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Chapter 40 : Quest 01 [The start of a dangerous journey]


Chapter 40 : Quest 01 [The start of a dangerous journey]

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Sonia glanced at the horizon where the sun painted the vast grasslands in a bright yellow glow. It was early in the morning and she stood just a few meters outside of the northern gate of Garrion. The winds that were gently blowing was somewhat cold but somehow refreshing.


As she heard those sounds she glanced at the silver haired beauty who was on top of a white horse that was slowly making its way towards her. As she gazed at her she noticed that there was another brown horse in tow just behind them.

The white horse stopped with a clop and Eris jumped down.

“Morning!” Sonia gave her a light smile and Eris’ lips slowly curved upwards which wasn’t exactly a smile but nevertheless she seemed slightly happy. It wasn’t hard to tell that she was in a relatively good mood.

“Are you ready?” With a soft yet audible voice, Eris handed the halter of the brown horse to Sonia who nodded and mounted the horse. “Let’s go!”

The two horses ran across the vast grasslands for hours and they took a break by a lake before continuing on their journey.

It wasn’t long until night came and they set-up camp in a spacious area beside a large mossy boulder in the middle of the forest.

As soon as they finished setting up camp. They both sat across each other infront of a small fire while Sonia kept stealing glances at Eris who had long noticed “What’s wrong?” she calmly asked.

“Eehh!? ” Sonia jolted and averted her gaze with a wry smile “Uhmmm.. I-..I was wondering if this was okay with you....” her voice slowly starting to fade.

Eris nodded and raised her left palm where a small golden ring decorated her middle finger. She gazed at the ring as her lips slowly curved to a smile, feeling happy that she somehow got her precious momento back. “This means a lot to me ......and so I wanted to do what I can for you. ”

“I-I see...” Sonia downcast her gaze and felt a little guilty since it wasn’t her who had actually found it. Yesterday she had asked Eris what she had lost to the creature saying that she could find it.

Eris gave her a simple description and when she went out to meet Lazarus who had planned everything, he handed her the ring telling her “Tell her you found it and ask her to come with you...” and promptly left after giving her a few more conditions.

“Is something wrong?” Eris called out to Sonia who had suddenly gone silent, she called out again and Sonia suddenly flailed her arms in surprise and glanced at Eris with a wry smile. “I-it’s nothing! really...” although she herself was thinking that Eris had the right to know who actually found it but couldn’t say anything since it was one of Lazarus’ conditions.

She thought that if Lazarus had given Eris the ring maybe they could’ve gotten to know each other a bit more. To her Lazarus seemed alone in the world while Eris always seemed to live in her own world, the two a bit different but similar in many ways.

With her thoughts going nowhere Sonia simply heaved a long sigh.

Eris who had noticed that Sonia was lost in thought decided to call out to her “Sonia..? ”  who responded with a simple “Hmm...?”

“Why were you looking for Rex?” Upon hearing her words, Sonia looked down and felt a little dejected “I needed him to go with me....” Eris curiously gazed at her with brows slightly furrowed “So why didn’t he come with us?”

Sonia gave her a wry smile and downcast her gaze “I’m not sure myself....” it was partly true, since one of Lazarus’ conditions was that the two travel together without him and simply promised. “I’ll be there when you arrive.”  

She had no proof if he was going to fulfill his promise and could only think of one possibilty, he probably took a different route. One of his conditions was “No questions asked.... If you breach any of those, then I won’t be bothered to help you.”

Although, she couldn’t shake the feeling that he had long since abandoned the quest which made her curl into a ball hugging her knees while staring blankly at the fire.

Eris could easily pick up on her reactions but didn’t want to ask any further since Sonia didn’t seem like she wanted to talk about it, no..... it felt more like she wanted to talk about it but couldn’t. They weren’t particularly close but nevertheless she was a friend, so she decided to ask something out of the blue. “Do you like melon bread?”

“Eh...?” Sonia, dumbfounded simply gazed at Eris and gave her a light nod “Kind of... why?” Eris’ fist curled into a ball as she said. “Because I love them..!” she didn’t shout nor did she say it too softly.


Eris’ eyes suddenly lit up with passion as she stood up. “The fluffiness.. the softness.. melon bread are the best....!” her voice wasn’t loud but simply soft yet somehow filled with vigor.

“You’re not very good with words are you?” Sonia chuckled and it made Eris furrow her brows “You know cakes taste better” Sonia’s words made Eris pout like a child and softly mutter “Melon bread is better..”

“Hahaha!” Sonia held her stomach and couldn’t stop laughing. She didn’t expect the silver haired beauty who always seemed to be stone cold, to have that side of her and somehow made her feel at ease.

Eris seeing Sonia cheer up heaved a sigh of relief and simply continued to silently watch Sonia smiling cheerfully.


The next morning the two continued deeper into the forest and was seemingly glancing around. They had long since left the safe lands and had encounted a few goblins on their way.

As they continued on their way they noticed that there was a strong stench of rotting corpses, although there were no corpses to be found. Just blood trailing along the leaves and branches on a few plants.

Eris had her rapier drawn as a shimmering blue transparent spherical light engulfed Sonia who looked nervous as she glanced around “It stinks....”

*Ghwwuaaaaahhh!!* a deep reverberating howl echoed throughout the forest which made Sonia shiver and come to a complete halt.

There was vegetation everywhere which made it hard to see but then suddenly the bushes from afar rustled as a large figure slowly maid its way towards them.

The rustling slowly grew louder and louder and Sonia felt a cold drop of sweat run down her spine as her hands began shaking, she felt her heart pounding faster and faster while her vision slowly tunnel. “Wh-what that.....??” she asked in a broken voice.

“Don’t be scared” Eris softly whispered and didn’t even seemed to mind.

Sonia somehow calmed down a bit and her vision slowly came back to normal but then her eyes widened in fear as she noticed that it wasn’t only one but many more heading towards them “T-there’s many of them! We need to run!”

As she said those words, it was already too late. Several large green figures emerged from around them. The creatures stood 10 feet tall with boulder like shoulder, green skin, yellow eyes with no pupils, and long teeth the portruded from below their large jaws.

“O-...ogres! And there’s too many of them!” Sonia quivered in fear at the sight of the creatures that had severely outnumbered and surrounded them. ”W-what do we do..?!”

The ogres bashed the ground with their wooden clubs and screamed so hard that their saliva flew out of their mouths.

“E-..eris...?” Sonia glanced nervously at Eris who was simply staring at them.

“Don’t worry... they’re just ogres.” –Eris

“J-just!? There are 20 of them! ” – Sonia

Eris gave her a light nod and raised her rapier as a silvery gust of wind slowly blew around the surroundings which made the plants dance and sway with the gust.

The wind enveloped her sword as the rest surrounded her body in a split second.

The ogre’s seeing her hesitated for a moment, but then Eris’ figure turned to a blur as she dashed towards them at a blinding speed causing a soft gust of wind to burst out, Sonia immediately dropped her jaw and couldn’t believe her eyes.

As Eris reappeared infront of one them, she slashed vertically with a quick motion and a sharp wind hissed out from her blade and passed by the creature in a meer instant.

“I-it can’t be.... “ Sonia gulped as she watched the ogre’s head fall down with a thud, the ogres behind the one Eris struck also fell down and blood immediately gushed out from their bodies. “I never knew she was this strong...” she whispered to herself as she watched the silver haired beauty strike down the ogres at a blinding speed.

The ogres seeing their comrad falling one by one, roared out in fury and charged at Sonia who seemed weak. Sonia hastinly cast a spell but as the ogres stomped towards her, her spell broke as she lost her concentration.

As they neared, Sonia covered herself and let out a soft cry. “N-noo!”

As she heard loud hissing sounds from every direction, she timidly opened her eyes and noticed that the ogres had stopped as if they were frozen in time.

“Are you okay?” Eris was right infront of her and not even a trace of blood on her rapier could be seen. Sonia glanced around and said. “W-what happened?”

The ogres all fell down with their heads cleanly cleaved off from their bodies and Sonia couldn’t process what was happening.

She simply watched in awe as she gazed at Eris who had taken down 20 ogres in a blink of an eye who didn’t even seem to mind.

“I-incredible....” Sonia whispered to herself ”You really are strong....” Eris speed was nothing compared to her duel with Lazarus and it made her realize how powerful she truly was. “How did she use a tier 5 reinforcement spell without incantations.....” she muttered to herself.

Eris sighed and sheathed back her sword. “We need to go.... more are coming...” she glanced at Sonia who seemed to be too eager to leave “R-right....” she nodded.

As the two left the scene, a figure from several meters away, observed the fight with a long wooden tube that looked like a makeshift telescope. He huffed and went towards a tunnel hidden in vegetation.

“Hehheehehe.... we have a few guest I see.”


I hope I can manage to release the next chap by tomorrow, my pr is already going through it and is making a few... no, several adjustments since my english is still kinda bad.


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