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Chapter 42.1 : Quest 01 [Sounds of Despair]


Chapter 42.1 : Quest 01 [Sounds of Despair]

New chapter I hope you enjoy.

A little late but I hope you guys will forgive me :D


*Boom* a thunderous sound of a small cannon going off echoed throughout the forest.

Eris, Sonia, Leo and the rest of the bandits all felt like there was something terribly wrong with the sounds.

Eris didn’t have time to even stop and think because of Leo chasing them, the only person who noticed that the bandits were getting killed off one by one was Sonia. Although the sounds were loud and scary somehow she felt as if someone was trying to help them.... or at least that’s what she hoped for.

Leo was just a few meters behind them, he didn’t want to let Eris and Sonia go, but the strange booming noises was starting to make him feel nervous. He grit his teeth and simply hoped that maybe the missing men were just falling too far behind.

And yet again, another thunderous ‘boom’ went off. The sound was so unnatural that it was bothering him so much that he couldn’t close in the gap between them because he was unconciously cautious.

Jim, who was already very far away from Leo, was together with several men and he wasn’t as  sensitive to mana as Leo was, and neither could he expand his mana to sense his men. He glanced behind him, but the darkness of the night just made it too difficult to even make sure.

Suddenly another loud ‘boom!’ went off, followed by a bright orange light that zoomed pass Jim in a fraction of a second. “Wha-what was that!?”

The orange light shot through the forehead of the hooded figure beside Jim. His barrier flickered for a split second before he groaned “Huaak..! Urgh...”

“Ben!!” Jim roared out and stopped dead on his tracks. The rest of the grouped stopped by a branch just a cross the tree Jim stopped by and glanced back at Ben who was starting to fall as if he had suddenly gone to sleep.

Their eyes widened under the hood as Jim jumped down and caught Ben’s body. He stopped by a branch several meters down from where they were and the rest of the group glanced at each other. “Sh-should we go..?”

One of the hooded figures nodded, they were all curious about what had happened to Ben so they all jumped down to where Jim was. When they arrived, they saw Ben’s figure held in Jim’s arms, illuminated by the moonlight.

When they came closer to see. Their eyes widened in fear as they felt an ominous sensation grip their hearts at the sight of Ben rolling his eyes upwards and a darkish red liquid was oozing from the hole on his forehead.

Jim’s arms were shaking and the rest of the bandits took a step back from the horror. But then another thunderous ‘BOOM!’ went off and then the bandit just beside Jim was suddenly knocked back, as his body slowly descended down to earth.

At that moment everyones hairs stood up and their heart was throbbing so fast that they felt as if they were nearing deaths door. “Someone is..... t-t-targeting us!!” one of the bandits screamed.

The bandits shuddered in fear but then suddenly, another thunderous BOOM went off followed by the same bright orange line of light that was heading towards another one of the hooded figures.

“Gaaaaaahhh!!” The hooded figure screamed as he was falling to the ground. “Huwaaaahhh!” he screamed again as he felt a hard sensation stuck between his forehead. He had better control of his mana barrier than the others besides Jim but it still wasn’t enough as another ‘Boom’ went off and the birght orange light hit the very same spot were he was shot and the bullet stuck in his forehead sparked as it collided with the other bullet before shooting straight through his head.

The others watched in horror as they couldn’t sense any mana, nothing made sense anymore to them. To them the scenery was straight from a nightmare. Dying off without even knowing who or what the enemy was, was something they had never experienced before.

It was a sensation they didn’t understand, a sensation that slowly crawled towards their skins and gripped their hearts.

“Waaaaaaahh!!” One of the figures screamed as loud as he could. Jim and the rest watched him in horror, their hearts beating fast, andrenaline pumping through their veins and cold sweat running across their bodies.

They all felt as if they were going to go crazy.

Jim who suddenly felt the stare of the devil on his skin, instinctively jumped and hid behind the tree as he remembered that flash of orange light came from one direction. “G-g-...get behind the trees!” he screamed as his voice crumbled.

“LEEEEOOOO!!!!” Jim screamed as veins were popping on his forehead and a cold sweat was running down his spine. “LEEEEOO HEELP US!!” He gasped for air as the rest of the bandits began screaming for Leo.

One of the larger hooded figures yelled out “FUCK THIS! I’ll kill that bastard!!”. Blinded by rage and fear, he took out his bow and prepared to fire without even knowing where to even shoot. He jumped out from the cover of the tree and pulled back the string of his bow and Jim’s eyes widened as he screamed “ You idiot don’t do i-!!”

*Boom!* Suddenly a bright orange beam of light pierced through the large man’s forehead.

“Huuk!” The large man released his grip and his arrow simply flew in an arc and landed on the ground as his lifeless body began to fall down from the tree with traces of liquid shooting in the air.

“Fuuuuck!!!” Jim clenched his fist as he grit his teeth as if he was trying to break them. “Just fucking listen to me you idiots!! WE’RE GETTING KILLED AND WE DON’T KNOW WHAT OR WHO IT IS SO JUST FUCKING HIDE!!”

“W-w-where’s Leo???” One of the bandits whimpered as he glanced at Jim.

“Tsk! He must have gone too far ahead! ” Jim slammed his fist to the tree and made it shake slightly. Fear gripped their hearts as this was the very first time they had dealt with the unknown.

It wasn’t a monster nor another person who would usually face them head on. Just a thunderous sound that killed them off. Jim gripped his face revealing his leaf green eyes and green mowhack as he bit his lips and a crystal clear liquid formed under his eyes. “God damn it!” he screamed.

The two bandits who were at a tree across from the one Jim stopped from, were the only ones left with him and simply gazed at Jim with worry. “ do ?” they asked in a broken and shuddering voice.

“I don’t know..... ” The only thing that Jim knew was that if they exposed themselves then they were as good as dead. “Just stay....... just please ..... stay behind the tree....” none of them knew that they were being sniped by a man enhanced with the supersoldier syrum.

They simply sat on top of the branch several stories high from the ground and waited. Several minutes passed by and they no longer heard the sound. It was strange, but they still weren’t feeling as if it was long enough yet.

“I just hope Leo hasn’t been done in.........” Jim sighed as he leaned against the tree and had finally calmed down. “If those two escape then we could get hunted down by the guilds....if.... we survive that is......” he grimaced.

The dangerous monster infested areas were rarely used by people to travel, but because a few of them were in a rush like Sonia. They ended up getting plundered by Jim and his group, the women were left alive for their own satisfaction and when they were finished with them they were killed as well, so that no one could ever report their crimes. A sort of haven for bandits suchas themselves.

“But how do you know they weren’t killed by the sound as well?” One of the bandits asked.

Jim furrowed his brows and thought for a moment. It seemed like the sound came from hundreds of meters infront of them but never hit Sonia and Eris so he could only assume that perhaps it was a person who was with them.

After all, it was really dark but the orange light was still accurate enough to hit them in the head.

The problem was that they had been observing Eris and Sonia for a while and no one seemed to be with them.

Nothing made sense to him but as he continued to wrack his brains for answers. A hooded figure suddenly dropped down from out of nowhere and landed infront of his two friends.

But before they even knew what was happening, the hooded figure extended both of his arms towards their foreheads in a split second before Lazarus pulled the trigger and the tip of the black and silver pair of pistols suddenly flashed a bright light followed by a thunderous double booming sound.

Jim eyes widened as his body shuddered. He felt a burst of raw anderaline shooting across his body as he watched the hooded figure turn his cold dead eyes towards him. He felt his body go numb... unable to even move an inch even when his instincts were screaming for him to run.

Lazarus then pointed the Silver Dessert Eagle loaded with .50 AE rounds towards Jim and said in a cold dark tone “Move.... and your dead.”

Jim gulped and felt his throat dry up as a cold sweat ran down his spine. He didn’t know what was being pointed at him, heck it even looked harmless compared to the bow and arrow but he knew that the booming sounds it made was a bit similar to the other one, the very sounds that killed his entire men.

He was staring blankly at the object in Lazarus hand with mixed feeling of fear and curiousity.

Lazarus noticed his curious stare even when he was trembling, he felt like there was no harm in telling the man what it was so he simply said. “This is called a gun incase if you were wondering.” He spun the black pistol in his left arm while keeping his right arm extended towards Jim.

Jim wasn’t familiar with what Lazarus was talking about. But he didn’t have the luxury to think too much about it. His instincts were screaming for him to run away but his head was telling him otherwise.

“W-why are you doing this?” Jim’s asked in a broken voice.

Lazarus didn’t utter a word and was seemingly in deep thought. Without bothering to answer his question he said. “What do you think this is?” suddenly several crackling lights engulfed the black pistol in his left hand and just a second later the gun disappeared as if it was erased from existance.

Jim couldn’t understand what the man wanted from him. Confused and afraid he simply stared at Lazarus with sweat dropping from every corner of his body.

“Hey I asked you.. what do you think this is?” Lazarus then re-materialized the black dessert eagle in his left palm.

The wheel on Jim’s head began turning, his mind was saying ‘if you don’t answer then your as good as dead’. At that moment Jim wracked his brains for answers... and only one thing came to his mind. “Y-y-you.... are an ability user...?”

Lazarus fell silent after hearing his answer and whispered to himself. “Ability user...... maybe I’ll go with that.” He then gazed back at Jim with a smirk. “ I’ll tell you a little secret..... I call this ability ‘Science’ ”

“I never thought we would be up against such a deadly magic...... “ Jim’s face twisted in regret. If he had known that this would’ve happened then he would have never even bothered to even observe Sonia and Eris.

Lazarus browse twitched a little. He simply wanted to let Jim understand that there was something even greater than magic but in the end to Jim it was simply just another form of magic.

Lazarus dissapointed, simply shook his head and sighed. “Nevermind.... anyway I need a little something from you ” Lazarus suddenly clicked his fingers with a ‘snap’.

*BOOM!* a tree just further up ahead suddenly burst into a raging inferno as a loud booming sound echoed throughout the forest, the sheer blast of the shockwave swayed the trees and Jim felt as if his body was going to jump. The burning tree then started crashing down with a thunderous sound as the blazing inferno continued to rage on, painting the night with a bright yellowish orange glow.

“I can make an explosion go off anywhere I want.....So I was hoping you would cooperate with me.”

Jim felt his heart squeeze and his body shudder, never in his entire life had he even dreamed to come across someone with two abilities designed for combat. But the worse part was that he never felt even the slightest bit of mana from Lazarus using his abilities.

The only thing Jim thought that ran across his head was...... ‘I’ve met the worst possible man in the worst possible way...’

“Here...” Lazarus suddenly handed him a brown back pack and grinned “We need to catch up with your friend.”

Jim grimaced at the thought of what the man could be planning but then again he had no choice. His face twisted under the hood as he clenched his fist in frustration.


I had to split the chapters in two because the second part needs a lot of editing.

Idk when it will be done but I hope it will be soon.


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