Chapter 27 : Short connection

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In a large room engulfed in a transparent purple light. A man with jet black hair and sky blue eyes was glaring at a beautiful elven beauty with blue hair tied like a pony tail and was wearing a maid outfit.

The purple barrier would only keep people inside but it will let people from outside to enter.

The shirtless man revealed his well toned body and he wore a standard military camouflage pants. “Will you let me go?”

The elven beauty shook her head. “I’m afraid I cannot young prince” she kept her eye on Lazarus as she lifted her skirt and did a curtsy “I’m Sophia Elestiyone, I was employed by the Valhearts a few days after your infamous exile.”

“I’m no longer a part of the Valhearts nor do I want to associate myself with them.”

“I’m sorry young prince, but we have orders to take you back. I assure you, your safety is guranteed.”

Lazarus sighed and leaned against the wall, causing the purple coat of light to flicker.

Maybe I can fool them somehow? No..... she already knows I can turn invisible and Silica can find me.

“Safety? I don’t plan on becoming a corpse for this so called ‘safety’ ”

Sophia downcast her gaze as she furrowed her brows. “So you know........ ” she then looked towards Lazarus. “I’m truly sorry...... but since you already know.... I’ll try to make this as painless as possible.”

Lazarus materialized his blade from behind his back and gazed at Sophia.

Sophia’s POV:

“Frost lance!” A pillar of ice shot out towards Lazarus but he jumped to the side and dashed towards me, causing the cabinet with all the plates to shatter.

I furrowed my brows as he neared me with beast-like agility. I then took a two dagger from underneath my skirt and blocked his sword causing sparks to flicker in the air but-

I was knocked back from the sheer force and I grit my teeth as my arms wobbled.

Why is he so fast and strong!? I have to use reinforcement magic.

I jumped back to gain some more distance. “Ferus En Te-”

“Don’t bother”

He closed the distance and striked again, I blocked his sword but then he kneed my stomache.

My mana barrier flickered as I was knocked back again. I clutched my daggers in frustration, I knew that I can match his strength and speed if only I can cast the reinforcement spell.

If this continues I won’t win....


He then ran towards me again.

I need to get him away somehow!

“Frost shards!”

Several sharp tipped ice about 3 inches long and an inch wide formed in the air and shot out towards him.

But he casually slashed the ones that were going to hit him and now he was infront of me.


My chest tightened as I knew from then that I wouldn’t win. Channeling spells are a bad idea when you fight in a closed room with a person with monstrous agility and strength.

I slashed him with the dagger and he parried with his sword.

Sparks scattered around as he slid his blade across my dagger and its edge was heading towards my neck.

I closed my eyes when it’s edge glowed a faint blue light.


I feel his hand around my neck pinning me against the wall. As I slowly opened my eyes, I had noticed that he slashed my shoulders instead of my neck. “What are you-”

He eyed the damage which was just a scratch, of course. Everyone in the ship is at least equivalent to a gold II ranked adventurer. We have that much control over our mana barrier. But, it seems like he doesn’t want to kill me.

Seeing as his distracted I tried to knee him in the stomach but then a blue light flickered. “Huh?”

I don’t feel any mana comming from him so why does he have a mana barrier!? First his abnormal speed and strength and he also has an enchanted weapon and a manaless barrier!?

I grit my teeth as he then glared at me. “I won’t kill you, but I won’t hesitate to kill anyone else in this ship. “

I felt bad taking advantage of him. It seems like he doesn’t really want to kill me......... Why?

That damage he had done wasn’t so bad for now but, enclosing him in this space was a bad idea.

“I’m sorry.... but if this is all you can do, you can’t harm Princess Ana.”

“Do you really believe that?” His sky blue eyes then turned dark and cold which made me feel as if my heart was being carrassed by a cold dark hand.

It’s only a matter of time until they get here. All I need to do is distract him.... I’m sorry for taking advantage of your kindness but I have my duties.

I tried to cast a spell.



He slammed me against the wall. “That’s it.... I’m done talking, I won’t hold back and beat you until your unconscious if I have to. They’ve already heard the sounds so I need to do this quick.”

He then threw something strange in the floor and jumped back and kicked the table making it spin in the air and landed as if it was shielding him.

From his reaction I tried to cast a shield spell but-



The ship slightly rocked from the powerful explosion. Ana, Sylphi, Cliff, Rei and several maids were already running towards the source.

As they neared they encounted Silica with several other maids in the corridors.

“Your highness, someone tied Silica up and hanged her at th-”

“We’ll talk about that later, for now we shall head to the source of the explosion.”


Another thunderous sound caused the ship to rock slightly.

Ana just furrowed her brows and continued on with the rest. But Sylphi who was concerned about her mother was way ahead of them.

“Everyone, reinforce yourselves and prepare. We do not know what kind of enemy has entered the ship.” – Ana


As the smoke cleared.

“Kuh!....Khof! khuf!” Sophia slowly opened her eyes as she grit her teeth from the pain and blood trailed down from her mouth.

She had noticed her naked body was on display and her clothes were burned with only a few left to cover her private parts. She had a few burn marks in her body as she prioritized keeping him here rather than saving her mana for herself.

Sophia closed her eyes as she was lying down on the floor with a few pieces of small wood stuck to her body. “I’m sorry........princess”

Lazarus clutched his sword causing his palm to turn red. He had hope to knock her out but, she managed to stay awake and, even worse was that anymore damage to her body would kill her.

-= You should have terminated her=-

No...... I won’t kill her, but that doesn’t apply to everyone else.

Sophia kept the barrier in place and Lazarus knew that there wasn’t enough time to destroy it.

When suddenly a blue haired elven maiden entered the purple barrier. Her eyes wondered towards the more mature version of herself lying by the door with clothes burned and was breathing heavily.


“Sy-sylphi.....” Sophia could only see a blurry figure but she recognized her own daughter’s voice.

-=Cloak Energy 1.2%=-

Still not enough huh....

“What happened!?” Sylphi’s tear filled eyes search the room. And there stood a shirtless man who had jet black hair and sky blue eyes who held a sword whom she was all too familiar with.
Her chest tightened as she held her mother closer. “Did this?”

Lazarus gave her a light nod. “She tried to poison you..... I stopped her but she placed this barrier around me. My family is after me... no... they want to execute me, so I had no choice.”

That’s up to her to believe me or not..........

“You IDIOT! They just want you back!! Your head is deranged from all that time in the forest!” As her head was filled with anger and confusion, she wasn’t going to listen. Not after the sight of her mother in a very bad condition.

“How... could you.....”

“I’m sorry”


Several people then arrived and entered the barrier.

“Bro?” - Cliff

“Dearest brother?” a feminine voice echoed from behind Clifford.

Lazarus turned and gazed at the golden haired beauty which was his former sister. “Princess Ana.”

It was then that Sophia opened her eyes and tried to speak with a crumbling and pained voice. “Prin-cess...... he ... is.. strong-“ Her eyes slowly closed as her conciousness drifted back into the darkness

Ana looked towards Sophia and held her hand while her head rested on Sylphi’s lap.

Ana jestured the rest of the maids to tend to Sophia and they took her away, while most of them remained together with Cliff, and Sylphi who glared at Lazarus.

Lazarus threw a cylindrical object at the center.

“Thats-!” – Sylphi



A flash of white blinded Ana and everyone else.

-= Cloak Engaged=-

Lazarus risked the fact that they would think he had disappeared, he only hoped that they would leave seeing that his cloak would only last for no more than 2 minutes.

Ana slowly opened her eyes while everyone including herself was shielded with a golden light. “Is everyone safe?”

“Yeah, thanks princess. But his gone....” - Maid

That was then Silica emerged from behind everyone else and started sniffing. “His here......”

Damn..... I.... should’ve..... just thrown her overboard....

-= or terminated her=-

Lazarus decloaked at the side away from everyone else’s gaze and walked towards the center of the room.

“Dearest brother, please do not attempt such a stunt. I have been truly worried about you.” Ana furrowed her brows as she gazed at Lazarus with a seemingly concerned eyes.

“Save it your highness, I know you’ve been ordered to execute me. ”

“Execute!?” Cliff turned his head towards Ana with his jaw dropped.

Sylphi kept on glaring at Lazarus with teary eyes as she had remembered Ana mentionting he might’ve gone crazy, even though the man she had met wasn’t so. He had tried to take her dear mother’s life. There was no way her own mother would poison her, she thought.

Her heart felt as it was forcefully wrung out as she gazed at the culprit, the man she had started to get closer to.....

“Oh my, what ever could you be talking about? Please call me Ana, after all there’s no need to be so distant.”

“Your highness, how long are you going to give me that facade when I heard you and that maid over there talk about my execution.”

Ana’s brows twitched as she kept on smiling. “You have spent 10 years in the forest and perhaps cannot think clearly. And as I’ve said call me Ana, dearest brother”

She had initially planned to kill him the moment they met since she thought he was weak, but after that explosion and Sophia who was also one of her personal guards was in such a state. It would be easier to get closer to him and deal with him then.

After all, she didn’t know what her mana less brother could’ve done to win against Sophia. He was shrouded in mysteries.

“So tell me, will you be able to fully heal Sophia?” Lazarus only wanted to know if he had to give them the Azalea flower or not.

WHAT DO YOU CARE!? YOU DID THAT TO HER!” Sylphi scowled at him as she stood up.

Ana raised a brow “Indeed. We have the best clerics on board. Now please let us help you dearest brother.”

Lazarus scratched his head and sighed. “Anyway, I assume you won’t let me go even if I ask nicely now. Would you?”

Ana shook her head. “I’m afraid I cannot do that dearest brother. Please come with me and rejoin our family” she held a hand out towards Lazarus and gave him a warm familial smile.

“Go to hell.”

Ana sighed as her gaze slowly turned into a glare. “Then you have left me with no other option, brother” She then touched the weakened purple barrier “Ester Vel Antos. A little insurance for your vanishing trick”.

“Those who have tier 3 reinforcement spells and adverse at close range combat, come and surround him. Everyone else, heal and support the others.” Anastasia didn’t want to take any risk as the person who she thought of as garbage was able to deal with Sophia and was shrouded in mysteries.

“What are you going to do?” – Cliff

“I will have to capture him by force.... of course Alive that is...” Ana thought that accidentally killing him would be a good alibi, she then looked towards the other maids with a smile as they all nodded in unison.

Sylphi then bit her lip as a shadow loomed over her eyes. “ Cellos Fresto Ethernum Es-”

Ana’s eyes widened. “That spe-”

“ Ester Ventus!!!”

As her body began glowing a bright blue, she slowly hovered in the air as a powerful chill filled the air.

Suddenly a powerful burst of arctic shockwave emerged from her body, causing everything it touched to freeze and ultimately drain her mana. Everyone had become a glistening stone cold statue except Lazarus and Sylphi who were both unharmed.

Lazarus glanced around and then gazed at Sylphi. “So you believ-”

“Shut up! ” Sylphi eyes were filled with tears as she held her shoulder. “I’m only doing this because you saved me....... I don’t......”

“Ever want to have anything to do with you ever again.......” Her consciousness slowly faded from suddenly draining her mana reserves. Her teary eyes began to close as she wobbled.

As her body was about to fall. Lazarus managed to catch her and slowly place her lying down. She opened her teary eyes and gaze at him half conscious, she saw a man’s face that held no emotion as he opened his mouth. “Remember, your mother will try to kill you. That’s my last warning.”

Why was he like that? Doesn’t he feel bad about it? Why am I the only one hurt? As a torrent of thoughts made her frustration grew. She parted her lips in an attempt to say-

“I hate you......”

Lazarus then stood up with a faint smile. “It was a short friendship...... elf”

Sylphi’s eyes closed as she lost her consciousness .


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