Chapter 16

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Lazarus POV

Why the hell is she here!?

I know that voice, it’s the voice of that damn elf. Lazarus face twisted under the hood, he knew that things would go bad if she brought up the incident at the forest. I tried to cover my clothes that were sticking out as slowly as possible.

FS can you alter my voice?

-= Affirmative =-

I felt the muscles in my throat slightly reshaping itself, which made it feel like something was forcefully opening my throat.

“ What do you want? ” My voice sounded so deep which normally would make you think that you were talking to a large man.

“ Eh? ”  Sylphi’s eyes widened and she withdrew her hand “ I’m truly sorry, your voice sounded like someone I knew from afar . ”

I’ve managed to fool her somehow but then I noticed Cliff’s mouth was gaping.

This idiot is gonna get me busted. I need to do something before she notices !

I took a small grain of leftover rice from my plate and I slowly placed my hand on mouth and silently shush him. Of course this was in her blindspot, to her it just seems I’m eating.

Cliff then made an ‘ Oh I get it face ’ while nodding lightly, which made me even more nervous. I can only imagine facepalming myself so hard right now.

“ It’s fine, so leave now, you have no business here ” I raised my voice threatengly like an irritated old man just to get her away.

I don’t know what face she’s making right now but I just heard her huff and walked away before the steps stopped abruptly.


She then walked back and I could feel her presense behind me. I hid my hand under the table and prepared to materialize my sword while carefully listening.

“ I’m truly sorry ” her tone was sincere even though it had a hint of irritation.

The hell just happened? Why is her attitude towards strangers so different from when she met me?

-= It was most likely due to the flower and her ego =-

Oh right...................... I remember now

Gladly that damn elf left without noticing anything. Cliff’s face then turned into a large grin “ Hey, did you guys have a lover’s quarel or something? ”

I sighed at this man’s idiocity while still maintaining my deep voice “ Far from it, you can say that things will get bad if she knows I’m here. I can’t tell you anymore than that, but for now just call me Laz ”

“ You know it’s really amazing how you can change your voice like that !” He eyed me carefully like someone staring at a strange animal.

Staying here any longer will be bad

I stood up and gave a light bow “ Thanks for the meal, I need to head back to my room ”

“ Oh! Sorry for taking your time, We should eat together again sometime! ” He waved his hand as I waved mine while leaving the room.

I arrived in my room after a few minutes, I laid down and closed my eyes as I tried to sleep through the afternoon.

I’ll move around at night when that annoying elf is asleep

::::::::::::: Night time ::::::::::::::

A few hours passed by and it was already 11:00 p.m

Lazarus woke up and did a few stretches before heading out. He continued along the corridors until he arrived at the ship’s side deck. The cold wind blew on his cape which made it sway gently, the sea reflected the massive red moon and a small blue moon which made the scenery beautiful.

He gazed at the scenery for a few minutes before heading to the canteen.

There he saw, a few people knocked out from drinking. There was a massive hairy beastman with a long canine teeth protruding from his buttom jaw lying down with his stomach bulging. There were humans sleeping on the table while the whole place reeked of alcohol.

Lazarus noticed a man wearing a cabbie hat and dark green tunic. He was sitting at the center drinking wine alone. He knew that this man was a merchant and that this might be an opportunity to sell the book.

It’s now or never

Lazarus tip-toed over the people lying on the ground and approached the man “ Hello, would you be interested in buying a book from me? ”

The man raised a brow and eyed Lazarus carefull as he placed his hand on his moustache and began stroking it  “ Hmmm, that depends on what book you want to sell me lad ”

Lazarus placed his hand inside his robe and materialized the book. He then placed it on the table while the man eyed the book.

“ Is this it? Let me see” The man began flipping through the pages.

The man sighed and scratched his head “ Well, you know the pages are kinda damaged and the condition is not too good either.  ”

He shook his head in disbelief “ Best I can do is 15 silver ”

Lazarus sighed because it was clear as day that this man was ripping him off “ It’s obviously in a good condition, can you do 100? ”

“ Then I won’t be able to make a profit! I think 20 is a reasonable price”

“ Make it 70 and its all yours ”
The man knew that Lazarus wasn’t as stupid as he thought, he had to make a profit and he also wanted the book. He sighed and placed a hand on the book   “ Kid, I won’t go any more than 40 ”

Lazarus knew that this man wasn’t going to go any further, he also needed the money but if he sold the book, then he would only have 8 days worth of food, and that’s if he eats once per day.

This is my only ticket to food, If I sell it now then I’ll really starve

“ Nevermind then ” Lazarus walked towards the counter and bought the fish fillet with rice, he had it wraped so he could eat in his room instead. He had decided to eat only at once per night, and every night he would try out his luck on other merchants on board.

Lazarus ate in his room and continued to walk around the ship in hopes to find other merchants.

A few hours passed and he found no one, most were obviously still asleep in their rooms and walking around at night would be unthinkable because of the unpleasant cold. Lazarus was back to the ship's side deck.

Lazarus sighed and decided to give up, until.... he heard a clear feminine voice that was huming a tune.

[ Hmm~ Mhm~ ]

He was drawn to the melody and began to follow where the humming came from, after a while, he found a girl with with long silver hair reflecting  both of the moons' subtle glow.

The moons' light caused her hourglass like outlines of her body to emerge from her white dress, her bossom had a perfect rounded shape, but what caught Lazarus attention was her fox-like ears that emerged from her head and her nine long fluffy white tails that was sticking out from her behind.

Lazarus knew that this fox-girl wouldn't be interested in his book, so he had decided to go away silently. When he took a step to leave



" Eh? "The fox-girl's ear twitched and she turned to see where the sound came from.

As she faced Lazarus, he gazed at her alluring amber eyes that was tainted with a golden yellow while her bust seemed as if it was ready to burst from her tight dress.

Lazarus felt a pressure as the beauty kept staring at him “ Ummm, would you be interested to buy a book? ”he thought that now that he had her attention might as well try to get something out of it.

Her mouth was slightly opened as she was dumbfounded at the hooded man’s  words.

“ No? Okay then ” Lazarus didn't want to stay any longer, so he turned to his back but then he suddenly heard a cute chuckling from behind.

“tehehehheh, I’m sorry for laughing, I didn’t mean to ” Lazarus turned around ang gazed at the girl while she wiped away a tear from her eye.

The girl placed both of her hands on her back and leaned slightly forward which made her huge bust sway “ I might be interested ”

“ What’s that supposed to mean? ” Lazarus raised a brow as he thought about her words, which he coudln’t comprehend.

She smiled as she tilted her head “ I wonder ”

Is she making fun of me?

Lazarus sighed and scratched his head “ Are you interested or not? A simple yes or no is enough ”

“ Hmm, if you tell me a good story I might become interested enough to buy the book ”

I don't know what's inside her brain, but if this at least gives me a chance to sell the book at a reasonable price then....

Lazarus placed a hand on his chin as he thought of good stories.

I can tell her stories from earth since I know a lot of them.

“ Then one da-“ Lazarus was cut short when she sat on the floor and leaned against the wall. She lightly patted the floor beside her jesturing Lazarus to sit.

Lazarus sat beside her with a short distance in between them, the girl frowned and stood up, she then proceed to close the distance and sat close to Lazarus “ I wouldn’t be able to buy the book if I can’t hear properly ”

Don’t beastgirls like her have a good hearing?

Lazarus could only sigh as she might be his only hope to not die from starvation, he began telling her the story while slowly trying to distance himself. Although he soon stopped distancing himself as she also closed the distance the moment she noticed.

A few minutes passed by and tears were overflowing from her eyes as she held her hands in her chest.

I told her the story of a dog that waited years for its owner, although I rephrased it as a friend since I’m not too sure if there are any dogs in this world.

Lazarus waited a few minutes until the girl had calmed down.

“ That was wonderful ” she gave Lazarus a cute smile which made his heart skip a beat “ I’ll be buying that book now ”

Lazarus offered her the book but didn't mention the price since he felt a little guilty telling her that story.

She took the book and handed Lazarus 1 gold.

Lazarus eyes widened " this is too much..."

She stood up and held the book to her chest " That story was worth a lot more to me"

Wait... I can write a story book and sell it ! Although I'll have to study writing in valerian a bit since I didn't get to finish my writing lessons.

It was already nearing dawn, the sun had began to emerge as it illuminated the vast ocean. When the door to the corridor's opened and a blue haired elven female appeared, Lazarus was still sitting down which revealed his clothing under the hood.

" YOU!!!! " the elven female screamed as she pointed at Lazarus.

Holy shit...

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