Chapter 26

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Lazarus was currently sitting down on one of the green marble chairs inside a large cabin to regenerate his cloak energy, his currently bothered by the way Sophia looked at Sylphi but even worse, his family is after his head.

So Reisha left because of me huh. I guess she’s still clingy after all these years. Haha...-ha

Though Lazarus’ circumastances wasn’t one he was happy about, but the thought of his cute but clingy little sister, to still feel attachments to him made him happy and chuckle inwardly.

Lazarus decided to see her when he had his own means of transportation and had better equipment. Assuming she was still in Assail it would normally take 28 days from Kratos to get back there and he isn’t even in Kratos yet.

Now he had to think as to how to deal with the problem at hand, if he had a wireless projector then he could let Sylphi and Cliff see Anastasia’s true intentions with the recorded video he stored in his neural chip.

As of now he only had his weapons and a few tech to help him craft limited types of machinery, the rest were too large but the size wasn’t the problem, some were deeply connected to the ship so he couldn’t just tear it off or take it apart.

“This way mom!” A feminine voice echoed from behind the door.


-=Cloak engaged=-

Crap...... that gave me a heart attack.

Sylphi and Sophia had entered the room together with Rei.

Only an hour had passed since they left the room and Lazarus’ forcefield energy was still at 24.68%, it usually needed 6 hours to be fully charged.

The young blue haired elven beauty pulled her mother who looked to be a mature version of herself. Though Sophia’s hair was tied like a ponytail and she was wearing a maid outfit but nevertheless she was just as beautiful.

The two then sat down and of course Lazarus had already stood up the moment they went inside. Rei on the other hand was just at the door staring at them, she had already informed Sylphi that her company was necessary and that she wouldn’t bother their reunion.

Sylphi entered with a faint smile while Sophia wore a mature motherly smile as they both gazed at one another.

“Mother, where have you been all this time?”

Sophia’s eyes wondered to the cieling as she thought about her past. “Let’s see, After the war...... I had been taken in by the twilight kingdom I suppose.”

“So these humans forced you to become a maid?” Sylphi frowned as she felt a hot sensation well up inside her.

“Oh no no! Nothing like that.” Sophia shook her head “They took me in when I was injured, please understand that they have been very kind to me”

“Then why didn’t you come back?”

“I did but I-” Sophia furrowed her brows as she downcast her gaze “Didn’t your grandfather tell you?”

Sylphi shook her head. “He told me that you must’ve died somewhere during the war!”

“Is that right?”

Sophia glared at the table while she revealed a seemingly dark smile.

“What’s grandpa hiding?” Sylphi furrowed her brows at the thought of her grandfather having kept something important from her.

Sophia wasn’t responding.


“Ah...I’m sorry I spaced out” Sophia placed a hand on her forehead, she then gazed at Sylphi “Please ignore what I just said.”

“What was that about comming back home ? What about grandfather? What happened!?” Sylphi’s eyes were full of doubts as so many questions loomed in her mind.

Sophia tried to put on the best motherly smile she could muster ”Tell me dear, do you love the forest?”

“Yes I do” Sylphi placed a hand on her chest and then gazed toward Sophia with a curious look “But what does that have to do with anything?”

“I see...........” Sophia then stood up and turned to face the window where Lazarus was standing by.

Lazarus eyes widened when Sophia was grinning with an extremely grim look and a shadow loomed over her eyes.

Something’s wrong with her......

“Fufufu” Her eyes were dark as Lazarus felt hatred and anger just from seeing her dark smile and empty eyes.

“So you’re the same with every one of them.”

“Mom? ” Sylphi couldn’t hear Sophia since her voice was extremely soft for her to hear.

Sophia then closed her eyes and emptied all the air in her lungs with a long sigh.

“Well, a lot had happened and it’s fairly difficult to comeback ”Sophia then faced Sylphi with a smile.

“I’m sorry”

“I still can’t come back, I hope you would understand.”

Sophia faced Sylphi with a sad yet seemingly distant smile.  “Your grandfather seems to have taken good care of you in my stead. You’ve already grown up and you no longer need me....”

“Why can’t you?” Sylphi’s voice seemingly crumbled as she bit her lip from frustration. “Ca-can’t you just..........”

“be with us?”

Sophia then went behind Sylphi and locked her arms around her. “I’m truly sorry dear, I can’t tell you but please understand......... I want to stay. And you no longer need me.”

“But Mom, we do need you......” Sylphi held Sophia’s hand and closed her eyes as tears travelled along her flushed cheeks. “Sera is waiting there for you!”

Sophia continued to hold her and remained silent.

“Why can’t you tell me?”

“I’m sorry....” were the only words she could say.

Only Lazarus could see her mother’s face behind her held no emotion, it carried a dark air around her, both Rei and Sylphi were behind her so they couldn’t see .

Rei then checked the time on the large grandfather clock in the corner of the room.

“If you would excuse me, I’ll have Silica watch over.”

“Silica?” – Sylphi tried to wipe her tear filled eyes and had forgotten about Rei.

“She is one of the maids here and also one of the personaly body guards of her highness. She’s one of the cat people and she can pick up the scent of different people including assasins which make her quite useful. ”

“She is also has high physical agility as well as speed enhancement magic.”

There was someone like that here? I better stay away from her. I wanted to hear more but...

“If you’ll excuse me” Rei bowed slight and went out while Lazarus slipped through the gap, she then closed the door and went on her way.

Lazarus didn’t want to go where she was going since she’s out to get this Silica person. So he went to the opposite side of the corridor and continued on.

Why was her mother like that? She seemed mentally unstable. What’s the matter with her? Although Sylphi’s mana barrier was up and Silica should be heading over so I don’t need to worry for now.

He needed somewhere to hide so he could regenerate his cloak. It was when he went upstairs and saw a large room with only one dining table in the center under a large chandelier, the room didn’t have any door and only had a large wide opening.

The table was several meters long, enough to hold around 20 people at most. It also had a white table cloth that extended down to the floor.

It was the perfect hiding spot, and assuming they would eat dinner here, he could listen in on them without having to cloak.

It was already 7:11, the chair were lined up at the sides so if he needed to come out. He just had to make sure that no one saw the table cloth lift up from the edge.

He then went inside the table and sat down with one of his arms resting on top of his knee.

-= Cloak disengaged =-


When Silica had arrived she continued to sniff through the area while keeping a watch on Sophia and Sylphi.

Meanwhile back at princess’ Anastasia room, Rei was holding on to a towel while Ana was bathing in a large tub filled with water. She gently lifted her leg out of the water to trace her silky smooth skin as she held held her hair with her other hand.

“Rei, has something happened between the both of them?”

“Not as of the moment, perhaps since she’s her daughter”

Ana then stood up as her slim figure went towards Rei and took the towel in her hands. She slowly wraped it around herself and sat down in a chair with her legs crossed, which revealed her luscious thighs that hid her most important place.

Ana then looked towards the window and began sipping the tea which was already prepared for her.“Have you recalled first time we took Sophia in?”

“Yes of course, she was very kind. That is until she met another elf.....”

“I consider her to be a part of our family now, and perhaps the meeting with her daughter was fated.”

“I hope so, I wonder why she bears so much hatred for her own people?”

Ana furrowed her brow as she rested her head in her small clenched fist. “Well, that is something she will personally say to us when the time is right.”

Rei then closed her eyes as if to brace herself for something “Forgive me princess for asking, but if you consider Sophia to be as close as family. Why not the exiled prince?”

Ana gazed at Rei with a wry smile “I had met Sophia some months after the exile of my garbage of a brother, she had become my personal maid and as such we have been together for quite some time.”
“Do you hate the young prince?”

“No, after all you cannot hate garbage. He is.... very much close to peasants and slaves. As such I do not consider him to be anything other than garbage because he is lesser than the two. After all, what use are you alive without harnessing mana?”

“Is that all?”

Ana looked towards the distance as she smiled “He is a stain in our family, and yet. Why does my dear Sister treat him more importantly than I? He had made mother cry, he had dissapointed father..... He is of no use to this world, other than being a complete hassle like a garbage would be.”

Rei averted her gaze and stared at a painting of a man with jet black hair and sky blue eyes. “I see, but I have heard from the head maid that he had once saved you and Reisha from goblins.”


Ana glared at Rei and slammed the tea cup in her hands towards the table. “SAVED!?How dare you word it in such a way! He had humiliated me infront of Reisha and the guards that came!! It had become the talk of the castle for weeks!”

“The humiliation!”

Her face seemingly started to turn red from anger as she stood up and opened the palm of her hands. Without a moments hesitation she flung her hand towards her servant’s cheek.


“How dare you remind me of such a humiliation, do you know that what he had done.” Ana bit her lips as she continued to glare at Rei who held no emotion in her face. “Father had become dissapointed in me and mother was worried sick, he had stained my perfection and as such.”

“He will face my judgement, I am doing this for the betterment of our gracious family and to remove the stain in my perfection.

“To be born to a family of beauties and talent, he held not one of the two. He is nothing.” Ana continued to glare at a person wasn’t there.



“Princess, pardon me but it is time you dressed up for dinner”

Ana then looked towards the clock and sighed. “That is indeed true, well no matter. I will have you punished for your arrogance at a later date.”

“I understand....Please forgive me for my arrogance” Rei bowed down and left.

Ana then looked back to the ocean through the window. “Have the men speed up, I cannot bear the thought of  staying in the sea any longer.”


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