Chapter 37 : Overhead

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Night time in the great city of Garrion----

Inside a tavern lit by yellow magical stones, a man at the corner of the room wore a black leather suit with a hoodie, his suit had several straps with metallic locks near his abdomen, his sleeves covered his entire arm, and he wore black gloves and boots that matched his pitch black outfit.

His suit had several brown leather straps that was criss-crossed across his body to hold a katana with a black sheath on his back.

This of course was Lazarus who had just bought a new suit since his old run down hood was already in bad condition.

Underneath the hood, he had unruly bright scarlet red hair and his eyes were tainted with a lustrous gold due to the nanomachines in his blood.

Lazarus had found some herbs with similar properties to those of earth and had used them to create a dye. With carefull consideration to Ana’s painting of him, then it was relatively hard to identify him now. Especially since this world had no means of changing ones hair other than magic.

The tavern was relatively lively because of the adventurers who were drinking their hearts out and some even standing on the table to act out their encounters with monsters.

“Haaa-........ in the end that man never showed up.”

“Stop complaining Varus, it was clear from the start that he wasn’t interested.”

Across the hooded man was a large table with several well-known individuals namely, Varus the demonic child, Bardok a large bald man with muscles bulging out of his shirt, Zen an elven man wearing a blue robe and Eris the silver-haired beauty with her usual indifference.

Lazarus sighed as he remembered his morning ordeal. The second exam involved sparing with higher ranked adventurers monitored by a few individuals who would evaluate your performance. And with that he would’ve risked being the rumour of the city.

Although one thing that bothered him was that there were several adventurers who had passed the mana test but didn’t show up on the second exam.

As Lazarus was in deep thought, the door to the tavern creaked open and a purple haired beauty entered.

She glanced around and as soon as her eyes locked on to the famous group, she slowly made her way through and waved her arm. “Hey everyone!”

Lazarus was seated behind Bardok so it was relatively hard to spot him from the entrance.

Zen gave her a light smile and waved back. “How was the cleric exam?”

Sonia sat down with them and made a peace sign with both of her hands. “I passed!”

“What’s your rank?” Varus asked although he didn’t seem too interested.

“Gold III. Heheheh.”

“I see.....” – Varus

“Woah! That’s actually pretty good, Congratulations.” – Zen  

“What’s wrong with him?” Sonia glanced at Varus who was face flat on the table.

Bardok crossed his arms. “Well, he was really disapointed he didn’t get to see that hooded man.”

Eris was just casually munching on her melon bread as the rest continued their discussion.

“So when are you heading out for your raid?” – Sonia

“Preperation are finished so maybe a few days from now. ” Zen gave her a wry smile. “It’s just that we’re having trouble convincing Eris to join us....”

“It was a 20 man raid party if I recall?..... so Eri, why aren’t you joining them?” – Sonia

Eris ignored her while continuing to munch on her melon bread.



“Hmm?” After finishing her meal she gazed back at Sonia who was already forcing a smile while scratching her head in embarrassment.

“Why aren’t you joining them in their raid?”


Lazarus rested his head on his arm. He knew that Eris was the type to go at her own pace so asking her when she’s not interested was rather pointless. As the group continued to converse, slowly and steadily people left and the tavern became quiet.

“I guess, that’s that...” Zen pushed his chair back and stood up. “We need to find someone else then, see you girls tommrow.”

The moment Bardok stood up, Sonia’s gaze fell on a hooded man who was casually sipping his soup. She glanced above his head and stared at him. She hadn’t seen him because of Bardok’s large build.

Does she recognize me?

Lazarus felt his heart gradually beating faster and alarms were ringing on his head.

Bardok and Varus followed-up after Zen and left the tavern with a simple ‘bye’. Only a few drunks were left in the room and 2 beauties plus Lazarus.

Sonia was still staring at Lazarus and kept stealing glances over his head. “Ummm...”

“Hmm?” Eris tilted her head as she gazed at Sonia who was staring at the hooded man.

Lazarus finished his soup and went towards the counter and dropped a few silver coins, he was trying his best to seem normal but the moment he was about to head for the door, Sonia was already beside him.


Lazarus’ throat dried and his body was frozen stiff.

-= Master, voice calibration is complete =-

With the sound of a deep robotic voice echoing in his mind, he inhaled as he felt his throat being forcefully tightened. “Who’re you talking about?”

“Eh!? I’m sorry....”

Thanks Fs.... I got distracted for a bit.

Lazarus walked out of the tavern while heaving a sigh of relief. He wasn’t sure why, but it seemed as if Sonia could see something nobody could.

As soon as he got out he cloaked and went back to his inn.

Rufus greeted him with a soft squeek and gazed at him expectantly.

Lazarus sighed and materialized a steak. “Here...”


Rufus greedily gnawed on the meat as Lazarus sat down on his chair with his brows furrowed.

A screen appeared infront of Lazarus as it played a video of Sonia in slow motion. A red arrow appeared from her eyes towards the direction where she was gazing at.

“She does have a habit of looking up.”

Carefully analyzing the video, it seemed as if she could see seomething above their heads.

“I need to know if she really sees something....... and if she could, what is it? It might be dangerous to just leave her be.” Lazarus tapped Rufus’ back and the purple rat gazed at him a bit displeased. “I need you to find where this girl is staying at.”

Lazarus threw the screen towards Rufus who could also see the screen because of his collar.

*Squeek......* Rufus downcast his gaze and stole glances at the half finished steak.

“After you eat......”


Lazarus lied down on bed with both of hands behind his head and gazed at the cieling. “I just hope I don’t have to ‘deal’ with her.”

As he remembered his mistake with Silica, a small ember was lit inside his heart. He clicked his tongue and rolled on his side as he remembered a blue haired elf who had branded him as a lunatic. “Never again.....”



Inside a small wooden room with a single wooden beam at the center and a bed at the corner, a gentle morning breeze entered through the window.

The beautiful purple haired half-elf blinked a few times, she rubbed her saphire blue eyes and gazed at the window and mutterd softly. “Did I forget to close it?”

Stretching her slender arms, she removed the white bed sheet covering her slender figure. She was only wearing a couple of white underwear underneath a transparent purple night gown that reached below her abdomen.

As she stood up, she placed a finger on her bossom and straightened her underwear swallowed in between her lower cheeks that was well-rounded even with her slender figure.

Lazarus who was watching all of this unfold felt as if he had wronged her. Although the sight was quite splendid, it wasn’t the reason why he was here.

Sonia headed for the bathroom and soon after the sound of water hitting the floor echoed inside the room. Lazarus rummaged through her belongings and inside the drawer he noticed a small bag with glowing runes.

So magical bags do exist! So why were carriers needed ? Maybe magical bags don’t come in large sizes...

The moment he tried to open the bag a small amount of mana surged and Lazarus immedietly removed his hands.

“Dammit...” he gave up on the bag and glanced at the bathroom door, she was still bathing so he continued to rummage through her drawer. Other than her clothing and underwear there wasn’t anything special.

The moment he finished going through everything he muttered in a low voice. “Nothing....” he clenched his fist and glanced beside him and a screen appeared showing how everything was before he ruined the arrangements.

As he finished placing everything back, the door to the bathroom clicked open and Sonia casually walked towards the window with a wet towel covering her body.

Lazarus was about to get out but didn’t have the chance. Moving around while she was here risked the chance of making creaking sounds, he could only blame the wooden floor for his ordeal.

Sonia downcast her gaze and slowly closed the window. She didn’t seem as energetic as she was whenever she was with people.

She went towards the drawer and took out a couple of pure white cotton underwear and removed the towel over her luscious figure.

Lazarus was at the corner of the room with nowhere else to look, she might accidentally walk towards him even if the chaces of someone walking towards the corner was low.

The sight of her slender naked body wide on display was breath taking, her mountains complemented her slender hour-glass like figure, as she crouched forward to wear her underwear, her most secretive parts were wide on display.

Lazarus felt bad for looking at her but circumstances didn’t permit him to just shyly look away. After all, making a mistake just because of something stupid wasn’t one he was willing to make.

The view was quite enjoyable and the best he has seen in his lifetime on Valeria but there were more important matters at hand.

-= Master I’ve recorded the best scenes, should you need a material I shall gladly provide you some =-

Delete that.. it has nothing to do with our surveillance.

Several hours later and Sonia kept on walking around the city while glancing around, it was quite mysterious since she never went to the guild hall to get some quest.

Why did she even become an adventurer if she wasn’t going to fulfill some quest?

Lazarus tailed her every other hour to regenerate his cloak and Rufus on his down time.

Everytime she sees someone, she has a habit of looking above their heads. If someone approaches her, she answers back with an energetic smile although she isn’t as touchy with others as she was with him.

The moment nobody looks at her, her expression turns to that of someone who seemed in pain and desperate.

Lazarus was now sure that she could  see something above someone’s head but what it was, was still a mystery. She seems to be looking for something rather than being aimless.

With each passing day she seemed even more desperate but she never showed her desperation to anyone else.

The moment she encountered Eris she tottered towards her with a smile. “Eri Eri, have you seen Rex?”

Why’s she looking for me?

Eris simply shook her head. “Why?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to tell him I passed !”

Eris eyed her carefully. “Maybe he left?”

“WHAT!?” Sonia forced a smile and downcast her gaze. “Ah! I mean... do you know where he went?”

Eris shook her head, she knew there was something up with Sonia but wasn’t going to pry it out of her until she decided to tell her herself. They became friends during the week they were together even if they hardly knew anything about each other.

Not really close friends but just friends whom you could talk to and sometimes eat together with.

As they parted ways with a small goodbye, Lazarus was furrowing his brows.

“Should I meet her? What was inside of her magical bag?” He didn’t know if she was a threat or not but just telling him she passed was obviously a lie. But what if she was an assassin hired by Ana? No, that wasn’t possible since he reached Garrion even before her and Ana wasn’t even heading to Garrion.

Telecoms don’t even exist in this world so there was no way to hire assasins without going to meet them.

Since he couldn’t become an adventurer then odd jobs were the only way to earn money, and he needed more materials to make his very own mining drones so he wouldn’t need to rely on the smith for them.

But to make mining drones he needed a couple of hundred thousand golds. And he still hasn’t tried the guns on anything other than trees.

There wasn’t much to do. The items Rufus stole wasn’t much of value other than the golden ring.

Besides the ring and Mystallia crystal, there wasn’t anything else that would give him enough gold to build drones.

Lazarus placed a hand on his chin, when suddenly he grinned. “Fs, the reason why people only hire adventurers was because they are ‘qualified’ right? ”

-= Yes master, what do you have in mind? =-

“I’ve got an idea.”

-= Do you have a plan to deal with her? =-

“No, If I avoid contact with her then she won’t be a problem. I have something else in mind.”



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