The Exiled Prince



Chapter 35 : The start of a beautiful friendship.


Chapter 35 : The start of a beautiful friendship.

New chapter I hope you enjoy :D

Lazarus was currently in the outskirts of Garrion city.

The scenery was dyed in green from the grasslands that stretched across the vast plains.

It was just yesterday that he got a quest from the blacksmith to retrieve his wife’s memento.

Several small crackling blue lights formed in Lazarus’ palm as it started to form a rolled-up piece of paper. As the light slowly dissipated, one could see a scroll had formed on the palm of his hands.

Lazarus POV:

Hmm... I’m sure it was around this area.

I glanced at the scroll I had in hand.

Besides the quest details that I already know about, there was a hand drawn picture of what seemed to be a town with a series of dashes heading towards a certain area in the outskirts of the city and was marked X at the end.

I gazed back at the city and glanced back at the scroll.

“This is exactly where I need to be. But I don’t see any creatures.”

I’ve asked the locals about it yesterday. The creature appeared a year ago and has been stealing shiny things and always presents itself in this very spot with the item it stole.

Apparently nobody knows where the items end up in.

Nobody managed to caught the creature or see it leave.

I could only wonder what it stole.

“Hmm.....” I placed a hand on my chin and sat down on the ground. The prickling sensation of the grass carrassed my ass and it felt uncomfortable but nothing I couldn’t manage. The musky smell of fresh grass entered my nose as a cold morning breeze blew on my skin.

As I waited for the creature, I heard voices from afar.

“Isn’t this where that creature was supposed to be?” A man that looked to be in his thirties appeared. He had an afro and had a great sword on his back but was only wearing a pair of brown pants and revealed his heavily scarred muscular body.

But what caught my eye was the female behind him. I say ‘female’ because I can’t really call her human.

Unlike most female beastmen I’ve met, this girl looked like a cheetah with tan fur and block spots. Her eyes were an orange with a sharp slit in her pupils and she wore a bikini top and short pants that revealed her furry legs.


Those aren’t exactly human legs...... those are the back legs of a cheetah and I could only wonder. How in the world is she standing on those?

“Are you sure this is the right place ?” - Cheetah girl

The two had some thing in common. They both had a necklace with a silver plate marked III.

The moment they saw me they stopped and looked towards each other.

Can’t blame them. I looked like a suspicious person because of my hood.

They whispered something to each other before walking towards me. What do they want I wonder?

“Yo! You here to catch that creature?” The man in afro reach a hand towards me. “I’m Jin”

“And I’m Effy!” The cheetah girl energetically raised both of her hands going banzai!!

“Not really” I took Jin’s hand and was greeted with calloused and rough sensation beffiting his large hands.

He squeezed my hands and I returned the same amount of force that made his eyes widen in surprise. “Woah! You’re strong for your size. Welp, wanna party up with us?”

Would it be bad to refuse them? I was planning on observing others first before jumping at the creature. So I simply said. “I’m just here to observe.”

“I see, too bad then.” Jin seemed slightly dissapointed but still forced a smile.

But then Effy’s loud shout rang across my ears.

“THERE IT IS!!!” she pointed towards something behind me. Now that I take a good look at it her hands are also like paws. This is the first time I saw someone more on the beast side than the humans.

It’s like I’m looking at a walking and talking animal. Seriously it feels strange....
As I turned to see what it was. I saw a large rat-like creature that had purple fur and red eyes the size of a cat.

Effy sprang towards the creature but the moment she did it squeeked in surprise and dissappeared. She landed face flat on the ground with a thud.

“Pffftt.. Buwahahahhahh!” Jin rolled on the grass and was smacking the ground all the while laughing like an idiot.

“Hey!!! Stop laughing and help me pasta head! ”

“hoho...ha-haaaa..Alright! Alright! Sheeshh.”

FS, begin recording. I’ll need to observe Effy so I can gauge the beastmen's sensing capabilities.

-= Affirmative =-

The creature reappeared behind Effy and squeeked as if to mock her. Vein’s popped on Effy’s head as she pounced the creature yet again and it dissappeared the same way.

It just completely dissapears like a ghost. As if god had just erased it’s existance.

The moment afro man was about to help, he was greeted with Effy’s butt sticking out and her face flat down on the ground. His face muscles tensed up.

The moment he lost concentration his face twisted into a large grin and he began rolling on the ground laughing like a hyena. "Hyeahahahahahh!"

I’m not one to critisize others sense of humor but isn’t that just overly excessive?

This looks stupid. She’s a cheetah for christ sake why can’t she use her senses? But then again Silica couldn’t pin point where I was so perhaps the human DNA is holding them back?

“Grrrr! ” Effy began chanting as her legs were suddenly glowing strange green glowing runes.

She dashed forward with twice the speed towards the creature but it seemingly grinned.

*Squeek!* The rat dissappeared and Effy stopped dead in her tracks and dropped on all four.

Effy glanced around with her nose twitching. “It’s still here but I can’t see it.” She began stomping on the ground in frustration and glared at Jin who had just slowly stood up.

Her eyes were suddenly locked on to something on Jin’s head.

“Effy why are ya looking at me like that?”


Effy reinforced her hand and jumped towards Jin who had began running while flailing his arms about. “Sttoooopp! What the hell do you think your doing!?”

Can’t that afro man feel the rodent on his head? Or he seriously just too stupid?

“It’s on your head! Catch it you walking pube!!!” Effy kept on chasing Jin who was still running like a lunatic.

"I said it's an afro!!" Jin raised both of his arms and grabbed the creature but it jumped up and pissed on his stylish afro.

It majestically flew in the air with sparkles and scattered its scent across Jin’s face who was stupid enough to look up. I try to hold back the giddy sensation in my stomach as I watched the comedic scene unfold.

*Squeekekekek!* The creature vanished yet again.

Jin’s head glistened with a yellow liquid oozing down like a syrup on a black ice cream.

If I didn’t know any better I guess it was laughing?

Veins popped across Jin’s face as his muscles bulged. “You fcking rodent!! I’m GOING TO KILL YOU!!!”

“Stop! We shouldnt kill it or we can’t find out where it’s nest is!! ” Effy called out but Jin ‘s fist were glowing a bright orange and he shot out a barrage of fireball from his fist throughout the entire field.

“Die! Die ! Die!”

Effy was at a loss for words as Jin was panting and hunching down from his rampage.


“I can’t find it... wait...”

Why are they looking at me like that? It can’t be.....

Jin grinned as veins popped across his head. “There you are!! .”

Effy smiled as her paws started to glow. “Eeyy!! “

"Ora! ora! ora! ora!!" – Jin

My eyes widened as jolt of andrenaline shot out across my body and I jumped to the side and gripped the thing on my head. Jin’s burning barrage of flame missed and burned the unfortunate grasses and Effy growled while looking at me.

My hands were greeted with the sensation as if I was gripping ice cream.

Ice cream?

I felt a hot sensation well up inside me as I gaze upon the twirling vortex of brown goodness in my hand.

Jin glared at Effy. “You’re letting it get away! FUCK!”

“Aaaaa! God damn it!” Effy scratched her head.

I willed the forcefield to shrug of the poop on my head and I walked away with veins popping on my forehead. “That fcking rodent I’m gonna roast it alive....”

“Where’re you going?” Effy looked towards me worriedly. “We’re sorry we didn’t mean for this to happen....”

“S-sorry I got carried away.....” – Jin

I looked towards the both of them trying to muster up a smile with a face filled with veins popping out. “D-don’t worry about it.”

The two slowly backed away. “W-we have to go see yah!” and run like there was no tommorow.

Lazarus muscles were so tense that he looked like a macho man who was trying to lift a truck. “That god damn raat!!!!”

The purple rat re appeared behind him. “Squekekekekek!”

Afternoon came and every adventurer that fought with the rat ended up in the same comedic routine while this time I’m hiding inside a bush so I could properly observe without getting mixed up on that thing’s idiocity.

I softly muttered to myself. “I’ll get that rodent when this clowns leave.”

The next contender were alchemist that wanted to experiment on it but failed miserably.

Whenever high ranking adventurers were miles away approaching, the creature dissapears. Perhaps it could sense mana from afar? I’m not too sure.

During this time I knew how to deal with the creature since I’ve just tested a few things while observing them.

Right now there was no need to rush my vengeance.

It was already 3:00 p.m and it seemed like everyone had given up for now.

I was still observing the creature when I noticed it gazed from afar and then dissappeared yet again.

Curious, I turned to see what the creature was gazing at and my eyes wondered towards a silver haired beauty approaching from afar. I don’t think she’ll be able to see me since I went inside the bush to avoid getting into contact with the other adventurers.

“What’s she doing here?” I asked myself knowing there won’t be any answers from anyone since I’m alone.

Eris glanced around and held a hand to her chest while seemingly looking for something. She sat down while continiously glancing around and stayed for 2 hours.

She heaved a small sigh, dusted her skirt and left shortly after.


The large purple rat stood up like a meerkat and gazed at Eris who was already far away. Somehow a rat standing up just makes me cringe especially if it shat in my head.

From my observation this thing is actually intellegent.

After all, it appears around here on the same spot for a reason.

It knows adventurers come here to find it and usually haves fun being chased by them. After they lose their vigor the creature presents itself and swings it’s bussom around and whips the ground.

If that’s not mockery I don’t know what is.


It was already 5 p.m and the creature seemed satisfied. It squeeked again before disappearing.

Unfortunately for the creature a man who happen to have the same ability to disappear and had no mana was the perfect candidate to catch it.

Lazarus grinned. “I didn’t think that ‘that’ would come in handy”

-= Cloak engaged =-

Several crackling electricity coated Lazarus until he had disappeared from plain sight.

-= Thermal vision active =-

Lazarus’ vision was dyed in red and he could see a bright red figure crawling about as he began trailing the creature with a grinn. “Just you wait...”

He knew that the creature was fast and it could easily hear him from afar. But right now it was slowly trotting away.

A few hours later--

Lazarus was currently standing several meters away from it as the creature slowly headed towards him. He went ahead of it and had estimated where it would go from the direction it was heading to.

After all, animals are animals and it took a straight path to its home and had been complacent due to the fact that nobody could see it. That is except for Lazarus.


It suddenly floated in mid-air and Lazarus was grinning whilst looking at the creature.

-= Cloak disengaged =-

“Hello. My name is Lazarus and you are.......... dead meat.” Lazarus evil grinn spread across his face while the creature would be sweating bullets right now if it could.

The rat squeeked and squirmed. Suddenly it was engulfed in a light blue mana and Lazarus felt as if his hands were numb.

No... it was better to say he felt like he wasn’t holding anything. “So this is how you did those tricks.”

The moment it realized it couldn’t escape it tried to piss on Lazarus but nothing came out.

“I guess you’re out of ammo.” Lazarug smirked and giggled. “How does this feel?” He started squeezing the creature as it squeeked and squirmed in agony.

Lazarus thought of what he wanted to do with this thing. That is until an idea struck him.

“I’m sorry for using your precious memento, Gale Armstrong...” Lazarus remembered one of the space explorers in the ship who always kept a picture of his dog in his pocket. “But I need to use it.”

His only memento of his sole family on earth was the dog’s collar he had always attached to his waist and Lazarus also took it thinking it might’ve been something he needed.

Suddenly a red collar materialized on Lazarus hand but was relatively larger than the creature’s neck.

A bright red laser scanned it’s neck as it adjusted it’s size and tightented around it.

Lazarus released the creature but the moment it tried to dash away. Bolts of electricity shot out towards it causing it to lay flat on the ground with its tongue sticking out and its arms twitching.

“I wonder why this feels familiar.....” Lazarus felt satisfied and looked towards the creature. “That’s what you get for shitting in my head.”

He then had a massive grinn on his face which made the creature shudder. “So tell me where’s your home?”

It was already in the dead of the night and Lazarus had dug 20 meters underground with a wooden shovel while trailing the hole that was hidden inside a bush, he eventually arrived at the creature’s den.

There were several jewelries of all assortment and Lazarus eventually noticed the necklace that resembled the one drawn on the scroll.

While Lazarus sat down and was waiting for everything to be registered in his D-storage he gazed at the roasted rat-like creature who had now understood that running away and going against his will would electrecute it

“I can’t let you go since your ability is very much like my cloak. And if they caught you then it would be easier to make countermeasures for me. Besides, they say your one of a kind and you left something you shouldn’t have on my head.”

*Squeek! Squeek! Squeeeek!* The creature was seemingly voicing complaints which really showed it’s intellegence.

“I’ll call you Rufus. If you don’t want to end up in a laboratory with an open stomache I suggest you listen.”

Rufus’ eyes widened but was able to comprehend what Lazarus was saying because of the advance dog collar.

Lazarus also understood the creature but could only comprehend only a little of what it wanted since this collar was originally designed for dogs and Rufus’ brainwaves didn’t exactly match that of a dog. How it understood Lazarus was another story.

Heaving a long sigh, Lazarus scratched his head in disapointment. “Normally people get pets like dragons in game and I somehow ended up with a rodent.”


“Zip it.”

very single jewelry that could be found was engulfed in crackling electricity and had disappeared.

Lazarus gazed at Rufus curiously. “Is this all of them?”

Rufus looked away and squeeked in a low tone.

*Bzzt bzzt*

It’s skeletal frame could be seen as several jolts of electricity shot out towards its body making it do acrobatic poses that only balarena’s could do.

Lazarus didn’t like animal cruelty but considering the dangers that Rufus would possess if he was caught then it was better to have him killed.

But if he trained him strictly then he would have a very useful scout. The collar didn’t have a camera on because most of the chip inside was designed to electricute and comprehend brain waves which left no space for a camera.

“Tell me where you’re hiding the rest?”

*Squeek.....* Rufus relactuntly began digging at the center of his den and retrieved a golden ring.

Lazarus opened his palm and Rufus hesitated for a moment. It seemed like this was it’s favorite toy but the moment Lazarus raised his brows.

Rufus slowly crawled towards him and opened it’s jaw to drop the ring in Lazarus’ palm. “Good boy. I’m beggining to think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.”



Lazarus began imagining the possibilities with Rufus’ ability at his disposal and he smirked the moment an idea surfaced into his mind.



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