Chapter 12 :

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Lazarus POV :

I’m currently being surrounded by 3 bafoons in a tavern while I’m trying to have my breakfast. What’s worse is that I only drank a portion of that milk he spilled.

“ Heeyy bastard I said what the f*ck you gonna do about this, aah!? ” The bald man grabbed my collar and lifted me into the air as if it was natural to him while pointing at his wet clothes.

“ Are you gonna pay for my milk? ” I asked in a calm manner trying to supress my anger.

The man then brought his face closer and glared at me “ Haahhh!? It’s you who need to pay me ye bastard! ”

“ You better not get on Fido’s nerves! His gonna cut ye to pieces little man. ” The skinny man mockingly spoke.

The girl licked her lips in a disturbing manner “ That’s right, fido’s already sent hundreds of people to the clerics. If you don’t wanna be one of em, you better listen little man.”

These people really know how to get on my nerves, I’d like to throw a grenade directly at their faces but I don’t want to damage the inn, although I want to test some things, such as their mana barrier and spells.

That will at least give me the information I need on my next course of action, wouldn’t it? As I contemplated these thoughts I couldn’t help but feel excited. After all, experiments are a part of science.

FS, record the battle data  

A deep robotic voice then echoed in my mind   -= Affermative =-

Lazarus suddenly had a wide grin on his face.

“ Have ya gone insane ya brat! ” Fido raised his right fist as he was about to punch Lazarus.

“ Hey calm down baldy, let’s take this outside, I don’t wanna damage the inn. And while you’re at it, just carry me outside like this, at least I can save a bit of energy. ” Lazarus mockingly spoke which made the bald man thrust his fist with all his might towards Lazarus’ face.

*Clap* His fist was completely stopped mid way by Lazarus’ left hand which was holding tightly to his fist who seemingly didn’t put any effort at all.

-= Base strength recorded =-

At the sight of this, Fido knew that Lazarus wasn’t someone to be taken lightly, still he didn’t know how strong Lazarus was since he still hadn’t emitted his mana.

“ You f*ck, you’re a mage aren’t you? ” Fido glared at Lazarus.

Lazarus sighed  before lazily speaking “ Does it matter? As I’ve said let’s do this outside. ”

Fido released his grasp on Lazarus who landed on his feet. “ Hmph! Walk by yourself you lazy f*ck. Let’s go somewhere I can let loose ” Fido then walked outside while frowning, Lazarus then followed behind him with the other two keeping close watch on him.

FS, if things get dangerous. Activate invisibility immediately the moment things get bad.

-= Understood =-

Hmm, let’s see

D-storage window


L-Blade 1x
Taser     1x
Smoke grenade                          15x
Flash grenade                            14x
Grenade                                        15x

Remote Controlled Bomb       30x

Lazarus could only sigh as he only had 21st century weapons. People were afraid that intellegent beings might get their hands on their latest technology, so he could only bring the weapons they brought on the ship, except the sword of course.

They continued to walk until they arrived somewhere far away from town,where there were tall grasses around 2 feet in length spanned across the area. The sight was truly astounding, as if it was a painting with a small town  in its background,the wind swayed the grasses in unison...... but it wasn't the time to admire the view.

The other two had smug grins on their faces, probably assuming Fido has won this already which gives them no reason to interfere.

“ You ready? ” Fido drew both of his knives while just standing still with a serious expression. His was now cautious since no one could normally stop his fist unless they used their mana to strengthen their bodies, but he didn't feel anything when Lazarus stopped him.

Lazarus walked several meters back before turning to face fido with his knife already drawn. “ Let’s do this fish breath ”

“ Grrrr ” Veins popped on Fido's head and then he charged towards Lazarus like an angry bear.

-= Calculating trajectory, initiating countdown =-

Lazarus was seeing some numbers that were rapidly decreasing. 0.03m , Fido was already standing where Lazarus had originally stood.

*Boooom!*  “Arrgh!!” Fido was thrown 10 meters into the air like a lifeless doll as a sudden burst of flame erupted from the ground. Lazarus smirked and observed, carefully eyeing the damage on his body. As Fido started to descend a few feet from where he flew. Lazarus was looking at the same window as it displayed
0.0 m

“ Boom! ”  another flash of red hot fury erupted when suddenly something shattered and Fido’s eyes was rolling up as he was spinning wildly in the air like a balerena.

As another countdown reached zero, Lazarus stopped, as he realised Fido’s mana barrier had already been broken and he had already suffered some burnts and broken bones.

I just hope he isn’t dead

“ Fido!! ” both of his companions screamed and ran towards him. “ How could you do this!! ” The girl screamed while holding an extra crispy unconcious man in her arms.

The skinny man suddenly charged towards Lazarus with his spear already drawn from his back. “ You bastaaarrd!!! ”

 Time for another test

Lazarus then ran towards the man and warped in his sword at his back to avoid being seen. The skinny man continiously thrusted his spear towards Lazarus.

Lazarus sidestepped to his right and then slashed the mans hand which caused him to groan in pain and release his spear.

"Kuh-!" where did that sword come from!? - Skinny man

Let’s see how long it takes for his barrier to wear off.

The man then jumped a few meters back and formed an orange magic circle which had a simple hexagon and some some wierd text at the edges.

He aimed it at Lazarus and shouted  “ Fireball ! ”

An orange ball of fire emerged and approached Lazarus at high speed, Lazarus jumped to his side and ran towards the man.

“ Keh! his fast!” Lazarus was already infront of him and he had no time to ract. Another cut landed on the man before he could jump back which caused him to land on his back. Although he had already recieved Lazarus slashes he still wasn’t bleeding.

Let’s see if this works

Lazarus blade then glowed a faint blue on its edge before slashing one of the man’s fingers while smiling. “ Aaaggghhh!! ” The man roared in pain as one of his fingers was now rolling on the ground . He held his hand and tears were gushing out from his eyes. “Aarrrggghh!  No more please!  please no more!”

Snot was dripping down his nose as he begged.

His mana barrier is still up but I got through? The more I see, the less I understand.

Lazarus stood and coldly gazed on the man trying to record the damage, when suddenly a high pitched voice caught his attention.

“Stttoop!!” The girl screamed as she held Fido. “ You monster!! You barbaric brute!! Get away from us!! ” Her tears fell from her cheeks as she glared at Lazarus.

Lazarus walked towards the girl with his sword still drawn out and still glowing. The girl's eyes widened and her heart started beating wildly as she watched the man who easily took down two of her companions approaching her with a face that held no emotion.

A black vortex of despair filled her heart as Lazarus approached. " You-... haven't you had enough!? " She stood up and her gauntlets were engulfed in electricity but.... her hands were shaking violently.

Lazarus kept approaching, his eyes were empty as if he didn't think too much of what he did. "S-S-ss..stop.." The girl was frozen in fear . " I'm sorry... " the girl then started shivering with tears falling down from her cheeks. " Please stop!! " she shouted at the bottom of her lungs, although Lazarus still continued walking.

She fell to the ground as she lost all her strength in her limbs, her fist fell to the ground while her voice crumbled as if she was already broken "Just pleas...sto-" Lazarus then crouched down ignoring her and stared at Fido  " *Sniffle*  huh? "

-= Damage assesment =-
-= First degree burns, with several broken ribs. Condition will reach critical in approximately 3 hours, if left unattended =-

Lazarus then gazed at her and spoke with a stern voice " Help your other friend and make sure to carry his severed finger and stop his bleeding, I'll carry this big man to the clerics. I don't know where they are so you lead the way "

The girl didn't move for a few seconds, she couldn't understand what was going on and was severly confused." Move! " Lazarus yelled at her which brought her back to reality.

" l-..I get it already!! " The girl wiped her tears and ran towards the skinny man and attended to him. After a few minutes, they reached town with people closing in and asking questions. The girl shouted at them which made them scatter and they were unhindered until they reached the clerics.

As they arrived, the clerics attended to them and had asked them what happened, the two remained silent while Lazarus had already left.

Lazarus couldn't understand magic even more, clearly these men weren't strong and had only elementary  level magic. But he didn't know how bad Fido's condition was, at the very least he didn't want to kill someone because of some pointless squable.

A few minutes passed by..

“Oh my... You’re finally here! What took you so long?” The old lady was unpacking books as she gazed at Lazarus.

Lazarus casually spoke “ Something came up ”

“ For yesterday’s reward, you can read them but only the ones in that box ” She pointed towards a small box that contained 3 books that seemed worthless. But for Lazarus this was exactly what he needed. “ If you like one of them then take them with you. ” The old lady continued to unpack the books.

“ Thanks ” Lazarus then started skimming through the book titles, although he was expresionless, he felt a bit happy.

-= Visual recording initiated =-

Lazarus continued to skim through different books, just staring at a page before heading off to the next. The old lady who saw this felt strange and decided to ask “ Young man, Its better to read them first. ”

-= ' Magic and the different races ' record completed =-
-= ' Ability user ' record completed =-
-= ' An adventurers guide ' record completed =-
-= Rendering 3d model =-
-= ........... =-
-= Completed =-

A floating copy of the books started floating around Lazarus, of course he was the only one who could see this.

"Thank you, then I'll take this one " Lazarus took the thickest book which was titled 'An adventurers guide', he thought that it could be worth more than the others if he sold it.

" Thank you young lad, I hope to see you again " The old lady smiled and opened the door for him as he went out.

Lazarus went back to where he had fought Fido and stored the three remaining bombs he didn't use. He lied down in the grass with one of his arms on his head acted like a pillow. He then pressed a book icon which brought out 3 books that floated around.

Lazarus pressed the book titled ' Magic and the different races ' he then willed it to open all the pages containing information about magic barriers. Pages then floated in front of him and formed a line accoring to page number.

Lazarus then raised a brow as it seemed the pages were missing a few text.

FS, I didn't see these missing text from the book, what happened?

-= I took all  the unnecessary words and formed a new paragraph in which the idea and the concept are thouroghly explained =-

oh..ok then..

Lazarus started reading one of them.

---- Mana barrier ---
They're protective barriers formed around the body that are invisible to the naked eye. It blocks physical damage . Mana barriers require practice to master, an incomplete mana barrier cannot nullify an attack completely.

The strength of a mana barrier varies from the person's base mana pool. Although these barriers are widly used by magician, they are prone to piercing attacks, in order to nullify piercing attacks the user must have good focus to minimize or completely block the damage of piercing attacks.

Mana barriers are not good against powerful attacks which is why mage use shield spells, the down side to shields is that, most of them don't last long and can only block specific type of physical attack and elements. Powerful shields that completely nullify attacks are mastered by the archmages and mages ranked above, but then only a handful of them truly mastered it.

" That's enough for now, I need to check on Fido. " Lazarus closed the windows and walked back towards town, a few minutes passed by and he arrived at the clerics establishment. He noticed that the girl he saw this morning was still there sitting in one of the chairs.

Lazarus walked up to the girl and spoke " How are they? ". The girl noticed and had a shocked expression " wh-what are you doing here? " she pointed at Lazarus while furrowing her brows.

" That doesn't matter, so how are they? " the girl then sighed before speaking " They're out of danger now.  " Before she could continue speaking Lazarus then headed out. " waitt! ".

Lazarus then turned a corner and waited a few minutes, after realizing the the girl didn't follow him. He went to a clothing shop that he passed by a few times. Lazarus glanced around and found a brown hooded cloak priced at 5 silver.

It was almost the end of the afternoon as dusked approached. He bought the cloak and wore it over his clothes. "With this I won't be attracting too much attention. " He didn't buy a new set of clothes since they cost a bit much and he still needed money for food.

That night Lazarus went back into the tavern and payed for what he ate for this morning, as well as another set of bread and milk, the tavern was almost full with people already drinking their hearts out.

Lazarus sighed and continued to eat when suddenly the door to the tavern opened and 2  white hooded individuals came in.

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