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Chapter 41 : Quest 01 [The strange noises]


Chapter 41 : Quest 01 [The strange noises]

Sorry for the extremely late release but my Pr was very busy so I had to wait for him.

That said, I hope you enjoy the chapter :D


The sounds of crickets clittering their bodies echoed throughout the cold night. It was dark..... yet one could still make out the figure of the trees.

Eris and Sonia kept on going, they couldn’t rest especially if the blood from the corpses attracted even more unwanted guest, they weren’t going fast just at a steady pace since they didn’t want to wear the horses down anymore than they already are.

“Should we take a break?” Eris said softly as she glanced at Sonia who seemed a little tired “No.... You’ve been doing a lot and I haven’t really done anything... and besides, shouldn’t we encounter less monsters at night since most of them should be asleep..? ” she said with a wry smile as she glanced at Eris who didn’t seem bothered by the constant battling.

“No..... it’s even more dangerous at night....” – Eris

“Eh....? Why?” – Sonia

“Stronger creatures are awake during the night......” – Eris

Sonia glanced around, worried. She kept her eyes peeled even though she could barely make out the shape of the trees. Suddenly she saw the shadow from the tree move for a brief second.

“Huh...?” – Sonia

“Something wrong...?” Eris glanced at where Sonia was gazing at. She kept on staring at the scenery where the moonlight passed through the gaps in the leaves, she squinted her eyes and then she saw a pitch black figure for a brief moment before it retreated along the vegetation.

“Sonia... we have to move.” Eris urged her horse faster and Sonia simply followed her lead with an ‘okay’, but their luck turned for the worse, as the horses had grown tired after traveling for the entire day.

Sonia was starting to get worried but her worry soon turned into fear. The sounds of howling echoed throughout the forest, like lonely cries from wolves.

“Shadow wolves....” Eris whispered.

Not long after the sounds of the grass crunching trailed from behind them. The crunching grew louder and louder as the monsters knew that there prey was already aware of them.

As Sonia fearfully glanced behind her, she saw three pitch black figures that had dark ashes trailing from behind them as they moved. The figures resembled the wolves but was nothing more than a pitch black shadow moving along with blood red eyes.

As the figures slowly started to gain on them, Eris draw her blade and cleaved the air and shot out a crescent silvery wind that screeched like a banshee, but the wolves simply melded into the ground like water to evade her attack that split the large trees in half.

The large trees fell down with a loud thunderous sound, waking a few ogre and goblins around the area. Eris glanced at Sonia and shouted “Go!” as she shot out several several smaller crescent winds infront of them, the slashes connected to the base of the trees several meters away causing a diagonal strike to form before they started to fall down.

Sonia raised her palm in the air and said “Wind speed!” as a bright green light engulfed Eris’ and her horse making them feel as if their bodies were as light as air.

The horses’ clattering became faster but the wolves still gaining on them.

They both urged the horses faster as one of the wolves jumped up and formed a massive shadowy spike that shot out towards Sonia who immediately erected a white spherical light to shield herself, her barrier flickered wildly before repelling the dark shadowy spikes.

“W-we won’t make it! ” Sonia screamed as the trees that fell down made loud banging sounds when they collided with one another before hitting the ground forming a huge wall. Sonia’s heart raced even faster and at that time she knew that they weren’t going to make it.

“We have to....” Eris calmly said, as she whipped the horse faster.

But the trees had caved in and they were inches away from hitting the trees at full speed. At that moment Eris gathered up her mana and shot out a powerful gust of wind that blew the horses over the wall.

“Use a fireball to ignite the trees!” Eris screamed as they landed on the ground and Sonia nodded before gathering her mana at her palm makigng it glow a bright orange glow as the horses continued to dash further away from the makeshift wall.

The shadow wolves melded into the trees shadow but as they went through it. Sonia screamed “Fireball!” shooting a large ball of flame the size of a room to the makeshift wall from her palm.

As the wall burst into flames the wolves howled and screamed in pain. Sonia was dumbfounded at the wolves who couldn’t meld into the shadows like before, but then again it was Eris who had told her what to do and it only made sense she knew what she was dealing with.

The burning wolves shadowy figures slowly turned to ashes that flew into the air as their figures slowly started to shrink down.

Their screams and the bright burning light distracted the monsters in the area. Which somehow created an opportunity for the two to rest further up ahead. Behind a large tree surrounded by boulders.

Sonia who’s heart was beating as if she was in death’s door somehow began to calm herself as she glanced at Eris with a wry smile. “Haa-...ha... we made it...”

Eris nodded and looked as if nothing even happened.

The horses that looked dead tired and was seemingly about to break, both fell down on their knees.

“I-I.. never knew it would be this dangerous....” Sonia sighed as she fell down to the ground on her bossom.

“How much mana do you have left?” Eris said softly as she continued to look around for any possible dangers. “Not much...... offensive spells are not my forte so I wasted too much mana on the fireball...” Sonia stared at Eris, as she noticed several colors surrounding her, her eyes widened in surprise. “How can you still have so much mana after all that.....” she thought.

“Hmm...?” – Eris

“Nothing.....” Sonia heaved a long sigh but then Eris suddenly drew her sword and slashed in an arc which somehow made a strange ‘thunking’ sound. As Sonia glanced beside Eris, she saw an arrow split in half with its tip glowing an ice blue. Her heart squeezed as her eyes widened “A mana...imbued arrow....?”

Eris nodded and shot a glare up in the trees “Bandits...”

Suddenly a hail of arrow shot out from every direction, each glowing a different glow. Sonia quivered in fear and simply covered herself with her arms as she shouted “Nooo!” she didn’t bother to shield herself as she was somehow shocked that someone would even try to take their lives in a forest filled with monsters.

As the arrows grew closer, Eris inhaled deeply not seemingly bothered by the unexpeted turn of events.


Bandits POV:

There were two figures high up in the trees and one of the figures was kneeling down and pulling the string of a long bow, the figure with a long bow was wearing leather armor and a silver necklace while the one standing beside him had a huge build wearing a brown hood that covered most of his body.
”Wha-!?” Jin the man wearing leather armor gasped. He didn’t expect arrows from several directions to be easily hacked to pieces but then again, they had long known that their opponent was the revered super rookie Eris. “She’s too strong Leo!”

“You idiot! Stop dawdling and keep firing!” Screamed the man towering 10 feet tall known as Leo the leader of the bandits.  His voice was deep yet carrying strange grunting sounds. “We have no choice..... activate the sound traps!”

As he said those words, Jim channeled his mana to the tip of his arrow and fired to the tree just above Eris and Sonia. As the arrow collided with the tree, a bright blue circle suddenly appeared before creating a loud screeching sound.

The sound echoed across the entire forest and the monsters all stomped towards its direction like a plague.

“With this....... we can get their equipments and if we’re lucky we can have some fun with them if they survive!” Leo grinned revealing large fangs protruding from his lower jaw.

The ogres stomped towards their direction, the goblins screamed, the shadow wolves growled and even the beasts from afar began making their way towards the sound.

Eris glanced from left to right and knew that it was hopeless, with no other choice left she grabbed Sonia who simply cowered in fear and let out a soft cry. Eris’ body was suddenly engulfed in a silvery light as she glanced at the horses and simply said a soft “Sorry....”.before kicking the ground as hard as she could.

Eris shot towards the sky like a bullet and fired a sharp gust of wind towards the horses. She knew that it was better to give them a swift death than let them endure the pain and horror of being eaten alive but nevertheless she felt as if she had betrayed them.

Sonia was flailing her arms and screaming, frightened and too confused to even think about what had happened to the horses. What she noticed was that the colors the surrounding Eris was starting to get smaller, which meant she was expending too much mana.

They flew in an arc and landed on one of the tallest trees. Eris jumped up yet again and landed in a tree several meters away from where they had landed, trying to get away from the bandits who were also jumping from tree to tree to give chase.

She wasn’t willing to fight several people with Sonia whom they could easily target and use against her. Especially if she didn’t know the strength of the bandits and what kind of traps they set up in the forest.

Sonia who was being held in Eris’ left arm like a luggage saw the hooded individuals as they jumped pass the moonlight, she could barely make out their number because of the branches and leaves but she could clearly see different colors surrounding them. She counted them by their unique colors and said. “T-there’s twenty of them...!” but what stood out the most was the man infront of the group who’s colors were shining just as brightly as Eris.

It was the first time for Sonia being chased by people who were trying to take her life and just the thought of it made her heart throb crazily. What do I do? What can I do? What if they catch us? Were the only thoughts that rang across her mind.

Eris’ speed was far superior to theirs since she was using a tier 5 spell while the bandits were simply using a tier 3 spell.

Leo who was at the forefront of several hooded individuals, saw that Eris  was slowly widening the distance between them roared out “Move faster!! They’re getting away!!”

The bandits who used to be ranked silver and bronze couldn’t keep up no matter how hard they tried, and because Eris was jumping from tree to tree they couldn’t shoot her because it was dark and the branches were on the way.

The only way for them to catch up was when Leo made contact with them.

Little did they know that they were in the sights of another hooded man.

*Bang!* Suddenly a faint sound of a small cannon echoed throughout the forest.

“Wha-...what was that!?” – Jim

“It doesn’t matter!! Just chase them!” Leo was burning with excitement as he began to go further ahead from the rest of their group and didn’t seem to care. Jim simply clicked his tongue and felt like the banging sound wasn’t important.

So they continued to give chase without thinking too much of the faint booming sound which was probably made by the monsters when they knocked over a tree.

Sonia who was watching them kept her eyes on the hooded figures. “Eh?” She uttered when one of the faint colored individuals began falling down from the tree after the ‘bang’. Sonia tried her best to observe the falling individual before the branches and trees had covered his silhouette.

Eris thought the sounds were indeed strange but paid it no heed since she was focused on the path which was hard to see.


“Again!?” She muttered as she continued to gaze at the bandits who didn’t seem to notice that there friends was getting thrown back by the mysterious sound. And yet again another figure had fallen, what she noticed was that the figures’ from further behind was being targeted and they were the ones who’s had a faint glow of colors around them

As if the assailant was dileberately targeting the ones who wouldn’t be noticed and were weak. But if that was the case, how could he know which ones were weak and which ones were strong? Maybe it was a coincidence that the weaker ones were the ones falling behind.




“What’s with these sounds!?” Leo roared out as he noticed the sound was becoming more frequent and louder. He was starting to get pissed off so he glanced back at his group several meters back. “WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU IDIOTS!!?”

Leo expanded his mana in an attempt to determine how far behind his friends were but then his eyes widened as he noticed there were a few missing. “Where’s Vlad....? Garrison...? .....and the others?”




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