeling the pain of getting shot for the first time. It felt hot and felt as if a large nail was stuck in his leg.

*Boom* Another beam of light shot through his other ankle. Blood spurted out and stained the grassy field in a crimson red as Leo fell down on his knees.

“Hu-..! Arrghhh!!” With soft whimpers Leo simply lied down with his face twisting in agony.

-= Target immobolized=-

-= Mana barrier shattering confirmed=-

-= Clear to engage target =-

Lazarus huffed and jumped down. As he slowly made his way towards Leo, several crackling electricity engulfed him as his figure became visible. Leo kept on making grunting noises as he shot daggers at Lazarus who was simply staring at him with cold dead eyes.

With each step he took to get closer. Leo tried to back away but the moment he stood up, a sharp pain shot through his leg and he fell down face flat on the ground ”Urghh!” Leo clenched his teeth and endure the pain.

He didn’t want to die, no matter how painful it was, he needed to run away “Raargghh!” Leo screamed as he bashed the ground, gripping the grass and desperately started pulling his body forward.

The crunching sound of grasses behind him became louder. Leo paled for a moment, with his heart beating like a crazed drum he tried to crawl faster.

But then he suddenly heard a *Click*

And a hot sensation of steel at the back of his head.

“Rape.... murder.... and robbery-.... I won’t have any qualms killing someone like you. Not that I would’ve let you lived if you were innocent......” Lazarus never wanted to kill anyone, but the world wasn’t so kind as to just let him be. He simply thought that if he had to kill someone then at least it could’ve been a criminal, Jim had already told him all that they had done so there was no reason to hesitate.

But the words that came out of Leo made Lazarus raise a brow.

“You-... haaa-..haaa-... think that.... I wanted to become a bandit..?” Leo clenched his teeth, trying to endure the pain.

“I fucking tried!! I Fucking worked hard!” Leo screamed, his eyes beggining to water. “But they still wouldn’t let me in their party....... I couldn’t afford an Azalea flower....” Leo whimpered with eyes redened and tears glistening under the moonlight.

“The elves..... wouldn’t let me have it...... the humans wouldn’t lend me money..... the demons laughed at me.... and my fellow kin simply ignored me........ WHAT ELSE DID YOU WANT ME TO DO!? ” Leo screamed atop of his lungs with his voice echoing throughout the forest.

Lazarus kept on blankly staring at Leo despite him screaming his honest feelings.

“My daughter........ died........ all because I didn’t have the guts to steal....” Leo’s tears fell down to the ground as he gripped his leg tighter and curled into a ball.

Lazarus furrowed his brows. Was it a lie? Or was it the truth? How could he tell in this situation? But then he sucdenly saw an image flash across his mind, an image of an elegent golden haired princess. And at that moment his hesitation left him, his body suddenly felt light.

Lazarus slowly gripped the trigger and Leo simply clenched his teeth and closed his eyes.

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