Which 'proper gun' should he make after he gathers materials?
Machine guns
Shot Guns

Chapter 30 : The land of Kratos

New chapter I hope you enjoy. :D


Lazarus only had to stay close to the sulfur crystals to store them in his D-storage using his forcefield to form a shimmering transparent bubbly circle around him to prevent the toxic sulfur dioxide from harming him.

He had finished gathering the sulfur he had found, although there was more but he thought he could always come back to get some more. 500kg worth of sulfur is actually far more than enough.

Lazarus grinned at the thought of forming guns. “I wonder how these magical bastards will deal with them?”

It was in the middle of the second day that he had finished gathering the sulfur and was now heading to the forest.

Unlike the fantasy like trees in Assail that twisted in wierd ways or some as tall as buildings. The landscape reminded him of earth.

The forest had a thick scent of spruce. The trees were several meters apart and the ground was paved with brown dried grass, mostly flat making it easy to walk on.

FS, is this the right direction?

-= Theoritically =-

Lazarus continued on his way following a virtual arrow that only he could see. Kind of like following a quest tracker in games.

Several hours into his walk, Lazarus noticed the graph for temperature in his computer like vision spiked a bit when he gazed at the bush. Furrowing his brows and crossing his arms he gazed at the bush and thought that if it was normal.

Like any curious man he began rustling through the bush and there.

Lazarus saw a strange blue crystal about 4 inches tall and 2 inches wide sticking out from the ground hidden by the bush.

“The hell is that? “

He felt a strong urge to take it. Who wouldn’t? considering it’s the first time you see something strange.

But before deciding to take it he glanced around and made sure there was nobody around. The last time he took something from the ground, he ended up having an insane beautiful elf trying to hunt him down.

“FS, any information on that crystal? It won’t explode now will it? And how do I take it?”

Suddenly a screen appeared on Lazarus vision that showed a brown page that contained the image of the crystal.

-= Mestalia crystal=-

-= A crystal used to add enchantment to weapons=-

-= Effects may vary depending on the crystal =-

“Enchanted weapons? Like swords that are on fire!?” Lazarus heart began thumping. Anyone would probably get excited from seeing a strange glowing rock. Especially if that rock can light your sword on fire, but how in the world can a stone suddenly become a fire on sword?

Yes it sounded like fiction but then again so is magic.

-= Some enchantments include enhanced mana regeneration and holy attacks which prove to be useful against undead. =-

“Anything else? I ain’t got no mana to regenerate in the first place.”

-= Some effects include inflicting damage to your opponent that prevents healing and some high level enchantment include mana barrier piercing=-

“Mana barrier piercing!?”

“How do I enchant a weapon with this!?”

-= You find an enchanter =-

“Is it rare?”

-= Yes, since it grows in very peculiar placed and is fairly difficult to find.=-

“How much?

-= No information is stored regarding its pricing =-

“Hmmm, if I can get my hands on a mana barrier piercing enchantment then....... imagine what I could do with a sniper!” Lazarus gazed at the stone greedily as he grinned from ear to ear.

-= Master I wonder why you seldomly show any emotions when you’re with someone from this world but when you’re alone and back on earth you seem different.=-

“ ......... ” Lazarus ignored FS and proceeded to materialize his sword. He was never fond of this world and considering his circumstances it wasn’t something he can say openly.

The crystal usually needed several hours of constant banging or a powerful force to extract it from its roots but with a laser edged sword, it was a relatively easy task.

After slashing the crystal from the base it fell on the ground and Lazarus held on to it with greed. When he removed himself from the bush, there were several leaves stuck to his hair. But as he placed the crystal in his bag, he soon realized his mistake.

Come to think of it, I don’t have my bag. I left my gold and tent back in the ship......

Lazarus heaved a sigh as he recalled the book he sold to the fox girl. He always carried his bag so he never thought about storing it in his D-storage. He wasn’t expecting to be thrown overboard either.

He scratched his head and continued on his way just holding the crystal until it was stored in his D-storage.

Night came and Lazarus noticed a dim orange glow from afar that made him raise a brow.

“Camp fire? Hmm......”

-= Cloak engaged =-

Like any curious man he went towards the dim glow and there he found a person sitting down near a campfire with a tent.

The man had a long purple hair and sharp blue eyes with a taint of the sky. He wore a simple chainmail around the upper portion of his body while he wore steel boots and had a bow on his back.

One would say if this was an RPG then he would look like a character that mixed up armor just for the sake of stats and would look ridiculous. Though what he looked like wasn’t important right now. And Lazarus doesn’t even know what normal looks in this world, perhaps it was different because it was Kratos.

Lazarus wanted to know how far he was to the shipping docks. So he decloaked out of sight and approached the man. “ Excuse me “

“Waaaaaah!” The man jumped up and aimed his bow at Lazarus. “Who the hell are you !? Why’d you sneak up on me!?”

“Calm down, I only want to know how far I am from the ship docks and where it’s located.” Lazarus raised both of his hands as he gazed at the man. And wondered why was his greeting considered sneeking?

The man had a silver necklace that had a mark of III.

“The ship dock is just a day on foot from here.” The man then pointed his lips towards the direction Lazarus was heading to. “ If you go straight there, you’ll end up in slateport. Now leave! If you really just wanted to know where slateport was, then you didn’t need to hide your mana and sneak up on me! ”

I don’t have mana to hide in the first place! Wait.....

Lazarus shrugged the thought as the man was already getting more agitated by the second.

“Alright! I’m going....”

Lazarus left while the man kept pointing his arrow at Lazarus until he faded into the darkness.

Lazarus then continued for an hour until he found several bushes that were huddled together and had a space in the center which was hidden by leaves.

He was already tired and the bushes was a perfect sleeping spot.

The next day, Lazarus had arrived in Slateport. The ground was paved with cobblestones that were also used to build the houses and the establishments. But what stood out in slateport was the small bridges that allowed rowboats to pass by.

Fishermen usually used this to easily transport their fishes to the locals. Lazarus had some free time so he decided to gather some intel on where he could become an adventurer.

It was still early in the morning so people were still asleep and mostly the fishermen and people boarding the ship to Assail were filling the ship docks.

Lazarus approached the secluded old man that was near several barrels of fishes. He had already materialised a new set of clothing so his upperhalf wasn’t naked anymore.

“Excuse me, do you know where I can sign up to become an adventurer?”

“Oh! ” The old man gazed at Lazarus and smiled. “You just need to go to the town of Garrion and find the guild hall, you just take the road going north from here.”

“Thanks.” – Lazarus

“Ah! Before you go. Could you help me with carrying my fishes to my rowboat? ” – Old man

Lazarus was waiting for Ana’s ship to arrive in order to confirm Sylphi and Cliff’s status so he had nothing better to do. Somehow he had remembered the favor that the old man from the town of Celes had given him so this was sort of a small whim. “Alright, then I’ll start with this.”

Lazarus approached the larger barrels first and had positioned himself in between them and proceeded to hunch down.

The old man blinked a few times and had noticed Lazarus wasn’t using a reinforcement spell. “Wai-!”

With one heave, Lazarus placed both of the barrels over his shoulders and turned to face the old man. “So where’s your rowboat?”

The old man’s jaw dropped. No human could easily carry a barrel without reinforcement spells. “Th-that one...” the old man pointed towards a rowboat that had a small red flag floating near the Canals.

“Oh, then I’ll be going.”

Going back and forth a few times, he had finished the tasked in just a minute. “Is this all?”

The old man slowly nodded with his mouth still gaping. “La-lad..... are you human?”

“Yeah... why?” – Lazarus

“N-nothing...” The old man was grateful for his help and it would’ve been rude to just ask him about his strength out of the blue. The old man then extended flimsy arms towards Lazarus. “Here”

Lazarus opened his palm and had recieved 20 bronze coins. He was unsure of it at first but decided to take it since he was broke as fuck. “Thanks...” he then realized that with a few days ahead he could just gather some money until they arrive.

“Tell me lad, what’s your name?” – Old man

Of course he wasn’t going to tell him. Now that he knew that his family was after him then he needed a new name he could use. “Just call me Rex..”

“I take it you’re not from around here from what you’re wearing.” – Old man

“Y-yeah..” Lazarus had soon remembered that his military clothes made him stand out.

After saying their farewells, Lazarus started doing some jobs that ranged from carrying fishes to carrying luggage for the passengers.

By night he stayed at an inn and refreshed himself before going to bed.

After a few days, Lazarus was wearing a new set of clothes. He wore a brown pants that reached up to his knee and a white shirt paired with brown slippers which made him look like a plain villager. He had also bought a new brown cloak in order to conceal his face.

During his stay he had found out that enchanters were only located in large towns like Celes and Garrion. Now he had a total of 100 silver coins from his oddjobs.

-= They should be arriving soon master=-

Lazarus peaked through his rooms window that was facing the sea. “That’s them...”

He gazed at the massive ship with a dragon symbol which was approaching. In the docks several guards were lined up in order to greet the princess, they had a carriage prepared and was murmering.

“It’s time to move...”


Nxt chapter will include what happened on the ship. And what happens after this.

Quick question: What 'proper gun' should he make first after he gathers the materials?

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