Chapter 33: Oh my God!

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Inside a very large mansion in the town of Lumia. Several adventurers who had feline ears and tails were patrolling around.

Biting her nails in frustration and constantly walking about, a princess with long golden hair and emerald green-eyes was seemingly in distress.

*Knock knock knock*

“Princess…. May I have a moment?” A feminine voice echoed from behind the door.

“Come in….”

The door opened with a click and a beautiful elven maid with blue hair tied in a pony-tail and deep blue eyes entered the room.

“Is something the matter Sophia?”

Sophia nodded and downcast her gaze. “Ana..- I mean Princess, we have retrieved most of what we could from the sunken ship with the help of the locals.”

“I take it that it went smoothly?”

“Unfortunately everything of value had been stolen..….”

“What was that!?” Ana roared out as she clenched her fist and glared at Sophia.

“We believe that prince Lazarus had stolen it after the ship sank. Perhaps we should inform the king and have him aid us in dealing with him.”

“N-no… I can’t have my father find out about my blunders.”

“But his technology magic leaves no traces of mana and he easily took out our elite combatants in a blink of an eye! “

Ana glared at Sophia and spoke in a scornful voice. “SILENCE!”

“I-I’m sorry…..”

Heaving a long sigh Ana shook her head. “For now let us stick to the plan and hire platinum ranked or higher adventurers. That trash is going to pay for disgracing me!”

“There are a few legions with capable individuals namely, Elite Brigade, Basilisk, Blade Heroes and Sh-”

“No…… They won’t accept hunting a man who isn’t a criminal.”

Sophia fell silent for a moment before an idea surfaced in her mind. “Couldn’t we brand him as a criminal with Silica’s death?”

Ana furrowed her brows and sighed. “And let them know that my incompetence has led to my subordinate’s death? I’ll have to refuse.”

Sophia knew she couldn’t fabricate too much of the story since Clifford and Sylphi were both witnesses. “Then shall we hire mercenaries?”

“Let’s us go with that. That reminds me, what has become of your daughter?”


The Forest of Lakshera found a few kilometers northeast of Slateport.

Inside the forest, Several Trees which were a few stories high and spanning several meters across had rooms inside that were carefully carved by the elven people. Though they had holes in them, the trees were still somehow very healthy.

Some rooms that were carved a few meters high were connected to one another through a hanging bridge that circled each of their homes across the entire forest. Instead of sing rope, they used vines to form the bridge.

The largest tree which had several rooms connected via tunnel inside usually belonged to the village chief. And the village chief of Lakshar forest was a man with grey hair with wrinkles all over his face. He wore a green robe and had a wooden staff on his hand while he sat down across a blue haired elf.

The room was lit by yellow magical stones that were placed inside a wooden cage carved from the tree’s interior and so were the tables and chairs that were used by the two.

Sylphi the blue haired elf was currently fidgeting about while seemingly holding back what she wanted to say.

Erven the village chief noticed and comforted her with a smile. “Sylphi, there’s no need to hold back. After all, I am very grateful for you travelling all this way in your grandfather’s steed.”

Sylphi sighed and downcast her gaze. “I’ll be heading back.”

“Why so soon?”

“I-……… have something I need to ask grandfather.”


“My mother…..”

Erven’s eyes widened as he blinked a few times. “D-did you meet her?”

Sylphi slowly nodded. “You knew?”

Erven sighed and gave her a light nod. Before Sylphi could ask further, Erven raised his hand and prevented her from asking. “This is something you need to discuss with your grandfather. I have no right to say anything of this matter.”

Sylphi frowned and clenched her fist. “But that will take too long! Mom is here in Kratos and……” she bit her lip as she recalled Lazarus.

“Sophia is? I see….. But you still need to go back to your grandfather and it is best that you do not approach her for now.”

Sylphi downcast her gaze as she felt a prickling sensation in her chest. His words were hinting that her mother was indeed a threat to her and if that was true then……… she had made the biggest mistake of her life.

“Then was he…... telling the truth?” Sylphi’s heart began throbbing painfully as she recalled their last moments.

“He? Who’s he?” Erven looked curiously towards her but she simply averted her gaze and clenched her fist.

With a thought coming to mind Erven smiled. “You know, Lady Syrawi is heading to Assail tomorrow on her wyvern.”

Sylphi furrowed her brows and wasn't exactly sure what he was implying.

Erven cleared his throat and winked. “I could ask her to give you a lift, besides with her wyvern it won’t take no more than a few days to get there. That is if, you could handle the ride.”

Sylphi blinked a few times and gazed at Erven curiously. “Really??”

Erven nodded.

“Thank you so much..” Sylphi tried to give him a forced smile although she still wasn’t too happy with the circumstances but nevertheless she was grateful.

“W-well, it’s the least I can do for you.”  Erven slowly stood up and nimbly walked towards the door. “Well, I’ll be getting your new bow ready since Lady Syrawi will be arriving here this afternoon.”

“My new bow?”

“It’s an enchanted bow made especially for you. That’s also why your grandfather sent you. Now then, let us go.”

Sylphi nodded as she thought to herself.

Was he telling the truth? Why couldn’t I believe him? But mom can't be...

Sylphi shook her head and followed after Erven. She couldn’t exactly believe that the kind mother she had met on the boat was after her life. No…. it was better to say she didn’t want to believe it.

But if that was true……. Then that means she had blamed it all on the very person who was trying to help her.

The moments those thoughts surfaced in her mind her heart squeezed so tight that it felt like she was suffocating from the pain.

Sylphi heaved a sigh as she downcast her gaze and placed an arm on her shoulder.

She muttered in a low voice.

"Was I wrong?"


Meanwhile in the great city of Garrion inside a certain smithing shop--------

“So what can I do for ya lad?”

Lazarus cleared his throat while trying to suppress the surge of excitement in his quivering heart. “Ehemm, Uhmm… how much are these ingots?”

“Eh? You want just the ingots?” The blacksmith furrowed his brows. It was quite unusual for a man to just buy ingots and not any sort of crafted weapon or equipment.


“Hmm, well we usually sell crafted items so I’m not sure if we sell them just as is…”

Then why do they have them on display? Well, that doesn’t matter right now. Right now I have a lot of gold and items I could sell, thanks to my ‘dearest’ Sister.

“Isn’t there anyway I could get you to sell them to me?”

The blacksmith rubbed his chin while seemingly in deep thought.

“That’s it!” He then smacked his palm with his clenched fist as if he had just thought of an idea. “Are you perhaps an adventurer?”

“N-no.. not yet. I just passed the mana testing so far.” Lazarus shook his head.

“Although this is a quest, I guess it isn’t a problem for non-adventurers to take it since there are no risk. You see, in the outskirts of town a strange creature took my wife’s memento from my daughter. Because it can easily disappear from plain sight that it proved to be difficult to catch. ”


Lazarus wanted the ingots and had thought about stealing them, but a man earnestly making his living wasn’t someone whom he wanted to steal from. “So if I somehow manage to take it back then you’ll sell me those ingots?”

The smith smiled and took a scroll from underneath the desk. “I’ll even sell it cheap to you. Here this contains the quest details but I doubt you’ll catch it.” The smith handed the scroll over to Lazarus.

Lazarus took the scroll and smirked. “I won’t know till I try right?”

The smith simply sighed knowing that he would fail just like the others.

Lazarus carried the scroll in hand as he went outside. As he opened the door his eyes immidietly fell upon a silver-haired girl sitting on a bench a few meters across from the shop.

Their eyes met as she was about to take a bite from her bread. She then stood up and dusted her skirt before starting to walk towards Lazarus.


Lazarus didn’t like the idea of getting involved with popular people so he averted his gaze and started walking away, hoping that the girl had business with the blacksmith.

But soon after he felt a light tug on his sleeve followed by a soft feminine voice. “Do you have time?”

“I thought the cat had your tongue. What do you want?”

“Here” Eris took a bread from her bag and handed it over to Lazarus.

Furrowing his brows. Lazarus what at a loss for words.

Eris simply tilted her head slightly. “You don’t like melon bread?”

Lazarus took the bread and began scanning it. “What’s this for?”


“I know that. I meant why are you giving this to me?” Lazarus started walking since he wanted to get to the enchanter and Eris began walking beside him.

“For attacking you.”

Lazarus brows twitched. “Your blade could’ve impaled me and you think bread is enough to say sorry?”

“I have full control of my strength.... if you didn't block I would've stopped..” Eris didn't think too much about her reply and simply stated a fact that Lazarus didn't know.

“And what if it didn't stop?” Lazarus began feeling a hot sensation throb in his head. Lazarus was getting angrier by the second from her baseless rebuttals. But soon he noticed that Eris had stopped walking and turned to see what had happened.



Eris was lowering her head and many people were starting to gaze at the both of them.

She muttered in a soft voice but was still audible for Lazarus to hear. “I’m truly sorry…… ”

The people walking by noticed and was soon starting to glare at Lazarus.

“Oh my… his making Eris bow down to him. What’s wrong with him?”

“I don’t know who that bastard is but I wanna punch him.”

Lazarus was starting to grow weary from the crowds gaze but the girl in front of him was earnestly apologizing. Perhaps her actions weren’t exactly baseless? Furthermore, there was no use getting angry.

Heaving a long sigh Lazarus tapped on her shoulders and said. “Forget about it, I didn’t get hurt so it doesn’t matter anymore. So why did you attack me just because you think I could do it? And why did you force me to test my mana?”

Eris gazed up at Lazarus and he jestured for them to start walking. The crowds were gathering up and he wasn’t comfortable with making her lower her head forever.

Eris continued walking beside him as the sun was painting the scenery in a bright orange. Kids were playing by the street and a small cat like creature passed by the two of them.

“Don't you have an important reason why you want to become an adventurer?” Eris softly muttered and continued with her monotonous voice without a hint of emotion behind her words. “I felt like you weren't trying..... didn't you have a reason for becoming an adventurer...? "

“I do.....” Lazarus wasn’t exactly sure what type of person she was but she didn’t seem like a bad person. But nevertheless he was cautious.

"Then why'd you give up so easily?" Eris curiously gazed at him.

"I have my circumstances. Since I passed anyway, I guess I owe you for that. Thanks..."

Eris nodded and continued to munch on her bread. Silence fell between them as they continued to walk beside each other but it wasn't necessarily uncomfortable for Lazarus since he never liked to talk too much.

The two eventually reached a shop with a symbol of a staff and Lazarus looked towards Eris. “This is my stop.”

Eris nodded and began walking away but soon came to a stop the moment she had remembered something.

She went back and tugged on Lazarus sleeve before he could open the door to the shop and Lazarus looked towards her and asked. “What?”

“I’m Eris.” She innocently gazed at Lazarus as the sun’s orange glow was reflected by her long silver hair. Her purple eyes were so entrancing that Lazarus fell silent for a moment.  

“I’m La-….” Lazarus came back to his senses and shook his head. “Rex.. I mean Rex.”

Eris became curious why Lazarus had stuttered for a moment but knew it would've been rude to ask since they weren't particularly close.

“Bye-bye” She waved at Lazarus and began walking away as her hair swayed ever so gently from the soft breeze.

Lazarus was left wondering why she never mentioned her last name but shrugged the thought.

Though he knew Eris wasn’t exactly a bad person he made a point to avoid her since she was the type that attracted too much attention.

The twilight kingdom was after him and being near popular people would only get him into trouble. If he managed to complete the quest then the only thing left before he could make his guns was potassium nitrate and coal. Both of which he could buy from alchemists.

Lazarus carefully thought about the next tech he was going to build since the materials for the guns were already so close to him.

Hmm, to build the tower and make a combat suit then I’ll need help. FS, what else do I need so I could build a robot?

-= Insulators for wires and Silicon for microchips. =-

-= But the problem is, the equipment to build the drones were left on the ship master. =-

Well, there was no way to bring them with me. I’ll be heading back after I gathered enough materials. That reminds me…… I’ll need to build a means for transportation. I can’t stand the slow horses and ships in this world.

Lazarus went inside and approached the man on the desk. “Excuse me. Can I have a crystal checked?”

“Sure! That’ll be 50 silver.”

Lazarus materialized 50 silver coins in his pocket as well as the Mystalia Crystal that he had.

After giving it to the man he placed his hand on the crystal and it began emitting a bright green glow.

The man furrowed his brows which made Lazarus nervous and excited at the same time.

After a good minute the man took off his hand and grinned. “Oh my god….”

Lazarus’ heart jumped as he grinned. “Oh my god what!?"

“S class mana regeneration!!”

Lazarus lost all the color in his eyes as he felt his entire body growing numb. His brows twitched and he felt that the world had truly hated him.

“Fck this shitty world.....”


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