Chapter 31 : Resolve

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Slateport, a small beautiful town in Kratos that had an artificial waterway constructed to allow the passage of small boats inland. The ground as well as the houses were made from cobbelstones. The town mostly housed humans and had roughly around 30,000 people.

Lazarus the man with jet black hair and sky blue eyes was staring at a massive ship with a dragon symbol from a distance.

The very first time he had killed a person in the real world was just a few days ago. Though it didn’t bother him as much as he thought since he was used to killing people in the VR. Though they were just NPC’s the scent of iron as well as the numbing sensation he had felt the first time he had shot a person was all too real for him.

NPC or not, killing was never something anyone enjoyed. Most only did it because they had to, and only a few did it because they wanted to.

Hesitation because this was real life was his very first mistake and had almost cost him his life. As he recalled the maids who had attacked him and Ana who gazed at him with no care for his life. He gripped his hands as hard as he could from his own idiocity.

Reality was never an excuse to hesitate. No...... because this was reality that he shouldn’t have hesitated. Releasing all the air in his lungs the man clenched his fist as he gazed at the ship.

This time..... it will be different. It was time to clean-up his mistakes.

-= Cloak engaged =-


A few days ago-----

Inside a dim room illumanated by the faint glow of a magical stone. A blue haired elf with a one piece green dress was tied with handcuffs chained to the wall. Her hour-glass like figure was visible even with the dress because of the fitting and her ample chest seemed as if it was on wide display.

Blinking a few times  in an attempt to clear her blurry vision, Sylphi tried to move her hand and was greeted with the sound of steel clanking.

“So you’re awake.”

She turned her gaze to the side and she saw Rei. A beautiful maid with short hair with a face that was too calm or one could say she lacked expression. But this made her somewhat of a cool beauty.

Dazed and light-headed the elf simply stared at the human girl.

Rei simply sighed. “Miss Sylphi? Please come to your senses.”

Sylphi blinked a few more times. But then her brows slowly turned to a frown and she pulled on the metal cuffs making clinking noises. “Eh?” she noticed that she was chained to the wall and that she was enclosed inside the steel bars. Having realised why she was inside in the first place she simply sighed after a brief struggle and gazed at Rei. “How’s my mother?”

“She’s fine. Do you know anything about the young prince?” – Rei

Sylphi simply sighed and relaxed her body. “I don’t know anything......”

She had been desciplined and trained by the bravest warriors of her forest and she had surpassed them. Being cuffed wasn’t something that bothered her. But what she was worried about was what had happened after she had froze them.

“You say you don’t know. Yet you froze us for the sake of a man you barely knew?” – Rei


“You do realize he had attacked your mother, do you not?”

Sylphi simply averted her gaze as she felt a prickling sensation in her chest. Seeing her mother in a bad state because of the man she had grown closer to made her furious. She didn’t know whom to believe but because she was angry she ended up saying something she regretted.

It wasn’t calling him a lunatic nor her actions that she regretted. It were her last words before her conciousness faded. She shook her head and thought ‘why whould she regret it?’ It was his fault for attacking her mother. But then again, maybe he was telling the truth.

“It seems that you were not aware of his actions or what had happened after you had fainted...” – Rei

With nothing else comming to mind she simply blurted out her answer. “He escaped?”

With a voice as cold as ice. The maid simply gave her a brief and concise answer. “No..... the young prince went on a rampage and killed Silica after cutting several maids’ hands and almost killing the princess.”

With a loud thump Sylphi’s heart stopped for a bit as she was at a lost for words. Gazing at Rei with widened eyes as her voice trembled. “R-rampage? H-he wouldn’t....... you’re lying! ”

Rei told her the story that Lazarus attacked them when they had defrosted. A blatant lie that Anastasia had prepared in order to hide her humiliation of losing to a ‘garbage of a man’. Rei phrased it in such a way that it wasn’t too far from the truth but made it seem like Lazarus was truly a mad man.
After being shown the room and the corpse of what was once a beautiful young cat-girl. Sylphi was brought back to the brig.

She simply sat down and clenched her fist in frustration. Gazing down at her small redened hands she whispered in a soft yet crumbling voice. “Why? Did you have to do this......”

She didn’t want to believe the story but the proof was all there. Why did he do that? No, if they were out to execute him then wouldn’t he retaliate? That was the only reason he would’ve done that. With the man in question no longer here. She simply laid down and closed her eyes as she thought about the man she had met.

But then a familiar voice echoed from behind her.

“Sylphi dear? Are you awake?”

“Mom!?” Sylphi immediately stood up and gazed at the mature version of herself who wore a maid outfit with her hair tied neatly like a pony tail. “Are you alright???”

“I.....” Sophia downcast her gaze and looked towards Sylphi with a tear forming under her eyes while trying to force a smile. “I’m alright...”

“Mom!? What happened!?” Sylphi took a step forward but the iron ball caused her to stumble. “Oww!”

She wasn’t chained to the wall anymore but her leg was chained to an iron-ball.

It was then she had realized that she didn’t have her mana barrier. No... she couldn’t erect her mana barrier because of the cuffs. She knew what these cuffs were and if she used magic right now the cuffs would electrecute her.

“ Mom! ” Sylphi pushed herself up and struggled to get to the iron bars. Clenching her teeth she gripped the chains on the ironball and pulled with all her might. As she neared the iron bars she gazed at her mother who’s tears started flowing ever so gently across her flushed cheeks. “Why are you crying? Who did this to you!?”

“The truth is...... the young prince is aiming for every Valhearts as well as everyone associated with them. That is why he had attacked me……. and had killed Silica in the process.”

Little did Sylphi know that Ana was just watching from her blind spot together with Rei. Angered that Lazarus had gone ape shit on her. She decided to use Sylphi’s affection for her mother in hopes to get something out of her.

Blinded by anger her rage grew. Lazarus hardly talked about himself and was always silent. It was clear as day to her now that the man was truly a lunatic. Yet she still believed in him after what had happened, but with her dear mother whom she loved so much breaking down into tears right infront of her. There was only one person to blame.

But as days passed, Sylphi wouldn’t say anything. Rather, she couldn’t because Lazarus never told her anything besides his name.

As Ana’s patience slowly dwindled, she had thought about torturing Sylphi using her very own mother. But right now, she had to wait for Clifford to leave.

A few days passed and now they had docked.

Clifford was made to leave the moment they docked. Though he had protested he wasn’t willing to go against royalty. With just a promise that Sylphi would be unharmed and a hug from Ana he left with a blush.

Anastasia gazed at the fully armored man crossing the bridge connected to the ship. When the man was gone from sight, it was time to get answers. “Have your daughter tell us the truth.”

“Yes, princess.” Sophia bowed down and left. As she headed for the door, a dark grin appeared on her face. Her heart quivered in excitement but then Ana’s words stopped her dead in her tracks.

“Have Rei assist you.” – Ana


“Are you questioning me?” – Ana


With a click to the door. Sophia left the room.

Ana glared outside and clenched her fist. “Technology magic....... how had that garbage come to acquire such a fearsome power?” she then remembered Lazarus mocking her and grinning as he brutally slammed her against the wall.

Anastasia chest burned with fury as she bit her lip. “Such humiliation!! I hope you rot and die at the sea. Better if you survived so I could personally deal with your torture. Fufufufu, dearest brother you will pay.”


Her wishes were answered with a powerful explosion.

“Kyah!” Ana fell down as the shockwave swayed the ship from left to right. Several people began running to the docks.

“N-no.... it can’t be...” With widened eyes. Ana thought that Lazarus could be the one attacking them. Her heart quivered as she remembered his wide grinn and glowing green eyes. She felt a cold dark hand carrassing her body causing her hairs to stand-up.

Like a child who triumphs in her little imaginary world but when faced with the abomination in reality they quiver in fear. Her tough appearance had melted as her mouth was wide agap and her legs were trembling in fear. “N-no.... noo!!!”


Another shockwave buffeted the ship and the guards outside began boarding the ship. Clifford who was already far away. Ran back with all his might after hearing the explosion.

Ana was gasping for air as a drop of sweat trickled down her forehead. “D-dearest brother?” she glanced from left to right with widened eyes. Was he near the lamp? Or was he already beside her? The panicking princess’ lips parted whilst quivering. “A-are you there? P-please hear me out. I-”

“Princess!” Several maids who were missing a hand then entered the room and surrounded Ana. “Are you alright princess!?”

“You took too long!” Ana glared at the maid.

As several people boarded the ship. The interior of the ship was left with only two people. A grinning blue haired elf with a pony tail heading towards the brig. And the young beautiful elf inside the brig.

Sylphi held onto the iron bars and tried to cast a spell.


Several bolts of electricity engulfed her body. “Kyaaaah!”

. She fell down to the floor and began panting. “Ha..-ha... What’s happening??”


“Sylphi?” Sophia arrived and gazed at Sylphi with a smile. With one shot she could end her life since her mana barrier wasn’t up. Her grin became wider as her heart jumped in ecstacy.

Sylphi felt relieved that her mother came for her. But then Sophia slowly lifted a finger towards her and Sylphi thought that she was going to help her get out.

But as the magical circled formed and glowed a bright blue. Sophia was thrown several meters back by an invisible force.

“MOTHERRR!!” Sylphi screamed from inside her cell.

With the sound of solid military boots stomping at the wooden floor. The heavy footsteps grew closer and closer to Sophia.

Sophia pointed her finger towards the corridors but then she was slammed against the wall.”KhukK! Y-you...!” she glared into nothingness while she was pinned against the wall and was hovering a foot above ground.

Suddenly several blue crackling electrical waves formed a figure. As the electricity slowly faded. A man with jet black hair and sky blue eyes, wearing military clothing gazed at Sophia with cold....dark and dead eyes.

“Lazarus!! What are you doing!? STOP!!” Sylphi roared out in anger as she could only helplessly watch the monster pinn down her mother.

As Sophia was about to cast a spell. Lazarus released her and slashed down with all his might. With a thud Sophia fell lying down on the floor.

“Y-young p-prince… how are you here?”

Lazarus then slashed down with monstrous force again and again and again. Sophia looked like a rag-doll getting thrown from side to side.


Sophia grit her teeth in frustration as she felt her body going limp. Her luscious figure could be seen after sever slashes to her clothing.

“YOU!!” Sylphi roared out but then Lazarus turned his cold dead eyes towards her. She felt a sufficating presence as he slowly walked towards her. “Wh-why are you doing this!? YOU MONSTER!!”

Lazarus slashed down towards her cell splitting in two. The iron bars fell down while glowing an orange glow from the heat of his Laser. With no words Lazarus slashed the chains connected to the iron ball and left her cuffs on her hands.

He expanded his cloak causing Sylphi to become invisible but was eating away faster at his energy. Lazarus didn’t take of her cuffs seeing that it somehow prevented her from casting magic. He placed her over his shoulders as she struggled.

“You!! WHAT THE FCK ARE  YOU DOING!?” Sylphi began clawing away and kicking him as his barrier flickered. “PUT ME DOWN!!”

Considering the situation Lazarus gave her a blow to the head and had knocked her unconscious. “Cleaning up my mistake....”

As everyone evacuated the ship Ana hurriedly rode on the carriage with several guards while Sophia was tended to by the maids. The ship slowly sunk down after the many explosions.

Several minutes later and Lazarus was already outside of town and was alone with Sylphi in the desolated grasslands. As the beautiful elven female blinked a few times. Her gaze slowly wondered to Lazarus. Her brows slowly turned to a frown as her entire face turned red from fury.


“Shut up and listen. They planned to torture you so-”


She wasn’t going to listen. Not after what she had heard from Rei and Sophia who had tricked her into believing Lazarus was a lunatic. And not after hurting her mother a second time.

“Enough....” Lazarus stood up and threw a key several meters away from Sylphi. “Go back to your mother if you want to die. I already did what I had to do.” Lazarus only wanted to save her since it was his fault she was imprisoned. But now, whatever she wanted to do didn’t concern him any longer. After all, she decided to believe them.


-= Cloak engaged =-

Sylphi gritted her teeth and shouted as loud as she could. “YOU LUNATIC!!! BRUTE!! STUPID! IDIOT!! I HATE YOU!!” tears fell down her eyes as her voice crumbled and she fell to her knees. “I really hate you...”

Lazarus continued on his way. And gazed at the carriage which was a mile away with a princess riding on it. With a flick of his finger the carriage erupted into flames with a loud boom. He zoomed in and saw that Ana was crawling outside of the carriage. Unharmed. Lazarus simply sighed in disapointment.

Of course, her mana barrier was superior to the maids and that explosion wasn’t enough to kill her. Lazarus knew that her death meant trouble for him but nevertheless he wanted Ana to suffer.

Lazarus slowly walked off into a direction where his next goal lie and wait.

“I fixed my mistake. Never am I going to get involved with that damn elf again......”

Night came and Sylphi was heading towards the forest with her tears dried and an arm on her shoulder. She had thought about going back to her mother but she hesitated after constantly remembering his warnings. She didn't want to get imprisoned since her grandfather and little sister were just as important to her as her mother was.

There was one person whom her mother mentioned to know of the truth. And that was her very own grandfather. She wanted to know more before going back to see her mother again. Part of her hoping it wouldn’t be true and another part hoping for something else.


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