Chapter 26

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8:00 P.M

Cloak energy 37.31%

Everyone had gathered around the table where Lazarus hid in and was just awaiting the food while further discussing the matters of the exiled prince.

Ana was wearing a new set of clothes similar to the one she wore during their meeting while Cliff was still wearing his armor despite the circumstances.

Sophia was standing by together with Rei and awaiting orders while Sylphi was looking downwards and had so many questions to her mother, that she wouldn’t knew she wouldn’t get any answer to as of now.

Cliff was still curious about Lazarus, the exiled prince, the twilight princess as well as Ana. He decided to continue on with the topics seeing as the food hadn’t arrived yet.

“So, about this afternoon. Why don’t you just let the twilight princess know of the cure? That way she’ll come back and you can search for the exiled prince together?” – Cliff

Ana sighed and furrowed her brows “My dear sister is quite stubborn despite how she looks, she doesn’t believe that he is sick and says that she’s tired of having someone else look for her beloved brother.”

“So we had decided to secretly find him and administer the cure before telling her. I hope you would come to understand that this is all, truly for her sake and for the people.”

“That makes sense....” Without much thought Clifford just accepted it. He turned his gaze towards Sylphi as he wanted to know her thoughts but it seemed like she was a bit out of it.

*Sniff sniff*

But then a cute lustrous black haired maid with cat ears enterd the room. She looked around as her cute nose twitched slightly upward. Her ears flopped forward and her tail kept swaying from left to right.

“Silica? Is something the matter?” Ana curiously gazed at Silica.

Silica then turned her head towards Ana “Stranger scent.... here”



Silica continued to sniff around then she gazed at the table, she kept staring for a good minute while everyone curiously gazed at her.

“Silica?” – Sophia

Silica then went towards the table and crouched down.

Lazarus saw her shadow and immediately activated his cloak.

*Ba-dump   Ba-dump    Ba-dump *

“Eyy!”  She flopped the cloth upwards but to her dismay there was nothing.


“Nya?”  She then went crouched inside and began crawling towards Lazarus who was already having a heart attack.

crap! crap!  crap!  crap!  crap!  crap!  crap!  crap!  crap!  crap!    

She continued towards Lazarus and brought her face inches away from his.

*Sniff sniff*

-= Hold your breath master =-

Lazarus held his breath as hard as he could while she brought her nose close to his lips.

*Sniff sniff*

-= Hold it in harder=-

This is no time for jokes you fcking brain tumor!

Lazarus leaned back a little to get away from her, he then stopped inches away from the  cloth near Ana.

Silica went closer while furrowing her brows, obviously because of her uncertainty.

“Nya?” Her soft lips brushed slightly at Lazarus nose causing him to sweat bullets. She tilted her head in confusion, she then brought out her small tongue-.

*lick lick*

Shhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!! I’m dead meat!

Silica glared at the nothingness and slowly lifted her skirt.

Okay, now what’s she doing?

As Lazarus glanced at her thighs, his eyes widened. And not because of the sight of a white fabric in between her legs covering her important place, but was because of the two sharp knives hidden besides her thighs.

She slashed towards Lazarus with a quick motion but he had managed to evade causing her knife to hit the table cloth and rip it apart.



“Woah!” Cliff thought that it was Silica underneath but-

It was Lazarus who collided with Cliff’s armored boots, he slowly moved away from Silica not minding who he hit since he could blame it on her.

“Wha-!?” – Sylphi

“Nyaa....” She tilted her head in confusion while furrowing her brows.

“Silica! Please remove yourself from underneath at once!” – Ana

Silica glared at where Lazarus had been and reached for him but she ended up gripping air.

Lazarus then went out with Silica still underneath the table. Since he noticed that Silica can’t discern his location fast enough, he slowly tip-toed outside.

Silica’s nose continued to follow the trail and she went outside ignoring everything that just happened and followed after Lazarus’ scent.

She had left the room leaving Cliff's mouth wide agape.

Sylphi furrowing her brows as she stared at the exit.

Ana placing a hand on her face, Sophia smiling and Rei with an unchanging expression.

"What just happened?" – Cliff

"She's always like that when she smells someone or something wierd, please ignore what just happened. " - Rei

"Right....." – Cliff

“Rest assured, She had already dealt with more than 10 assassins who had tried for the princess’ life” – Rei

Cliff’s eyes widened “That cute girl dealt with them? By that you mean...”

“Indeed. Their lives were not spared.” – Rei

Ana sighed and then faced Cliff with a smile "Shall we resume our discussion?"

"Yeah.... "


Meanwhile, Lazarus was running around the ship and continuing to observe Silica who followed his trail.

Should I throw her overboard?

Lazarus didn’t want to give the kingdom a motive to hunt him in public, as of right now they couldn’t because of Reisha. But if he commited a crime then they would have a reason to publicly chase him.

-= I suggest capturing her and hiding her body=-

Good idea

Lazarus then went out into the ship deck and waited for Silica to follow him. There was a person on the look out so he had to find a way to silence her when she goes overboard, and made sure he did it in his blind spot.


A few minutes later, Silica emerged from a door. She then started sniffing until her nose lead her to the back of the ship, she casually sniffed the railings and continued along the edges.

Little did she know that Lazarus had preapered a mana absorbing vine and threw it around.


With a quick motion he tightened the vines around her and she fell to the ground.


She had fast reflexes but was buffled at the sight of nothing, her human nature was in conflict with her animal instincts causing her to hesitate.

“Hisss! Who!? Nnnn.......Mmph-”

Lazarus continued to tie her mouth with the same vine, he tied her again until she formed a cocoon with another piece of rope. She glared in frustration into the nothingness as her mana slowly dwindled away.

Her mana barrier was gone and now she was vulnerable.

“Mmph! Mhm!!” Silica glared at the air and began squirming.

This was an opportunity to remove the threat but Lazarus didn’t want to kill her, it would only be a matter of time before someone finds her.

A smile formed on his face as he thought of the perfect way to hide her.

Several minutes later

Back at the dining area, they had finished eating.

Throughout the conversation, Sylphi listened but didn’t say anything while stealing glances at her mother.

Sophia also eyed Sylphi but in a very unusualy manner.

“Well, we don’t know what he looks like so.....” Clifford looked towards Sylphi with a wry smile “I guess, even if we wanted to help. We can’t.... haha-ha”

“Then that should not be a problem” Ana turned her gaze towards Rei and nodded.

Rei then left the room, shortly after she carried a canvas covered by a white piece of cloth.

Sylphi who was out of it turned her attention at the canvas with little interst. “That’s?”

Rei placed it on the edge of the table and looked towards Ana.

“If you would please.” – Ana


“That’s!!!” Clifford’s eyes widened as a droplet of water formed on his forehead.

“I-it can’t be....” Sylphi held a hand in her mouth at the sight of a prince with jet black hair and sky blue eyes who resembled the man she had met. Although the man in the portrait seemed to be a savage.

There was no mistake. With only little difference.

It was him.

Who else could it be?

“Princess Ana is a genius in painting, she had taken into account as to what he may look like after the years.” – Rei

Sylphi’s hand began shaking slightly as her eyes widened, she turned her gaze towards Cliff who was also gazing at her with furrowed brows.

So that’s why he seemed to distrust everyone......

Why it felt like he was so distant...

An unsettling feeling welled up inside her as a torrent of uncertainty baffled her and Cliff.

As the both of them gaze at each other, they fell silent.

“He had been exiled to a forest for 10 years. He may have gone insane or perhaps his mind is a little twisted, but he cannot use magic therefore he is of no threat as of now.” – Ana

“10 years!?” – Cliff

Sylphi began shaking her legs and had crossed her arms. She remembered that Lazarus wasn’t too happy about seeing the ship. “What if he...............doesn’t want to come back?”

“We will have to reason with him of course. Reisha is the crowned princess and we need him for her return, this indeed involves a lot of people and as such we cannot just let him be selfish. Please do understand.” – Ana

“Reisha is the crowned princess, and she left because of him. We have to reason with him as this involves the well-being of the people in the twilight kingdom.”

“We will let him go after Reisha meets him, though I still cherish him. His choice is his own right....” Ana downcast her gaze.

She then looked towards Rei with a smile “Could you prepare us some tea?”

Sophia who had just been listening, smiled and turned her gaze towards Ana. “Princess, I know of the best tea to serve for this occasion.”

“Then have Rei assist you” – Ana

Sophia gave Ana a simple smile “I should be fine on my own, after all I have prepared tea for years.”

“That is indeed true, then I leave it to you.”  - Ana


Sophia casually walked towards the exit but Lazarus who had just arrived could yet again see a dark smile as she glared at the wall behind him.

I have a bad feeling about this......

-= Cloak energy 8.9% remaining=-

Lazarus couldn’t shake of the ominous feeling and decided to follow her, after all he could just go away when his cloak is about to go out.

He followed her towards a room filled with a few furniture. She went towards a hutch filled with leaves of some sort and a few bags.

Sophia started boiling water. When the water was at a gentle boil. She poured hot water into the tea pot. She then added the proper amount of tea leaves per person to the pot and waited for a several minutes.

She then poured the tea in the tea cups.

But then a huge grin on her face appeared.

“Hmmm~ hm~ hmm~” Sophia casually took a purple berry from her pocket and squeezed it into one of the teacups.

-= Danger! Toxic substance detected =-

-= Substance resembles the thanatos berry found in the book=-

A screen appeared on Lazarus that carefully explained the scentless berry that was used by assassins to poison royalties. It had a powerful effect and would kill the target in just a few minutes.

“Sylphi.......... you’re just the same with every other elf.“ Sophia grinned and took the tray that contained the tea cups and began heading for the door. “Fufufufuuu”

Tsk, why’s she trying to kill her own daughter? I don’t have enough energy to go back and warn her!  

-= Cloak energy 1.8% remaining, I do not deem it advisable to do so.=-

I can’t let her die, and I can just run away later can’t I?

Sophia's mana barrier was up so knocking her out wasn't an option. Lazarus poked the tea cup with enough force to make it fall off from the tray.

* Clink  Shatter*

Sophia’s eyes widened when the glass filled with poison suddenly fell to the floor and shattered. She furrowed her brows as she stared at the broken glass.

Lazarus headed for the door, but then he suddenly felt something heading for him.


“Do you think I wouldn’t notice?” - Sophia glared at the nothingness.

-= Cloak energy depleted =-

Millions of blue crackling light started to form a figure.

“It can’t be......” Sophia’s eyes widened when she saw a man with jet black her and sky blue eyes emerge from the light.

Lazarus then grabbed the door –

“Ester Vel Antos!”

The room was suddenly engulfed by a transparent purple light “You’re not going anywhere young prince.”

Lazarus glared at Sophia, unlike Falon’s Tier 1 barrier spell. Sophia had used a Tier 5 barrier spell to lock the both of them inside the room.

“Could you please let me out?” Lazarus faced Sophia and clenched his fist. “I can assure you, this will get really ugly.”


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