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Sonia gazed by the window where a man wearing a brown worn-down hood casually sat down. She couldn’t see his eyes because of the cover but the way his mouth was arching downwards seemed like he wasn’t too happy.

“Rex...... I’ve finally found you...” She softly muttered while staring blanky at Lazarus.

“What do you want from me?”

“Rex... Hic-..” Sonia suddenly teared up and tried to hold back from crying. Her face distorted and her tears flowed down to her cheeks.

“The clerics will be back to check up on you in an hour. Tell me why you were looking for me ” Lazarus  wanted to get things done since he didn’t have much time.  

No matter how hard she tried her tears kept flowing like a river.

It took her a few minutes to finally calm down and she noticed that Lazarus was shaking his legs and crossing his arms which probably meant that he was getting impatient.

She took a deep breath and wiped her tears away before gazing at Lazarus with pleading eyes. “Rex.... I need your help....”

“With what?”

“Our village chief is suffering... ” Sonia shook her head. “No.... his dying.”

Lazarus raised a brow and looked at Sonia skeptically, why in the world would she need him specifically? Better yet, why not go to a cleric with her problem or use potions?

Fs was already processing Sonia’s movement from every inch of her body to see if she would hint in lying. The two calmly observed Sonia and waited to hear the whole story before deciding on how to deal with her.

As Lazarus stared at her he noticed that she suddenly downcast her gaze and clenched the sheets as she continued to talk.  “We have tried everything that we could but... the thing inside him keeps on absorbing our mana.”

“What thing?”

“We don’t know.....but something inside him is absorbing his mana and even the mana from people around him so healing spells didn’t work.... no it only made it worse. ”

“I heard an Azalea flower can cure any damage to the body. Why not those?”

“It can only heal and nothing more...”

“I see....”

“He’s the only one who took me in when my parents died so please.... I beg of you!”

Lazarus had no reason to poke his nose where it didn’t belong so he if he was going to do it then he thought he had the right to know. “Why me?”

Sonia gazed at him and tried to force a smile. “Because you don’t have mana..”

Upon hearing her words Lazarus’ heart suddenly squeezed as his palm slowly balled into a fist.

“Isn’t that the reason why you failed the mana test?” Sonia’s voice was soft yet it seemed like a threat to him.

“So that’s why you were like that during the test.“

“I-..I’m sorry...” Sonia simply averted her gaze and lowered her head. She didn’t think that things would escalate to the way they did.

Lazarus sighed and fell silent. He still wasn’t sure about any of this and furthermore he had no real reason to even help her.

Sonia was starting to worry from Lazarus’ long silence. So she reached out to his sleeve and lightly tugged it while gazing at him with pleading eyes. “Rex...?”

Lazarus shook his head and decided to hear more about her story. She was rather desperate and it reminded him of the time he looked up to his mother only to be shunned by her. “How’d you know I didn’t have mana?”

“I-....... can’t tell you...”

“Does it have something to do with you looking above people?” Sonia’s hand twitched a bit and she immedietly averted her gaze from him.

From her reaction Lazarus knew that he was on the right track but seeing as she doesn’t want to talk about it then he decided to ask something different. “Was it a coincidence that you met me?”

“ was the Oracle who had told me that I could find the man who could help me if I became an adventurer.”

Lazarus eyes widened in surprise. Magic was one thing but now an Oracle? Suddenly he heard a robotic voice that sounded like a man with a deep secondary voice.

-= Master, the oracle is just one of the many ‘Ability user’ of this world=-

Lazarus had read about ability users. Apparently they were people who had strange abilities that would even be impossible for magic. Some were able to pass through walls and others had useless abilities like changing their eye color.

But fortune telling? Isn’t that too far fetched? How does that person even do that? What are its principles?

And speaking of ability users.... Sonia seemed a lot like one. But then if she didn’t want to talk about it then she must’ve had her own reasons.

“Rex..? Please say something...” Sonia looked worried as she gazed at Lazarus, he suddenly fell silent that it made her worry.

Lazarus rubbed his temples and sighed. “I don’t have any reason to help you. ”

“We don’t expect you to do it for free of course, we will offer you one of our forest’s treasures.... the Orphelium stone. Our elder is more important than one stupid stone anyway...” Sonia’s voice wasn’t too soft nor too loud but it somehow carried a hint of sadness.

Lazarus had no idea what it was and decided to check with FS if there was any info that mentioned that stone in the books.

-= Orphelium stone are worth 100,000 – 200,000 gold master. It might be worth a try. =-

Wha-!? 100,000 !!?

-= Yes master =-

I'm not sure.... it sounds too good to be true

“Hmm....” Lazarus was still skeptical about this but the offer was too tempting. So he decided to put off this so called ‘Oracle’ for now and decided to confirm the situation. “What other methods did you try besides healing?”

“Potions.... which still contains mana...”

“Any other?”

“N-no... Is there any other way?”

“Have you tried opening him up?”

“What do you mean?”



“As in cutting him open to take the thing inside him out?”

“Eh? Are you joking?”

“No...I’m serious.”

“He’s gonna die if we do that! We can’t even heal him with that thing inside of him!!”

Advancement on healing spells instead of understanding anatomy and biology........ that's smart...

-= Master, magic is a part of their lives and is somehow convenient in all fields, as such you should expect that they will advance what they have. Earth never had it so it lead to many different discoveries=-

Thinking about it that way, it somehow made sense.

The only problem was that the anatomy of elves could be vastly different than a humans. The gold offer was very tempting but his success wasn’t guranteed. “What if I fail?”

“We’ll still pay you half...”

Lazarus fell silent and was seemingly in deep thought as he placed a hand on his chin.

Sonia was dead tired after searching non-stop for days and most of all she didn’t have time. She was growing more anxious as she stared at Lazarus. After all, there wasn’t much she could do if he decided to turn her down.

A few seconds passed by and Lazarus removed his hand from his chin as if to signal that he was done thinking. “Alright. But I have a few conditions... no.. probably alot.”

Sonia’s face lit up with a smile but soon vanish upon hearing his words.

“I’ll tell you after you get some sleep.”

“The chief is dying! We have to head out as soon as possible!” She glared at him and clenched the sheets.

“Then is your village in Assail?”

“No... it’s here in Kratos in the forest of Solaria. It’s 3 weeks away on horse if we travel on the green path.... but we need to get there fast so we have to travel along the monster infested area and will probably take only a week.”

Lazarus sighed while shaking his head lightly. “Then all the more reason for you to get some rest.”

“T-then..we can hire a few adventurers to help us on our journey! ”

“That’s one of my conditions.... I won’t accept too many company.” Lazarus couldn’t ignore the slightest possibility of this being a trap and needed to be cautious.

“Then how!? There are only a few people who can handle that much monsters alone, yet they all went together with Zen on the dungeon raid!!!” Sonia screamed but was shushed by Lazarus.

There was no time left and this man infront of her was giving her impossible conditions.

“Eris won’t go anywhere until she retrieves the ring she lost from the creature...... there’s no one else...”

“About that... There’s a way for you to convince her. ”

Sonia simply gazed at Lazarus who seemed to be so sure about his idea. Whatever the case, she didn’t have the liberty of being picky.


A few weeks ago in the Twilight Kingdom----

A man with blond hair and green eyes that looked to be in his 30’s had huge boulder like shoulder blades with a chiseled body casually taking a sip of wine from his golden cup while casually sitting down on his throne.

This of course was King Veyron the ruler of the Twilight Kingdom and the former father of Lazarus.

“Sire, could I have a bit of your time?”

The King glanced at a man beside him who looked to be in his 20’s who had long green hair tied into a fundoshi with purple eyes. “Falon... this better be good.”

“It’s about ‘that’ ”

Upon hearing his words. The King stood up and spoke loudly that his voice echoed throughout the throne room. “Leave us!”

The guards all nodded in unison and had left the room.

Falon took out a scroll and slowly rolled it downward to gaze at its contents. “Ana and Rei’s letter has arrived.”

“What do they say?”

“Ana says they have arrived in Kratos without a problem but was attacked by bandits when they had docked.”


“It was a good thing we assigned a spy to her.” Falon smirked as he handed the scroll to the King and took out another. “Rei’s letter contains much more. They say they had encountered the Exiled Prince.”

Veyron raised his brows as he clench his fist. “Hoo..? and what reason should my daughter have to lie to her father, I the KING? ”

Falon dropped his gaze to the long scroll that had touched the floor. “That is because pri-.. Lazarus had single handedly taken down her elite maids, Silica , Sophia and even the princess herself. Since Rei had arrived late on the scene she doesn’t know how he did it. The only thing she mentioned was his ‘Technology’ magic which she suspects to be an ability of his that requires no mana.”

As the King continued to listen he couldn’t help but feel as if a fairy tale was being read to him.

Falon paused for a moment to regain his breath and continued. “Several maids who had their hands slashed off died and Silica was split in half while Ana herself was seconds away from meeting the same fate as Silica. ”

The King’s jaw dropped as his eyes widened. How can someone who was physically weak and manaless even handle one maid? Not one single thing that Falon had said even made any sense to him. “ mean to tell that the insect had almost killed my daughter!?”

“Yes sire and he even found out that we were after his life.... .even worse, he can disappear from plain sight as well as having the ability to temporarily blind you.”

The King fell down to his chair as  his mouth was wide agape. He rubbed his temples to eleviate his surfacing headache as he glanced at Falon. “How is that even possible? That trash did!? How!?”

“Though I myself cannot bring myself to believe it, the letter has Rei’s insignia. Furthermore we have no idea as to what happened to the prince during his life in the forest.”

“Wasn’t he supposed to DIE!? ”

Falon simply fell silent. Lazarus was only 7 years old and physically weak, he had estimated him to last no more than 3 days without his supplies, although it didn’t shock him as much as the King since he had long known that Lazarus escaped the forest.

“Do you really believe that this technology magic is an ability of his?”

Falon furrowed his brows and glanced back at the scroll. “I doubt it... there has never been an ability that doesn’t consume mana.”

A shadow loomed over the King’s eyes as he clenched his fist. “Is Ana alright?”

“Yes sire...”

“Good. Tell her to come back and meet her suiter.”

“But Sire, we have yet to inform Princess Ana of this arrangement.”

The King suddenly slammed his fist to his chair causing the ground to shake and tremble as veins popped on his head. “WHAT USE HAVE I, FOR AN INCOMPETENT FOOL SUCH AS HERSELF!? There is no way that the piece of trash could even hold a candle to her, YET SHE HAS FAILED ME!!”

Falon glanced at the huge cracks formed on the floor from the King’s chair. He gulped as a cold sweat ran down his spine and could only hope that he doesn’t anger the King any further or it could cost him his life.

“No matter what this ‘technology magic’ is, it could never hope to surpass arcane magic! ”

Contrary to the King’s narrow thinking. Falon thought that there has never been any magic known to disappear. It could be used for assasinations and many more which meant that Lazarus could reach heights that no one ever could but the problem was making an enemy out of a man who can kill you in your sleep which made Falon think that the king doesn't even consider him as a threat.

Falon thought that if he was powerful enough to defeat Ana and her maids then all the more reason to get him to their side instead of killing him. He glanced at the King whos eyes were filled with a burning white hot rage and knew that he wouldn’t listen to him.

As he thought about ways to get more information on Lazarus the King suddenly said.

“Mobolize the death squad and tell them to head for Kratos!”

Falon’s eyes widened as he felt that the King was more stupid than he thought. There was no need to kill Lazarus if he has magic since his sickness wasn’t even proved. “S-sire, weren’t we only hunting the young prince because he could’ve infected the kingdom if the Twilight Princess brought him back? If that’s so then-..”

“Reisha is the embodyment of true arcanery and she is far stronger than that trash, Clovis or even that incompotent little wench. She’s the only one whom I truly value and as such I have no need for anymore mouths to feed. ”

Falon knew how strong Ana and Clovis was for their age but was simply overshadowed by Reisha. Because of her, the King somehow ended up expecting more of Ana and Clovis despite the two being considered Geniuses for their age.

Sometimes he could only wonder how an idiot with all brawn and no brains even became King. But then he suddenly heard a loud creaking sound and gazed towards the door.

A black haired beauty with emerald green eyes entered the room with her hands held together as if she was praying. She looked worriedly towards the King and said. “Is everything alright Dear?”

“L-lady Emilia..... ” – Falon

The King simply sighed and averted his gaze.


Later that night Falon glanced at a large painting of the Valhearts inside a large room with a golden chandilier at the cieling. He sighed as he pressed a brick behind the painting and several glowing runes appeared beneath him.

His body slowly dispersed into several thousands of small shimmering blue light and had dissapeared.

He reappeared inside a room beneath the kingdom which was only lit by torches. He slowly walked along the dim corridors and arrived at a room with three rooms which was enclosed in steel bars.

A man with long horns protruding from his head walked over towards the steel bars with his eyes closed shut.

The demonic man had blue ruffled hair and he had a steel choker on his neck that had several red runes. He grinned showing his razor sharp teeth that was almost identical to a piranha’s teeth as he said. “Well well well, if it isn’t the traitor Falon Everlast.... I wonder what the likes of you are doing here? ”

Falon sighed as he walked over towards the man. “The King needs you to find a certain someone together with your underlings. You’re abilities are necessary Glade....”

The man in the cell suddenly burst into laughter as he opened his eyes revealing a glowing purple with dark runic symbols circling around his pupils. “Hahahaahahhaahah! And if I refuse?”

Falon smirked as the runes on his choker suddenly glowed a bright red. “Then you’ll probably find your head rolling over the floor.”

“OI oi! Who’re you calling underlings?” Suddenly a man with a large build gripped the steel bars and glanced towards Falon. He had several massive steel chains attached to his wrist and legs as well as having an iron mask over his face, his skin was a bit greenish as his muscles bulged seemingly about to break the chains holding him down.

Falon simply ignored the large man and approached another dark cell where another man with a dark hood casually sat down. “Ellidin, I have a favor to ask...”



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