Chapter 15 :

Lazarus POV

I’m currently lying down on a soft bed in a room fiddling with the books that I had just copied, the room is big enough to fit a bed, bathroom, a table in between two chairs and a window to the outside. The room is lit by a magic stone placed inside a spherical box, the problem is, there’s no way to turn it off.

Apparently this ship is mostly used by adventurers, nobles and merchants, which explains the ridiculous price which I hadn’t thought of, at that time.

Normally boarding a ship cost 50 silver, if you choose to have your own bed but sleep together with many different people in two huge rooms which is seperated by gender. The ship I’m boarding let’s you choose your own room depending on the number of people you’re going with.

If you’re alone, then you get a room like mine, if you’re with a party or a family they have bigger rooms for you. Luckily since they expected everyone who boarded to have already payed, so they just give you keys to rooms which are available after asking the number of people you’re with.

The ship hardly gets full because not many can afford it, nevertheless they’re making more profit than regular ships.

The only problem I have is, that the food sold in the canteen is expensive because I so happen to be in a boat filled with people who can afford them. The cheapest food I can afford is fish fillet with rice which cost 5 silver.

I took a look at my pocket and tears fell down my cheeks at the sight of 5 measly silver coins.

At this rate I might die from starvation before we reach Kratos, at least the water is free....

I only found out when I was slept in the ship deck and a guard found me, I managed to fool him by telling him it was my first time. By the time I had thought of swimming back, Assail was already out of sight.

Maybe it’s time I sell that book, but I don’t think it would still be enough. If worse comes to worst, I might have to sell them a grenade, but I’d rather not do that since there are too many problems that will arise if I do.

FS, is there any information about the price of books there?

-= Yes master, books are hand written which makes them sell for a decent price, you’re book could probably be sold for 50-100 silver coins =-

Praise the GOD for no printers!!

With that being said I furrowed my brows when I realized that the old lady had given me far too much for my service.

-= Master, it could be sentimentality, and that she most likely was attached to the library =-
-= Sentimentality is a concept I wish to understand only because it drives people to make illogical choices at the most inappropriate times =-

You can never hope to understand since your only reasoning is logic

It’s already in the middle of the afternoon and I have only eaten the fruits that I stored in my bag for emergency. Maybe it’s time to try my skills as a merchant.

-= You have minimal experience regarding these matters master =-

I furrowed my brows and could only sigh as his statement might be true but it doesn’t make me feel any better either.

I know... You don’t have to tell me that you overgrown brain tumor!

-= You’re insults are futile =-

I friggin know that!! Just close your mouth for a moment and let me simulate my smooth conversation

-= I have no mouth to close =-

I told you to-!

-= However I shall remain silent as I’ve noticed your adrenal glands saturate your system with stress hormones, adrenal and cortisol. Your blood pressure, pain threshold and temperature raise, breathing and heart rate are increasing =-

Who’s fault do you think that is!? And I told you to simplify these things, since I hate thinking about what you mean

-= It means you’re angry master =-


-= .......... =-

-= You – are – extremely - handsome =-

Are you just trying to piss me off?

-= Compliments usually eliviate ones mood =-

Please stay quiet like you’ve always been...... Why the change in approach?

-= I have finished uploading ‘ Consideration & Action Evaluation ’ in my courses of action as your father instructed =-

Dad, sometimes I wish you were here so I could choke you.... Since when were you uploading that?

-= Since your started journey started, your father had initially thought that a more human A.I will alleviate your loneliness, he knew you would be spending most of your time alone due to your attitude and nature =-

-= I’m currently adding more updates to my systems =-

-= The commands cannot be overriden and as such it is futile to ask me to stop =-

“Haaaaaaa.....~” I decided to head out than go insane from this stupid conversation. I scratched me head as I wonder what my father was thinking when he commanded FS to do something stupid.

I arrived at the canteen which looks like the inside of a tavern, although there are no waitresses and you have to buy food at the counter. I’m drinking a glass of water with the book on the table in hopes that someone might approach me to buy it.

“ Hey! ” Someone tapped me on my shoulders, I turned to see who it was.

It was a man wearing a lustrous silver steel full body armor with a double sided axe that is sticking out from his back. His had a long brunette hair and brown eyes that exerted valor. He is the very definition of a a girl’s ideal man in terms of appearance.

-= You – are – almost – as – handomse – as – him =-

I know I look average, so please stop with the handsome crap

He was carrying a tray filled with carefully placed chicken nuggets on a lettuce with rice. He smiled at me and spoke with a cheerfull tone “ My name is Clifford Greystone, my friends call me Cliff for short. May I sit with you? ”

I glanced around and notice that the dining area was half empty since it was already 2:43 p.m. I gave him a light nod and continued to sip from my cup.

I hope his hear to buy the book

“I couldn’t help but notice the book you have there ” He gazed at the book while he chomped down one of the nuggets

The aroma was starting to make me hungry as I stared at his food, although he probably can’t see because of my hood.

“ The truth is, I’m an adventurer myself. If you’d like, I can teach you about things you don’t know ” He gave me a wink and I replied with the roar of my stomach.

Is he misunderstanding something?

He tried to hold it in but let out a chuckle “ Hahahahah, It seems that you’re hungry. Wait here for a moment. ” he stood up and went back to the counter.

I wonder what that man is up to...

I gaze at the chicken.

Maybe he wouldn’t notice if one is missing?

I shrug the thought and rested my head on my arm. After a few minutes he came back bringing a new set of chicken nuggets “ Here ” He slid the tray to my side and grinned “ Don’t worry it’s my treat, I overslept and my companions ate before me.... Maybe we can get to know each other ? Hahahahah”

He seems to be the type to approach anyone and is popular with women.

I scan the food but doesn’t seem like he poisoned it, I raised a brow and tilted my head. Well, since his giving me free food I shouldnt complain. I began to eat slowly while savoring the meaty goodness of chicken.

“ When I started as an adventurer, no one taught me anything and I struggled for months. I was all alone until I met my party members. I don’t want someone else to experience that difficulty, so I wanted to lend you a helping hand ”

“ Thanks, well then, do you know what type of test they give? ”

He furrowed his brows and placed a finger on his forehead “ It changes every year, although the first test is always the same. ”

“ Which is? ”

“ They give you a stone to measure your mana pool, it helps determine your rank when you become an adventurer. ”

Am I already gonna fail on the first test?

“ Well theoritically if someone doesn’t have mana, what do you think will happen? ”

He grinn as he placed his silverware down “ Hmmm, I’m not too sure. I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t have mana, but don’t worry. The stone is not that accurate, so even if you have a small mana pool it might indicate otherwise ”

But I don’t have one!!

“Haaa...” I could only sigh as I don’t know what kind of result that damn stone will give me. Before I noticed, I had already finished eating.

“Hahahahah! Don’t worry, there are lots of people who don’t have a large mana pool, but they make up for it with the efficient use of their mana, as well as there ability to use magic! ”

He then rested his chin on his hand “ By the way... If you don’t mind me asking, why are you wearing a hood? But you don’t have to tell me if it bothers you, I’m still a stranger to you, hahahahha! But I never quite got your name.”

This guy talks a lot, but its not so bad.

“ My name is Lazarus Hargreave, I don’t like standing out which is why I wear this ”

I also don’t want any nobles to see my face since they might recognize me, but I can’t tell you that

He grinned and offered me his hand “ It’s nice to meet you Laz, you can call me Cliff ”

I grabbed his hand and lightly shook it “ It’s nice to meet you Cliff ”

We both let go and sat back “ Hahaaha! You seem like a promising fellow! ”

I tried to force a smile and asked “Haha... What’s your adventurer rank? ”

“Hmm, me? Well I’m Gold plate division I ”

Adventurers are ranked from Copper, Bronze , Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Adamantium. Each rank are divided into three divisions, you rank up base on your acheivements and strength.Adamantium ranked adventurers are said to go toe to toe with legendary artifact wielders and there are only a handful that exist.

This guy is definitely strong

Then I noticed him staring “What’s wrong? ”

He seems to be looking behind me.

“Hey....” a feminine voice echoed from my back. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder.

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