Chapter 21

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Sylphi's POV --------------------

A lot has happened and I still don't know why he saved me. I thought he was just a thief and didn't really care about anything else besides money, but because of what he did, now I'm not so sure anymore.

When we were swimming at the sea I knew that it was hard for him because of the wound in his back.

And he got that wound from trying to save me.............

He continued to push himself, but the more he did, the more he was in pain.

A strange sensation welled up in my heart as I watched him force himself to move. I know that everytime I saw him, anger welled up inside me, but now.... a surge of strange emotions started to swirl inside me........

I do feel guilty that he had to save me but guilt is only a fraction of what I feel.... I don't know what the rest is, maybe curiosity? But for now I wanted to help him, even it was just a little.

( " That's none of your concern " ) his words weighed heavily inside my mind.

I know that he despises me after what I've done. But he shouldn’t have taken the flower with him in the first place.

But can't he at least let me help? He did save me after all.

As we continued on, I had noticed that he had stopped.

( " That's none of your concern " ) his words surfaced in my mind but............. I just can't leave him like that........

I just couldn't............. not until he gives me answers.

I went behind him, but he was too tired to notice.

" What are you doing? "

I want to help you and this time I just couldn't back down, his in really bad shape because of me. His quite stubborn so I got a little angry at him, but anger isn’t going to get me anywhere.

" Please? "

I know its selfish but just this once... can you listen to my selfish request? I felt anxious as I knew how much he despised me but…..

I never thought that he would agree, maybe he isn't that bad after all? or maybe his just too tired. But nevertheless it made me a bit happy, a small smile formed on my face but he couldn't see it because I was behind him.

Several hours passed and we had managed to reach the island. Clifford kept kissing the sand and kept on jumping around as he yelled "YAHOOO!!"

But the man I held had fallen asleep, I jestured Clifford to go on ahead.

I rested his head in my lap, as his body floated in the shallow waters.

" Hmm? " his smiling..... I wonder why? but his sleeping face isn't that bad.

No.............. I shouldn't be doing this. I know he still hates me, so I decided to wake him up by pinching his cheeks.

A few minutes passed by and I kept on gazing at him as we sat down, I'm really curious why he had saved me............. why was he in the forest?......... why did he take the flower?..... if he really knew nothing about it then we probably pissed him off which is why had taken it.

But he still shouldn’t have taken it when he left !

As questions swirled in my mind, he had noticed that I was staring at him. I immediately averted my gaze......... I couldn't help it since I got nervous. He still hates me....... and I don’t know what to do….

I really need answers………. Otherwise I can’t get these feelings off of my chest

I kept on lying down and was unable to fall asleep. A few hours passed by and I heard something, I turned to see what it was and it was him, he took Clifford's armor which made me suspicious.

Maybe he really is a thief!

or.......... maybe not....... I shouldn't jump to conclusions.

But everything that has happened was because I jumped to conclusions without actually listening to him.

He left with the armor, so I decided to silently follow him and watch him from afar. He had begun digging a hole and he gathered some leaves.

I wonder what his up to?

The place wasn't so dark as the moons illuminated the island, it was really easy to see as the large trees were mostly several meters apart.

But after thinking about it, if he finds me then…... I know things will go bad.

I decided to just reveal myself and I approached him.


Lazarus POV

I turned to see who was behind me as I heard footsteps comming from behind.

I saw a blue haired elven beauty illuminated by the moonlight, her eyes curiously gazed at me as she spoke in a gentle voice " What are you up to? "

Is she thinking about me stealing again?

“ Take a wild guess, I know there’s only one thing in your mind ” I continued to dig but my hands were starting to hurt, so I decided to create a makeshift shovel from one of the tree, I materialized my sword and made sure it was out of her sight.

“ I’m asking because I can’t tell ” Sylphi raised a brow as she gazed at Lazarus “ and what do you mean by ‘only one thing in my mind’ ? “

Since I noticed that she was being reasonable for a while now, I didn’t feel the need to hide what I’m doing since she’s just curious “ I’m going to get us fresh water ” I then proceed to hack the tree which was only half a meter wide, and I started carving it into a shovel since it was relatively easy to cut with laser.

Sylphi sat down just a few feet away from me and hugged her knees while keeping her eye on me “ How? I don’t think you can dig up fresh water though…. ”

I had finished carving my shovel and proceeded to dig “ Solar distillation….. although I’m gonna be using my blade so perhaps Laser distillation? ” I didn’t consider that she had no idea what I was saying so obviously she’d ask.

“ Distillation? Laser? ” She tilted her head slightly while placing a hand on her chin. As she continued to wrack her brains for answers, these words were something she wasn’t familiar with or have ever heard off before.

By now she had realize that he wasn’t intending to steal the armor, but do some Distillation or Laser whatever the heck that meant. Since she didn’t really want to disturb him for now, she decided to just watch.

Lazarus continued digging, a few minutes passed by and he had made two separate holes so large that it can contain a few people. He then hacked large leaves from the area and threw them inside the hole, after it had filled the hole, he placed some dirt. He then placed some leaves again and kept on repeating the process.

“ Aren’t you tired? ” Sylphi was still sitting down hugging her knees while the faint red light and bright blue light illuminated her figure.

Lazarus wasn’t sure how to answer her, he was tired but he if he said so, would she do something about it?

If she did then it would be bothersome, so he decided to bluff “ Not really ”

“ I know you’re lying……….. ” Sylphi spoke in a low tone but was still enough for Lazarus to hear which made his brows twitch.

“Err…….. anyway… I’ll get some rest when I’m done, so...” Lazarus was now placing leaves on top of one another as if to form a reverse wide pyramid head, while tying them with the long coconut blue leaves. He was trying to ignore her but her eyes were glued to him which made him a bit conscious of her.

Sylphi kept on staring at him, she thought of holding back her questions as it might bother him but decided to push through since they were talking anyway “ So……….. ”

Lazarus continued to listen and had finished what he was doing, he then materialized the vine that was used to cuff him and tied it to Cliff’s front half of his chest plate in four separate directions.

“ Ummm…… ” Sylphi noticed that Lazarus was listening even while doing the things he did, getting nervous was natural, so she tried to muster all her courage just to ask him “ So…. Why did you save me?”

“ Because only you could lead us ashore ” Lazarus gave her a flat answer

“ I thought so… ” Sylphi just gave a wry smile as she was slightly disappointed but it was the answer she had expected. She decided to continue as she had more to ask “ So you really knew nothing about the flower? ”

“ No ” Lazarus just continued giving her a firm answer as these were indeed the truth.

“ …………… ” Sylphi hugged her knees closer as she downcast her gaze which pressed against her chest as she felt bad for chasing him and all the other things she did to him “ I’m sorry……. I- ” although this could’ve been a lie she decided to believe it “ I- ”

“ Here ” Lazarus was already in front of her, his arms were extended to her and in the palm of his hands was a white transparent flower with a single leaf growing from its stem.

“ ……… Eh ? ” Her eyes widened in surprise because she didn't notice him going towards her and he had just blew away all her doubts, but this just made her feel worse about herself, which made her avert her gaze.

“ What’s wrong ? ” Lazarus furrowed his brows as he was a bit confused at her actions “ Take it ”

Sylphi placed her hand on the tip of his fingers and closed it, she then gazed at him and gave him a light smile “ Can you keep it? ”

“ What !? No, that would really make me a thief so take it ”

“ Okay…….…” Sylphi felt really guilty after everything she had done, besides that, the flower didn’t have that much value to them after it had already been plucked. She took the flower.

“ then…” she proceeded to give it back to him “ Can you accept it as an apology? ”

Lazarus furrowed his brows as he gazed at Sylphi, he still didn’t like the idea of keeping it but… the idea of turning her down and the value of the flower… is quite tempting

“ You’re not entirely at fault so… ” Lazarus slightly bowed before continuing “ I apologize for taking the flower in the first place. ”

Sylphi was dumbfounded, the heavy feeling in her chest vanished. As she had realised the situation, she stood up and hurriedly bowed “ I’m also sorry I- ”

Their heads collided with a thud causing Lazarus forcefield to activate.

“ Oww! ” her forehead started swelling and started to turn red

“ You’re a bit clumsy ” Lazarus turned his back and took the back portion of Cliff’s chest plate with him, but then he suddenly felt a soft hand on his arm.

“ You still haven’t taken the flower….. ” Sylphi slightly furrowed her brows as she handed the flower back to him.

“ I thought my apology made us even? ”
Sylphi wasn’t giving him the flower out of guilt anymore but she wanted to give it him as she had also felt grateful for him saving her “ This is for something else………… please? ” she gazed at him with upturned eyes which made it hard to deny her.

Lazarus eyed the flower carefully, he wanted to experiment on it and Sylphi looking at him like that made it harder to say no.

“ Alright ” Lazarus couldn’t help but take it “ Anyway, you should get some rest ”

“ Can I help you? ”

“ No thanks, I’m almost done anyway ” Lazarus left Sylphi and started gathering some salt water. He then went back and he saw Sylphi also gather some salt water.

“ Where should I place this? ”

Lazarus felt something cringe inside him, he wasn’t used to Sylphi that wasn’t shouting or chasing him, and it also seemed as if she was comfortable with him, though they had made up, he thought that not much should change.

“uhh.. well, just place it in that hole ” Lazarus pointed at a hole which had a reverse pyramid tip made of leaves pointing at Cliff’s front chest plate which was hanged with vines.

As they continued, the hole eventually was filled.

“ So what now? ” Sylphi tilted her head while gazing at Lazarus curiously.

“ Watch and learn ” Lazarus placed his sword at the center of the water filled hole and placed a few rocks to hold it in place, he then willed it to activate which made the edge glow a faint blue light.

A few seconds after, the water started evaporating, the steam gathered on the reverse pyramid’s side and water formed on the tip. As more steam came, the water eventually dripped down to Cliff’s front chest plate.

When Cliff’s front chest plate was almost filled, the water started traveling on a makeshift bridge made of leaf towards the other hole.

Sylphi furrowed her brows as she had no idea what was happening and to her it was just water turning to water again “ So….. what now? ”

Lazarus jestured her to come near Cliff’s chest plate, Sylphi then went towards it “ Put a finger in there ”

Sylphi placed her finger as instructed and felt a warm sensation “ And? ”

“ Try tasting it ”

She placed her finger in her mouth. Her eyes widened and she turned towards Lazarus with her mouth open “ How did you !? ”

Lazarus then yawned and turned his back towards Sylphi “ I’ll tell you another time, maybe after I wake up, for now I’m going to sleep. Please tell Cliff that I needed his chest plate for this and can you wake me up after the other hole is filled? Oh and make sure to fill the other hole with salt water when the water level drops ”

" You guys can drink water from there, at least now we wouldn't have to worry about water. "

Sylphi kept on staring at him as he continued to walk on. Her curiosity was peaked as she gazed at his strange work.


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