Chapter 18

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Lazarus’ POV

It’s dark....... it stinks.... and I’m wet....

“ Haaa-..... ” I heave a sigh as the situation has turned for the worse, I then sat down and felt a disgusting squishy sensation.

“ Still.... this is kinda exciting in a way isn’t it? Hahahahha! ” A man with lustrous silver steel full body armor with a double sided axe that is sticking out from his back, long brunette hair and brown eyes exerted a feeling of valor spoke.

“ It’s not exciting when you’re here with a lunatic ” I glared at a blue haired elven beauty who was sitting a few meters across me.

She glared back with eyes full of hatred “ Don’t you dare call me a lunatic you thief! ”

“ Tsk, then who’s fault do you think it is that we’re here? You damn elf ” I tried to speak calmly to supress my anger but it was still showing slightly.

The armored man then intervened “ Well, let’s all calm down and think what we should do next, that would be better right? Aha-ha.. ” he forced a smile as he glanced at me then at the elf.

I wonder why this happened?

A few hours ago----

Sylphi’s POV

My head is throbbing as I felt a hot sensation swirling inside me. I finally found the thief that stole the flower as well as pointing a dagger to my throat, but I didn’t manage to catch him. I remembered his smug grin in the forest when he used a strange magical device that robbed us of our vision and hearing. Then suddenly disapearing after taking the flower with him.

When I find that human scum I’m really going to-!!!

I grit my teeth and held my fist so hard that my hands were turning red. I’ve never felt this angry my whole life, besides the time that my father was killed by the humans.

When I was young I was pretty girlish, I’m not saying I’m not now but it’s a little bit different... I used to place a ring of flowers in my head and stroll around in hopes that people will notice, but because I was the daughter of the village chief I was often mocked by the boys.

One afternoon, I was strolling around when a group of boys took the ring of flower I worked so hard to make and stomped it to the ground and laughed at me, I cried for hours until a guard saw me and punished the boys.

When grandfather heard about this, he decided to teach me how to become strong. I was reluctant at first but everyday there was this young boy who always teased me, he was strong so I could never hope to stand up to him.

When father went away to fight in a war, he was killed by the humans. When I heard the news my heart sank and I cried for days and holed myself up in the room, my sister cried out to me but I still couldn’t bring myself to come into terms with reality.

My mother had also disappeared when my father died, she had fought with him during the war and I still don't know what happened to her............

My grandfather eventually forced the door open, he hugged me and held me close. I started bawling my eyes out until it eventually went dry.

A few days after I went outside again like my grandpa told me to, but then I overheard the guards talking.

They were worried about the future of our tribe since I never showed promise like my father did, he had hoped to inherit the title of village chief but he...... left. It made my heart sink as I continued on teary eyes the boy who always picked on me came to me and said “ Stop crying you little wimp, if your always crying then I would make a better village chief than you! ”

My anger got the best of me and I attacked him, although I lost badly which made me feel even worse. It was then that I decided that I would become strong and enhirit the title in my father’s place.

I trained hard and eventually defeated that boy, no one was there to contest me anymore. As I grew the people came to admire my strength and there ways of thinking towards me changed.

I felt happy, no matter how many duels I had, I always emerged victorious.

When I think back on all of it, that boy was only picking on me because he sort of liked me. He eventually gave up when I defeated him many times over.

I had thought that with my current strength, I could protect the forest and I’d easily be able to defeat any human that threatened our livelihood.

There were many bandits that tried to get their hands on the Azalea flower but I manage to capture them in time. Even if they fought back they were no match to me, I am now stronger than my father. I hope I’m making him proud.

But one night, I went out to get some mushrooms for the party. I saw a human picking on an Azalea flower, I wasn’t able to sense him, so I thought he is probably too weak for his mana not to be felt. I fired an arrow to him and things happened.

It was surprising how he easily dodged the arrow,although I never used mana at that time, but nevertheless he was no match for me... or so I thought.

I aimed my bow at the bush where he hid but he was already behind me, I thought it was impossible since I kept an eye on the bush. I had forgot to erect a mana barrier and I was now at his mercy.

Teleportation!? No..he’s a human... and I didn’t feel him using magic

I felt a hot swirling vortex in my stomach as he held me while his leg pushed against my behind, his tone was cold as if he was used to killing and his grip was surprisingly strong for a human.

I had hoped to catch him of guard but he never showed any weakness. But what was worse was that it felt like I had lost... to a human bandit at that.

But as I thought that it couldn’t get any worse, everyone saw me. That I was at the mercy of a human scum. The embarrasment and hatred I felt at that time was incomparable to none..... I tried to challenge him to a duel but he shrugged it off and called me an egoistic little girl.

This guy really knows how to get on my nerves. This man.... I’ve never hated anyone this much my whole life. Whenever I remember him my head gets all fuzzy and hot.

I swear if I catch him I’ll be sure to beat him half dead and lock him up for his crimes. But if he resist then I probably might accidentally end up killing him..... I hope he resist...

“Fufufu” as these thoughts ran across my mind I couldn’t help but smile.

It was already late in the afternoon, I’m currently in the canteen munching on fish fillet as I had decided to try the cheap food, although it was cheap it was surprisingly good. We were informed to avoid going out of our rooms during the night, since we were headed for a storm.

The ship was already starting to sway but I’m not worried because storms are usually common when you go between Kratos and Assail.

I continued to eat and heard a bunch of people talking, I decided to listen since I had nothing better to do.

“ I hope this doesn’t get worse..... ” A long bearded man wearing villager clothing spoke

“Hey! hey! Don’t tell me ya scared of some storm now are ya? ” A man in tunic mockingly replied.

“ I- I’m not scared! It’s just that..... well.... did you hear about the rumours of a leviathan? ” – Bearded man

The man in tunic suddenly frowned as he was suddenly serious after hearing the word leviathan “ Those aren’t rumours.... that thing seems to go where there are powerful storms to catch people overboard and eat them”

“... I don’t know if this is true but couldn’t we blast it open with magic if it ate us?” – Bearded man

“ Probably... Well I think it’s time to head back, the storm is getting worse” – Man in tunic

“ Ah! ” The ship swayed more violently and my cup of water rolled to the floor and spilled.

Maybe it’s time I head back....

I stood up and went to the corridors, but I felt that maybe I should stroll a bit more, maybe I’ll find that disgusting human filth somehow.

Who’re you and what is this flower to you?....
Egoistic little girl....
Your bust sways a lot when you run you know ....
I felt a boiling sensation in my chest as I recalled his words. I continued to roam around, sometime passed and the storm was now very violent.

It’s time to head back... maybe I’ll try again tommorow

As I headed for the corridors I took a look outside the door when suddenly a powerfull wave bashed the ship, I was immediately thrown like a doll to the other corner of the ship “Kyaaah!”


“ Ouch...ouch... I’m really sorry ” I was in between the legs of someone. I gazed at his leg and notice a familiar strange piece of clothing.

One thing lead to another and now I’m facing him with his knife drawn.

“ If you think I’m helpless without a bow then your sadly mistaken ” I raised my arms and my mana barrier was already up the moment I left the canteen. I reinforce my muscles with mana a little.

Using mana to reinforce your body without a spell is inefficient but I had a large mana pool so didn’t need to worry about that. There’s also a limit to strengthening your body with just mana.

I dashed towards him “ wha-! ” when suddenly the ship swayed yet again causing me to fly towards him, he smirked as he held a door knob to balance himself, as I neared him he kicked me back as the ship regained its balance.

I stood up and ran towards him and as I was about to punch him, I saw his hands nearing my face when suddenly my vision went black for a moment.

When I opened my eyes his knife was already heading for me, I blocked with one of my arms but he retracted his knife and his hands blured and a small thin blue light emerged from my stomach as it held back his knife from reaching me.

How is he so fast!?

I then went for a straight seeing as he can’t penetrate my defense, but he elbowed my arm away.

“ You!! ”

I jumped several meters back seeing that his skilled in close combat with martial arts I’ve never seen before.

“ I’ll kill you!! ” I screamed and invoked a spell, a blue circle with several engravings formed around my finger “ Frost lance! ” a massive spear of ice with an extremely sharp tip shot towards him.

With this narrow corridor there’s nothing you can do!

His eyes widened but he managed to jump on top of it as it collided with the door behind him causing it emit a blue light but shattered as my spell was too powerfull to handle.

He then ran towards me while on top of the ice and I invoked another spell.

“ Don’t try it! ” he had reached me and kicked me in the face, I managed to block but he still sent me flying.

“Wha-What was that sound!?” A fully armored man emerged from one of the doors in the corridor. When suddenly another extremely violent wave buffeted the ship, the thief was knocked back outside, together with me and the fully armored man.

“Kyaaah!!” I screamed as fear engulfed my heart as I fell overboard.

“Gwaaaaahhh!” - Armored man.

“Tsk” – Thief

*Splash* The three of us reached the water, we saw the ship leaving us as we were carried away by the terrible tides.

*Boom!* “eek!” A burst of lightning sundered the sky while rain continued to drizzle.

“ I’m drowning help me!! ” The armored man screamed as he began to sink.

A massive wave approached us when suddenly another burst of lightning flashed the sky. A dark and cold sensation filled my heart as I gaze upon a massive figure inside the wave that was illumanated by the lightning.

*Woossh* It emerged from the waves and opened it’s gigantic mouth.

“ Kyaaaah! ” - Me

“ Shit!! ” – Human scum

“ Mommmyyy! ” – Armored man

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