Chapter 19

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Lazarus was currently inside the belly of a beast after being swallowed together with an annoying elf and an armored man. The area was lit by the armored man’s finger glowing a bright yellow light, apperantly it’s a spell almost everyone knows.

The insides of it’s stomach was surprisingly large, it’s like two rooms fit together. Although there were a few inches of water, and green sticky substances dripping from the cieling and some are oozing from the walls.

The two had tried to cast some spells but it was seemingly weaker when it came out, this thing must have some sort of counter measures against mages. Cliff hacked it with his axe but proved to be useless, Lazarus tried with his knife and was met with the same result as it could only pierce it and nothing more.

I wonder how deep we are ? No more importantly where is this thing going?

As I tried to assess our situation, an annoying voice decided to disturb my train of thoughts.

“ Hey! Why did you go silent? Are you plotting something you scum? ” though her voice was very feminine, Lazarus felt irritated and glared at her.

“ That’s none of your business you damn elf.. ” Sylphi raised a brow, as she was about to speak her rebuttal, an armored man stepped in between them.

“ Lets all be friends now....kay? Ah! Let’s start with introductions! ” The armored man faced the elf and cleared his throat “ I’m Clifford Greystone, he and I are already acquainted. So..... errrhmm may I know your name? ” He forced a smile as Sylphi stared at him.

“ Though you’re a human, you’re a bit more decent than that thing ” Her sharp gaze was turned to Lazarus, she then faced Cliff “ I’m Sylphi Elestiyone and I have no intention of getting along with that thing ”

" So a.... it's your turn now bro " Cliff faced Lazarus with a wry smile

Lazarus head was throbbing as anger rose inside him.

Thing huh? well

FS adjust my tone to mimick a certain someone

-= Affirmative =-

“ I’m Sylphi and I like to stalk people ! I jump them in the corridors and shoot arrows for no reason! ” Lazarus feminine voice replicated Sylphi’s and spoke with an innocent tone.

Sylphi's brows twitched as she stood up abruptly " Are you mocking me!? "

Lazarus voice returned to normal as he said “ No! I’m actually complementing you ! ”

“ I’LL KILL YOU! ” Sylphi grit her teeth as she was about to cast a spell, Cliff stood in between them.

“ YOU’LL KISS ME? Hell no! I’d rather be kissed by a goblin! ”

" Stop fighting! Please! what happened between the two of you anyway? Why do don't you just break up? Or resolve it with a gentle kiss~~ " Cliff held his hands and grinned from ear to ear.

" Haaaaa!!? Let me clarify, I'd rather die a horrible death than be that thing’s girlfriend, and just so you know. He stole an Azalea flower from my forest, that's it, got that? " she clearly sounded irritated and disgusted.

" Is that true? " Cliff faced Lazarus with an unconvinced face.

" As I've said before, I didn't know anything about the flower and they were going to lock me up for god knows how long " Lazarus heave a deep sigh before continuing " I have something I need to do and I can't spend most of my time locked away, I had originally intended to return the flower "

" Return the flower!? You took it with you when you escaped! And you even said you took two!! " Veins popped in her forehead as she felt something hot swirl inside her stomach.

" I think you know of the number of Azalea flowers you have. And most likely you checked their numbers the moment I escaped, do you really think I took two? "

Sylphi couldn’t give an excuse as she had personally checked their numbers the moment he had escaped “ Then why did you lie about taking two? ”

“ So that you ignorant idiots would be too angry to even think twice about my little scheme ”

“ Ignorant idiots!? How dare you insult my people! ” Sylphi clenched her fist and glared at Lazarus.

“ Hmm, I won’t be taking sides since I don’t know what’s really what! But I think we should be working together to get out of this.... ” – Cliff

Lazarus sighed and stood up “ Let me get this straight, I took the flower simply because, if I was going to be locked up for plucking it, might as well take it with me. So if I theoritically still have the flower and return it, can you stop bugging me from now on? ”

“ Never! You have already plucked it!! and you proceed to insult my people and you make a fool out of me! Do you think you can be forgiven after all of that!? “ Sylphi shouted as loud as she could and glared at Lazarus as if she wanted him dead then and there “ I’ll find you wherever you’ll hide and I’ll -! ”

“ Then what’s stopping me from ending your miserable little life here and now? ” Lazarus hid his hand in his robe and took out a sword.

“ Me...... ” Cliff wore a serious expression “ As long as I’m here, none of you two are going to kill each other ”

“ Hmph! ” Sylphi turned her head in irritation.

“ Tsk ” Lazarus hid his blade back and sat back down.

-= Dual termination is an option =-

2v1 isn’t exactly something I like, and Cliff isn’t a part of this. And I don’t like the idea of killing Cliff just because of something like this.... Although that elf is an exception

Silence fell between the three of them, a bit of time passed and the amount of green sticky things was increasing by the minute.

-= Oxygen levels are nearing critical =-

“ Shouldn’t we already be getting out of here? ” Lazarus stood up and glanced around.

“ Even if we could, we’ll drown... we don’t know how deep this fish went “ Cliff shook his head.

“ We elves can hold our breath for a long time, so that’s not a problem for me ”

“ Can’t you expand your mana barrier to shield yourselves until you reach the surface? ” – Lazarus

“ Huh? ” – Both

“ What? ” – Lazarus

“ Are you stupid? ” Sylphi mockingly spoke

“ It’s not that easy..... We need a shield spell to do that, expanding your mana to protect yourself can only be done by archmages, ability users or years of practice.... ” – Cliff

Ability users? I think I have a book on that... I should read it when I have the time

“ Then do any of you have any shield spells? ” They both shook their heads and Clifford spoke “ Mine is mostly body reinforcement spells and attack spells... I’m sorry ”

“ Then you come with me Cliff, I can do something about that problem ” Lazarus jestured Cliff to come near.

“ How? ” – Cliff

Lazarus willed his forcefield to expand and include Cliff inside.

“ Like this ” A blue transparent spherical light engulfed both Lazarus and Cliff “ Since you can hold your breath for a long time, and seeing as you hate me so much, I’m assuming you’ll be fine on your own. ”

“I detest you with every fiber of my body ” Sylphi glared at Lazarus .

“ So much that it’s that size? ” – Lazarus pointed at her well endowed chest. Which caused more veins to pop in her forehead but she shrugged it off as she was already tired.

“Woaahh! Are you an archmage? But I don’t really feel mana from this.. is this safe? ” – Cliff

“ Just trust me ” – Lazarus

Although both Sylphi and Cliff were curious about Lazarus’ strange spell, this wasn’t the time to ask.

“ After we reach the surface then what? ” Cliff placed a hand on his chin.

“ Probably just the open sea......... which is still bad but it’s still a bit better than here “ – Lazarus

“ If there’s a bird nearby then I can have it search for a nearby island or have it inform a fellow elf of our circumstances ” – Sylphi spoke casually as if it were something natural.

“ That’s right! If I remember correctly there was a ship scheduled to head for Kratos a day after ours! ” Clifford wasn’t fazed by the idea as it was something she could really do.

“ Can you really do that? ” Lazarus was skeptical about the idea of communicating with animals.

" Of course she can, she's an elf... " Cliff looked at Lazarus as if it was a strange question to ask to begin with.

Sylphi sighed and shook her head.

At least she's not totally useless, and I seriously need to know more about this world.

“But still how are we going to get out?” – Cliff

“I didn’t try this because you two were busy firing your magic which gave me no opportunity and I eventually forgot. ”

Lazarus took materialized his sword in his robe and its edge glowed a bright blue light. “ Haaah! ” He slashed the beast and it easily went through its flesh, causing it to groan in pain and trash around violently, he anchored himself using his knife while continuing to slash the creature.

Water came gushing in and Sylphi inhaled a large portion of air. As the fish seemingly died from the attack, its carcass descended slowly into the dark abyss with blood trailing from its wound.

“ Woooaahhh! ” Cliff was glancing around like a child in a zoo, as the transparent spherical blue light kept any water from going in, although Lazarus screen was showing that his forcefield was slowly getting depleted by the second.
Both of them slowly floated to the surface while Sylphi was swimming upwards following the two of them. The only source of light in the dark sea was Lazarus’ forcefield.

Her mana barrier must be protecting her from the water pressure, but I thought it would have been morning already, it’s so dark.

Half an hour passed

Sylphi’s POV

I can finally see the light although it’s a bit dim, but I was getting a strange sensation as I’m running out of breath.

I refuse to ask help from that idiot

A few minutes passed by.

I know I can make it, I can already see the surface. As we continued on, Cliff was jumping ecstastically and both of them gazed up.

I kicked harder to reach the surface faster, but it just made me lose my breath even more.

Bubbles escaped my mouth, I tried to reach my hand out to the blue spherical light. But they were far ahead of me. At this point I don’t know what I’m feeling but a burst of excitement or fear engulfed my heart.

“ Heeyy! ” I tried to call out but only bubbles came out.

They haven’t noticed.....

Am I gonna die ........ just like this?

I don’t want to die......

I should’ve asked for help.......I-... I’m sorry Dad.....Grandpa....Sera....

*Glub glub* I sufficated and I forcefully breathe water, my vision turned dark as my tears were lost in the ocean.

Lazarus POV

“ We’re finally at the surface! ” Cliff screamed from the bottom of his lungs.

The current was calm as well as the sea, at last we also are already out of the storm.

“ Yey! So... ” I glanced around and don’t see any islands, I think it was in the middle of the afternoon considering the sun is directly above our heads. “ Where’s that elf? Tell her to do her Mowgli things ”

“ What’s mowgly?.......and.... where is she? ” Cliff and I turned our heads in search of the annoying elf girl.

Cliff’s eyes widened and I grinned from ear to ear.

“ She can’t be!! Elves can hold their breath up to 20 minutes.... the best can only last 30 minutes.... how long were we ascending!?” – Cliff

-= Approximately 46 minutes =-

“ 46 minutes, well nothing we can do about it ”

“ YOU HAVE TO HELP HER!! ” – Cliff

“ I refuse.... I wanted her dead anyway ” – Lazarus

“ Then at least save her for yourself!! She’s the only one who can get us ashore and save us from this godforsaken place!! ”- Cliff

“ I’ll manage....I think... ” – Lazarus

“ Pleeassseee!! ” – Cliff

“ So you want me to literally save someone that’s out to kill me? I don’t think that’s very smart ” – Lazarus

“ You did something to her isn’t that why she’s angry? Please whatever it is please just save her we’re gonna die if you don’t !! ” Cliff was looking for any excuses he could just to save her.

Lazarus knew that time was running and he had to make a decision soon, if he saved her it would increase his chances of surviving but she might still go after him, but if he didn’t then he didn’t know how to get ashore.

His eyes wondered to the top right of his screen, and he saw only 8% was remaining of his forcefield.

Though I don’t like the idea of saving her, it’s true that I stole that flower otherwise she wouldn’t have chased me, but most of all, I can’t build the tower if I’m dead in the sea....... and..... maybe being like the very people I detest doesn’t make me any better......... I’m going to regret this.....

“ That damn elf.......” Lazarus dived down as fast as he could while already regretting his decision, the outline of his eyes glowed a ting of red.

His vision was dyed in red and as he went deeper he noticed a bright red figure.

Damn she’s too far down

He dived as fast as he could while only limiting his forcefield to a bare minimum, after a few seconds he reached Sylphi floating lifelessly. He immediately engulfed her in his forcefield and he glanced at the remaining power of his forcefield which showed 1%.

At this rate I won’t make it !! Unless...

He warped in a grenade and immediately threw it beneath him. He held her tight as he faced his body towards the grenade. He knew that Sylphi’s mana barrier was down due to her being unconscious and unlike him she wasn’t as tough physically.

*Boom!* The forcefield broke making a crackling sound of electricity and he felt a burning sensation in his back as he was pushed by the explosion.

It fcking hurts!

The two surfaced fast while blood was dripping from Lazarus back. They were shortly followed by a millions of bubbles.

“ What happened!? ” Cliff swam towards them and took a look at Lazarus back.

“ I’m fine, we need to get the water out of her first. ” Lazarus spoke while his face distorted in pain.

“ You’re not okay! What did you do!? ” – Cliff

“ Just a little explosion magic to get us to the surface faster, of course I made sure she’s unharmed ” Lazarus handed Sylphi to Cliff.

Lazarus shield had been up for a while and Clifford knew that he didn’t have much left, so he knew that Lazarus must have shielded her from the explosion.

“ You’re not okay! Your bleeding a lot! ” Cliff was panicking as two of them were in bad condition.

“ That doesn’t matter right now! Don’t panic and listen to me! We need to help her first and worry about me later! ” Lazarus then instructed Cliff to hold her facing him.

Lazarus placed his ear next to her lips as he opened her mouth but noticed that there was no breathing, he placed a finger on her neck but there was no pulse.

He had to perform chest compressions on the sea, he then locked his legs around Cliff and Sylphi and started pushing repeatedly, after a few attempts he checked for her breath but she still wasn’t breathing.

“ That’s it! Clear! ” he warped in an advanced tazer out of Cliff’s sight and calibrated it enough to shock her heart without endangering her life.

*Bzzztt* *Cough cough* Sylphi was now coughing uncontrollably as she coughed up water. As she slowly regain conciousness she noticed Lazarus was bleeding from his back while she was being held by Cliff.

She was still in a state of shock as she squirmed around.

“ Wha-!? “

My vision is blurring, but I held on, the super human syrum is making my regeneration faster and I could probably take a couple more of those grenades..... but it still hurts like hell....

Lazarus grit his teeth and spoke “ You damn elf, go and get some birds already! ”

“ What happened? Why are you bleeding!? Hey answer me!! ” - Sylphi

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