Chapter 13:

Lazarus noticed that the hood they wore had a smooth white texture, with little gold laces that seemed like royal design. He knew then and there that those two were either rich or nobles.

The two surveyed the room and realized that all the tables were occupied and full, except one. There was a hooded man eating bread and drinking milk which was a really strange to eat during the night.

" Princess, shall we pay the man to leave? " One of the taller hooded man spoke to the smaller hooded figure in a whispering voice. " Don't be rude " a feminine voice sternlly replied at the taller hooded figure.

Lazarus noticed that the smaller hooded figure seems to be chatting with the waitress, the hooded figure dropped gold coins in the waitress hand, which almost maid her faint, the hooded figure then pointed at Lazarus' direction.

Did those 3 hooligans hire someone to get me? I doubt that they have the gold for that... then what did I do?  

As Lazarus continued to contemplate these thoughts, the smaller hooded figure approached him . " Hello, may we have a seat with you? " her soft feminine voice easily made everyone in the other tables who were able to hear, turn their heads and stare.

Lazarus felt that it would be trouble to refuse a noble and it still would be trouble to eat with them. He then stood up " You can have the table, I'm already done. "

" Uhm, Please wait! " The hooded girl then tugged at Lazarus’ sleeve “ It feels like you’re leaving because of us ” She then pointed to a half finished bread and milk.

“ Let him leave princess ” The taller hooded figure then walked up to Lazarus as if exerting his presence  “ You are... leaving aren’t you? ” He clearly didn’t want extra company.

 Did he say...... princess?

-= Affirmitive =-

“ Stop that! Don’t scare him off. ” The hooded girl scolded her companion. The waitress then arrived with two premium juicy stakes steaks and a luxorious looking salad.

“ Your order has arrived miss, We made it extra special just for you ” The waitress placed the delectables in Lazarus’ table.

“ You can have this, it’s thanks for letting us share your table ” She jestured to one of the juicy steak as she gazed at Lazarus.

Lazarus was still hungry due to the fact that his meal had already been disturbed twice. He was already drooling inside of his mind.

The steak is delicious.... I want to eat it... but if this girl is a princess then it can only spell trouble.

Of course Lazarus had no idea who it was, he continued to weigh the pros and cons, he knew that if nobody recognizes him, then there shouldn’t be any problem. He then lowered his hood to prevent them from seeing “ Alright ”

“ Then, LEAVE when you’re done ” The man clearly didn’t hide his disdain.

“ Understood ” Lazarus gave a short reply and sat down with the rest of them. Their table was compromised of mysterious peopls since the three of them were wearing hoods over their heads.

The princess didn’t like how her companion was addressing the stranger but on other hand, she didn’t want her identity to be revealed, so she remained silent.

The princess was eating the salad while Lazarus and the man were both eating steak. As they continued to eat, only the chattering of other people and the sound of silverware against the plate echoed in their ears. There was a seemingly awkward silence between the three.

Lazarus ate at a fast pace while savoring the meaty goodness of the stake. It had already been days since he had a decent meal. As Lazarus continued to eat, he noticed that the ‘princess’ was observing him which made him feel a bit disturbed “ Is something wrong? ”

“ Oh! I’m sorry for staring at you.... It’s just that.......the way you eat, reminded me of someone I used to know ” The princess had a low voice as she spoke, which one would obviously think that she had lost someone close to her.

Lazarus couldn’t care less about her circumstances but, how in the world can one person remember the way another person eats? Unless of course, she had been watching that person closely.

Lazarus finished his steak and proceeded to stand and gave them a slight bow “ Thank’s for the meal, I’ll be heading out now. ” He truly felt grateful but dared not stay a second longer, the atmosphere was killing him, especially the man seemed to keep his eyes on Lazarus as well as being stared at by the princess.

The princess stood up also gave a light bow while the man continued to eat his stake. A few minutes after Lazarus had left the man then sighed “ Why did you go as far give him an idea about your circumstances? ”

“ I didn’t tell him... It just happened to slip out.... It just felt like I could trust him.... I don’t know ” The princess continued to eat.

They both stood up after they finished eating and left the tavern “ Princess, let’s find an inn to stay for the night, so we can head out early tommorow ”

The princess gave a light nod before they went on their way.


Lazarus had alread arrived at the inn and went inside his room, he was already too full to eat dinner served at the inn. He lied down in bed and decided to check the book about adventurers. He pressed the book icon and 3 books hovered in front of him.

He then willed it to display the overview of adventurers.

---------Overview of adventurers -----------------------------------------------------------------

Most adventurers are settled in unexplored continents such as Kratos and Gallia .They are the highest or lowest paying jobs, it depends on the quest they take and there ranking, people often higher them to do their biddings and pay a decent sum for their services.

Adventurers often form a group called a ‘party’ either temporary or permanent. Besides reward money, adventurers get a lot of income from materials, items and monster soul cores that are used in various ways. Sometimes even parts of some monsters can be sold.

In order to become an adventurer you must take the adventurer test in Kratos and pass. Then you will be given a ranking based on what you accomplish.


I should become an adventurer.... Their are so much benifits, with this I can probably finish building that tower in a shorter time.

FS, is there any information on how I can get to Kratos?

-= Affirmative =-
-= Feros is one of the shipping docks owned by the humans which has the closest proximity to Celes=-
-= You head north from Celes and will arrive at Feros with an expected travel time of 10 days =-

“ Alright, then tommorow we head to Feros and maybe copy a map if I see one ” Lazarus grinned at the thought of completing the tower faster. He then closed his eyes in hopes that, morning will arrive sooner.

“2 rooms please” The hooded figures that Lazarus had met at the inn earlier was now in the same inn he was currently sleeping in.

“ You two won’t be sharing a room? ” The receptionist asked, she was curious why these two hooded individuals wouldn’t stay in the same room.

The smaller figure then replied with a feminine voice “ No. ”

“ Oh! That’s why, I thought you were both guys. ” – Receptionist.

“ Don’t forget, we head out early ” The smaller figure gazed at her companion.

“ Your room is located to the farthest right of the corridor upstairs” The receptionist gave a key to the smaller figure. “and yours is the first room to the to the left downstairs.” The receptionist gave a key to the taller figure.

When morning came Lazarus woke up early as usual. He then took a bath and warped in a new set of clothes and wore the brown hooded cloak over it.

Time to head out

When he went out, 2 doors opened at the same time. He gazed at his neighboor who happened to open the same door and was wearing a white cloak over her head. It was the same person Lazarus had met yesterday.

They stared at each other for a brief moment before Lazarus gave a light nod before walking away without saying anything.

The girl stood still and felt slightly awkward, she went back in her room and waited for her companion instead, she didn’t want to end up meeting that man and have another embarrasing moment. But she felt that there was something about that man.

As if there is something that she yearned from him, she dismissed the thought as she knew that, that man was only a stranger to her. She continued to wait as minutes passed by and the taller hooded figure eventually came to her.

Lazarus had already left town and was already heading north, he asked a few people which direction Feros was and they responded immediately. Feros was to the north of Celes, Balur village to the west and another Town of Hestia to the east, If you keep heading east from there you will pass 2 more town before arriving at the Twilight kingdom.

A few hours later the hooded figures had already passed Balur Village and were on their way to the forest of eternal peace, it was the place where Lazarus stayed for 10 years. It was called as such since there weren’t many dangerous animals and the place was filled with animals to hunt.

The problem was that everyone who went there had a strange feeling or a bad feeling when they went there, this was of course becaues of Falon’s barrier, although it didn’t stop people from entering, it gave them a bad feeling which made majority of the visitors leave the moment they stepped in.

After the hooded figure arrived, they uncovered their hoods.

Reisha gazed around the forest and looked at Falon “ Is this the place? ”


“ Why are you beeing silent? ” Reisha worriedly ask

Falon’s face was full of shock as he tried feeling the barrier he had set up, but it was gone. His face distorted “ It can’t be......  ”

“ What’s wrong? ” – Reisha

Falon sighed before turning to face Reisha “ The barrier is broken.... ”

“ WHAT!? ” Reisha’s brows furrowed while she glared at Falon with accusing eyes.

“ Let’s search inside, maybe he’s still somewhere ” – Reisha

“ This forest is too big to search for someone ” – Falon

“I DON’T CARE! FIND HIM AT ALL COST!! ” Reisha shouted with anger as her face started turning red , even then she was still very beautiful, men would probably tease her just to see her get mad.

Reisha then entered the forest and started shouting “ Big brottheer!! ” she kept calling
“ Big brother!! ” but her shouts only got lost in the forest with no signs of anyone hearing it. Her heart felt as if it was being gripped, her anxiety grew larger and larger as she continued inside the forest.

She tried emitting her mana and tried to sense her surrounding but there were nothing except birds and a few animals.

It was night by the time she had noticed, tears formed under her eyes as her long awaited day, that she had worked hard for, as years passed by one another. She felt the same frustration that gripped her heart the moment she lost her brother.

The same helpless feeling that squeezed her heart and tormented her for days that made her unable to eat. The only selfish wish she had sought for, all the years she had felt lonely even with her family, a void that could only be filled by that person....... was nothing more than a wish.

“ Princess we need to head back ” – Falon

Reisha mumbled a few words as she her tears continued to fall.

“ What was that? ” – Falon

Reisha then grit her teeth and lifted Falon into the air while magical circles of various forms, shapes, color and sizes appeared around them and surrounded Falon “ THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!! ” Her tears fell as the moonlight illuminated her tear filled eyes.

The tears that fell down from her emerald green eyes glistened under the moonlight as her long black hair danced in the gentle breeze of the night.

Although Falon was now sweating bullets as he felt murderous intent from the princess “ P-p-princess calm down, I’ll personally lead a search party for him ”

Reisha muttered in a low voice “ That’s enough.....” She dropped Falon who was slightly trembling to the ground “ I’ll find big brother by myself.. ”

Falon abruptly stood up as he felt that he would be doomed if he let the princess go off on her own “ What about the kingdom!? What about your responsibilities?”

“ ........  ” Reisha remained silent as she held her fist tightly onto her chest. Something happened years ago, long ago that made her chase after that person even after all these years.

“ Huh? What are you humans doing here? ” An elven beauty jumped down from a tree. She had long beautiful blue hair and eyes, she had a figure that would make any man hunch down while gazing at her.

Reisha wiped her tears and gaze at the elf with redened eyes.

“ And have you seen a man wearing strange clothes? ” The elven maiden smiled but she had a menacing aura. Falon knew that she probably wanted to kill the very man she was talking about.

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