Chapter 28 : Dispicable reality

Anyway, this is the end of the ship arc. So I hope you enjoy.

Warning: Content may include violence


In a room that was 30 meters wide and 30 meters long it was filled with glistening icicle statues. Lazarus was near the door covered in a purple light, as he was about to slash the light.


Lazarus eyes widened as he turned his gaze towards the frozen statues.

Tsk, they’re just not going to let me go are they?


“Wha-what the!?” Cliff was glowing a golden light as he glanced around and touched his armor as if to confirm he wasn’t frozen any longer.

The rest of the statues all started to crack and break while a golden light surrounded each one of the maids and Ana.

After the golden light faded, everyone had been defrosted and Anastasia was smiling. “Fufufufu.. a novice archmage such as myself can easily counter these kind of spells.”

Ana looked towards Sylphi “But to think that she would use up all her mana to try and save you. Well, she will be punished accordingly for interfering with royal matters. For now-”

“Have her rest in a seperate room, it seems that Sophia has still issues with other elves.” Ana had heard their conversation and didn’t want Sophia to kill her own daughter, there was also the fact that she and Cliff seemed to be acquianted with Lazarus which might prove to be useful somehow.

“I’ll take her.....” Clifford was reluctant to fight Lazarus and didn’t know whether whom he could believe, he slowly went towards Sylphi and carried her in his arms.

As he neared Lazarus he frowned and whispered in a small voice averting his gaze “ I’m sorry bro..... I don’t know what to do.... “

Lazarus kept silent and gazed at Cliff who took Sylphi and headed for the exit.

Ana then touched the barrier and a ripple formed in the purple space and Cliff went through it with Sylphi over his shoulders, as he looked back to Lazarus he softly whispered. “I’m sorry ” before disappearing outside of the barrier.

Everyone had already reinforced their bodies long before they had even entered the room.

Now Lazarus was surrounded and 5 maids were infront with both daggers in hand. While another group were behind holding an enchanted staff to amplify their magic.

Ana grinned as she waited for several minutes before Cliff had left. “It seems that you were associated with them, but now you’re alone. ”

Her gaze slowly turned to a glare. “Go to hell? If I recall. Such a way to speak to someone such as myself, for that you shall suffer.”

Ana didn’t need to hold back anymore now that Cliff and Sylphi were both out. Lazarus braced himself and clenched his sword.

Ana pointed a finger towards Lazarus with a smug grin.

“ Graciously take his life ! ”

The maids with daggers ran towards him with their hands and feet glowing with several runic symbols making their speed and strength on par with his.

As the first maid neared, she thrusted her dagger towards his neck and Lazarus stepped to the side but then Silica had jumped behind him and kneed his back.

His barrier flickered as he stomped forward to regain his balance. Gritting his teeth Lazarus slashed the maid infront of him but was suddenly protected by a white light.

Another green haired maid thrusted her dagger aimed at his neck and he stepped to the side barely avoiding the tip of her dagger.

They suddenly jumped out of the way and there was a massive ball of fire heading towards him.

A bolt of raw andrenaline shot out in Lazarus’ veins as he tried to jump out of its way but was a second too late.

Sh*t !


The ball of fired exploded on impact, knocking him back towards the wall as he was engulfed in a flaming inferno.

“Dammit!” Lazarus forcefield kept on flickering while the flames continued to raze on around him and slowly started to die down. He started to feel something hot well up inside him as he felt helpless now that he was surrounded.

The maids then continued another volley of attacks and Ana spoke with a smile. “I don’t know how you are that strong physically or how you have that barrier but nevertheless, it’s all for naught. Truly a fitting sight for a garbage such as yourself.”

-= Forcefield energy 72% reminaing. =-

Lazarus glared at Ana as he was continously getting attacked by the maids.

“Oh my! Your glare brings nothing more than sheer joy to me, seeing you in such a state.” Ana then lifted both of her hands in the air. “Serus El Tha-”


Lazarus threw multiple grenades in every area and the maids that were engaging him jumped back and cautiously eyed him.


A thick black smoke wheezed out from the grenades.

“Good luck inhaling poison. I don’t think your mana barrier can stop air from going to your lungs since your breathing right now.”

Ana’s eyes widened and several maids looked towards her “ Everyo-”

“No! Not poison!” Silica dashed towards Lazarus who parried her knives with his sword, they both glare at each other as there faces were inches away from each other. “You F*cking cat!”

“You.... didn’t kill me.” Silica furrowed her brows and jumped up and kicked the cieling as she gaze at Lazarus with cold dark eyes. ” That was your mistake! ”

Lazarus slashed towards her when suddenly a bolt of lightning shot out towards him, causing him to flinch. “Argh!”

Silica then kneed his face and clawed his neck before kicking him back to a wall.


Lazarus could only clench his sword in frustration as his barrier flickered. But when he materialized a flash grenade. Several blue magical circles formed around him and shot out several chains on his limbs.

“What the hell!?”

As the smoke slowly filled the room, Ana waved her hand and a powerful gust of wind blew the entire smoke out.

Lazarus tried moving his arms but the blue glowing chains were too strong. He then glared at the maids with their staffs glowing a shining blue light.

DAMMIT! it’s too hard to keep track of there spells when the others constantly attack me.

Lazarus head began throbbing as his head blazed with anger.

The maids gazed at him with cold and empty eyes as if taking his life wasn’t a problem to them.


Anastasia then walked towards him as she then pointed a finger at Lazarus and a large white magical circle with yellow glowing runes appeared. “Sir Trash, it seems that your barrier is very powerful. But what can you possibly do?”

She then grinned. “Though it pains me to take your life but for the sake of the twilight kingdom you shall die. ”

“Arcane bolt!”

“You fcking bitch!” A white bolt of lightning shot out towards Lazarus and his forcefield crackled and flickered.

-= Forcefield 59% remaning=-

Lazarus struggled to get free. But then the maids’ staffs glowed even brighter as he felt the chains growing heavier. His heart began to boil as he glared at Ana who was smiling elegantly.

“Oh my! It seems his barrier prevents any pain to go through, I think you need your silly pride to be torn to pieces instead.”

Ana looked towards the maids and nodded.

They then nodded as the chains tried to force him down.

Lazarus stomped the ground and grit his teeth as hard as he could trying to remain standing with every ounce of strength he had. “I won’t bow to the likes of you......”

Ana glared at him and raised her hand.


“How dare you!” A vein popped on Ana’s forehead as she gazed at Lazarus with a slightly distorted face and eyes filled with pure red hot rage. “ It seems that teaching you some respect ought to do.”

With a click of her finger every single maid began slashing, kicking, clawing at Lazarus. All without a care for his miserable life, they continued.

Lazarus felt something inside him break, he had been reluctant to kill anyone because the of the consequences.

Killing in the VR was easy because he knew they were just NPC’s. He knew the value of life but where did that take him?

The frustration as he was being kicked and constantly attacked while they chip away at his shield was something he had never felt before.

All without a care for his life.


-= Forcefield energy 10% remaining =-

I shouldn’t have hesitated...... I should’ve killed Silica........ THAT’S IT!

-= Warning: Exciting Syrum will result in insanity for the duration and an extreme physical strain rendering user to be vulnerable for a week after its effects.=-


“HAHAHAHAHAHAH!” Lazarus began laughing like a lunatic as the chains held him down.

The maids felt a cold sensation as they all turned their heads towards Ana who was furrowing her brows. “Have you gone mad?”

Lazarus grinned and spoke with a loud voice. “I WILL KILL EACH AND EVERYONE ONE OF YOU!!”

-= Executing emergency protocol =-

-= Last Breath sequence.....initiated=-

*Ba-dump Ba-dump*

Inside Lazarus brain, the small blue chip fired a series of electrical signal traveling from neuron to neuron.

As it traversed the trillions of neurons in his body. The superhuman syrum in his blood began glowing a faint green.

As Lazarus world fell silent, a loud drum like beat from his heart echoed inside his mind, with each beat it began to grow louder and faster.

*Ba-dump Ba-dump Ba-dump Ba-dump Ba-dump Ba-dump Ba-dump Ba-dump Ba-dump *

Lazarus’ muscles bulged slightly and his veins began protruding from his skin. Several veins were glowing a faint green as his entire body and even his face had several green glowing veins popping out.

“What in the world-!?” Ana eyes widened in fear.

With one thrust of his arms, the chains holding him down shattered like fragile glass and turned into thousands of shimmering blue lights that slowly faded into the air.

“Be carefull princess!” – Maids

Lazarus gazed at Ana with a huge grinn and his sky blue eyes now turned into a glowing green.

Everyone jumped back after feeling an ominous sensation from the maniac infront of them.

The lunatic then opened his palm towards Ana as if gripping an invisible ball.


Anasastia’s eyes widened as she felt a cold sensation carrass every inch of her body. “Wha-what has be-become of you????”

Silica was shivering uncontrollably as her instincts kept on telling her to run away as she gaze upon the grinning lunatic of a man.

“Scared?” Lazarus grinned and began laughing uncontrollably. “HAHAHAHHAHAHHA!” He felt a giddy sensation as if the frustration he had felt had vanished.

Ana felt her pride being shredded as her maids gazed at her shivering body. “YOU WORM!! Arcane bolt!”

All Lazarus could hear was the constant beating of his heart like a drum.

He could see her magical circle slowly being formed as she pointed her finger towards him, it was so slow that it would probably take a couple of minutes before it finished.

As Ana shot out a white bolt of lightning, Lazarus’ figure turned to a blur followed by a powerful gust of wind. “Where did he!?” the lightning zapped the floor causing the purple barrier to flicker.

Ana’s eyes widened when a blurry figure with a huge grin appeared before her, extending it’s arms towards her neck.


“Khu-!” Ana was violently slammed against the wall causing a small shockwave to form and the purple barrier to ripple.

“Pitiful....” Lazarus grinned while staring at Ana with bright green glowing eyes. “You......WILL ALL DIE!”

It seemed fun. Everything was like a toy now to Lazarus. His sanity had slowly dwindled away as the syrum had poured through his brain.

“Princess!!!” The maids tried to cast a spell behind him but then Lazarus figure turned into a blur.

Every maids’ barrier flickered before shattering and there he stood in the middle of the room with his sword in hand.

The room was filled with the scent of burnt flesh.

“Nya?” Silica’s eyes slowly wondered towards several severed arms on the ground. Her eyes widened as her insides twisted in disgust, she placed a hand over her mouth to prevent herself from vommting.

“Kyaaaaaaaa!” Several maids fainted and the rest were gazing at their severed arms in horror and went limp.

“MONSTER!!!!!” Ana roared out.

Lazarus figure then turned to a blur.

He suddenly appeared infront of Ana yet again as her eyes widened in fear. He then held her neck like a vicegrip before banging her to the wall several times with monstrous force.






“Knock it o-”


“Ohhh! You’re harder than the rest, dearest Sister! Aha-ahahhaahahh!”

Ana’s legs began to quiver. She gazed at him with teary eyes and her hands on his arms were shaking wildly. “St-st-stop please.... I beg of you”

“ Beg? I’d rather you die!!“ Lazarus spoke in a hysterical tone as the syrum had caused his thinking to be impaired. “Hahhahaahha, look at you! YOU’RE PATHETIC!”

Ana glared at Lazarus but then he grinned and began slamming her against the barrier again.


“ Kha-! Kha-! Khoff!“

With each powerful slam Ana’s saliva dripped down from her luscious red lips towards Lazarus arm. He then raised his sword while still grinning. “ Time to die! ”


Everyone in the entire room was suddenly incased in a golden transparent light that had several magical runes hovering around them. Lazarus’ arm was forcefully pushed off by the golden light.

He slashed towards her but the powerful golden shield deflected his attack as if it was nothing.

“Oh! Shield spells! Hmm I wonder how long they will last...In the meantime..”

Lazarus kicked the ground and impacted the purple barrier with the tip of his sword like a missile. The force of impact created a shockwave and caused the purple barrier to disort and crack.

“Ester Vel Femous Lectus!” Ana’s arms and legs was then glowing with several golden runes as she had reinforced her body with her tier 5 reinforcement spell.

The golden light around her then vanished as she stood up and glared at Lazarus “You think I will just let yo-..”

Lazarus slowly turned his head with a dark grin and murderous glowing green eyes.

Ana parted her lips but only a silent cry left her mouth as her legs quivered.

The monster infront of her grinned.

With each passing second he had slowly lost his sanity.

Lazarus turned to a blur and gripped her head and hammer her face flat on the ground. He then began stomping on her face as her barrier continued to flicker. Her spell wasn’t enough to close the gap in there speed and strength.


He continued to stomp her with the intention to crush her head all the while grinning like a lunatic and laughing like a mad man. He seemed so happy like nothing else even mattered anymore.

“La-laz..a.r-” – Ana

Lazarus raised his foot over his head and kicked down with monstrous force causing her head to be burried in the floor.


“Please.....I beg of you........ please.....” Ana whispered as she broke down in tears.

Her face was covered in bruises as blood trickled down from her mouth. “St-stop....”

But inside Lazarus head he couldn’t think properly all he could hear were voices that whispered incomprehensible words like vengeful souls and apparitions while he felt ecstastic.


Lazarus raised his sword and slashed down towards her head.



Lazarus had slashed Silica who had just used every ounce of her mana to forcefully reinforce her body with nothing but speed and defence.

His sword had brutally cut Silica’s upper portion of her body in half and stopped at her abdomen.

Suddenly the purple barrier was gone and Rei who was outside the barrier had finished her spell. “Monster!”

Lazarus kicked Silica aside and slashed down towards Ana but several other maids casted yet another shield spell on them.

His sword collided with the silver shield and caused it to flicker wildy and crack.

Suddenly a powerful shockwave that came from every area forcefully pushed Lazarus like a bug swatted away. He flew in the air and tore through the ship’s roof and had left a massive hole.

Everyone in the ship had gathered outside of the barrier in order to create a powerful spell , ultimately exhausting all of their mana to send Lazarus flying several kilometers away from the ship.

Ana was shivering uncontrollably while the other maids fainted.

The scene was left with nothing but the brutality of the mad man and a body of a small cat girl lying down lifelessly painting the floor with a crimson red.

As Lazarus was flying in the air he zoomed in with the little sanity he had left in him and his eyes widened as he saw nothing more than the brutality of his actions.

As his sanity had left him, he laughed uncontrollably.



The echoes of his laughter rang across the ocean as well as the ears of those who had faced an abomination.

-= Emergency Override: Auto-Control initiated.=-


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