Chapter 23

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Mid Night in an Unkown Island

Lazarus dug up another hole, he re-routed the flow of water towards the new hole he had made since the other was already full. Although he didn’t have any reason to do this since they had a lot of water supply. He then took the sword with him and went towards the beach, there he saw a large rock, he slashed the top half and was now perfect for sitting.

He went back and placed the sword back in the center of the salt water filled hole and left it there to fill the third hole he had made.

A few minutes later

Lazarus was currently sitting on a large rock by the shore, he watched as the the larger red moon was so far apart from the smaller blue moon. When he first gazed at them in the ship where he had met the mysterious fox girl, the two moons were huddled together but now they were apart.

Probably the difference in revolution speed...

*Wesh wesh*

The sound of the waves gently rolling over the sand of the beach echoed throughout, the blue light of the small moon dominated over the lingering red light left by the larger moon which was farther away. Lazarus thought that it was truly a beautiful scene that he could only hope to witness in fantasy worlds.

Lazarus had intended to clear his mind and wrack his brains for ideas to avoid contact with nobles, but he ended up enjoying the scenery and the cold gentle breeze of the night. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply and released all the air in his lungs.

He couldn’t help but smile, the scenery was something he never really cared for but now that he has seen it, he couldn' help but admire it.

“ So you can smile like that after all. ”

A feminine voice caught him off guard “ I thought you were asleep ” Lazarus didn’t bother turning his head and continued to face the waves as he already knew who it was.

Beside him was a beautiful elven maiden , her wavy long blue hair swayed in the gentle breeze as she placed a hand on her hair to prevent it from swaying too much, she gazed at the man on top of the stone with her ocean deep blue eyes curiosly as she spoke with a gentle tone

“ I couldn’t sleep, so what are you doing here? ”

“ Not much, and you? ”

“ I wanted to see what you were doing ” Sylphi couldn’t help but smile “ though ‘Not much’ is exactly what you’re doing ”

Lazarus kept quiet and continued to gaze at the ocean, he thought about the leaf blanket that Sylphi had made for him and was trying to think of ways to thank her, not to mention the delicious large fish he ate.

Though there were number of ways, he couldn’t think of one. Other than just saying it since something still wasn’t quite ready yet. He scratched his cheek as he couldn’t really think of any other ways other than just plainly saying it for now. “ The leaf blanket ”

“ Eh? ” Sylphi jolted a bit as she gazed at Lazarus with her face starting to turn red “ Wha-what about it? ”

“ It was really warm... thank you ” Lazarus turned his towards Sylphi who was just beside him standing. But then he furrowed his brows as he saw that she was turning red.

“ How did you know!? ” Sylphi gazed at Lazarus with a flushed face.

“ I didn’t really know, I wasn’t exactly sure but then...... you just admitted to it, so you could say it was your fault I knew? ”

Sylphi started to turn red up to her ears, until she had become as red as a tomatoe “ Yo-you were cold! And you were shivering! B-but I know you didn’t ask me! But I-! ”

“ Hahahhha! ” Lazarus couldn't stomach his laughter anymore and it ended up comming out. Sylphi was taken aback at his outburst, but then she furrowed her brows and glared at Lazarus with her cheeks still red “ Wha-what’s so funny!? ”

“ haha...ha , well I just wasn’t expecting you to make that kind of face, seeing that just a few days ago you were out to kill me.”

Sylphi puffed her cheeks slightly which made her look cute. But then he suddenly recalled a young cute girl with long pitch black hair and emerald green eyes who also used to puff her cheeks whenever she was angry, most of the time she was only angry whenever he pushed her away.


But then he noticed Sylphi who was still red but was stomping towards him. Lazarus eyes widened in fear “ Wait! It was just a jok- ”

Sylphi turned her back towards Lazarus and pushed him slightly to make room for herself.

“ What are you doing? ” Lazarus thought that she was going to attack him but was slightly dumbfounded at her actions.

Sylphi then rested her back on Lazarus’, now they were sitting back to back and he felt her warmth from his back “ I'm tired of just standing up ”

Well its probably better than getting hit I guess......... probably...

He can’t just get up and leave, and just sitting with her like this made him nervous. His eyes wondered towards his screen and there was a countdown and it indicated 4:52:32

“ You know.... you were also out to kill me ” Sylphi spoke in a seemingly sad tone.

“That was-”

“ I know, you don’t have to tell me ” She knew why he was acting like that and she was partly at fault for it, though the misunderstanding had been cleared up she hadn’t apologize for trying to kill him “ I’m sorry ”

“ I’m sorry, for everything ” Lazarus tone was now somewhat different, he felt that he could trust her. And there was no need for him to be so distant.

The two silently enjoyed each other’s company, as Sylphi felt a warm sensation well up inside her and Lazarus was now starting to think of her as his friend.

Sylphi then closed her eyes as she tried to replay their very first encounter, where he had pointed a blade at her neck and where she felt so angry. But now that she looked at it, she couldn’t help but chuckle.

Lazarus raised a brow as he didn’t know what she was thinking while chuckling cutely.

But then as Sylphi continued to think of their every encounter, she had realized that not even once did he ever call her name. She knows that he had heard it at the forest, and at the fish’s belly, even after they made up it was always ‘you’.

“ Come to think of it ” It made her feel somewhat distant from him, she didn’t know why but she didn’t like it “ You’ve never called me by my name.... ”

“ Thats.... ” Lazarus was purposely doing it since he had hated her but now it was different, and because he was so used to it that he cotninued to do it unconsciously.

Sylphi placed a hand on her chest as she turned her head towards Lazarus while still leaning against him “ Can you at least let me hear it just once? ”

“ Sy-sylphi? ” Lazarus didn’t know why but it was a bit hard for him to say it. He then turned his head towards her to know if he said it alright.

As they both gazed at each other with this close of a distance, blood immediately started to fill Sylphi’s face, causing her to go red again. She gazed at his sky blue eyes that reflected her eyes which made her heart start to beat incredibly fast.


*thump thump*

Sylphi immediately averted her gaze and was confused, she carefully thought of the situation as this was the very first time she was feeling this way. Her heart continued to race while she felt Lazarus' warmth from her back.

Wha-what’s this? My chest feels it because of this man?... wait. This man?

She had then realized that she never knew his name, she furrowed her brows as her voice then became somewhat distant “ Umm... I never heard your name, its a bit hard to keep calling you, ‘you’ so..... ”

Lazarus then furrowed his brows, to him she was now the very first friend he had made in the real world. But he still couldn’t tell him his complete name as she might end up accidentally saying it. He carefully thought of the situation and went silent for a bit.

The silence started to make Sylphi nervous but she thought that maybe telling him about herself would probably make him trust her a bit more, even it was just a little. “ You know when I was young... ”

“And that’s what happened, I lost my father when I was young and my mother disappeared during the war......” Sylphi’s tone was soft and low and carried a ting of her pain, but then she leaned against Lazarus forcing him to bend forward a little as she gazed towards the dawn of the sky “ Now that I’ve told you a little about myself, you have to at least tell me your name. ” She then smiled mischivously

Lazarus snickered and smiled “ That’s kind of unfair of you ” he decided to tell her as she had already told him a lot about herself “ I’m Lazarus Hargreave, but can you call me Laz? There are circumstances that would be bad if my name got in public ”

“ Hargreave? ” Sylphi's eyes widened and then she chuckled “ I can’t believe, you were really the man that old librarian was talking about! ”

“ Librarian? Ohhhhh her, I told you that I was looking for a job wasn’t I? So I ended up cleaning a library. ”


Lazarus then slowly stood up to prevent Sylphi from falling over, “ Sylphi, follow me, there’s something I’ve prepared for you ”

Sylphi’s long elven ears twitched upon hearing her name, she couldn’t help but give him a heartfelt smile that would make any man fall in love with her, the bright rays of the sun carefully illuminated her figure that just made her smile even more beautiful.

Somehow for the very first time she felt happy hearing her name, she was never this happy to have her name called and it made her place a hand on her chest as if to try and feel the warm sensation.

Lazarus was happy seeing his very first friend smile brightly, he then jestured Sylphi to follow and lead her towards their water hole.

He then took his blade from the empty hole which was filled with salt water and placed it inside the new hole he had made which was now filled with fresh water. A few minutes passed by and water started evaporating “ It’s ready ”

“ What is? ” Sylphi raised a brow as she thought he just made a new hole filled with fresh water for nothing, since they have a lot of water in store.

“ Do you like taking hot baths? ”

“ I haven’t really. Since the lake in the forest are always a bit cold ” Sylphi tilted her head in confusion “ I really want to take a bath as soon as I get back..... ”

Lazarus then grinned, while Sylphi then realized what the other hole was for. “ Wait... so it was this? ” she then smiled at Lazarus “ Thank you... I really didn’t expect you be this considerate though ”

“ I wanted to repay you for the blanket and the fish ” Lazarus then started walking towards their sleeping area.

“ Where are you going? ”

“ I’m going to watch Cliff so he won’t accidentaly run in to you while you enjoy your bath, and you certainly don’t want me here right? ”

Sylphi’s face then went red as she had realised that he was right, she gave a light nod in confirmation and Lazarus continued on his way and said “ Tell me when you’re done ” with a waving motion of his hand as he left.

Sylphi waited a few minutes and she began to strip her clothes as she trusted Lazarus wouldn’t do anything something wierd.

If he did. I wouldn’t really mind....... wait.. what am I saying!? I’d smack him dead! I think..... that’s a bit much...... maybe just a pinch on his cheek? .... Argh! I don't care what he does anyway!

A warm growing sensation in her chest was the reason she was acting this way, although she had not realised it yet.

As she hanged her clothes, her luscious figure that would put any model to shame was revealed, her bust that were fairly large would make any man shiver on sight and her plump but firm thighs from years of training would make any man jump her on sight.

Although there were fair amount of vegetation around her which made it very difficult to see even if someone passes by they would only see her head.

She then touched the water with her feet and her eyes widened, she then slowly entered the hole and as she bathed in warm water for the first time, her faced relaxed and she smiled slighty at the comforting and soothing sensation.

She had yearned for a bath for days since the salt made her body feel very uncomfortable. This was also a first for her since she never went to bath houses in the human cities and villages because she hated being around humans.

“hmmm~ hmm~ hmm~ ” Sylphi began humming a tune as she relaxed her body and continued her thoughts when she met Lazarus and all the other events when they had met.

Several minutes later

*Rustle rustle*

Lazarus was sitting down with Cliff who was still sleeping while drooling. He then turned his head to see what the rustling sounds were. There he saw Sylphi and her hair was glistening because it hadn’t fully dried from her bath “ How was it? ”

Sylphi then sat down and smiled “ It was marve- ”

* Ding ding ding *

“ Wha!? ” Cliff woke up and was glancing from left to right

Lazarus eyes widened when he heard the distant ringing from afar, he then ran towards the shore together with Sylphi and Cliff. There was a large ship from afar which was larger than the one they road and it had a large flag.

Lazarus zoomed in to see and it had the symbol of a dragon and a small blue bird was on top of it, he then noticed that there was a maid using some sort of small telescope to watch them. Since he was behind Cliff, they couldn’t see him very well.

Tsk, I didn’t expect them to arrive this fast. What do I do now!? At the very least I hope its Reisha..... I want to know how she's doing..... But I... can't let her see me, not until I know who she is now.

“ We’re saveeed!! ” Cliff then started jumping from excitement.

“ Yeah... ” Sylphi was somewhat disappointed but nevertheless she was a bit happy, she then gazed at Lazarus' back who was running back to their makeshift home.

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