Chapter 24 – Reunion

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---- Day Time in an Unknown Island ---

The people on the ship had already confirmed that there were stranded people on the island, so they lowered a row boat with a maid, and two large men on board. As soon as they touched the water, the two large men started to row towards the island.

Meanwhile, Lazarus went back to the camp and had de-materialized his sword. Shortly after, Sylphi followed him with a curious gaze and Cliff grinning from ear to ear.

Although he started to trust Sylphi a little, it still wasn’t the right time to tell her, and even if he did, somethings don’t need to be mentioned, such as his technology or his ability to cloak.

There was a way for him not to be found out and rescued at the same time, and that was for him to lie his way out of it.

Sylphi approached Lazarus since he didn’t seem all too happy about being rescued and it made her worry. “Is something wrong?”

“ I- ” Lazarus then furrowed his brows as he looked away from Sylphi “ I think I need to stay here, you guys go on ahead. ”

Sylphi and Cliff looked towards each other “ You know if you’ve lost something, we can help you find it before they arrive bro. ”

“That’s right” Sylphi nodded in agreement.

“It’s not that, I meant that you two should board the ship and head for Kratos, I’ll be staying in this island for personal reasons.”

Sylphi frowned as she gazed at Lazarus “Then how will you get off this island? The next ship won’t arrive until a week. Even then, it won’t come near this island, unless the people there know you’re here”

“I have my ways, for now you two need to go. They’ll be arriving shortly” – Lazarus

“Errrhm, are you sure bro? We can’t just leave you like this” – Cliff

“What is it that you have to do so suddenly?” Sylphi placed a hand on her hip, she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong when Lazarus started acting a bit different.

Lazarus just scratched his head and sighed “I can’t tell you my reasons, for now just go to the ship and head for Kratos”

Cliff closed his eyes and furrowed his brows as he didn’t like the thought of leaving someone behind but he didn’t want to pry any further seeing as Lazarus wasn’t going to tell them.

After a moment’s thought he opened his eyes and smiled “Alright” he knew that this man always had his ways around things, so he decided to trust him “And, What about you?” He turned his gaze towards Sylphi.

Sylphi hadn’t known Lazarus that long, and she still had an errand she was running for her grandfather.

She had no reason not to go but…… she couldn't shake the feeling that they might never meet again, her heart sank at the thought of it.

“I’m staying” Sylphi went in front of Lazarus, folded her arms and leaned against a tree. “Unless you decide to come with us or tell me your means of leaving, I’m not moving”

Lazarus knew that she wasn’t convinced, but he can’t just tell her ‘I'll cloak and board the ship'.

She’s his friend and she might just be worried. The problem was that, Lazarus wasn’t intending to stay, he had to convince Sylphi one way or another.

“Sylph..... can you please board the ship?” Lazarus calmly said in a gentle tons, hoping that she would understand.

Sylphi was hesitant after seeing Lazarus ask kindly but….. she still wasn’t convinced, maybe his circumstances didn’t permit him to board a ship owned by a royal family?

After all, whenever he had a problem he would try to find his way out…….. on his own. She didn’t like the thought of it.


“Umm, I hate to interrupt but they’re here.” Cliff pointed towards the Sea where the small row boat was just a few meters away from shore.

There was no time, Lazarus had to convince Sylphi to go otherwise, she’d be left in the island. “How about this, I’ll meet you in Kratos when you arrive. There’s no time, so please board the ship now!”

"You'll meet us at Kratos?" Her face lit up as she gazed at Lazarus, after all, they can meet in Kratos. But what if he’s lying? Sylphi furrowed her brows as she gazed at Lazarus, still unconvinced.

“I promise I’ll meet you there! The moment you arrive I'll be there, but please don't tell them my name”

“….Alright” Sylphi sighed and started walking towards the shore, as she passed by Lazarus she muttered in a low voice that he could hardly hear “You better keep your promise”

"I will"

-= Cloak engaged=-

Cliff and Sylphi went towards the shore and was greeted by a maid with a black short cut bob hair, and she had simple brown eyes and looked to be around 18-19 years of age.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Rei" the maid slightly bowed her head while placing both her hands together. Rei was orphaned at a young age and as such was not given a last name, she was taken in by the Valhearts at the age of 5 and was raised by the head maid.

She kept eyeing Sylphi as if she was someone that she knew. She wanted to ask about it but her training did not permit her to ask just out of curiosity, as it might be rude to their guest.

After a short introduction in between them, they boarded the row boat that could hold up to 10 people.

Rei glanced from left to right and was curious "Wasn't there another shirtless gentleman with you?"

Sylphi glanced at the forest before facing the maid "He had something he had to do and won't be comming with us, he has his own means of leaving so we should get going"

If you're not there when we arrive...... I'll-

"Right! what she said" - Cliff

"Then let us depart" the maid jestured the two large man and one of them pushed the row boat and jumped back in and they both started rowing. Sylphi glanced back at the forest with furrowed browse. Sylphi kept stealing glances back at the forest as the boat went further away. Clifford noticed and asked "Are you worried..? I think we should trust him, after all that guy has his ways." Sylphi nodded but her browse were still slightly furrowed. Even though she think she could trust him there was still a small chance of him simply lying his way through everything.

As they continued to move away from the island, Sylphi kept on stealing glances at the island every time she had the chance.

Little did they know that the third shirtless man was just beside them, hoping that they wouldn't move around. But for the entirety of the trip they stayed put and not too long after they boarded the ship.

"Then you two should freshen up before meeting with her highness, I will guide you to your respective rooms" The maid then left with Cliff and Sylphi, although this was quite a large ship, only the crew members and a few maids were on board.

Lazarus waited a few minutes outside of Sylphi's room, and after a while a maid knocked on her door and asked if she was ready, after a brief exchange between the two they made their way towards Cliff's room and now they were heading towards the princess' room.

As they approached the door, Cliff's heart was beating wildly with anticipation. Sylphi had already met Reisha and wasn't too over excited but nevertheless she felt a sort of pressure weigh down on her.

Lazarus was just beside them cloaked and was merely waiting for someone to open the door.

*Knock knock*

"Princess I have brought the guest with me"


"Please come in" a mature feminine voice echoed from behind the door. When the door opened, Lazarus, Sylphi and Cliff's jaws dropped at the sight of a mature version of Sylphi infront of them.

Her wavy long blue hair was tied in a pony tail, she's a bit taller than Sylphi and her eyes were just the same as hers, but nevertheless she was just as beautiful as her, and the long black skirt from her maid uniform just added to her beauty.

Sylphi snapped out of her daze and tears formed in her eyes."M-mom?"

"Sylphi?" Her mother wasn't all too excited and was just staring at her dumbfounded. Her ocean deep blue eyes started to turn dim and dead as she gazed at Sylphi.

Those eyes......

Lazarus felt something was wrong from the way she stared at Sylphi.

"Mother!" Sylphi's tears fell down as her voice crumbled, she was about to go for a hug when suddenly a figure stopped her and stepped in between them "What are you doing-!?"

It was Rei with both arms raised as if trying to shield Sylphi, but then her mother regained the color in her eyes and spoke with a gentle motherly tone "Sylphi it has been a while..... I'm sorry I couldn't go back to the village"


Sylphi passed Rei and hugged her mother as if she would never let her go, she cried in her chest while her mother lovingly carrassed her head with a gentle smile on her face. *Sniffle* *Hic*

She had thought that her mother died together with her father even though her corpse was never found. It had been 100 years since their last meeting.

"Mother..." Sylphi tightened her grasp as she hugged her mother trying to feel her warmth to prove that she was real. She remembered her mother always lovingly smiling at her while she was constantly spoiled by her father.

"There, there " Her mother cleared her throat and gazed at Sylphi's eyes "The princess is awaiting her guest, I never thought that you were the one stranded on an island dear" she couldn't help but give a troubled smile at her daughter.

Mother.......... huh? Welp I never had one, no use worrying

Sylphi kept on weeping like a lost child who had just found her mother, she wasn't listening nor was she aware of the people around,to her it was just the two of them.

Lazarus continued to watch the heart warming family reunion as he knew that Sylphi had lost her mother during the war 100 years ago, and they had just seen each other after a long time. It made him yearn to see his father who was lightyears away.

He exhaled and steeled his resolve to build the tower.

I wonder how Dad's doing fixing the ship? Well he has tone of robots at his disposal but I'm kind of worried.

Cliff couldn't help but smile, the strong willed elven beauty was now, nothing more than just a cry baby in the arms of her mother.


"Please do excuse my intrusion on your wonderfull reunion, but it would be more pleasant if we sat down for a cup of tea while the both of you catch up, wouldn't it?" a soft elegant voice echoed from behind Sylphi's mother.

Lazarus turned his head towards the figure that was just behind Sylphi's mother.

Cliff also turned his head to see who it was and his jaw dropped at the sight of an elegant beauty with long lustrous golden hair that flowed down to her waist, and 2 small ringlets at the edge of her hair on both sides of her cheek, her emerald green eyes felt as if they were expensive jewelries that decorated her beauty.

She wore a white dress with several diamonds decorating her dress, and a small silver tiara on top of her head.

She slowly lifted her skirt slightly and did a curtsy elegently "I'm Anastasia Valheart, first princess of the twilight kingdom. Pleased to make your acquantance" she then smiled which made Clifford blush and gaze in awe.

Woah, I called her Ana for a long time, I never knew her full name was Anastasia.

Lazarus reaction was bland and he could hardly care about her, he felt disappointed that it wasn't Reisha, he thought to himself that if Ana was this beautiful now, Reisha should be even more so.

When they were young, for every 1 admirer of Ana, Reisha had 10.

Cliff then snapped out of confusion and bowed "I'm Clifford Greystone, Gold plate division 1 adventurer. I thank you for comming to our rescue princess, how will we ever repay your kimbdess" he stuttered on the pressure.

Lazarus never knew that Clifford could act so formal but then again he was in the presence of a princess. Although he was a bit happy to see a beautiful princess up close, he was still a bit disappointed that it wasn't the twilight princess.

Ana chuckled at Cliff's introduction which made her really cute and Cliff to turn as red as a tomatoe. "Speaking about repayment, there's a favor I wanted to ask of the both you. This must be kept a secret for the sake of my dear younger sister Reisha"

"What is it?" Cliff furrowed his brows.

Ana jestured the rest to follow her as she sat down at a marble table with expensive looking tea cups carefully placed on the table. Cliff and Sylphi also sat down with her while Cliff seemed to be tense.

"Sophia if you would please" Ana gazed at Sylphi's mother with a smile, Sophia nodded in confirmation as she slowly let go of Sylphi's hand. "Dear, let's have a long chat later. For now please hear out Princess Ana's request. This is a very important matter for Princess Reisha's well being."

Sophia then went out of the room and Rei followed behind her to prepare some tea.

Ana's smile then faded as her expression turned serious. "Have you heard of the exiled prince?"

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