Chapter 22

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It was already afternoon by the time Lazarus had woken up, his body had fully healed and the scars had already vanished.

“ Huh? ” He gazed at the his body, he noticed that there was some sort of carefully constructed leaf blanket covering him, which was why he felt warm. He had a hunch as to who might’ve done it but wasn’t too sure about it, he shrugged the thought and slowly stood up.

But then he noticed a familiar scent in the air... indeed, it was familiar as he had fried fishes from the river when he stayed at the forest, where he had met his father and the place he had called home.

*Grumble grumble*

He had not eaten for a few days now and was starving even more so because of the smell, he decided to follow the scent. He traveled a familiar path where it lead to where he had made the water hole.

He saw two individuals munching on cooked fish that was pierced by a sharp wood.

His eyes wandered to the big fish that was still being cooked by the slowly burning fire, it had an orange color with blue stripes. As he continued to gaze, one of the individuals who was eating had noticed him.

“ Yo! Morning sleepy head ! ” It was a man with long brunette hair and brown eyes that exerted a sense of valor. He smiled with seemingly invisible sparkles in the air.

Lazarus eyes then wandered to an elven beauty with wavy long blue hair and ocean deep beautiful blue eyes who was also was gazing at him, as their eyes met she gave him a relaxed smile and slowly waved her hands.

“ Hmm.... ” Lazarus then turned his head to a branch from one of the trees and hacked it with his knife, it landed on the palm of his hand and he started sharpening it, forming into a spear.

Cliff gazed at Lazarus with a slightly shocked expression “ What are ya doing? ”

“ I’m going to hunt? ” Lazarus eyed Cliff as if it was a strange thing to ask

Sylphi was slightly opening her mouth and looked at Lazarus worryingly, as she was about to speak Cliff cut her off.

Cliff grinned while gazing at Lazarus “ You don’t have to, we’ve got plenty! know who this big one belongs to? And who had it saved until a certain someone wakes up? ”

Lazarus  didn’t think too much of Cliff’s statement as he had only thought of getting his own food “ I’ll go get my own, you don’t have to worry about me ”

“ Wha-? But bro! You made this water hole thingy ma jigg, thanks to you we don’t have to worry about water! ” Cliff stood up and placed down the stick which had a skeletal figure of what was once a fish on it. “ You should learn to rely on others ya know? ” He gave Lazarus a wink and approached him.

“ Errr...... I-” Lazarus attention was focused on Cliff, he wasn’t sure what to do but thought that maybe hunting for himself would still be better, but then the makeshift spear in his hand suddenly disappeared “ Wha-!? ”

“ His right...... ” Sylphi took the spear and pushed Lazarus towards the area where they were eating, she furrowed her brows and was slightly pouting as she gazed at Lazarus “ You know.. you don’t have to do everything by yourself. ”

“ Eh? ” Cliff and Sylphi’s eyes widened when they looked at his back, it was fully healed and had no traces of beeing burned, as if he was never burned in the first place.

They both pushed Lazarus to take a seat which made him feel conflicted, he had never relied on anyone other than his father, nor did he ever trust anyone besides Sena, Smith and Rex.

Cliff then sat down and glanced at Lazarus “ Bro, are you a cleric by any chance? ”

“ Let him eat for now, questions later ” Sylphi intervened and handed Lazarus the large orange fish “ Here, this is yours ”

Lazarus took it, but was still feeling conflicted, he gazed at it as if it were his nemesis and yet his closest friend, his savior yet his doombringer.

“ Bro... ya know....  ” Cliff grinned from eat to ear “ A certain someone worked hard to catch that ”

“ Hey!! ” Sylphi glared at Cliff with a flushed face from embarrassment “ He made all of this, so... I thought maybe..... he deserved it? ” Her voice slowly faded as she looked away.

“ Hehehehe ” Cliff teasingly stared at Sylphi “ Oh yeah! While you were asleep, the bird arrived with a message, a ship is passing by and will probably be here in a few more days  ” He placed a hand on his chin and gazed up at the sky “ and, who was riding it again? ” he looked towards Sylphi.

Sylphi then placed a finger on her cheek as she tried to remember the message “ It’s a ship of a royal family from the humans, it was the closest one and the elf there who had received my message was their cook. ”

Lazarus still had the fish on his hands, his eyes widened when he had heard ‘royal family’ “ From what kingdom? ” a cold sensation filled his stomach as he awaited her answer.

When Sylphi noticed that he still wasn’t eating, she then smiled and looked towards Lazarus “ hmmm.. I’ll tell you when you’re done eating that ” she pointed at the fish in his hands.

“ Gyehehehe ” Cliff mockingly laughed at Lazarus, then turned his grin towards Sylphi “ Ehem-ehem! EHHEEEEMM!! ” he faked a cough as he watched the two, Sylphi then glared at him as if she was ready to kill him which made Cliff turn his head and give a wrye smily “ ha..ha.. ”

“ He deserved it! That’s all! ” Sylphi huffed and crossed her arms  under her chest which made them bounce slightly and seemed as if it was ready to spill from her clothes.

But Lazarus was deep in thought as the words ‘ royal family struck him ’, he didn’t want anything to do with them but if they found out that a person with a so called disease, was still alive and had left his prison. What would they do ?

He then opened his mouth as he was about to bite the fish, since he wanted to know who the ‘royal family’ specifically was, he had to eat it, but then he noticed that both Sylphi and Cliff eyes widened as if they were staring at a strange event.

“ Something wrong? ” – Lazarus

“ err, nothing go ahead ” – Cliff

Lazarus took a bite and chewed slowly while eyeing Cliff and Sylphi who continously stared at him and made him feel that eating was a bit harder than usual.

 These two.... I wanna strangle them.....

Of course he wasn’t actually intending to do it.

As soon as he had gulped down, Cliff then abruptly stood up “ Yesssss!! ” he formed a victory pose as if he had just finished a hard hurdle.

“ Haaa~ ” Sylphi sighed in relief while placing a hand on her chest.

-= Dual terminiation is an option =-

 Zip it, there’s something more troublesome to take care of when we get rescued...... somehow I feel like I can wait another month as long as it isn’t a ship owned by royalty.....

-= Her statement did not specify if a noble was on board, she had merely indicated its ownership master =-

 You’re probably right......

Lazarus continued to eat as the three of them continued to enjoy the meal, after a while they had finished eating.

“ Bro... about the wound on you’re back- ”

“ Later, for now I want to hear about the ship ” Lazarus then gazed at Sylphi who was tidying things up.

“ Hmmm, I think it was owned by the twilight kingdom ” – Sylphi

 Crap....... First I get chased by an Elf, then starve, then meet a big monstrous bear, then get thrown overboard, then eaten by a god damn fish, now I’m going to be rescued by people who want me locked up?

 Cool! I’m so excited!


Lazarus scratched his head “ Do you know if there are any nobles on board? ”

Sylphi’s eyes then met with Lazarus as she slightly tilted her head “ You know in that kind of ship.... only nobles are on board ”

Cliff was also curious as to who was on board, especially if it was someone very important “ So do you know if there’s someone important we should know about? ”

Sylphi sat down infront of them, now the three were gathered around a small fire, sitting down as if they were camping, she then spoke in a casual tone “ Well...... I think a princess from the twilight kingdom is there ”

Cliff then jumped up as his eyes were filled with disbelief and excitement“ WHHAAT!? Is it possibly the Twilight princess!? ”

“ Twilight princess? ” Lazarus raised a brow as he tried to remember who were his former family members, he had spent 100 years in the VR filled with days together with Sena, Smith and Rex. That he had almost forgotten that he belonged to a royal family himself and that he had siblings.

But as he recalled the memories, he remembered someone always next to him, someone always close to him and was always clinging to him with a bright smile.

“ Princess Reisha Valheart! You don’t know her!? She’s done a lot and has surpassed a lot of people in her age, although a lot of people hardly see her smile and because of her bright achievements and her seemingly distant self, she’s called the twilight princess. Like the solemn cold night and the bright sun converging in the horizon. ” Cliff excitedly spoke as if she was something someone truly incredible.

 Hardly smiles?

Lazarus could only vaguely remember her always smiling when she was beside him, so he found that a little hard to believe.

Although, he didn’t really want to meet her, since he thought that she might’ve forgotten him already or that he might not matter much to her anymore. After all, 10 years had already passed.

What was important to him now was building the comms tower and building powerful equipment in order to destroy anything or anyone in his path. He shurgged the thought and was focused on what he should do to avoid direct confrontation with any nobles that might realize who he is.

But then his thought was distrupted by a feminine voice.

“ The message didn’t contain anything as to which princess it might be but all I know is that she’ll be personally greeting us when we arrive, but I don’t know why but she insisted on it though..... ”

Sylphi had met Reisha but didn’t mention her since she still wasn’t sure if it was really her on the ship.

 Woooohoooo!! Things just keep getting better and better!!

-= You mean worse master =-

 It’s sarcasm you ignorant AI

-= You - are – very – handsome =-

-= That is true sarcasm master =-

 If you were physically here I don’t think you would still be breathing in front of me

-= Perhaps not, I may not be able to breathe from the laughter of having seen something dispicable =-

“ We should get some sleep ” Cliff then yawned while Sylphi also stretched her slender arms while Lazarus glared at the thing in which only he could see. The three then headed back to their sleeping area which was a few meters away from where they ate.

Lazarus continued to think of ways to resolve the situation while lying down with a headache.

He continued to lie down while closing his eyes trying to think of ways out of the situation. As the cold night blew, he shivered slightly since he was shirtless, he could always get another set in his D-storage but it would end up with Cliff and Sylphi asking him questions.

 Maybe I should let them leave first? but how will I get to another ship?

Although Lazarus had spent several days in the cold mountains because of his military mission, it still made him shiver slightly, even with the super human syrum, it was only a natural reaction.


It was then that someone covered him with the leaf blanket that he had used earlier, he knew who it was but closed his eyes in order to pretend to not have noticed. He felt a sort unkown pressure, his gut feeling told him that he should just lie there until the threat vanished.

I can't sleep since I just slept a few hours ago.......

He waited several minutes before he decided to stand up, but as he left. The long ears of blue haired elven female who was also seemingly asleep, twitched a little as Lazarus footsteps treaded the grass and made slight rustling sounds.

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