Chapter 25

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In a wide room inside a large ship, a princess, an armored man and an elf was sitting down around around a green marble table. Although there was another person right beside them, but was invisible and he just kept listening in their conversation.

Princess Anastasia was wearing a white dress with several decorative gems and a small silver tiara in her head, and just like any other princess she was very beautiful.

Sylphi, the elf who was sitting across her was just as beautiful, wearing a simple green one piece dress, her skirt was just an inch above her knee, underneath the cuts in her green skirt was a a white cloth that extended just an inch under her green skirt.

Her cloth revealed her shoulders and she had a leather strap tied like a ribbon to hold the green cloth that covered her elbow and extended up to her wrist and had a yellow line at the tip.

The armored man called Clifford Greystone, had a double sided axe that is sticking out from his back. He had a long brunette hair and brown eyes that exerted valor.

Cliff then raised his brow upon hearing the word ‘exiled prince’. “No, I haven’t heard of any prince that was exiled. Why?”

“Neither have I” – Sylphi

To them it sounded quite far fetched as the royalties of the human kingdoms were quite known and most of the time, people talk quite a lot about them which makes it hard to believe there was ever an exiled prince that they wouldn’t know about.

Princess Ana sighed and folded her arms “Well, my dear father had it kept hidden quite well.” She spoke in a dignified manner befitting that of a well-mannered princess. “As hard as this may sound to believe. I assure you that this is indeed a fact.”

Sylphi and Cliff gazed at each other as if they still couldn’t believe it, but since it came from a princess, her words definitely carried some weight.

Lazarus was leaning against the wooden wall of the ship and kept on listening, he furrowed his brows coldly gazing at Ana. He was thinking as to why would she even bring it up? And what was his involvement with Reisha?

“What does the exiled prince have to do with the Twilight Princess?”  - Cliff

“So which kingdom did the prince come from?” -Sylphi

“To answer the both of your questions, the exiled prince .....-” Ana looked distantly trying to recall a past memory of a young boy she had quite teased a lot “is from the twilight kingdom...”

Cliff abruptly stood up which caused the chair he was sitting on to fall down with a smacking sound. “Prince Clovis was exiled!?”

Ana gave him a wry smile and shook her head “No, there was one other prince” she looked towards the painting on the wall that Lazarus was leaning against. It was the very same painting that Ana had drawn to contest for her mother’s affection against Lazarus stick figure painting.

But in the painting it only showed the king and queen together with three young children, Ana, Clovis and little Reisha.

Lazarus, Sylphi and Cliff turned their heads towards the painting.

 Hmmm, she really drew that at the age of 7. It’s Impressive considering she was very young.

It brought back Lazarus memories from that time, which he just shrugged of without much thought.

He didn’t care about his former family other than Reisha but it still left a deep impression on him, the gaze of Emilia which was burned inside of his mind and Ana always placing bugs on his food whenever she had the chance.

“The bitter truth is that he is one of my dearest brother” Ana downcast her gaze as if recalling a sad memory.

 I’m no longer your brother and do you even know what dearest means?

Lazarus felt disgusted at her statement and wanted to vomit but it would be stupid to do so, considering the circumstances.

Sylphi and Clifford’s eyes widened upon the revelation.

“There was someone else besides prince Clovis?” Cliff was still standing up from the shock.

“Yes, My dearest younger brother. Prince La-”

*Knock knock*

“Excuse me princess, the tea is ready” Sophia entered the room with Rei while pushing a cart that had a kettle tea, square blocks of sugar placed in a small plate, cookies, and another kettle that carried the cream.

Princess Ana smiled “Shall we ease up the tension with some tea and cookies? Please help yourselves” she then jestured towards the cookies.

Sophia and Rei poured tea into their cups as they continued to converse with a heavy atmosphere.

“So about the Prince” Cliff stuffed his mouth with cookies while Sylphi gazed at her mother and gave her a smile.

Sophia’s smile vanished and her eyes turned dark as she gazed at her daughter and tried to return a forced smile.

Lazarus had noticed that it only occured whenever she gazed at Sylphi, he didn’t really know what was happening and decided to keep a close watch on her later on. He then eyed the remaining energy for his cloak, which was 68%.

Sylphi then took the cup of tea as her attention was directed back to the princess, who had just placed down her cup.

“Now where was I......... Ah yes! My dearest younger brother”

“Prince Lazarus Valheart of the twilight kingdom.”

"Khoff Khak Khak!!"

“Oh my! ” Ana placed a hand on her mouth as Clifford had just choked on the cookies he was eating while Sylphi choked a little on the tea but managed to hold it back with a light cough.

“La-Lazarus!?” - Clifford

Though there were other ‘Lazarus’ besides him, he still felt a strong pressure weigh down on him,

Sylphi and Cliff gazed towards each other, Ana who noticed their reaction, tilted her head and placed a finger on her cheeks. “Could it be that you have heard of him?”

Sylphi still wasn’t sure of it yet, it could be a different Lazarus. But the way he was acting when he saw the ship just made it seem like he was indeed connected to the Valhearts somehow.

Sylphi’s brows turned into a frown the more she thought about it.

“Ah no, it was just a bit too shocking for Cliff to hear about an exiled prince.” Sylphi turned her head towards Cliff with a smile “Right?”


She had come to trust Lazarus and as such, she wanted to hear more about this so called exiled prince.

Ana decided to continue while Sophia went out and Rei stood by her side. “My dearest brother Lazarus was exiled because of his crimes against my dear sister Reisha”

 Crimes? Those were merely false accusations. Your premitive test weren’t good enough to determine the real culprit. You ignorant magical baboons, yes the big red butt kind of monkey.

“What were his crimes?” – Cliff

Ana placed a hand on her chest as she downcast her gaze “Because he had no magical potention, he was envious of Reisha who was also like him but managed to unlock her magical potential at the age of 5.”

“The two were really close but, when Reisha had gained many friends and had grown closer to us. He.......”

A small tears welled in Ana’s eyes as she recalled the memories which she twisted a little “He tried to infect Reisha so she would  become the same as he was....”

“Infect?” Sylphi frowned and couldn’t believe that a young child could do such a thing.

“He had a disease that robbed him of the ability to harness mana. “

“So he tricked her into drinking from his own cup in order to corrupt her...... she fell ill and had lost her mana for a few days, until my kind mother and good father had no choice but to exile the mons-, my dearest brother.”

Ana then sipped from her cup. “She was cured a few days after, but she.........became cold and distant after the incident, especially to my kind mother.”

Cliff’s eyes widened and Sylphi crossed her arms under her chest.

“Why exile him?” – Cliff

“His disease began to spread. Even if he was precious to me and our family, there was no other choice. Had it spread across our kingdom, we would be in great peril. His envy was something unbeffiting that of a child.”


Ana gently gazed at Sylphi and Cliff who were both disbelieved. “And now, my dear sister had left the kingdom  in order to find him.”

“But, why would she leave the kingdom?” – Sylphi

“She..... Left because father could not allow it” Ana’s gentle gaze turned into a glare as she felt an irritating hot throbbing in her head whenever she remembered Reisha’s action a few weeks ago. “So she......ultimately chose him over us, her real family...”

“So what do you intend to do?” – Sylphi

“We intend to find him, regardless of his disease, he is still my dearest brother and our precious family” Ana smiled as she held her hand  on top of her chest.

“Oh, so you’re helping the twilight princess?” Cliff couldn’t help but smile at her thoughtfulness.

Ana gently smiled as her eyes wondered to the windows, seemingly gazing at something distant          

“Indeed, and I wanted us to become a real family yet again. So I wanted to find him first and have him come back to us.”

Sylphi raised a brow and was curious “What about his disease?”

“That is why we intend to find him first before my dear sister does, we will administer the cure that we have developed for him over the years.”

 A cure? Developed over the years? Seriously?

“Hmm, that does sounds good. But why didn’t you tell her about the cure?” – Cliff

“That is......” Ana furrowed her brows as her gaze wondered to the windows, then she smiled “Something we will have to discuss further tonight. I assume that your tired after days of being stranded”

She then turned her gaze towards Sylphi “And I take it that you wanted to have a long discussion with your mother?”

Sylphi who wanted to know more about the exiled prince due to her meeting Lazarus, had her attention grabbed. Her eyes sparkled as her tense face turned into a bright smile. “Yes!”

Ana stood up and smiled “Then I shall see the both of you at dinner tonight, it is late in the afternoon so I hope you make the best of your time in my humble ship.”

“Then, see you at dinner princess” Cliff bowed down and went out while Sylphi followed shortly after.


Lazarus remained in the room and after a few minutes, Rei who had just been eyeing Ana with a curious gaze spoke. “Cure? Weren’t we ordered by the king to have him executed? What was that about being family again?”

Ana faced Rei with an innocent smile “The cure is his execution, and wanting to become family with that garbage of a person was nothing more than a pretense to have them help me capture them. After all, I had just saved them. Wouldn’t they feel grateful? Even more so a beautiful princess such as I, asking them for a favor?”

Rei’s face held no emotion as she closed her eyes. “Are you really fine with killing your own brother?”

Ana innocently tilted her head as she placed a finger in her cheeks “You don’t notice when you trample on worthless insect do you not?” she then smiled innocently “What is the variation from such a situation?”

“I see. But what about Sophia and her daughter? Should they be left alone? Considering her circumstances I don’t think it would be wise to do so.”

“No, Have Silica keep watch, we don’t know what she would do to her. This is also a test to see if the rehabilitation worked. I just hope she wouldn’t do anything bad to her daughter” Ana furrowed her brows as she looked worryingly towards Rei.

Rei and Ana then walked towards the door.


“Hm?” Rei turned her head to gaze at the princess.

“Please prepare the portrait I had just painted.”

“Yes princess.”


8% Cloak energy remaining.

-= Cloak disengaged =-

Lazarus then sat down on one of the chairs, rubbing his temples as he thought of his next move.


Inside the kitchen in the ship, several chiefs were cooking a variety of dishes while a human maid with long brown hair was beside a beastgirl who had a long lustrous straight black hair with bangs covering forehead, her eyes were an elegant lavender with a taint of pink.

She had black cat ears protruding from the sides of her head, and a black tail with a small white ribon tied near the tip.

“Silica.... You’ve been furrowing your brows like an old grandma for a while, is something wrong?” – Human maid

Silica’s cat ears twitched “Two survivors..... Three new scents....”


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