Chapter 34 : The twilight princess

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:::::::::::: Balur Village ::::::::

Most of the houses were built with stones, bricks and wood, just like any other medieval house. The only difference was that nobody was using light, instead they used magical stones that glow in various colors and most stones used in Balur village was a bright yellow.

Reisha POV:

It has been a few weeks since I found out that my brother broke out from the barrier.

I’ve been following empty leads so far so I investigated the areas near the forest of eternal peace. I asked the locals in Balur village if they had seen anyone strange but they all denied it.

Heaving a long sigh I looked towards Celine. “Let’s just take a break for today.”

“If I remember correctly, there should be a tavern nearby.” – Celine

Celine is my personal maid who had decided to accompany me even if it meant being away from the kingdom. I don’t know why but perhaps she felt gratitude towards me for saving her and her sister Rei when I was only 12 years old.

Celine is 5’8 in height and has black hair and sky blue eyes. She lets her hair flow down to her waist and she has the beauty mark of a mole underneath her left eyes and she wears glasses with a rectangular frame.

We’re both wearing white hoods to cover our faces since we usually stand out too much.

“There it is.” Celine pointed towards a small establishment.

Inside the tavern there were a few wooden tables and chairs. The walls were made of cobblestones and the wooden ceiling was held down by a single wooden beam at the center.

Celine pulled back a chair and looked towards me. “Please have a seat princess.”

I nodded to her before taking my seat. “Haa-...... I wonder where brother could be?”

Celine sat across me and lowered her hood revealing her face that one would describe as a mature beauty.

I knew she wasn’t careless and she only revealed her face since no one else was around except the waitresses and cook. But I for one cannot reveal my face even to those people.

A waitress girl with brunete hair and frickles approached us.“May I have your order?”

“Two salads if you would please..... Tiffany. ” I noticed she had a tag with her name on it.

“Alrighty! ” Tiffany smiled and gazed back at us. “And drinks?”

“Plain water and..- ” Celine furrowed her brows as if she had just remembered something. “Did you happen to see someone strange a few weeks ago?”

I simply gazed at the girl expecting the same answers that we got from everyone else. But what came out of her next made my heart jump out.

“Hmmm, there was a man who didn’t know anything about Azalea flowers.” Tiffany smiled and began tapping her pen on her cheek. “He said he wasn’t from around here so he didn’t knew but.... I think everyone in this world knows what they are teheheh.”

It could be any other man but...... not knowing about Azalea flowers? Other than kids who haven’t been educated are the only ones who don’t know. But nevertheless my heart was beating wildly.

Who else other than kids and a man locked inside a forest for 10 years to not know? I might just getting my hopes up but still the thought of seeing him again made me my heart flutter. “Do you happen to know what he looked like!? Would you please describe him to us in detail!?”

“P-princess please calm yourself...” Celine whispered towards me.

“Eh?” I just noticed that I’m already standing and leaning towards her. “Please forgive my rudeness.”

“I-it’s alright. As for that man he was wearing strange clothes and he was incredibly handsome! His gaze was sharp and he always looked serious. Well.... I’m not really good at describing others so I’m really sorry heheheh.” Tiffany scratched her head and smiled.

Always looked serious!? It must be!!

My heart began fluttering as if I had butterflies in my stomach. “What was his hair color!? Eye color!?”

Tiffany took a step back. “B-blacky hair and b-blue eyes?”

“Handsome........ black hair... blue eyes. There’s no doubt about it!”

Celine placed a hand on my shoulder and calmy said. “Princess. We’re not sure if that’s really him.”

I looked down and pondered. What distinct feature did brother have other than his handsome face and serious look?

There’s no other choice.

“P-p-princess what are you-!?”

I lowered my hood and gazed at Tiffany.

Tiffany simply gazed at me for a bit before her eyes suddenly widened and her jaw dropped. “Twilight princess!?” she abruplty kneeled down infront of me and everyone else who noticed kneeled.

“Princess Reisha what might you be doing in our humble establishment?” The cook who was also kneeling down gazed up on me.

I simply shook my head and gave everyone a light smile. “Right now I’m just your customer. Please raise your heads.”

Did they not hear me? I wondered because they were all simply gazing at me with flustered faces.

“I never imagined that I will get to personally meet the twilight princess!!” One of the waitress fell down with a contented smile. “This is a dream come...t-..rue”

“The..twilight princess... never in my wildest imagination did I ever think that I would get to see her...” Another waitress kept gazing at me with sparkles in her eyes.

“She truly is an angel.....” the cook collapsed with a drool.

“Eh?” Was I that famous?

Celine took a step forward and tapped on Tiffany who seemed to have become as stiff as a statue trying to kneel. “Did you see any resemblance on him with the princesss?”

Tiffany stood up and saluted. “Y-YES!”

I giggled and she began scratching her head in embarrassment. “Now that you mention it....... he kinda did....” she gazed towards me with her brows furrowed. “Or maybe it was just my imagination. After all, there are only 3 heirs to the crown.”

“What was he wearing? And why did you say he was wearing strange clothes?” – Celine

Tiffany furrowed her brows and was seemingly in deep thought. “Hmm, let me see.....”

I placed a hand on my chest plate but I could still feel my heart thumping wildly.

She tried to describe his clothing to us as detailed as she could....

however only one thing came to my mind.

My heart began beating in wierd arrays that I couldn’t comprehend..... but I didn’t dislike it. It somehow felt warm and calming......

The hooded man that I had met with Falon. Was the only man wearing the clothes that fit the description.

Did I just treat big brother without knowing it? And his eating habits..... So I had met him?

The vivid memories in the tavern together with the hooded man became a picture framed inside a blanket of white snow inside my mind.

My voiced crumbled as I covered my mouth with both of my hands. “Big brother Lazarus... hic-”

“Eh? P-princess? W-what do I do!? Noo!!!!! Please don’t cry!” Tiffany kept waving her hands wildly and seemed in distress.

“Cry?” I placed a hand on my cheek and felt a wet sensation. “I-it can’t be.....”

I didn’t notice but my tears were flowing down like a stream and I tried to rub them away but they didn’t seem to stop comming. “Huh? W-why won’t they stop?” I felt a warm sensation in my chest.

So I shared dinner with him? I chatted with him? I-... I finally spent time with him after all these years?

“Hic-*Sniffle* ”

Why? Why won’t my tears stop? Even though I’m this happy. Why won’t they stop?

The beautiful princess’ endless tears kept on flowing from her glistening emerald green eyes.

Everyone was in awe. Even Celine her maid who had always seen her headstrong and unwavering for years.

To her Reisha was unwavering and invincible in battle while normally a well-mannered and humble girl that was seemingly always yearning for something. Throughout the years she hasn’t seen her shed a tear. But.........

The princess infront of her now was different. Right now she seemed so vulnerable with her tears endlessly trickling down her flushed cheeks.

Her ever so bright and gentle smile seemed like the very sun was shining down on her even if it was dead in the night.

She didn’t know why but Celine herself was happy. A warm sensation engulfed her chest as this was the first time she had seen the princess’ true smile in her 5 years of service.

“Princess.....” A smile formed on Celine’s face as she gently hugged Reisha from behind.

Dawn of the following day.

Reisha and Celine were riding on their horses.

“What’s wrong princess?” Celine glanced at the poubting Reisha who’s cheeks were slightly puffed. “You were so happy yesterday that you cried.”

“I was...... but then I realized.” Reisha downcast her gaze as her shoulder drooped down. “I just let him get away...... why didn’t I realize sooner? If it was him I should’ve realized......”

Celine giggled which made Reisha glare at her. “I haven’t seen these many sides of you princess. I’d thought you’d be more embarrased after that but I guess you don’t really hide your affection for your brother. ”

Reisha grumled. “This is all big brothers fault........ he didn’t even say goodbye when he left...... his an idiot.”

Celine looked towards the distance and wondered what kind of person could he have been? Who could he be now? She couldn’t help but have high expectations of such a person whom Reisha held so dear.

Though they didn’t get much information from the waitresses afterwards. They now had a clue that Lazarus had seen the Azalea flower. And the only placed where he could even see them was in the forest to the west from the forest of eternal peace.

The elven forest where Sylphi came from. The forest known as ‘Silvania.’

But didn’t she mention a flower thief?


Somewhere in the sky. A large scaly creature was zooming across the sky at an alarming speed. It looked like a dragon but was relatively smaller.

And on it’s back was a golden haired elf and a blue haired elf clutching on to her waist as if her life depended on it.

They were both engulfed in a light-blue transparent mana bubble to prevent the air from pushing them off as well as keep them on the wyvern’s back. This was of course done by Syrawi who was the artifact wielder of the elves as well as the elven priestess.

“Sylphi! Your hurting me...” Syrawi the beautiful golden haired elf had 2 daggers at her side held by a leather strap criss-crossed on to her waist.

“B-but your going too fast!!” Sylphi screamed as she continued to clutch on to Syrawi.

On her back was a silver bow with purple engravings that kept glowing on and off.

Syrawi grinned and urged the wyvern faster. “I’m going to go faster if you don’t let go!”

“Nooooooooooooooooo!!” Contrary to her threat Sylphi clutched down even tighter.



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