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Lazarus eyes widened as he gazed at Sylphi as she slowly reached for her bow. " You!! I've finally found yo- "

* tap-tap-tap-tap *

" Wait !! " Sylphi chased Lazarus who bolted at incredible speed " Come back !! "

Lazarus continued to run towards the ship's deck with full speed, Sylphi began to aim at Lazarus and imbue her arrow with ice magic, it began to glow a faint cyan color while small blue particles trailed from the tip.

As she was about to release the arrow, Lazarus turned to a corner causing her arrow to collide and freeze a door to a large room " tsk, stop running you coward!! " she followed Lazarus towards the corner but her eyes widended in surprise.

" Wha-? " Sylphi furrowed her brows as she glanced from left to right, but Lazarus was nowhere to be found.

Lazarus was just beside her cloaked while trying to tip toe silently.

I feel like we're frigging kids running around like this... Tsk

-= Why not push her overboard? =-

FS idea was very tempting, although it would risk his invisibility to be found out but on the other hand, a no Sylphi paradise was awaiting him.

All I have to do is not get caught right?

But Lazarus shrugged the thought, one mistake and he could be the one overboard. Sylphi was still near the vicinity still glancing around.

Damn.... when is she leaving?.......

That's it!

Lazarus slowly went to where he turned before and placed both hands on his mouth and said " Psst, did you know your bust sways a lot when you run? " in a monotonous voice he then stomped rapidly at the ground.


Haaaa-.. I feel like an idiot

Veins popped in Sylphi's head as she grit her teeth " Come back here you pervert!! " she dashed towards where she had heard the sound and continued along the side deck.

“Huh? It worked? ”As she dissappeared from sight, Lazarus could no longer hold the aching in his stomach " Pffffttttt gahhhahaahhaahhha! " he rolled on the floor like a man on fire and slapped the ground continously.

Although he wanted her gone, the method to have done it usually works only in cartoons.

" ho-ha...ha...ha " Lazarus calmed down and lied flat on the ground. A few minute passed and he went back to his room. He locked his door and lied down on the bed, he tried to hold in his laughter from remembering an idiotic elf, as he calmed down, he decided to get some information on the ship.

FS anything I should know about regarding the ship?

A page was then displayed infront of Lazarus, seeing as to what just happened, FS thought the best one he should know about was rules pertaining to weapons and skirmish on board.

-------- Ship rules on weapons and magic ---------------
If you use your weapon without permission aboard the ship then it will have to be confiscated, it will only be returned after the ship has reached its destination.

Duels are only allowed in designated areas where qualified personel are monitoring the match.

Use of offensive magic aboard the ship is also forbidden and will sustain punishment appropriate to the damage cause.


" Doesn't that mean................ well who cares " Lazarus then closed his eyes to try and sleep through the day, he had decided to cloak whenever he had to buy food, and that he will only eat during the night in order to avoid getting into contact with the elven maniac.

:::::::::::::::: Captain's room ::::::::::::::::::::::

It was already afternoon and Sylphi was standing across a man with a large build with his muscles bulging out of his clothing, tanned skin that was from years of sailing, a squared chin and a rough face which emitted an aura of experience.

" Care to tell me why you froze my door little missy? " his deep voice clearly sounded irritated.

" I'm sorry.... I didn't mean to, I was aiming for a thief but he managed to slip away " Sylphi apologetically lowered her head.

The captain raised a brow and crossed his arms " Thief you say? What proof do you have? "

Of course Sylphi couldn't say anything as Lazarus might've already sold or hid the flower, and saying she saw him taking the flower wasn't convincing as she could've made the story up.


"You do realize what you have to do, don't you? " -Captain

" But I...!" The captain then glared at Sylphi, knowing that her magic was solely focused on offensive archery and only a few personal spells she couldn't part with her weapon. Although rules onboard the ship were strict and that she had no choice regarding the matter.

" I understand.... " Sylphi then surrendered her bow and arrows " please handle it with care... "

The captain sighed and jestured her to leave " Don't worry... "

Sylphi downcast her gaze as she headed towards the canteen.

Normally mages that practice with a weapon learn to imbue magic into their weapon for years which makes them less threatening without one. Spells imbued on weapons were usually more powerful than just casting one directly, but the adverse effect of this is that mages with weapons, don’t normally have that many personal spells without them, due to the difference in the application.

As night came Lazarus woke up, he cloaked towards the canteen while avoiding people and uncloacked at a corner before buying another set of fish fillet, although he had money now he didn't want to waste it in self indulgence.

He went back to his room and began to ate his night breakfast.

This is seriously annoying...... why do I even need to hide from her?

-= Master, termination may be a viable option =-

I have no intention of engaging her without knowing what she's capable off, last time I caught her without her mana barrier, now it's different

Lazarus felt bored as he had nothing to do. He then cloaked and went outside and roamed around the ship. The cold night breeze gently blew on him as he gazed up the moon.

" Hmm.. " he then gazed at the sails, on top he had noticed that the fox girl he had met was on the tip on the highest sail. Her dress swayed together with her 9 white tails with the wind revealing her voluptuous thighs.

The view there must be nice, well so is my view from here

Lazarus continued inside as he had no reason to call out to her and he had enough of the magnificent view. As he opened the door, a man in full body armor walked out. Although the man couldn't see Lazarus as he was still cloaked. Cliff then went outside while Lazarus silently made way for him.

“ Haaaaa...... ” Cliff heaved a heavy sigh as he watched the ocean waves.

I wonder what his sighing about? Well I think it’s time to head back

Lazarus then went back to his room and lied down, his routine continued for several days. Sylphi also continued her daily routine in order to run into Lazarus, but she never met him nor the fox girl that she saw.

With each passing day her anger grew as she remembered Lazarus sneaking behind her and embarrasing her infront of her companions, grinning while being interrogated and now making a fool out of her.

One afternoon the clouds were beggining to converge from afar, winds picked up and the waves started becoming violent.

" Hmph " The captain gazed at the massive typhoon, he had faced so many during his years in the seas, to him it was just another storm to overcome but nevertheless he had to prepare " Have the men cast a 3rd tier barrier spell around the ship at once! And have everyone informed " he faced one of his young subordinates.

" Yes captain!! " the young boy then ran towards the ship's inner hull, upon arriving, there were several robed individuals, he then explained the situation and they began some sort of chant and blue circles formed beneath each individual. The ship was then engulfed by a shimmering blue light.

Lazarus was still sleeping as he had become a creature of the night. The ship continued on it's voyage into the storm, the area slowly sank into the darkness, the waves began rocking the ship as the winds started emiting schreeching sounds.



“ Huh?” Lazarus gazed around and noticed he was on the floor.

Did I move around too much?

*Drizzle-drizzle* The sound of rain continuosly buffeting the ship echoed from outside while the winds continously screech.

*Boom* A burst of light came from the window which gave Lazarus a bad feeling, he decided to check it out.

*Woosh* There he saw massive waves that was even larger than a hill heading for the ship, he also noticed that the ship was glowing a shimmering blue light. He was sure that it was some sort of reinforcement magic.

*Creak* The ship started ascending the gigantic wave which suddenly made one of the sides of the floor to move upwards and the other downwards. He struggled to maintain my balance and ended up lying down on the floor.

Why the hell are we inside a powerful storm?

He then vaguely remembers answering someone informing him about the storm, as he was still half asleep that time.

The ship continously rocked back and forth which made it hard to return to sleeping. Lazarus decided to heat out as it was already 6:24 p.m but was already as dark as midnight. He walked through the corridors when suddenly the ship was violently trashed around.

He held onto a doorknob to maintain balance as he heard loud banging noises, probably from people hitting the wall.

Tsk, is this even normal? I can’t trust this wooden ship

Lazarus shivered at the thought of the ship sinking in the middle of a typhoon, he didn’t know what sort of creature lurked in this world’s ocean. Well, anyone would have a slight fear of being in the middle of the dark ocean with a raging typhoon, it just feels like something huge is going to eat you or drag you to the ocean’s floor.

Lazarus continued towards the corridors and turned a corner to his right, to see if there were any personel he could ask about the situation. The waves then buffeted the side of the ship violently which made it float diagonally.


“ Huh? ” Lazarus saw a figure flying to him at full speed.

*Thud* His forcefield got activated which prevented any damage and pain, on the contrary he felt a soft squishy sensation in between his legs. “ Huh? ”

“Oouch... ouch..I’m really sorry ”

In between his legs was a blue haired elven maiden’s buttocks while the fragrant scent of her hair tickled his nose and her back leaning against his chest. This romantic scene would normally occur when two lovers went out on a picnic with the girl infront being hugged by the guy from behind while sitting, although this time the guy in question felt that a running excercise was necessary.

Her gaze then fell on his leg, as she noticed the color of Lazarus military pants which was etched into her mind “Huh?”

Her brow slowly furrowed as she abruptly faced him “ You! Eh-?”


Lazarus threw her off and began running at full speed, although he was staggering to maintain balance as the ship continously rocked. She immediately gave chase as she also staggered.

“ This isn’t the time for this you damn elf! ” they were as slow as turtles at their pace as they both held the rails for support.



Fcking shit!

-= Yes Master? =-


Lazarus felt a soft springy sensation on his back when suddenly his stomach was held down by Sylphi causing her large voluptuous chest to press against his back even more which made the squishy sensation he felt to increase, they were back in the same corner but now the situation was reversed.

“I’ve got you now! ” She held down Lazarus as she felt her revenge neared when suddenly Lazarus started forcing her hand off of him. “Huh!? Why are you so strong!?”

He easily got her hands off but she immediately entangled her legs around Lazarus which made him feel her soft thighs and something soft pressing against him from in between her legs “ I won’t let you get away this time! ”

Materialize and expand forcefield now!

A blue transparent sphere of light pushed her legs away from him and Lazarus stood up and ran the moment he was free “ Stop this you god damn elf don’t you have anything better to do!? ”

The ship continiously got thrashed around as he spoke.

Her chest was filled with a fiery sensation as her rage continues to grow “ This is all your fault to begin with! ”

She is extremely annoying!

“That’s it! Maybe a few people gone missing from a storm is a normal occurence? ” He then faced Sylphi and drew his knife as his gaze turned cold, now he had the perfect alibi to remove the annoyance for good “Hmm?” He smirked as he noticed she did not have her bow.

But she wasn’t fazed as the source of all her anger could now be removed.

The people inside their rooms could hardly hear them as the sound of the ship and storm overpowered theirs. But one person vaguely heard the arguements from outside and was deciding whether it was worth to check it out or not.

Next chapter will include Sylphi’s POV as to why she was out there, during that time.

Next chapter will be out as soon as my PR approves of it.

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