Chapter 11 :  

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Lazarus decided to take the job, so he walked towards the board and took the piece of paper. The townsfolk just stared at him and whispered to one another. Lazarus continued in a random direction just to get away from the crowd staring at him, he sighed as he thought.

I hate standing out..... I’ll need to buy some normal clothes.... Come to think of it, I dont know where the library is....

Lazarus glanced around and asked one of the townsfolk for direction, after he gave his thanks he went to the library which was located at the center of the town. There was a fountain as well as a large open area where some of the kids are playing, while some were just relaxing at the bench.

Lazarus saw a 2 story establishment which seemed more grand than the rest of the buildings in the area, he knew exactly that it was the library. He went inside only to find a whole area with several book shelves and no books!

Everywhere was incredibly dusty as well as dirty. Even the stairs and the reception counter.

Is this the right place?

Lazarus started having second thoughts when the door behind him opened. He saw an old woman with glasses wearing a brown leather coat.

“ Who are you young man? ” – Old woman

“ I’m Lazarus Hargreave, I came here looking for a job. ” Lazarus showed her the piece of paper.

“ Hmm, then are you sure you’re up for it? Your clothes seem.... peculiar and expensive, are you going to work in that? ” – Old woman

“ Yes, of course. I have spares in my backpack. By the way, where are all the books? ” – Lazarus looked around.

“ We had them all dusted and packed so cleaning will be easier here.  ” – Old woman

I’ve rolled on mud and marched in a storm for hours. Compared to that, this much is nothing !!

Of course, this all happened in the VR during his military days.

The old woman then went towards a room, when she opened the door, there was a only a mop, a bucket and some old rug.

“ I assume you’ll be starting today? “ – Old woman

“ Yes. ” - Lazarus

“Then I’ll check up on you this afternoon, I’ll pay depending on how much you finish today. The water pump is at the back, if you do a good job I might throw in a little extra. ” The old woman smiled and then left.

Hmmm, where should I start....

Lazarus started cleaning with the equipment he had, meanwhile in Twilight kingdom.

::::::::::: A few days ago in the Twilight Kingdom ::::::::::::::

An adventurers POV

There there were lots of people outside of the kingdom adventurers, villagers, nobles and guards who were parallel to each other, trumpets were beeing blown, peop were celebrating.

I don’t really understand what’s happening since I was born in Kratos and only came here to Assail because of a quest. One of my party members insisted that we watch, apparently a noble is comming back. I’m really curious why this noble is being treated like a hero.

I decided to ask one of my party members who has a great sword in his back “ Hey Zet! Why the hell are all these people gathering for some noble??  ”

He looked to me and then smirked “ Are ya stupid? Don’t cha know that Princess Reisha is commin back!?  Ahahahhahahhaa! ” he has this sort of accent.

“ HA!? I know that royal families are treated differently from the rest of us, but only the king and queen deserve this sorta gathering. ” – I ask with a loud voice so the he could hear me from the screams of the crowd.

He snickered “ Ya really know nothin? Princess Reisha is a genius arcane mage! She knows several advanced spells ata young age, she defeated Prince Clovis and Princess Ana in a practice duel, she snuffed out corrupt nobles just from reviewing the tax papers. She also repeled a group of bandits just by herself !  Well, there’s more that she’s done but there’s just too many ta mention! ”

“ Oh, Sounds a lot. ” Just thinking about getting to meet this princess is sort of getting me excited.

I can’t wait to see her !

Several knights were passing by and suddenly I heard a loud cheer and applause.

“ Yeaaaahh!! ”

“ Reisha! Reisha ! Reisha!  ”

People were shouting in unison, I can’t get a good look so I jumped up towards a two story house and landed on its roof. My heart is pounding with anticipation, then I looked towards a horse that was carrying a red banner with a white dragon symbol on it, being escorted by several knights.

I saw a princess wearing a white dress with golden linings underneath iron gauntlents, greaves and a chest plate. Though she wore armor, her curves were still visible. Her dark hair flowed down to her waist while her crystal clear emerald green eyes were showing a hint of sadness and longing, still it made her even more beautiful.

*Ba-dump* *Ba-dump* My heart pounded against my chest while my blood was running to my cheek. I had a strange sense of longing towards her beauty.

I can’t believe someone as perfect as her exist.....

I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. She’s someone whom I can’t reach. I continue to gaze at her to burn the scenery into my mind.

The sounds of the crowd seemingly faded into the background as I continued to watch a goddess fade into the castle.

:::::::::::::: Inside the castle :::::::::::::::

The king and queen were off to a meeting of artifact wielders. Reisha had just arrived and was already walking around the castle, she kept glancing around as she hurriedly walk.

A maid spotted her and approached her “ Princess, shouldn’t you be resting? You just came back from Kratos after settling disputes between the nobles and adventurers. ”

Reisha stopped at her tracks and gazed at the maid before replied in a stern voice “ That doesn’t matter right now. Where’s Falon? ”

The maid hurriedly answer “ Ah-yes, Falon is in his room dealing with paperworks ”

Reisha hurriedly left and went towards Falon’s room. She immediately opened the door as she arrived in his room. Falon jumped a bit before facing Reisha “ Princess, you should at least have given me time to prepare myself. ”

Reisha then glared at him “ I’ve finished the final task, now you should fulfill your promise! ”

Falon sighed and then he stood up “ Yes it seems you have done quite well, you even exceeded my expectations, you truly are a genius amongst genius. You are aware that he might not be alive or even if he was, you could catch his disease again. ”

Reisha frowned and spoke with an angry tone “ I don’t care!!!! I want to see him and that’s all that matter to me right now!! No.. it’s what I’ve worked hard for all these years!! take me to where you have sealed big brother or else !!”

Falon snickered as he walked pass Reisha. “ Very well, but people are still gathered outside. Let us head out during the night. Until then I suggest you rest, you have been through quite a lot, and our journey won’t be a short one. Are you prepared for the consequences when you meet him? ”

Reisha nodded before heading towards the corridors. As she was walking towards her room, she encountered the head maid.

“ Taking a bath? Then let us assist you. ” – Head maid

“ There’s no need, I wish to be alone for a bit ” – Reisha

“ Very well, I shall leave your pajamas outside. ” – Head maid

“ No, prepare my combat attire. ” – Reisha

“ As you wish ” – Head maid

A few hours passed by and it was already nightfall. Reisha was waiting in the horse stable, she was wearing a new set of clothes and armor which looked identical to the one she wore during her arrival.

A man in a white hood walked up to her and handed her a white hooded mantle.

“ Princess, wear this, you surely don’t want to attract attention. ” – Falon

Reisha took the mantle and wore it “ How far away is he? ” she then mounted her white horse, of course she had already removed the banner.

Falon then mounted his horse and said “ He’s in a forest near the edge of elven borders. We will probably take several days to get there, if we only stop to eat and sleep. ”

“ But it took you more than a month to come back before. ” – Reisha

“Well we had to stop many times and since there were supplies in tow we couldn’t travel fast. Come princess, let us be on our way. ” – Falon

:::::::::::::::::::::: The town of Celes ::::::::::::::::

Lazarus was now sitting in the floor of the library while gazing at his work, everything was sparkling clean, one wouldn’t belive that this was the same library Lazarus had stepped in this morning. Although Lazarus was also different from this morning because now he was covered in dirt and dust.

*Creak* The door opened and Lazarus turned to see who it was. It was the old woman from this morning.

“ I’m so sorry, that took longer than expec-.....  ”Her eyes widened in disbelief as she gazed around the library, her jaw dropped at the sight. “ Ooohhh myy goood!! How did you!? ” She looked towards Lazarus with exhilaration.

Lazarus simply sratched his cheek while smiling, the old women then took something from her pocket and handed it to Lazarus. It was 20 silver coins, Lazarus eyes widened as he gazed towards her.

“ Take it! You deserve it child, I originally thought you would have at least taken 2 days. You did even better in just a day! ” – Old woman

Lazarus was grinning from ear to ear, this was the very first thing he had earned in the real world.

“ Come back here tommorow, I want to give you a book of your choosing. ” – Old woman.

“ Thank you ” Lazarus immediately went out of the door and looked for an inn. He wanted to clean himself since he was covered in dust. After a while he found what he was looking for and went inside. He saw that there was nobody else except the receptionist, well it was already in the middle of the night so everyone might’ve gone to bed already.

Hmm, Hargreave..... what a strange name The old lady thought to herself as she watched Lazarus run off.

Lazarus went towards the receptionist who happened to have brown braided hair. “ How much is the room? ”

“ I’m sorry, beggars are not allowed inside ” – Girl

“ I have money ” Lazarus opened his palm with 20 silver coins in hand. He felt slightly irritated at the girl and decided to leave it alone since, he was after all covered in dust which probably led to her thinking he was a beggar.

“ Oh! I’m really sorry dear customer. 1 silver coin for 3 nights with dinner each night ” The girl smiled with sweat forming on her forehead.

Lazarus handed a silver coin to her and in turn she gave him a key. “ Your room is in the far left of the corridor upstairs. ”

“ Do I get dinner now? ” Lazarus stomach was grumbling.

“I’m sorry dear customer, but our dinner is only served at 8:00-9:00 ” – Girl

Lazarus sighed as he went upstairs. Upon arriving at his room he went to the bathroom and took a bath. As soon as he finished, he collapsed on the bed and fell asleep.

Tommorow I’m gonna eat till my hearts content, I’ve never been this hungry my whole life.

When morning arrived, Lazarus went into a nearby tavern. He was the first customer there,a waitress who dressed similar to Tiffany went towards him and handed him a menu which almost looked like a book “ Sir, what will you be having? ”

Lazarus browsed through the menu and took a look at the prices.

Woah! Most are 5-10 silver coins!  

“ Err, bread and milk please  ” Lazarus sighed as he felt sorry for himself.

The girl then went on her way and came back with the bread and milk that Lazarus had ordered. The door suddenly opened and there was a rowdy group who entered. There was one man with 2 knives on his waist with a big build and a bald head standing 2 meters tall, the other had the same height as Lazarus but was skinny, had a spear on his back, and the last one was a girl with red curly hair and tanned skin with gauntlets which had claws sticking out of them.

The three of them were wearing a necklace, Lazarus knew that they wear trouble so he kept quiet and tried to eat fast.

“ Hey that man’s dress, is like super wierd! ” The girl pointed at Lazarusand and began laughing. “Hahahaha”
The bald headed man suddenly sat infront of him and snickered “ Heey, you don’t seem like an adventurer. What’s with the weird clothes. ”

Lazarus ignored them and continued to eat, which irritated the bald headed man.

“ Hey! Listen when someone is talking to you, you f*cking piece of shit. ” The bald man then slammed his fist towards the table, which caused Lazarus milk to fly towards the man.

“ You little-! Look what you made me do!! ” Vein were popping from the bald man’s forehead.

“ Err, Please don’t cause pro- ” – Waitress

The waitress was cut short when the red haired girl stood in front of her and glared at her.

“Eeek!” – Waitress.

-= Master, it seems that appropriate measures must be taken =-

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