Chapter 14:  

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:::::::::::::::::::: Town of Celes :::::::::::::::::::::

Reisha, Sylphi and Falon were currently talking in the tavern where they had previously dined in. When they met at the forest, Sylphi described the man she was looking for and why she was looking for him. They decided to talk after they had slept and ended up in the tavern.

“ Princess,  the cloth he wore underneath the hood, kind of fit the description? ” – Falon

The princess placed a hand on her chin  “ Hmm... he kinda resembles the man she described. Could it be?  ” – Reisha

Sylphi looked up to the cieling and placed a finger on her cheek “ He had black hair, blue eyes and always wore a serious expression. ”

At her description, Falon and Reisha looked towards each other.

Then an old lady who was listening to their conversation stood up from the neighboring table and approached them.

“ I actually met that man! He was a hardworking young lad ” – Old lady

Riesha abruptly stood up “ Can you tell me more about him!? ”

The old lady was surprised and took a few steps back.

“ Princ- err, my lady, you always seem to lose your cool when its pertaining to that person ” Falon remembered what had recently happened and wanted to warn her.

The old lady shook her head “It’s alright, Besides his name, I don’t know much more..... ”

“ Even his name is enough! ” People then turned their heads.

“ ah... I did it again... I’m sorry ” Reisha lowered her head apologitically

Sylphi kept on listening as she also wanted to know the name of the man that might possibly be the thief.

The old lady rubbed her temples as she pondered “ hmmm, if I remember correctly..... it was......Hargreave? I can only remember his last name since it sounded wierd ”

Reisha then sighed and sat back down, she knew that the person she sought for, shared her family name and it certainly isn’t Hargreave.

“ Anyway, I need to get back to the library. It was nice meeting you people ” The old woman smiled before going on her way.

“ Haaaaaahh...... ” Sylphi sighed and rested her head on the table “Nothing.... maybe that thief went somewhere else without following the paths...”

“ That’s that then.... ” Falon and Reisha both stood up “ We have to get going now, I still need to inform my parents of what I intend to do. ”

“ I just hope she reconsiders... ” Falon could only sigh and scratch his head in irritation.

Sylphi then gave them a light bow and waved her hand “ Thank you for listening to me ”

Reisha then turned towards Sylphi “ What will you do from now?  ”

“I’m heading to Kratos to run an errand for my Grandfather, I had hoped that I would encounter the thief but I guess fate had something else planned ” Sylphi gave a troubled smile at Reisha.

“ Then please be careful ” – Reisha

::::::::::::::::: Somewhere in the Vast grasslands ::::::::::::::::

Lazarus had traveled for 7 days now following the path to Feros, he contined to walk in the vast grasslands. During these times, Lazarus went to nearby forests to hunt for food and resupply for water. He would often see people riding horses pass by him, some had carriages in tow.

One afternoon-

Lazarus gazed up and noticed, that grey and dark clouds started to converge in the vast horizons of the sky as the grasslands started to dim.  *Crackle*  lightning started crackling in the sky and thunders began to roar.

He had already walked for hours, which made him hungry. He then spotted a dear of some sort in a nearby forest, he used to hunt them in his home forest.

Lazarus grinned “ You’ll be my next meal ! ”

Time to hunt FS!  

-=  Cloak engaged =-

Lazarus was engulfed by electricity and had vanished from sight shortly after. The deer continued to eat at the grass when suddenly a flash of light sundered the sky, the thunderous bolt of lightning roared as it lit the dark sky before vanishing.

“ Hey wait-!! ” The deer ran into the forest. Lazarus immedietly gave chase while still cloaked and his knife drawn from his back. Lazarus continued into the forest, tracking the deer’s movements by scanning for its tracks.

He had already been inside the forest for several minutes. The sky continued to create rumbling sounds as the clouds continued to gather, the winds started to get stronger as it blew on the trees and started producing schreeching sounds.

Lazarus continued to track the deer and noticed the tracks suddenly stopped in the middle and was replaced by massive claw markings. He gazed around the large trees that surrounded him, some were 30 meters tall while the others were 50-70 meters. The width of the trees ranged from 5-20 meters.

He then noticed a drop of water on his shoulder a few seconds after, the rain started to pour heavily.

The rain continued as lightning erupted from the sky followed by the ravaging sounds of thunder.

Lazarus could only sigh as he was already extremely wet from the rain. He then willed his cloak to turn off as it can only lasts for an hour and he had already spent quite some time chasing the deer.

-= Cloak Disengaged =-

*Patter patter*

Suddenly he heard fast movement in the grass, it was hard to listen, because of the rain constantly bombarding him and creating unnecessary noise.

*Patter patter*

The sound grew louder as it seemed to approach.

“Tsk, it seems to be running around me ” Lazarus closed his eyes for a brief moment and when he re opened them, the outlines of his iris glowed a faint green light.

For a split second he saw a figure before it vanished again.

*Thump thump* Lazarus’s heart started to beat fast, his gaze remained sharp as he constantly glanced from left to right as he felt his hair standing.

The rain continued to pour down heavily with a powerful gust of wind constantly screeching . Lazarus felt something was off, he continued to survey his surrounding as the footsteps could no longer be heard.

He backed up a few feet, when suddenly everything seemed to fall silent, all of the hair in his body stood up. Lazarus felt the touch of devil carrasing his skin, and a warm breath on top of his head. As Lazarus started to turn his head.

*Bzzzt * a blue light surrounding Lazarus flashed and vanished immedietly, Lazarus flew into the air before colliding to a tree which made the blue light appear again abruptly.

Lazarus glanced at the top right corner and saw 94% remained in his forcefield, his eyes widened as his forcefield could take a bullet from a tank and it would eat away 10% of his shield, that can only mean that this creature that made him fly is almost as strong as a tank.

He gazed at the creatured as he stood up, a flash of lightning illuminated the creature that stood up to 4 meters tall, with a thick white fur that had blood coating over it, it had yellow eyes glowing in the darkness and it had claws that were as long as Lazarus’ arm.

The beast looked like a bear abomination with horns like a bull emerging from it’s head. It then dropped on all fours and started circling Lazarus.

The beast was something straight out of a horror movie, Lazarus hunger faded away at the site of the creature. He felt idiotic to be hunted by an animal and that he had feared it.

“HAHAHAAHAAHAH!!!” He started laughing like an insane person which made the creature stop in its tracks and eyed Lazarus carefully.

“ Who would have thought I would have Bear stew? HAHAHAHAHA!! ” Lazarus couldn’t help but laugh at the irony, he then grinned at the beast, which roared in response as the the rain continued to pour down on them.  “ Let’s see what you can do you abomination!! ”

Lazarus then warped in his laser blade and its edge immedietly glowed a blue light that was as bright as the bear’s eyes.

*ROAAR!!* The best howled and charged towards Lazarus with great speed and Lazarus in turn ran towards the beast taking it head on.

As both of them were a few meters away from each other, the beast launched its massive body into the air with blood thirsty claws aimed at Lazarus head, Lazarus immedietly cloaked and dashed forward towards the small gap, before reappearing and turning to slash the beast.

A shock appeared on Lazarus face “ Wha-!? ”

The blade only touched the creatures skin while a faint blue light collided with Lazarus’ laser edge.

The creature roared as it’s jaws closed down on Lazarus.

“Tsk” Lazarus warped out his blade, and immedietly materialized it infront of the beast jaws. The beast bit down at the blade with all it’s might, stopping it from reaching it’s throat and pushing Lazarus back.

Lazarus de-materialize his blade then jumped a few meters back and materialized a grenade and threw it towards the beast.

*BOOOM* A burst of flame erupted which sent the beast flying a few meters away. But it stood up as if it wasn’t fazed, the grenade only made it angrier. It stood on both legs as a flash of lightning  traversed the skies.

The massive bear like creature snarled and raised both of its claws.

Lazarus grit his teeth as he knew that the beast was powerful, but he didn’t know it could use mana barrier. If the grenades hardly fazed it and his Laser blade couldn’t cut it, then there was only one solution.

-= Cloak engaged =-

The beast roared and charged where Lazarus had disapeared but he was no longer there. The creature could only continue to roar as he was robbed of his meal.

Lazarus left the forest feeling remorse while the rain continued to pour down on his silhouette, if he had chose to take the beast down then he might’ve exhausted all his resources just to kill it, even then he knew that it might still not be enough.

If there are monsters like that in Valeria then..... I wouldn’t get far

He continued on his path as the rain continued to pour down while his stomach grumbled.

Change of plans, I need to get materials to make more advanced weaponry, only then should I start building the tower.....

Lazarus burned the image of the bear like creature into his mind as well as where he had seen it, he vowed to comeback with better weaponry to skin it alive for seeing him as prey.

Days continued to pass and Lazarus continued the same routine until he had arrived in Feros. He saw a town that mirrored Celes but at the edge there massive ships floating in the see, with many people hustling to get on and off these primitive wooden ships.

Lazarus could only sigh as he had already rode on steel ships that were much faster and didn’t need sails, there were beastmen, humans as well as a few elves that were boarding the ships.

This is why I hate magic,they hinder progress of people due to comfort....not to mention they accuse people of having diseases that don’t exist like heritics, look at all these crappy ships using sails. Then again, I have no other choice but to ride them for now

Most of the ships looked identical other than the small fishin boats. Although there were even larger ships with much more grander designs, Lazarus knew that the royal family owned them and it was for their personal use.

Lazarus then went to the ship docks and approached a guard stationed near one of the ships that seemed to contain many passengers compared to the rest. “ How much does it cost to go to Kratos? ”

The guard is wearing a chanmail vest and helment with plain white clothes and leather boots casually gave a reply while eyeing him  “ 1 gold ”

-= Master you do not have enough =-

Lazarus could only sigh as he wracked his brain to find a way to get gold. After a few seconds Lazarus grinned. “When is the ship leaving?”

“ An hour from now, preperations have already been finished ” - Guard

This might be a little unfair but I need to get there no matter the cost!

Lazarus had only 10 silver left from his pay, but he still had the book which he still didn’t need to sell for now. Lazarus took a stroll around surveying the area to pass the time.

30 minutes later

A kid was playing with a ball when he noticed a man wearing a hood and strange clothes underneath, the kid was curious so he followed the man into a corner.

“ Huh?” The kid tilted his head in confusion when the man he had followed disappeared, there was no where to go since this is a dead end. The kid just ran towards his friend and had told them what happened.

Meanwhile, Lazarus had already boarded the ship and eyed the design. It had height of 40 meters, a length of 211 meters and a beam of 35 meters. Lazarus kept on venturing the ship to pass the time.

Several minutes passed and the ship began to undock.

*DING DING DING* The ship rang it’s bell as it had prepared to undock. When suddenly a blue haired elven maiden arrived on a horse together with another elf. She dismounted and immedietly ran towards the guard.

Sylphi panted as she tried to catch her breath “Ha-ha-ha.... Is this ship heading for Kratos!? ”

“ I’m sorry young lady but the ship is already undocking, the next one will leave tommorow” – Guard

“ How much!? “ Sylphi screamed as she was in a hurry.

“ eerr..Uhm 1 gold! ” – Guard

Sylphi handed the guard 1 gold before jumping to the ship that was already a few meters from the docks.

phew... I managed to make it in time...   Sylphi waved at her elven companion while she took the horse she had ridden.

“ Take care of grandfather! ” Sylphi continued to wave as the ship began to dissappear into the vast ocean.

18 days to Kratos

Mode of payment when riding ships in Valeria

The nobles assign 2 guards to collect the payment  1 is to collect the pay while the other one tallies the passengers , the guard later gives it to the secretary for counting. There are no paper works signed, you just need to pay and you can ride. As long as the ships limit isn’t reached the guard will let anyone pass.

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