Chapter 38 : Habits

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In the silent and cold dead night, a small blue bird fluttered its wings about.

It slowly descended down towards a window in a 2-story building. It tilted its head and glanced inside a small wooden room with only a drawer and a bed where a beautiful purpled haired beauty lay asleep soundly.

As the bird stared at her, it arched its neck and thrusted its beak towards the glass window.




“Mmnn-......” Sonia frowned whilst still asleep and hid under the cover of her blanket.

The tapping grew louder and louder, her eyelids slowly parted and she blinked a few times before gazing at the window.

The blue bird in turn chirped as if to say ‘you’re finally awake’.

She staggered towards the window and muttered softly. “A message?”

She opened the window and the bird began chirping away.

As she listened to its chirping, her calmly beating heart began to race.

Her eyes widened as andrenaline shot through her vains.

Without a moments notice, she dressed up and immidietly ran outside.

“I-..... I have to find him!”


Lazarus walked along a dirt path with a scroll in hand. He glanced back at the city which was the size of his fist from where he stood.

He opened the scroll and it had a green border surrounding a hand-drawn representation of the city. At the bottom of the scroll was the quest details and it said:

Obtain 5 Goblin Crystal

Reward: 50 silver.

Apparently, most monsters have these strange mana crystals inside of them. People often use them in different ways depending on which monster the crystal came from.

Lazarus sighed and shrugged his shoulders. “I really feel like I’m in an RPG game.”

Yesterday he had asked Gallios for another quest. Since Lazarus had completed the quest fairly quickly, Gallios thought that there wouldn’t be any harm in giving him another, even though he still wasn’t a certified adventurer.

After a few hours of walking, Lazarus arrived at a forest that was outside of the green boarder in the map.

There was a thick musky smell of the swamp, the leaves rustled from the cold breeze of the night and the trees had vegetation growing from its trunks.

Lazarus didn’t need his night vision because his eyes had already adjusted to the darkness.

As he walked along the tall grass of the forest he noticed that the ground was starting to slump downwards.

When he entered even deeper into the forest, he came to a halt.

As he zoomed in at the ground several hundreds of meters down from him, he saw a swamp and nearby was a wooden fence.

There were several green humanoid figures lying down. Their eyes were red and beady, ears were long and pointy, slightly hunched, and naked.

“So those are goblins....they’re really ugly.” Lazarus muttered to himself, the scenery was quite bizzare for him even though he himself was born into this world. After all, earth was where he felt he had truly belonged to.

With a thought, a blue window screen hovered infront of him.

D-storage window


L-Blade 1x
Taser 1x
Smoke grenade 13x
Flash grenade 8x
Grenade 9x
Dessert Eagle 2x
AK-47 [82% complete] 1x
L115A3 AWM 1x

Remote Controlled Bomb 24x

“Hmm.... I think I’ll go with this one...”

Several minutes later and Lazarus lay flat on his belly covered in vegetation and seemed like he was part of the forest itself.

He held the AWM rifle to his right shoulders. The outline of his eyes were glowing a faint green and had a vertical and horizontal line intersecting at the center of his iris.

Lazarus emptied the air in his lungs and tensed up his shoulders, he gazed at a goblin peacefuly sleeping and locked-on to its head and squeezed the trigger.





The booming sound of the barrel echoed through the forest, the birds flew away, and the slumbering creatures jolted in their wake.

The goblins jerked up and glanced around and made disgruntled noises. They gazed around only to find 2 of their companions heads blown off and oozing green blood.

They roared and bashed the ground like a bunch of angry chimpanzees.



The goblins jerked up in fear as they felt a warm wet sensation on their skin. They slowly turned their heads only to find that one of their companion was laying lifelessly on the ground.

When they had noticed that the assailant was nowhere to be found, they gazed back at their fallen comrades.

Their lips slowly parted to reveal their razor sharp teeth, they slowly approached the dead ones and started to drool.

They all jumped towards the corpse and began gnawing on its flesh as if they were enjoying a feast, some pushed the others off and some even began trashing around only to have a bite at their fallen comrads.

Lazarus felt disgusted but what did he expect from beings labeled as monsters? Although he himself was labeled as one a while back by a beautiful blue haired elf.

“At least I won’t have to kill guilty about killing these cannibals...” He muttered to himself before he took aim again and squeezed the trigger.

As the bullet burst into flames, the empty shell that flew out was suddenly engulfed in crackling electricity and had dissappeared.





“That makes 5.... time to get those crystals.”

-= Cloak engaged=-

As soon as the goblins scattered around from the loud booming sounds. Lazarus approached the corpse and fired his gun up in the air to ensure the goblins wouldn’t come back anytime soon.

Even when they were nothing more than cannibalistic savage creatures, they still weren’t stupid enough to stay around and die.

At the sight of the dismembered lump of flesh, Lazarus face twisted in disgust, he reluctantly rummaged through its flesh until he found a small blue crystal which was only a few inches in size.

He took the crystal and eyed it carefully.

It emitted a sort of faint energy that Lazarus couldn’t really understand. His sensors didn’t indicate anything which only made him even more curious.

Right now wasn’t exactly the time to study it and now he had proven his guns to be useful against certain creatures. The only test he needed to do was on people.

With a large grin painted on his face he walked away. “A few more goblin quest and I can finally finish my AK... heheheheh”


Lazarus had finally arrived back on Garrion. It was still early in the morning so only a few people were out.

The merchants were setting up their shops while a few adventurers were doing stretches.

As he went on his way he noticed a purple haired beauty going near every people she came across.

Her breath was ragged and droplets of sweat were forming over her forehead.

She made jestures as if to describe a hooded man and chatted with them.

When they shook there heads she never failed to thank them and leave with a smile.

Lazarus stared at her for a few seconds and was seemingly in deep thought.

Not long after, he heaved a sigh and shook his head before turning a corner.

A few days later in a certain shop.

Lazarus entered a shop with a small bag at hand, upon reaching the counter he dropped it and rang the bell and a man that looked to be in his 20’s with green hair emerged from the door behind the counter.

“Oh! You really do move fast!” Kevin gazed at Lazarus and grinned. “Gallios really was right in recommending you. Here!” He dropped a few gold coins on Lazarus palm.

“Thanks...” – Lazarus

“Can I ask why you don’t become an adventurer even though you can easily complete a bronze ranked quest?” He looked at Lazarus curiously with an innocent smile.

Lazarus smirked and said. “I’m not interested in ranks.”

With a wave of his hand, Lazarus left the shop. He had been fulfilling simple quests from Gallios and had been recomended to a friend for his fast services.

Goblins were often in groups and it would often result in killing more than what the quest was asking for. Sometimes people would request their limbs, head and the stones.

It wasn’t worth the effort so people often avoided goblin quest. But to Lazarus who lacked magic but had advance technology then it was relatively easy.

Though it was a bronze ranked quest it still a paid a fairly decent sum.

Lazarus went back to the smithing shop and Gallios welcomed him with a smirk. “Yo! You finished already?”

Lazarus simply nodded with a smirk.

Grinning from ear to ear, Gallios proudly puffed out his chest and placed both of his large arms over his hips. “I knew I could count on ya! By the way......Rex, there was a half-elf looking for you. I think you should go see her.”

Lazarus looked at him skeptically. “Why?”

“ She seemed rather desperate. ”

“I’ll keep that in mind ”

“Oh! And have you heard of the rumours lately?”

“What rumours?” Lazarus casually asked but didn’t really thought much about until what came out of the smith made him wary.

“Someone or something, attacked princess Anastasia. The people who saw the attack say that there was no one there. So they suspect it was the work of a fire mage. ” Gallios gazed up the cieling as he puckered his lips. “Still.... who would think about attacking that kind and elegant young princess?”

Lazarus simply stared at him. And thought.

She’s only beautiful when she’s burried underground inside a coffin.

“Even if she is the weakest of the Valheart siblings, she’s still quite strong.”

Lazarus furrowed his brows and casually asked. “If she’s the weakest. Who’s the strongest?”

“The Twilight Princess. You didn’t know? She defeated both Ana and Clovis in a duel.”

“Oh right... must’ve slipped my mind.” Lazarus headed towards the door and waved his hands. “Anyway, I’m hungry so I’m gonna grab a bite to eat.”

Gallios waved his hand and sat back down with a satisfied smile. Now that he had a personal quest handler he had managed to get the things he needed for a cheaper price, though he had to sell his ingots cheaper, he still managed to benefit more.

Lazarus left the shop and the moment he did, he noticed Sonia walking along the streets.

She had dark puffy pouches under her eyes, her hair looked as if a storm had passed by her, clothes were unkempt but not dirty and she constantly seem to doze off. It was already 3 days since he last saw her and she looked as if she haven’t had a wink of sleep.

Sonia shook her head, clenched her fist and muttered a few words to herself. But because she was too far away, Lazarus couldn't hear what she said. Since he was a little curious about what she said and why she was looking this way he ordered the AI in his head.

FS analyze her lip pattern and tell me what she just said...

-= Processing=-

Like a voice recorder, Lazarus heard Sonia’s voice as if she was actually whispering to his ears.

“I.... need to find him...... I have to......”

She’s been looking for me for days?

He hadn’t seen her for a while now since the city was fairly large and the chance of encountering her was low.

Lazarus furrowed his brows and felt a little guilty as he stared at Sonia who was staggering along the streets.

Sonia suddenly felt her entire body go limp and her vision tunneled, her world started to turn dark and her entire body went numb, she saw that the ground was suddenly heading towards her.

As her body slowly fell to the ground, Lazarus clenched his teeth and held down a surfacing urge.


“H-hey! Someone collapsed!”

“Get her to the clerics!”

The adventurers walking along the streets started to gather around her and were all trying to help her.

Lazarus on the otherhand felt a little disgusted on himself, he wouldn’t lose anything if he stopped her from falling face flat on the ground. Why didn’t he? But then again why should he? He didn’t owe her anything.....

Trying to make excuses to himself Lazarus simply clicked his tongue and walked towards a corner with his fist clenched. “Dammit...”


Several minutes later--

“Wh-where am I?” Sonia blinked a few times, gazed around and felt like several tons of steel weighed down on her body. As she forcefully tried to push herself up, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

The feminine voice that followed up seemed warm but her voice was monotonious.

“Clerics ward...”

The room where she rested was covered in white sheets and her bed was relatively soft.

Sonia glanced at the silver haired beauty. “Did I collapse?”

Eris nodded but Sonia forced a smile and tried to get up which made Eris furrow her brows and place a hand on her shoulder.

“Rest...” she softly spoke.

Sonia bit her lip and shook her head. “I-...can’t...I need to find Rex.”

Eris stared at her for a few seconds before lightly pushing her back to bed. Her actions made Sonia feel a hot burning sensation in her chest but she didn’t have the strength to stand, let alone push Eris’ hand away.

Sonia clenched her teeth and mustered a little strength to slap Eris hand away. “I-..told you I need to-!”

“I’ll find him.”


Before Sonia could voice out her rebuttal. Eris stood up and walked towards the door.

As the door closed shut. Sonia was simply left staring blankly at the door. As she came to her senses she shook her head and removed the bed sheet over her body.

Although Eris had decided to help her, she wanted to find Rex as soon as possible. But before she could attempt to stand up again, a familiar voice echoed from the window.

“ I was expecting you to only be half as stubborn as those damn elves but I guess I was wrong.”



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