Chapter 29 : Howling Pain and Family matters

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-= Emergency Override: Failure.=-

-= Switching to alternate takeover: Projecting false image =-

Somewhere in the vast ocean a man with jet black hair with several green glowing veins popping out of his skin and glowing green eyes was on the surface of the water. Though he wasn’t just floatng, he was running on the surface.

The lunatic would have ran back towards the ship had it not been for a holographic projection of Ana flying away from him. In the grip of madness he could no longer tell reality from holograms.

This of course was done by FS and only the mad man could see it. Grinning from ear to ear he continued to chase after the image with monstrous speed. His body felt like it was burning under the heat of an oven as he continued to run.

The man was headed for a direction in which the A.I had calculated base on the trajectory of the  royal ship and the distance between Lazarus and the royal ship.

But considering the circumstances the A.I decided that it wouldn’t be wise to go back to the ship with still so many unknowns in magic or make Lazarus kill the princess, due to the fact that being chased by the kingdom was not exactly a favorable thing.

Even if he could take on everyone there, in his maddened state he would destroy the ship after murdering everyone on sight, the damage he would sustain as well as not being able to use his monstrous speed to traverse the see would eventually end up with him dying of hunger and thirst.

The number on his upper left computer like vision presented the average time in which his maddened state will last.

As the man traversed distances greater than that of a wooden ship could cover in a day he continued with a mad grinn on his face.

But ultimately the A.I known as FS didn’t really know if land was truly up ahead and was just going in a certain direction base on the information it held.

Even if Lazarus didn’t get to land, he could always just make him float there and forcefully move him even with the severe pain.

Even after the effects of the syrum you could still move, but because of the severe pain then most people never even think about moving and in the middle of the battlefield that would be considered as good as dead which is why it was called ‘Last Breath’.

With each second passing the lunatic of a man began to move faster all the while his face showed his sanity slowly dwindling.

Several hours passed by but as fate had turned for the worse, he had not arrived in dry land but he could see it from afar.

“GrrraaaAAhhh!!!!” Lazarus screamed in agony from the hot twisting pain of his muscles that felt like it was being shredded by millions of sharp knives.

He trashed around the water and was hoping that the current wouldn’t change course as he headed for land. From the excruciating pain he had sometimes thought that dying would’ve been better.

“Ha...ha..ha..waaaaaaaarrrgghhhh!!!!” He gripped his hair and attempted to pull on it but he was too weak to do so.

The water around him turned to vapor from the heat he eminated. His skin turned to a tomatoe red. “Anaaaaaaaa!!!!! I’ll make sure your dead!!! When I get my tech your dead!! Gaaaaaaahhh!!!!”

“ Aaaarrrrgghhh!”

A few days passed by with Lazarus constantly screaming in agony.

The man continued to howl and scream but was still careful enough so he wouldn’t sink, though normally he would’ve drowned from his trashing, the A.I formed a bubble of forcefield around his mouth and nose whenever he rolled over.

Although he couldn’t see it but there was already a massive continent the size of a ruler from where he was heading to.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” Lazarus continued his howls of pain even after days. Every minute he howled, he had only drank water from the one he stored in the bottle that Cliff used to own.

Several hours passed by and it was in the dead of the night that Lazarus had finally reached land.

Not knowing where, all he could see in his vision dyed in green was a stream connected to the ocean where he had been from. As he lifted himself from the water and went inside a cave he continued his screams.

The cave smelled like burnt matches but it didn’t matter to him right now.

He was already hungry, thirsty and extremely fatigued that even the pain could no longer stop him from closing his eyes and fall asleep.

I wouldn’t be in this state if I had only killed Silica earlier............. she ended up dying anyway. I wonder who else I ended up killing? I can’t remember......

As he slowly sank into the darkness in his dreams he felt a strange warm breeze carrassing his skin.

The man slept for days even when a few animals licked his face and some tried to chew on him but the forcefield stopped them and eventually they gave up.


It was already afternoon and Lazarus slowly opened his eyes.

“Where am I? ”


“I need to look for food and water, but what’s that smell?” He then slowly stood up and gazed around. But the scent of burning match sticks tickled his noes. Of course there were no match sticks in this world since everyone can ignite a small flame with their fingers.

Can it be?

Lazarus then noticed that the temperature in his screen was abnormally high. Why was it hot when he was inside a cave which was supposed to be cool?

It was when he went deeper inside that he noticed the wall had yellow crystals trailing down from it’s sides and some were forming a sharp tip in the ceiling.


-= Sulfur =-

One of the three major component of gun powder. The other being Potassium Nitrate and  Crushed Charcoal. But how effective would 20th century weapon be if his laser blade only scratched Sophia? But then again when he used Last Breath AKA his hulk mode the maids barrier shattered like glass in an instant.

It was then that it hit Lazarus. “To counter my laser blade then you would have to waste a lot of mana to counter the heat. The less damage he did to them meant they consumed more mana to counter his attacks.”

So with that conclusion considering the damage on Sophia using the grenades hit her in all directions instead of one concentrated spot, it would take about 8 slashes to completely dry her mana pool.
“Hahahhaahha! I seriously need a guinea pig to test it out.”

Though mana barriers’ ability to nullify attacks be it magical or physical depends on the training of the user. And as for how long it can last or how many attacks it can stand then that would depend on the users mana pool and the damage he sustained.

“So the force of impact using 20th century weapons as well as its piercing capabalities, I’d say they would still be effective, although I don’t know as to how effective they can be. But 40th century laser guns even more so and plasma cannons. But the materials are harder to find..........”

Lazarus shrugged the thought for now and went outside, his body was still aching a bit but nothing compared to before. When he went outside the cave it was then he had noticed that the cave was near a beach.

After a few meters of sand there was a wide forest but Lazarus eyes was glued to the Volcano that was several kilometers away but the cave was definately connected to it.

A huge grin appeared on his face. But as he gazed at the blue ocean where he had come from it reminded him of the blue haired elven maiden that had frozen everyone in the room.

Of course she would be punished no doubt even if her spell was nullified by Ana, and if Lazarus hunch was right. Ana would find anyone to vent her anger out on, but since Cliff is there she’d probably only lock up Sylphi until they arrive.

How far am I from the ship port?  

How many days ahead do I have before they reach Kratos? Is this place even Kratos?

-= This place is Kratos base on the trajectory I had calculated.=-

-= You have approximately 6 days ahead =-

Yeah it figures considering I spent a day or two drifting here and a few days resting.

Lazarus then went inside the forest to hunt and gather water. And whenever he ate or rested he went back to the cave in order to gather the sulfur he had found.

He then wondered, how exactly did Reisha leave the kingdom?


A few weeks ago back in the twilight kingdom.

Reisha was still out on a journey together with Falon while Emilia had just arrived together with Veyron the king as well as her husband. Little did Emilia know that Reisha was already heading back.

After an afternoon meal, Veyron decided to personally patrol the kingdom to exert his presence. A routine he did every once in a while. Emilia on the other hand was just sitting down in her room just thinking about her children who had all grown to be fine and capable individuals.

That is except for one....

Emilia recalled a child with jet black hair and sky blue eyes gazing up at her in a cold night but she averted her gaze. As the young child was leaving, she gazed at his small back that slowly became smaller and smaller as the carriage went farther away.

Emilia’s heart felt that she had wronged him in every possible way as a mother but to her Reisha and the kingdom was more important.

She parted her lips as a small drop of water trickled down her cheeks.

“ I’m so sorry.................I’m really sorry Lazarus ”

“I have no right to say this, but.......... I love you and I hope you’ll be safe....”

If the child that had grown up was here, he would just let her words slip out his other ear and walk away without a second thought.

A tear formed in Emilia’s eyes as she recalled the vivid memories of the past. She had also noticed that Reisha became distant after Lazarus exile, as a mother she wanted to know more about her daughter that only exchanged pleasantries with her throughout the years.

She knows the reason why, but she still wanted to know a bit of her daughter no matter how small of a change it may be.

Emilia headed towards Reisha’s room and gazed around, she continued to look through her things like a mother normally would and after several minutes she stumbled upon a canvas that was covered in a white piece of cloth under her bed.

“I wonder what’s inside......”

As Emilia held the canvas she took off the piece of cloth and her eyes widened as she gazed at the familiar panting.

“Wh-why does she have this? ”

Her heart felt as if it was forcefully being gauged out at the sight of small stick figures that seemingly formed a family.


Suddenly the door to her room opened and there the owner stood gazing at Emilia with a frown.

“What are you doing here mother?”

“ I.... umm..... ”

Reisha’s eyes wondered towards the painting and she let out a sigh. “ Please leave, I want to get changed. ”

“I’m sorry.....”

Emilia passed by Reisha who kept on staring at the painting.

Several hours later---------------

That night in a large room with a massive chandelier and several maids gathered around, there was a large table where the royal family of the twilight kingdom had sat down and was having dinner. The table was filled with several luxurious meals.

Emilia glanced at Reisha who hadn’t touched her food and was constantly eyeing everyone. She wanted to ask what’s wrong but she and Reisha wasn’t exactly in a good mother-daughter relationship.

That was when Ana who was beside Reisha had noticed.

“Is the food not to your liking Reisha?”

“I’m not hungry, that’s all.”

“Oh... I see”

When they had finished eating that was when Reisha stood up and cleared her throat. Emilia knew that Reisha was always upfront.

“I would like to renounce my rights as the crowned princess and I would be leaving the kingdom..”

The room fell silent upon the abrupt news she had brought about, everyone gazed at her with widened eyes. That is until someone decided to break the silence -

“WHAT!?” Veyron stood up slamming the table and roaring in furry. Reisha was never one to joke so all the more reason to believe that what she said was indeed what she was intending to do.

Emilia’s eyes widened as she placed a hand on her mouth that was left agape. Clovis choked on his food and Ana was gazing at Reisha with a dumbfounded look.

Reisha sighed and carefully chose her words. “ I wish to search for something and until I find it I won’t comeback. ”

“But dearest Sister! Can’t we have the guards or adventurers search for it!?” Ana stood up as she furrowed her brows.

All the maids were trembling from the pressure of Veyron’s mana surging up.


“It is not petty and that something is. Something that I treasure dearly.” Reisha replied in a calm manner as she closed her eyes.

It was then that Emilia had recalled the painting. “ Could it be..... you went to the forest of eternal peace?? ”

As Reisha recalled the memories with Lazarus, she unknowingly smiled from the bottom of her heart but then-

“Is that true? You went to see that trash!?” Veyron glared at Reisha. “ You were forbidden from seeing him!! Wait, who told you where he was placed!? FAAAALOOOOONNNNN!!!!

“Trash you say?”

Ana shivered and Clovis shrank at the sight of Reisha glaring at Veyron the King as well as their father. They had never once went against him and had never dared to do so.

But upon hearing the word ‘trash’ to refer to her most treasured person Reisha emitted a powerful surge of mana and glared at Veyron. “Enough! I am leaving.”

“I DARE YOU TO LEAVE!” The king roared with all his might and emitted the pressure of his mana on Reisha.

But Reisha returned the glare and calmly spoke while returning a powerful surge of mana that was enough to make Emilia shiver. “Should you stop me, I shall retaliate. By no means am I going to win but I shall not hold back.”

Reisha was a jewel, one the king had been praised for and one he had boasted so much about. He couldn’t just harm her. But the maids watching made him feel humiliated. Had it been anyone else no doubt the king would have already splattered her where she stood.

The king tried to calmly assess the situation and sat back in his chair after heaving a long sigh. He lowered his tone but was still showing his irritation. “Since your searching for him, I take it he managed to leave? Will you really go that far for that man!!!??”

Reisha nodded and walked away but as she approached the door-

Emilia hugged her from behind and spoke in a crumbling voice as tears trickled down her cheeks. “Reisha please, you don’t need to leave the kingdom. We shall personally hire the best and have them search for him! ”

“I’ve already decided to personally search for big brother. I won’t go back on my decision” Reisha knew that even the ‘best’ would still slack off from time to time and she had wanted to see him as early as possible.

“Please don’t go, he might’ve already died......” – Emilia


“How dare you!” Reisha glared at Emilia who’s right cheek reddened from the slap. “ If you hadn’t agreed to his exile then NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED. You never cared for him even once just because he had no mana! ”

“He was so much more to me than just that!!” Reisha was now shouting as she could no longer contain all the anger she had for Emilia who had abondoned Lazarus. “If a person’s worth is determinted by their abilities in this family then all the more reason I’m leaving!”

The king was watching by and was only containing his anger, even at the sight of Reisha slapping his beloved wife. His rage burned inside like a massive bonfire that would engulf the entire kingdom had it not been for the fact that his daughters achievement boasted his reputation by so much, he would’ve killed her then and there.

Ana then stood up and went after Reisha who had already left. “Dearest sister! Please rethink this, Lazarus is nothing more than tra-”
Reisha suddenly used her mana to knock back Ana a few feet away. “Call him that again and I-...”

Reisha clenched her fist and closed her mouth before continuing to leave.

Emilia on the other hand went back towards her room saying she wasn’t feeling well. And when she had arrived she fell down her knees and covered her face with both hands as a small stream of water flowed out from both ends of her hands.

Meanwhile in the dining the table, the king slammed down his fist causing the table to flip as he stood up.


“If he is gone, she will come back no doubt..... but father, wouldn’t she turn her blade against us should she know about our plan?” – Clovis

Veyron clenched his fist and gazed at clovis. “ THEN WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST WE DO!? ”

“Hunt him in secret”

A smile appeared on Clovis’ face as he knew that if they got to Lazarus and killed him then all he needed to do was make it so that the truth will be revealed to Reisha and then she would turn against the kingdom.

With her gone, the crown was as good as his.

And Falon, well let’s just say “Another one bites the dust”. Well his still alive but half dead.


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