Chapter 36 : Ingots

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It was dark, the grass of the vast plains were painted in a shadow of darkness, althought the winds were subtle it felt like cold water droplets from rain.

In the darkness of the night a man wearing a brown hood was casually walking back towards a city in cased in walls that stood sky high.

Lazarus felt a faint warm sensation. As he turned to gaze towards the horizon, the sky was painted in a faint yellowish glow that slowly lit the darkness of the night.

It was a night that reminded him of the night where the breeze carried the smell of salt and ocean winds. Where he had met a mysterious fox-girl with lustrous silver hair and beautiful amber eyes.

“Come to think of it. I never knew her name......”

Lazarus heaved a long sigh and clenched the scroll he had on his hand. “With this..... I can finally build some guns. But what do I do with the other stolen accessories?”

As he slowly walked along a paved path of the city it was dead silent. It was dark, the walls had robbed the city of the sun’s morning glow.

Glancing around he noticed that none of the shops were open so he decided to go back to the inn and freshen himself up for now.

But, just as he was about to turn a corner he stopped. From the distance a figure was walking towards him.

With his vision dyed in green, he could clearly see the figure from afar. It was Eris, the popular silver haired girl adventurer with her usual expression that seemed disinterested in the world.

Lazarus furrowed his brows. They weren’t exactly on friendly terms and because of her popularity she meant trouble for him. But since there weren’t many people she probably wasn’t trouble right now, although he himself had no reason to talk to her.

So he simply shrugged the thought and continued along the corner.

Eris somehow noticed a hooded figure from afar. Her steps became slower and she eventually came to a stop. As the figure vanished in a corner, she started walking back on her usual pace but she had feeling as to whom it may have been.

But soon after reaching the same corner, she glanced at the empty alley filled with nothing but the cold winds of the night. She couldn’t help but wonder about a man who had refused to test himself and purposely failed. After all, he was quite skilled even without the use of mana.

It wasn’t his strength that baffled her, but it was the moment when their gazes locked on each other. His sky blue eyes that seemed so distant, as if the world itself meant nothing to him. The only thought that came to her mind was.

Is he the same as me?


Afternoon that day inside in the smithing shop.

A bald man was casually sitting down on the counter fiddling with his fingers and kept stealing glances at the door.

Suddenly the door clicked open and a hooded individual walked in.

The smith looked at Lazarus and furrowed his brows. “You broke the record for the fastest guy to have given up lad.”

Lazarus smirked and took out a golden necklace that had a heart shaped locket at the center. “You were saying?”

The smiths eyes widened as his body quivered. “I-it can’t be.....H-how did you??? I......” the smith busted the small wooden door from the counter and took Lazarus’ hand.

“Thank you lad! I can’t thank you enough!” The smith had the biggest smile that somewhat made Lazarus happy.

Lazarus shook his head with a smile and handed the necklace over to the smith. He thought that somehow it wasn’t so bad even though he originally did it for the ingots.

The smith offered a hand towars Lazarus. “I haven’t introduced myself have I? I’m Gallios Stedfield. ”

Lazarus took his hand. “I’m Rex.”

“Just Rex?”

“Yep, just Rex and about those ingots....”

Gallios crossed his arms and grinned. “As promised they will be half the price! So how many are you going to buy? ”

“About that. I’m gonna buy a lot so I’m gonna take a lot of trips going back and forth.”

“You don’t have a carrier with you?”

Lazarus raised a brow. “Carriers?”

“The ones that carry items found in the dungeons or dropped from monsters, they usually focus on strength reinforcement and material weight magic. There’s always one in every party unless the quest doesn’t really need them.”

Lazarus was at a loss for words. He had originally thought that there were magical bags of some sort so he thought he could buy one and take the ingots to the room so he could store it in his D-storage. But then again it probably would’ve been too good to be true.

“O-oh yeah right. I thought you meant something else. Anyway I’ll be carrying the first batch with this bag.” Lazarus took out a small brown leather bag that he bought on his way here.

“Did you catch the creature by any chance?”

“No. I simply managed to take the necklace it had with it.”

Gallios felt indebt towards Lazarus so he didn’t want to pry any further. It was somewhat believable since nobody can catch something that can dissapear, so he assumed that perhaps Lazarus only got lucky. “Oh! So how many are you gonna buy?”

Lazarus grinned from underneath his hood.

A few minutes later Lazarus left the shop with a huge grinn while carrying a bag filled with several different alloy ingots.

His heart was beating wildly with excitement and he eventually started running. The moment he turned to take a shortcut in an alley his eyes widened as he stomped the ground and came to an abrupt stop. “Eris!?”

The silver haired beauty who was inches away from him simply gazed at him curiously.”Rex?”

As her soft cherry lips parted, Lazarus ran passed by her. “Sorry gotta go.”

Eris tilted her head as an invisible question mark seemingly popped on her head.

But then a thought ran across Lazarus’ mind. He stopped in his tracks and looked towards Eris who was still looking at him with her usual indiferrence. “Eris, did Ru-.... that creature take something from you?”

Eris nodded slightly and softly spoke. “You knew?”

Lazarus simply shook his head since it was just an assumption he had made from seeing her in the outskirts of the city yesterday. “I see.”

He continued along his path as he carefully thought how he was going to return the items he had with him. He was by no means a saint but he didn’t like the thought of someone else finding his stuff and keeping it for themselves.

Eris furrowed her brows slightly while gazing at Lazarus as he left.

How was Lazarus going to return it without getting found out? The creature was quite famous after all, so anyone who caught it would be the talk of the city and that’s something that he would like to avoid.

Though his bag was heavy, there were still some more things to buy on his list. So Lazarus went to the alchemist shop and soon emerged with an even heavier bag plus a barrel of what seemed to be a white powder and another barrel filled with black powder.

He wore the bag on his back and heaved both barrel on top of his shoulders and began walking towards a corner.

“This is troublesome.....” Lazarus sat on top of 2 wooden barrels while carrying a brown bag that was seemingly about to burst. Heaving a long sigh he waited for an hour and suddenly the contents inside the barrels and the bag had vanished.

People were giving him the stare but since his hood looked quite worn down they only assumed he was poor and was taking a break from a job.

Repeating the steps over and over. It was already night by the time he had finished. He was left with only 100 gold, although to Lazarus it was more than enough.

-= Master about Rufus.=-

“Oh crap I frogot about that rodent.”

The moment Lazarus went back to the inn. He was greeted with the scent of burnt hair as he opened the door to his room. His eyes fell upon a charred cat-size rat that was twitching and drooling while lying down on his back.

“Pfft..” Lazarus’ face distorted as his face muscles tensed up. “You should’ve waited patiently... though it was my fault for forgetting.” The moment Lazarus took out a juicy piece of steak, the seemingly dead rat jumped up and dashed towards him and mulled on the meat.

*Squeeeek!* Rufus happily gnawed on the meat like a lion while constantly stealing glances at Lazarus who completely ignored its behaviour and had collapsed on bed.

“Tommorow is a big day.” Lazarus spoke with a large grinn. It was difficult to sleep because of his heart that kept on beating like a drum but nevertheless he closed his eyes and eventually fell into a deep slumber.

As the dawn of tommorow had arrived. Lazarus sprinted towards the city gates and ran like there was no tommorow.

Several hours later and he was inside a forest.

Walking near the woods, a waft of air brought a whiff of sweetness, and with it the scent of rosemary. Lazarus was surrounded by trees that stood 40-50 meters tall of what seemed to be similar to a pine forest back on earth.

As he continued to wonder aimlessly in the forest he eventually arrived at a large open space by the river.

“FS, display equipment storage.”

-= Affirmative =-

As he said those words. A blue window screen popped out infront of him.

D-Storage window
---------------------------------- Equipments and Miscellaneous ----------------------

Steel former V514
Azalea flower (Stolen)

Lazarus heart quivered with excitement as he placed both of his arms in the air as if he was pushing an invisible wall.

-= Materializing steel former V514 =-

Several crackling lights of electricity formed a rectangular room spanning 15 meters across and was 10 meters high.

As the static slowly dissipitated one could see a gigantic microwave. The interior had several grid lines and mechanical arms with a claw, the other had a grinder attached to its side, and some formed like mechanical fire hoses.

It had a gigantic cylindrical tail at the back that was connected to the river.

Lazarus placed a chunk of the iron ingot inside, he emptied his lungs and heaved a long sigh. He held a fist to his chest in an attempt to calm his overflowing excitement.

With a huge smile painted on his face he closed the glass door.

With a flick of a the switch the machine started to rattle, it made a loud sound of a microwave heating up.

*- Initiating controlled gravity field-* The machine spoke as if having her very own voice, the voice was so clear as if it belonged to a voice actress although it was monotonous.

The metal ingot started hovering in mid air inside the machine.

“Let’s begin.”

-= Shall I assist you master? =-

“Not yet, I wanna see how this works without the help of an A.I” Lazarus had operated the machine before but it was mostly virtual. These types of machine were always operated with an A.I because of it’s complexety and the lack of buttons, the only way to operate this was through your thoughts using the neural chip.

-= Understood =-

Lazarus willed the machine to fire an extreme heat of several thousand degrees which turned the hard steel ingot into a now glowing orange liquid.

Carefully visualizing......

Lazarus emptied his mind and concentrated on imagining. In the darkness of his mind, an image formed, it was blurry but one could make out the shape of a spring.

The liquid metal inside slowly spiraled and formed into a spring as if an esper was guiding the metal into formation.

Of course there was no esper but was mostly because of the controlled gravity, each of the mico-sized grids had there very own gravititional forces that was carefully calibrated which help in the formation of the metal of varying sizes.

As it took form, the mechanical hoses fired a stream of water towards it and waited for it to cool before heheating it yet again. After the process finished itself-

Lazarus opened the hatch and waited for a few minutes before willing the spring to hover towards him.

Upon closer inspection it looked like a spring but had rough edges and was bent slightly. An expected outcome since human imagination was something very hard to control and most of all, it lacked details.

After being satisfied with the results he placed the spring back and suddenly it was crushed into a small square piece.

-= Master, shall I assist you? =-

“Please do.”

The process repeated itself and this time FS carefully placed the detail, one mechanical arm fired a torrent of water towards the spring that was in the process of cooling and it was reheated yet again.

After repeating the process, the spring had a chromium shine, it’s edges were smooth, it didn’t bend in strange ways like the first one. It was one would describe as newly manufactured.

Lazarus needed to do it part by part because the micro grids controlled gravity had a weakness, and that was manipulating the interior parts that was encased inside the items.

With mechanical arms equip with lasers that could be calibrated it was no problem to carve the interior of the guns especially with FS’ careful control.

After carefully creating the small pieces of the guns from its pins to its magazine. It was now time to create the interior and Lazarus grinned. “I wonder which one would be good?”

He only had enough materials to create a pistol together with a rifle or a shotgun but he didn’t have any materials to make plastic so he couldn’t create shotgun shells which only leaves him with a rifle.

“I wonder if I should go for long range or mid range combat? And I wonder how these mages are gonna deal with guns., heheheh"

It was only 4 days until the second exam to become an adventurer but he wasn’t making guns for the purpose of the exam but just needed something for long range combat since his grenades were very limited.


I might or might not make a seperate chapter as to how the guns came into form and how the machine works. After all, majority in the comments did say they didn't want a chapter full of details about the guns. :D

I'll gladly try to answer some questions that doesn't involve spoilers.

I need to edit some chapters because I've read back on a few of them and they were faulty or lacked some details. So new chapters 'might' be late.

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